Thomas Lindsey Sr

Thomas Lindsey Sr. Will

Will produced in Court by John B Lindsey one of the executors 21 February 1818. Will Book A, pages 266-267, Alexandria Courthouse

I, Thomas Lindsey Sen. of Campbell County, Ky., being of sound mind do make my last will as follows:

I leave my son, Thomas $l, my son John $1, my daughter Mary Noble $1. The rest of my estate I leave as follows: vis. I leave my dearly beloved wife Rebecca, all my worldly substance in land and every other property I possess at my death of whatsoever kind it may be excepting 30 acres of a tract I now possess, to be laid off at the north east corner of the survey of 325 acres, which I now possess to my son Richard at the death of my wife.

I leave my property as follows: I leave my son Markus $100 to be paid him one year after my death. If I should outlive my wife to my granddaughter Sallie Smith one bed and bedclothes and $100 worth of property. To my son James $500 to be paid him in three years after my or my wifes death which soever shall happen and interest to be paid him from one year after the death above mentioned.

My daughter Sarah McPike $l. My daughter Rebecca Smith her choice of cow which I shall die possessed of. The balance of my estate whether in land which I may possess being part of the tract of 325 acres purchased of David Leitch, being about 87 acres, or in cattle and horses hogs and all kinds of household furniture clothes and beding Debts or any other property that I may die possessed of equal share and share alike, to my three daughters Emelia, Elizabeth and Keturah Lindsey or to their heirs If either of them should die before marriage her share to go to the survivors.  In case my wife should outlive me it shall be in her power to give her share to either of the said Emelia or Keturah.

I leave my sons Thomas and John Lindsey executors of this last Will and Testament Resolving all others given under my hand and seal this 13 day of August 1817. 

Signed Thomas Lindsey Sen.


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