G.L. Langdon

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The following is on the letterhead

G. L. Langdon
dealer in
General Merchandise
Dry Goods
Notions And all Kinds of Country Produce

Shipping Point
Manchester, KY Bar Creek, Ky.,
June 22, 1921

Dear Brother,

In compliance the request of a Mason and in conformity with Masonic
custom I am passing to you as one of nine friends the following Prayer,

Oh Lord I ____lause the to bless all mankind and bring us to dwell with thee

of this Prayer it is said by Masons of anchient times of all who wrote it
would be free from calamity and all who did not pass it on would be in
danger of calamity it is to be pass around the world at this time copy and
send to nine friends and on the tenth you will find great joy

Fraternally your friend 
G. L. Langdon

On the back of this letter is written property of Mr. G. L. Langdon Bar
Creek, Ky

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