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Isaac Gilbert
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Submitted By: Tim Spence
10036 Loralinda Dr. Cincinnati, Ohio 45251


October 5th, 1839
County Court Order #2653


Kentucky Clay County Oct 5th 1839 survey for James Sandlin 50 acres of land
by virtue of a Clay County certificate in Clay County also on the head of
one fork of SQUABBLE CREEK waters of the Middle Fork of the Ky + bounded as
follows to wit.
Beginning at a sugar tree dead white oak and a dogwood to a 50 acre survey
made in the name John H. Baker thence with a line of the S59 E 154 poles to
a stake thence N31 E 50 poles to a stake thence N59 W 164 poles to a stake
thence S31 W 70 poles to a stake thence S38 E 20 poles to a Poplar and Ash
to the ? 50 acre survey thence with a line of the same N23 E 20 poles to
the beginning

Shadrick Johnson chain man
Gabriel Jones
James Sandlin M.S. Felix Gilbert C.C.

For value recieved I assign the written platt and certificate to Shadrick
Johnson Oct 5th 1839

attest: F. Gilbert James Sandlin

For value recieved I assign the written platt and certificate to Isaac
Shadrick Johnson
Jesse Johnson
Wm. ?Hunt


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