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Submitted by: Sylvia Acord Bragg
29 May 2001
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Clay County Kentucky Deed Book M page 41
Heirs of Silas Davidson;

This deed of conveyance made and entered into
between Silas Davidson heirs of the first part and all
of the same county of Clay and state of Kentucky
and Robert Davidson of the same county and state
aforesaid of the second part witness the party of the
first part for and in considersation of the sum of
fifty dollars each the receipt of which is hereby
acknowledged they hereby sell grant and convey to
the party of the second part his heirs and assigns
the following described land this same lying and
being in Clay County and the same state Kentucky
and bounded as follows to wit Beginning at a chestnut
and black oak on the back of Red Bird hence a south
direction with a conditional hill of Robert Davidson
hence with the said hill to the top of the ridge hence
with the top of the ridge with Joseph Eversole hill
to a chestnut and black gum hence down the ridge
above the branch to the river hence with the meanders
of the aforesaid to have and to hold the same with the
same with all appertenances herein to the party of the
second part his heirs and assigns forever with the
covenant of warranty whereof witness our signature this
February 11th 1889

their mark their mark
John (x) Davidson
Blevins (x) Davidson
Sylvania (x) Stewart
Ibby (x )Davidson
Mary (x) Davidson
Susan (x) Davidson
Emily (x) Davidson
Andy (x) Davidson
Lucy (x) Poe

State of Kentucky County Of Clay James Marcum
clerk of the County of Clay and state of aforesaid do
certify that the foregoing deed from the heirs of
Silas Davidson to Robert Davidson was this day lodged
for record acknowledged before me deputy of above .
Named heirs of Silas Davidson al of which appears
from his endowment herefor in words and figures as
follows acknowledged before me the above named heirs
of Silas Davidson this May 1889.

James Marcum clerk ,by Alex H. Spurlock whereupon
the same together with this certificate and recorded in
my office in deed Book M page 41 given under my hand
this 16 th day of July 1889

James Marcum clerk ccc

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