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Submitted by: Pat Saupe
11 April 2002
[email protected]

This indenture made and entered into this 28th day of
May 1832 between Mathew Hubbard, Richard Hubbard,
Moses Hubbard, William Hubbard and Thomas Hubbard
of the county of Clay and State of KY and their several parts
and Benjamin Hubbard of the county of Clay and state afs'd
of the other part witnesseth that the said Mathew Hubbard,
Richard Hubbard, Moses Hubbard, William Hubbard and
Thomas Hubbard, legal heirs and representatives of Thomas
Hubbard, Sr. deceased, hath granted, bargained and sold
unto Benjamin Hubbard for and in consideration of the following
sums to us in hand, paid Mathew Hubbard $20.00; Richard
Hubbard $20.00; Moses Hubbard $20.00; William Hubbard
$15.00 and Thomas Hubbard $10.00. And by there presents
do grant, bargain and sell unto the aforesaid Benjamin
Hubbard all our rights, titles, claims, and interest to fifty
acres of land to which the sd. Thomas Hubbard, deceased,
lived, seized and possessed of lying in the county and state
aforesaid on Otter Creek and for which a patent issued to the
sd. Thomas Hubbard Sr. on a KY land office warrant no.
2886, beginning at a buckeye, sugar tree & beech on the
south side of said Otter Creek and 30 poles above sd.
Hubbards Mill thence north 20 poles crossing said creek
to a sugar tree on the side of a ridge thence N42 E28 poles
to a white oak thence N70 E74 poles to a white oak thence
N51 E6 poles to a beech thence N57 E28 poles to a double
sowerwood thence N80 E26 poles to a white oak thence
N40 E20 poles to a beech thence N10 E46 poles to a white oak,
beech and sugartree thence S72 E47 poles to a stake thence
S18 W51 poles crossing sd. creek to a stake thence S65
W210 poles to the beginning, to have and to hold the sd
tract or parcel of land with its appurtenances with the said
Benjamin Hubbard forever free from the claim of either of us
and all others claiming through, by or under as but from the
claim of no other person in testimony we have there set our
hands and seals the day and date first above written.

Mathew (his X mark) Hubbard
Moses (his X mark) Hubbard

attest: William (his X mark) Hubbard
Jeremiah Muncy
Richard (his X mark) Hubbard
Wilie Hubbard

Abner Baker, Clerk recorded in Folio B, page 163,
28 May 1832



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