Four Mile School

Class at Four Mile School.

Left to right:
Back Row: (unknown), Jim Hudgins, Frank Lewis, Dick Lewis
Front Row: Mayble Crawford, Nell Hudgins, Hattie Counts,(unknown)

"With the help of my relatives, have identified the fourth girl on the far right is Annie Mae Messer."

Submitted by: Kevin Jay Carroll

Left to Right:
Back Row: (unknown),(unknown),Arch Lewis, (unknown), etc.
Second Row: (unknown), Jim Hudgins, Richard Lewis, Frank Lewis,(unknown), (unknown),
Front Row: (unknown), (unknown), (unknown), Mable Crawford, Hattie Counts, (unknown), Nell Hudgins,(unknown),
Seated: (unknown)

Submitted by: Jane Adams

I would date this photo to about 1916. I am going by the fact that Estill Bradshaw and Annie Mae Messer were both born in 1900, 
so I don't think the "1923" date could be correct. Also, Estill was married, had a child and lived in Logan County, West Virginia in the 1920 Census. 
It appears that James "Jim" Hudgins and Richard Field Lewis were born in 1900 but I can't verify that, as I'm only going by the 1900 and 1910 census records.

All persons identified left to right. 
{back row} Charlie Walker, Thomas "Tom" Hudgins, Arch Lewis or Harry Williams*, (unidentified), (unidentified), (unidentified), 
John Messer, Edna Mayo and Sadie Mayo.
{middle row} (unidentified), James "Jim" Hudgins, Richard Field Lewis, Frank Lewis, Nellie Hall and Mahalie Hall.
{front row} Esther Irene Pope & Madge Williams**, Estill Elizabeth Bradshaw, Mabel Crawford, Hattie Counts, Dollie B. Shepherd, Nell Hudgins, Annie Mae Messer 
and Hattie Robinson (teacher). 
Unidentifed persons are Frank Pope, Ambill "Ambie" Hill and Walter Williams, as well as either Harry Williams or Arch Lewis.
Of course, I was only able to identify my maternal grandmother's sister, Estill Bradshaw, and my paternal grandmother's sister-in-law, Annie Mae Messer. 
All others identified by relatives of mine who are in various ways related to many individuals in the photograph. 

*Some say Arch Lewis and others say Harry Williams. As I'm not a descendant of either, I have no idea. 

**Uncertain which one is Esther Pope and which one is Madge Williams. 

Submitted by: Kevin Jay Carroll

Four Mile School, 1920's

Submitted by Linda Cheeks Pittano

Four Mile School, 1932

Click here for a larger version of the original photo

Submitted by: Joel Carter

My maternal grandmother, Gladys Arminta (Bradshaw) Morris, is the younger sister of Estill Elizabeth (Bradshaw) Cox, 
in this photograph of the "older" students. My strong assumption is that this was taken the same day...same teacher! 
Apparently, primary and secondary students.
Currently, I've only been able to identify three children! (I have yet to take and/or send this picture to relatives down your way.) 
Maybe some folks who view the genweb site will able to identify other children. I looked up the neighboring children (born between 1905 and 1910) 
to the secondary students in the photograph already posted. I know it is a lot of names but I figure if someone sees a "family" name, they're more 
likely to look at the picture more closely in order to identify one of their ancestors! To date, here is what I have....
1916 Fourmile School (primary students) in Leon, Carter County, Kentucky
{first row} Millie Gee, (unidentified), (unidentified),  and Lillian Pope with teacher, Hattie Robinson (seated)
{second row} All persons unidentified.
{third row} Gladys Arminta Bradshaw on far left with all other persons unidentified.
Edna B. Artis (daughter of John D. Artis and Ida Mae Pope) is one of the students but currently unable to identify her. 
Below are names of possible individuals. Forgive me if I misspelled names, as I was only able to go by census records.

I would date tis photo to about 1916 to 1918. My Mamaw Gladys Bradshaw was born March 10, 1908. 
Amelia "Millie" Margaret Gee was born 1909 and Lillian Catherine Pope was born 1910. They look about 8, 7 and 6, respectively.
Below are names of possible students.
Younger siblings of students identified in 1916 Fourmile School (secondary students) already posted: Edward "Eddie" Hall, Dolly L. Hall, Luther Hall, 
Andrew "Andy" Hill, Arlis "Arlie" Hill, George Hill, Cecil Hudgins, Eugene Hudgins, Irene Hudgins, Dorothy Nadine Lewis, John Dent Lewis, Florence Mayo, 
Virginia Mabel Pope, Leonard Shepherd, Margie F. Shepherd, Clyde Williams and Mabel Williams.
1910 Neighbors (born 1905-1910) of students identified in 1916 Fourmile School (secondary students): Hazel M. Ault, Mary E. Ault, Rebecca L. Bailey, 
Arlie Barker, Anna M. Buck, Casie C. Buck, Raymond F. Buck, Curtis Cartee/Carter, Lillian Cartee/Carter, Luther Crager, Rosa Crager, Lawrence Fraley, 
Luther Fraley, Frank Harris, Leonard Harris, Elizabeth Jacobs, Kathleen Jacobs, Lauretta Kitchen, James Maddox, John Maddox, Wade Maddox, Carey Pennington,
 Everet Pennington, Homer Prichard, Lawrence M. Prichard, Jessie Ison, Margaret Ison, Rhetta Ison, Anna L. Lee, Fletcher Lee, Mary Lee, Fred Rose, 
Boyd Rucker, Hazel Rucker, Lena Rucker, Steve Seagraves, Susie Seagraves, Alice Segraves, Fleming Segraves, James O. Sheperd, James B. Stamper, 
Nora Stamper, Anna Swim, Cora Swim, Selva C. Tackett, William T. Tackett, Clifford Wallace, Edna Wilburn, Mortie Wilburn, Morton Wilburn,
 Kuzzula Williams, Murrell Williams and Opal Williams.
1920 Neighbors (born 1905-1910) of students identified in 1916 Fourmile School (secondary students): Arvil Alexandria, Owen Brown/Broun, Anna M. Buck, 
Casie C. Buck, Raymond F. Buck, Kathryn Crank, Milton Crank, David Creswell, John Creswell, Gernie Crockett, Jake Elliott, Edith Everman, Jesse L. Everman,
 Roscoe Everman, Columbus Fraley, Elgia (Elijah?) Fraley, Edna Grear, Clara Holbrook, Rupert Holbrook, Letha James, Maxine James, Charlie C. Lyon, 
Emmie J. Lyon, Rinda C. Lyon, Anna McDowell, Charles McDowell, Everett McDowell, James McDowell, Everett Pope, Watt Pope, Mary V. Prater, 
Victor G. Prater, James Rice, Wallace Rorak, Minnie Salmons/Sammons, William A. Sparks and Wayne Whitt.

With the help of Faye (Littleton) Burnett and Betty (Rogers) Carroll, two other children in the "Four Mile School" photograph of primary students 
have been identified. {The 5th photograph.} Back row, second from left is Edna B. Artis, daughter of John D. Artis & Ida Mae Pope. 
Middle row, fifth from left is Burnis Whitt, daughter of Jacob Whitt & Emma Nelson

Submitted by: Kevin Jay Carroll

I did see Opal's name (Opal Williams) as a possibility in this photo, along with her brother Merle and sister Kuzzula.
As all 3, plus a younger sister, are in the picture I have (of them at Aden School) , I doubt they went to Four Mile.

Contributed by Donna Huddleston - tcandkk at

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