Clay County

Jesse Scalf
as written by: Della (Sizemore) Goodin

Jesse Scalf was born 1812-1813 in Virginia or Tennessee, where he was raised. He was the son of John Scalf and Edeah (Carlisle) Scalf.

Jesse moved to Clay County, Ky in the 1830's with some of his brothers where he met and married Polly Eversole the daughter of Peter/Peggy Eversole. They applied for their license or bond on March 7, 1836. Jesse and Polly had eight children together according to a deposition given by one Patsy Scalf for John Sr. Scalf Pension in 1845. This does not really add up when you check the census and the children. Jesse and Polly were married in 1836 and did have several children, but only four living by 1845. Their last born child, Rody, was born after 1845. Jesse lost his wife sometime before 1849. Could it be possible that Jesse was married before Polly or that he had other children out of wedlock?

Jesse remarried to Eliza Collins who is thought to have been the daughter named Elizabeth of Amos Collins. They were married on June 23, 1849 and Eliza already had one child, a boy named Eli. There has been much controversary over who the father of this child was. Eli used the last name Collins and Scalf interchangeably. It is unknown at this time who his actual father was.

On August 9, 1863 Jesse enlisted in the Union Army at Irvine, Ky. He served as a Corporal in Company B of the 47th Kentucky Infantry under Captain Jackson Roberts. Jesse fought many battles including the battle at Big Hill. Jesse reenlisted on May 4, 1864. During his service to his country Jesse was ruptured and taken ill. He was forever damaged as a result of this injury and illness and Jesse drew a military pension until he died.

Jesse Scalf moved to Leslie County where he applied for his pension which gives us a lot of information about Jesse. He is described as 5'10" tall, not of great height but fair. Jesse was fair complected and had blue eyes according to his pension file.

Jesse Scalf is recorded as having 15 children but if you don't count Eli only 12 can be found living or dead, and one of these died as a baby.

Children of Jesse Scalf/Polly Eversole:

Rebecca Ann Scalf born 1836 (1850 census, age 14)
Margaret Scalf born abt. 1837-38 (1850 census, age 12)
Nancy Scalf born abt. 1841 (1850 census, age 9-1860 census age 18)
Mary A. Scalf born abt. 1942-43 (1850 census, age 7-1860 census age 17)
Roda Scalf born abt. 1847-48 (1850 census, age 2)

Children of Jesse Scalf/Eliza Collins that we know are his:

Emeline Scalf born abt. 1849-50 (1860 census age 10)
Ibia Scalf born abt. 1852-53 (1860 census age 7, 1870 census age 16)
Infant born July 9, 1854 (not found in any census)
Blackgrove/Ashberry Scalf born Jan. 21, 1856 (1860 census age 4, 1870 census age 13)
Millard Scalf born abt. 1858-59 (1860 census age 1, 1870 census age 11)
James Scalf born abt. (1870 census age 7)
Dillian Scalf born abt. (1870 census age 4)

Child of Eliza Collins Scalf that may POSSIBLY be Jesse's illegitimate son:

Eli Collins which may or may not actually have been Jesse's was born out of wedlock. Born 1846-47 (1860 census age 13) Clay County, Ky.

What we know about Jesse from the census is that he was a farmer by profession. We also know he was born in either Tennessee as it says in the 1860 census or in Virginia as it says in the 1850 and 1870 census, most likely Virginia as there are records of Jesse and his brothers there as a child. Jesse's age in the census: 1850 age 37, 1860 age 49, 1870 age 53, and in 1880 the last census Jesse is listed in he is age 68.

Jesse's son James Scalf married Judah Sizemore. This is my line from Jesse.

GGG -Great Granddaughter
Della Goodin

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