Will Book A

Will Book A

Abstracts of Wills 1795-1822



Nelson, Ann C
Page 292, 4 Mar 1818, recorded March Court 1819
Appraisement of estate of Ann C Nelson by Thomas Dameron, James Kennedy, George West
Page 310, 17 Apr 1819, recorded September Court 1819
Sale of the property of Ann C Nelson

Nelson, John
Page 152, 12 Jun 1809, recorded September 1809
Will of John Nelson of Campbell County, being weak of body, Wife-Susanna, Sons-Richard, Robert, Covington, Daughters-Elizabeth Hampton, Susanna Faulkner, Mary, Frances, Ann, Harriet, Executors-Sons Covington and Richard, in presence of Zacah Moore, Joseph Dickin, William Thompson, Edward Moring
Page 160, recorded November 1809
Inventory of the goods and chattles of John Nelson, late of Campbell County by Zacha Moore, Elijah Herndon, Edward Moring

Nunnemaker, Lewis
Page 243, 7 Oct 1816, recorded 26 Nov 1816
Appraisement of personal estate of Lewis Nunnemaker, deceased by Jacob Krieleigh, Jacob McKay, John Merry; includes 1 set carpenter or coopers tools with a grindstone, 1 box shoemakers tools
Page 244, 15 Oct 1816, recorded 25 Nov 1816
Sale at the last dwelling house of Lewis Nunnemaker; purchasers, widow and Mary Nunnemaker

Orsburn, James
Page 32, Aug 1797, recorded July Court 1798
Settlement of James Orsburn’s estate

Padon, Thomas
Page 92, 11 Sep 1805, recorded May Court 1806
Will of Thomas Padon being in a low state of health, Wife-Lucey, Sons-John Whiten, Adam, when youngest son, Unity, comes of age, Children-Elizabeth, Ruth, Polle, Nance, Unity, Executrix-wife Lucy, Executor-George Brown, friend, Witness-James Grubbs

Paul, John
Page 254, 22 Oct 1814, recorded 25 Aug 1817
Will of John Paul; wife-Mary, daughter, Elizabeth; to Mary 50 acres living on at present; to James, money of wife’s legecy of her father’s estate, to John, 100 acres equally divided if John returns from the Army, if not to William, Jean Paul; Executors-Mary and James Paul; witnesses-Leonard Eckert, Mary Eckert
Page 260, Nov 1817, recorded 25 Nov 1817
Inventory of the estate of John Pawl by James Shaw, Thomas Griffey, Jacob White

Peck, George
Page 36, 10 Feb 1799, recorded February Court 1799
Appraisement of the estate of George Peck, deceased by Thomas Griffey, Leonard Eckert, John Maxwell, includes a penal bill on Jacob Peck 76, a payment endorsed Sep 11
Page 40, 29 Nov 1798, recorded February Court 1799
Sale of the estate of George Peck, purchasers Nancy Peck, Peter Peck
Page 47, recorded February Court 1801
March 14, 1800-laid off for George Peck, 200 acres of land lying on Well’s Creek, beginning at A, to White Oaks Corner to Robert Sutton. Pursuant to an order of the worshipful court of Campbell County to us directed to lay off to Nancy Peck her dower, in the lands of her late husband died seized, we lay down her property, including the improvement, containing 30 acres of land. Benjamin Beall, William Thompson, John Maxwell
Page 58, 10 Mar 1800, recorded July Court 1801
The estate of George Peck includes paid Jessey Grant Jr. his account for schooling, 18 S; to settling with the widow and taking bond to refund 2L5S; to settling with legatees to witness ten and taking bond to refund at 12 each 6L

Percifield, Vallentine
Page 210, 25 Jun 1814, recorded 23 Aug 1814
Settlement of estate of Vallentine Percifield, includes to dieting said deceased wife and son and attend them in sickness

Perry, Samuel
Page 19, recorded September Court 1796
Inventory of the personal estate of Samuel Perry by Washington Berry, Jacob Mills, William Dodd
Page 25, recorded September 1797
Value list of the personal estate of Samuel Perey, purchasers Mary Perry, Rees Gaddis, William Perry, Archibald McGrew, Nathan Nicols, George Maricle, Washington Berry

Peydon, Thomas
Page 98, recorded September Court 1806
Appraisement of the estate of Thomas Peydon by Lucinda Peydon, W Anderson, Asael Cain

Powell, Micajah
Page 208, 27 Jan 1814, recorded 18 Jun 1814
Valuation of the personal estate of Micajah Powell, deceased by William M Grant, Lewis Conner, William Welpost; includes-one box of shoemakers tools and trum?
Page 209, 29 Jan 1814, recorded 28 Jun 1814
Sale of the estate of Micajah Powell
Page 246, 2 Nov 1816, recorded 25 Nov 1816
Settlement of estate of Micajah Powell; legatees-Abraham Powell, Polly Powell, widow; John Stoncifer, Samuel Stevens, William Peck {Peek}

Renolds, Jonah
Page 111, 31 Jan 1808, recorded July Court 1808
Will of Jonah Renolds, being weak in body, Son-in-laws-John Doughty and Stephen Linsey, Wife-Amy; speaks of land he now lives on containing 90 acres lying in Campbell County; witnesses-John Stevens, Elijah Herndon, John Bever

