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1900 Carter County Census Data on Bailey/Muck Surname
Transcribed from census film by Joy Mack
(Note: Due to the bad quailty of the film I purchased, there are errors in my transcribing.
If you can make any corrections, please let me know about it.)
Anything underlined is the data, I'm taking as true. Anything in ( ) is info added by the transcriber.
The added info is taken from family research on that household.

name|relation|color|sex|DOB/Month|DOB/Year|age|Martial Stats-# Yrs. Married|
how many children-# living|Birth Place|Father's Birth Place|Mother's Birth Place|
Occupation|CR&W=can read and write|CR=read only

Mag. Dist. #4
431-442; sheet #23
Bailey, Henry|head|W|m|May|1874 or 1864|24 or 36|M-7|_|KY|KY|OH|Clay Miner|CR&W
, Mary J.|wife|W|f|Jan|1870|30|M-7|3-3|KY|KY|KY|CR&W(nee DeBord)
, Ollie B.|dau|W|f|Sep|1893|6|S|_|_|KY|KY|KY
, Leonard|son|W|m|Jul|1896|3|S|_|_|KY|KY|KY
, George L.|son|W|m|Sep|1899|8/12|S|_|_|KY|KY|KY

(Note: the above household is my gg-grandparents. Ollie B. is my great grandmother.
According to Ollie's death certificate, father's name Henry Bailey, mother's maiden name
Mary DeBord. Ollie Belle Bailey Muck born 22 Sep 1893 in Enterprise, Ky. She married
Burley Edward Muck abt. 1912, probably in Carter County as Burley was born in Grayson,
Carter Co., Ky. Anyone researching any of the persons named in this census please contact me
at [email protected])

432-443; sheet #23
Bailey, Eliza|head|W|f|Dec|1839|60|Wd|11-6|OH|KY|VA
, Adela S.|dau|W|f|May|1880|20|S|KY|KY|OH
, Albert E.|son|W|m|Jun|1883|16|S|KY|KY|OH
, Harrison|son|W|m|_|1885|14|S|KY|KY|OH

(I would be interested in hearing from anyone researching this household as well)
(According to the 1880 Census for Carter Co., she is the widow of Francis Bailey)

sheet #12
Bailey, Henry|head|W|m|_|1844|56|M-24|_|KY|VA|VA|farmer|CR&W
, Sallie|wife|W|f|Oct|1852|47|M-24|7-5|VA|VA|VA|CR&W
, Mellie|dau|W|f|Feb|1882|18|S|OH|KY|VA|CR&W
, Alva|dau|W|f|Nov|1888|12|S|OH|KY|VA|CR&W
, Anctors?|dau|W|f|Oct|1890|10|S|KY|KY|VA|CR&W

sheet #12
Bailey, James|head|W|m|Aug|1859|40|M-17|_|KY|KY|KY|Clay Miner|CR&W
, Susan|wife|W|f|Jul|1866|33|M-17|7-6|KY|KY|KY|CR&W
, Frank|son|W|m|Sep|1883|16|S|KY|KY|KY|Clay Miner|CR&W
, Misam?|dau|W|f|Dec|1886|13|S|KY|KY|KY|CR&W
, Lois|dau|W|f|Feb|1891|9|S|KY|KY|KY
, Cora?|dau|W|f|Jun|1892|7|S|KY|KY|KY
, Orda?|dau|W|f|Jul|1895|6|S|KY|KY|KY
, Myrtle|dau|W|f|Apr|1898|2|S|KY|KY|KY

Olive Hill Prec.
sheet #1
Bailey, Daniel|head|W|m|Sep|1864|35 or 36|M-14|_|KY|VA|KY|Teamster|CR&W
, Mary F.|wife|W|f|Feb|1870|30|M-14|3-1|KY|KY|KY|CR&W
, Thurman|son|W|m|Jun|1886|13|S|KY|KY|KY|at School|CR&W

sheet #11
Bailey, George|head|W|m|Sep|1864|35|M-8|_|KY|KY|KY|Blacksmith|CR&W
, A????k|wife|W|f|Oct|1872|28|M-8|2-2|KY|KY|KY|CR&W
, Ollie M.|dau|W|f|Sep|1893|6|S|KY|KY|KY
, Virgil R.|son|W|m|Jun|1897|3|S|KY|KY|KY

sheet #17
Bailey, John|head|W|m|Dec|1871|28|M-2|_|KY|VA|VA|Clay Miner|CR&W
, Ona H.|wife|W|f|Dec|1878|21|M-2|1-1|KY|VA|KY|CR&W
, Arcie W.|dau|W|f|Aug|1899|10/12|S|KY|KY|KY

MUCK DATA (NOTE: according to the Archives in Frankfort, this family also used the McMillan
surname interchangable. From what I have gotten so far from the 1910 census, this is true)

Dist. #1, Prec. #2
121-127; sheet #8
Muck, Robert|head|W|m|Mar|1856|44|M-22|_|KY|KY|KY|farmer|CR
, Lou|wife|W|f|Sep|1860|39|M-22|10-6|KY|KY|KY|CR
, Allen|son|W|m|Mar|1885|15|S|KY|KY|KY|farm labor|CR
, Shawn|son|W|m|Jan|1886|14|S|KY|KY|KY|farm labor
, Charles|son|W|m|Mar|1888|12|S|KY|KY|KY|farm labor
, James|son|W|m|Mar|1890|10|S|KY|KY|KY|farm labor
, George|son|W|m|Mar|1893|7|S|KY|KY|KY
, Rose|son|W|m|May|1895|5|S|KY|KY|KY

121-128; sheet #8
Muck, John|head|W|m|Apr|1865|35|M-8|_|KY|KY|KY|farm labor
, Elizabeth|wife|W|m|Mar|1875|22|M-8|3-3|KY|KY|KY|CR&W
, Burrle(Burley)|son|W|m|Dec|1893|6|S|KY|KY|KY
, Florence|dau|W|f|Jan|1895|5|S|KY|KY|KY
, Samuel|son|W|m|Mar|1897|3|S|KY|KY|KY

(Note: the above household is my gg-grandparents. Burley is my great-grandfather
According to Burley's death record, his father's name is John Muck, and his mother's
maiden name is Elizabeth Jackson. Burley Edward Muck was born 20 Dec 1892 in Grayson,
Carter County Kentucky. He married Ollie Belle Bailey abt. 1912 probably in Carter Co.
Anyone researching anyone in this household, please contact me at )

sheet #8
Muck, Jerry|head|W|m|Jul|1863|36|M-14|_|KY|KY|KY|Farmer|CR&W
, Safona|wife|W|f|Mar|1863|37|M-14|0-0|KY|KY|KY|CR&W
, Lusinda|niece|W|f|Mar|1886|14|S|KY|KY|KY
, Paul|nephew|W|m|Feb|1892|7|S|KY|KY|KY

sheet #8
Muck, Leonard|head|W|m|Jul|1865|35|M-11|_|KY|KY|KY|farmer
, Ellen|wife|W|f|Mar|1872|28|M-11|2-2|KY|KY|KY
, Richard|son|W|m|Jun|1882|12|S|KY|KY|KY|farmer
, Syntha A.|dau|W|f|Sep|1889|6|S|KY|KY|KY|house ??

Transcriber's note: It is my believe that all these Mucks (Robert, John, Jerry and Leonard) are brother's. The Kentucky Archives stated that they may have came to Carter Co. from Elliott Co., Ky. Anyone researching any of these people, please contact me.

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