F W Woolworth Company Store

Newport, Kentucky

31 March 1937 Employees Photo

Submitted by Mary Boyd 14 Nov 2015



My mother-in-law, who is in the picture, wrote the names on the back but she did not designate order.

Marian Swaney, LaVerne Huber, Loraine, Mary Jane Morgan, June Dushinski, Dorothy and Ruth Litt, Mary Bradhold, Ritta Grippo, Mary Rose Quick, Jan Gerding, Alma Seaman, Theresa Meridith, Sylvia Smith, Helen Hindman, Jean Kennedy, Marcella Wilz, Loraine Staubach, Loraine Lichegner, Martha Schmitt, Alvina Pflum, Jzetta Young, Virginia Rawe, Anna May Liable, Helen Koetz, Mildred Hemeile, "Betty" Arnzen, Elsie Klink, Jean Hamburg, Ruth Laible, Ruth Berthe, Ethilreda Radley, Virginia Mae, Armillo Gerding, Dolores Liether, Eunice Schuler, Rosemary Wheeler not on picture.

(Please forgive me if I misspelled names, but her handwriting was very small).  Her name was Dorothy Schmitt and I believe she is on your right in the back row with her hair back.  Her name is Dorothy Schmitt and I believe she precedes Ruth Litt.  Judging from other pictures she is very back on right with hair backůvery attractive.


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