Marriages By BrideLetter A


Marriages By Bride
Letter A



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Marriage Date

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????, Rachel Maurpin, Perry 15 Feb 1809  
?????, Sylvania Sandlin, John 07, Sep 1875  
Abbot, Mary Bullock, David 12 Feb 1810  
Abner, Laken Smith, Isham 08 Nov 1820  
Abner, Polly Bishop, Samuel 11, Nov 1811  
Abny, Darkey Wood, John 12 Dec 1808  
Acorn, Katty? Rodgers, Juliue? 19 Aug 1823  
Alcorn, Franky Rodgers, David 19 Feb 1824  
Alcorn, Syntha Rodgers, Robert 19 Feb 1824  
Alcorn, Tabitha King, Jeremiah 02 Aug 1814  
Alford, Susan Goosey, John 24 May 1808  
Allen, Eliza Bishop, Brice 02, Dec 1841  
Allen, Elizabeth Bishop, Theophilus 16, Aug 1860  
Allen, Lucinda R. Bishop, William 10, Aug 1883  
Allen, Mae Gibson, Elisha 19, Nov 1915 Petra Gibson 
Allen, Patsy Wilson, Philip 29 Nov 1820  
Allen, Phoeby Baker, James 14 Jun 1811  
Allen, Polly Bishop, Irvine 10, Oct 1908  
Allen, Rachael Noble, William 27 Aug 1818  
Allen, Sally, Ann Bishop, William 16, Jan 1867  
Allen, Sarah E. Bishop, Abel 27, Jan 1898  
Allen, Sarah M. Sandlin, John 14, March 1908  
Allen, Sophia Bishop, James 27, Nov 1901  
Ambrose, Polly Reader, George 13 Sep 1822  
Amis, Lucinda Baker, John B. 21 Apr 1825  
Anderson, Patsy Baker, John C. 14 Jan 1824  
Anglen, Patsy Sandlin, Lewis 04, Aug 1828  
Anglen, Rebecca Sandlin, William 13, Feb 1834  
Asher, Betsy Cope, Andrew 22 Jan 1821  
Asher, Lydia Marros, James 20 Dec 1814  
Asher, Ory Roberts, Faris 08 May 1815  
Asher, Sally Lockard, Thomas 20 Jan 1816  
Ayres, Polly Deaton, William 29 Nov 1820  



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