Marriages By Groom Letter A


Marriages By Groom
Letter A

Correction submitted with evidence by: Judy Vietri
Monroe Abner changed to Menan Abner


Groom Bride

Marriage Date

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???, Beckman Collins, Sarah Jane 31, Dec 1929  
???, James Collins, Ella 17, ??? 1904  
???, James Collins, Mary 29, July 1909  
???, Nimrod Collins, Nancy 15, June 1864  
?????, Granville Collins, Dinna? 19, May 1856  
Abner, Enoch Price, Anna 18 Jan 1822  
Abner, Levi Bishop, Nancy J. 16, April 1902  
Abner, Menan Bowlin, Aggie 23 Mar 1813  
Acres, William Pitman, Delin 21 Sep 1824  
Adams, Alfred Collins, Delora 23, June 1920  
Akeman, John Marshan, Sally 28 Feb 1820  
Alcorn, James Duck, Anna 26 Nov 1813  
Alcorn, John King, Polly 26 Dec 1813  
Alcorn, Robert Shirley, Nancy 31 Jan 1812  
Alcorn, William Philips, Debby 28 Aug 1810  
Allen, Adoniram Hunt, Nancy 03 Jul 1820  
Allen, Charlie Bishop, Mary 28, Oct 1899  
Allen, Daniel R. Gibson, Mariah 26, Jan 1883 Petra Gibson 
Allen, John Baker, Esther 24 Aug 1812  
Allen, John B. Bishop, Elizabeth 07 May 1825?  
Allen, John B. Bishop, Elizabeth 07, May 1855?  
Allen, Morris Bishop, Rachel 08, April 1822  
Allen, Richard Sandlin, Patience 20, Sept 1898  
Allen, Robert Bishop, Sally 20, Dec 1883  
Allen, Stephen A. Bishop, Mary C. 25, Dec 1886  
Allen, Toulmin? Bishop, Lucy 02, Oct 1902  
Allen, W.S. Bishop, Sarah 06, ??? 1869  
Allen, Washington Collins, Mary 06, July 1895  
Allen, William Collins, Nancy 25, May 1868  
Allen, William Givens, Ketarah 07 Jul 1817  
Allison, Archibald Nicholson, Tabitha 09 Aug 1820  
Amis, Lincoln Nicholson, Anna 02 Jun 1820  
Anderson, William Bishop, Jane 04, March 1884  
Angel, James Cunningham, Elizabeth 02 Sep 1825  
Applegate, Ed Hollingsworth, Polly 04 Sep 1822  
Ashcraft, James Mccollum, Betsy 05 Aug 1824  
Asher, David Scalf, Margaret 05, July 1907  
Asher, Dillion Bowlin, Henrietta 09 Apr 1816  
Asher, Dillion Collins, Rachel 11, June 1866  
Asher, Robert Norris, Susannah 30 Dec 1822  
Asher, Robert Purcefield, Rachael 07 Jan 1820  
Asher, William Gibson, Susan 17, Feb 1855 Petra Gibson 


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