Revell, John
Page 154, 7 Dec 1809, recorded December Court 1809
Valuation of the property of the late John Revell, deceased by Rees Gaddes, Thomas Lindsey Sr., William Maxwell, John Perry
Page 155, recorded January Court 1810
Sale of the estate of John Revell, purchasers-Mrs. Reavell, Ran Reavell, Leah Reavle, Thomas Reavle

Reville, Randel
Page 219, 27 Dec 1814, recorded 24 Jan 1815
Appraisement of the personal estate of Randel Reville, deceased by David Perry, Thomas Kennedy, John Neel, Elijah Pierce; includes one bunch of vials
Page 221, 6 Jan 1815, recorded 27 Feb 1815
Sale of the estate of Randle Reville; purchasers Thomas Reville, Ann Reville, Widow Reville, John Reville

Rice, Lewis
Page 158, 8 Apr 1809, recorded June Court 1809
Inventory of the estate of Lewis Rice, deceased by Benjamin Rice, Asael Cain, William Anderson
Page 159, 10 Apr 1809, recorded June Court 1809
Sale of the estate of Lewis Rice, purchasers-William Rice, Benjamin Rice, Delinah Rice, Delelag Rice

Richardson, John
Page 317, 6 Sep 1819, recorded November Court 1819
Will of John Richardson; to Thomas, Otha, Richard, Noble, Mary Ann {Tailor}, Gustea, John, Sophia, Elizabeth {Rose}, Elizabeth {Pickett} Richardson; attest-William Rust, J Winston
Page 334, 24 Jun 1820, recorded 26 June 1820
Appraisement of personal estate of John Richardson Sr. deceased by John Winston, William Picket, Sincler Osburn

Rust, Enos
Page 192, 25 Aug 1812, recorded 22 Feb 1813
Appraisement of the property of Enos Ruse, deceased by John Lawrence, William Pickett, Benjamin Pelley

Sandford, Thomas
Page 124, 13 Mar 1809, recorded March Court 1809
Appraisement of estate of General Thomas Sandford, deceased by Joseph Robinson, Edmund Taylor, Thomas Lindsey
Page 148
Sale of the estate of the late General Thomas Sandford on the 16th and 17th March 1809; purchasers-Margret Sanford, Lawrence Sanford, Alfred Sanford, Mrs. M Sandford
Page 238, recorded 28 May 1816
Settlement of the guardianship of Thomas Sandford by Levi Cleveland, deceased

Shepherd, Joseph
Page 285, 8 Apr 1812, recorded 22 Feb 1819
Will of Joseph Shepherd of Cincinnati, Ohio; "bequeath to my good friend, David J Poor all the land I am entitled to as a bounty for serving in the United States Rifle Regiment and all the money that may be due me; Theodore J Poor and Horizoni J Poor to be reserved in the hands of David J Poor for them until they arrive at the age of 21 years" Executor-David J Poor; witnesess-Thomas Ramsey and Jacob Fowler

Small, Robert and Charles
Page 112, 16 Feb 1807, recorded June Court 1808
An account of the sales of Robert and Charles Small, deceased

Smith, James
Page 113, 6 Jun 1807, recorded June Court 1808
Inventory of James Smith, deceased by Daniel Mayo, James McClure, David Lewis, Jonathan Huling, includes 2 barrels containing beer, tubs and barrels in Brue House, steel Mault Mill & Co
Page 320, 24 Jan 1820, recorded 28 Feb 1820
Appraisement of the estate of James Smith, deceased, sale-24 Jan 1820; purchasers-Thomas and William Smith

Souder, John
Page 90, recorded August Court 1805
Inventory of goods and chattles of John Souder, deceased by John Winston, William Picket, Christopher Cooper
Page 97, recorded May Court 1806
Account of hogs belonging to the estate of John Souder

Spilman, James
Page 72, 7 Jul 1802, recorded February Court 1803
Will of James Spilman of Campbell County, Wife-Sarah; in the presence of John Points and John Rieley

Stanley, Dancey
Page 204, recorded 28 Mar 1814
Will of Dancey Stanely produced this day by Betsey Stanley, widow of Dancey Stanley, Peter Daniel and Polly Stevenson who were duly sworn in open court to the following facts; "that on the 26th or 17th day of December 1813, the above names Dansey Stanley died on his farm in this county, that about 3 hours before his death in his last sickness, he declared it to be his last will that all his estate shall be left entirely in the hands of his wife, Betsey to pay his debts, to maintain herself and bring up their 2 infant children and if any was left to dispose of the same according to her pleasures; and that he was in his sences when he made his said will and that the said Dancey Stanley called on said witnesses’ who were both present to take notice that such was his last will, hereupon it is ordered that the said will be established and recorded."

Stephens, William Sr.
Page 253, 15 Feb 1817, recorded 24 Mar 1817
Will of William Stephens Sr.; "being of sound mind and memory, but in a low state of health, and convinced that all men must die, I leave to my granddaughter, Rebecca Morgan, my wife, Elizabeth, my children, John R, George G, William D, Edward, James, Martin, Samuel, Joseph, and Polly Morgan"; executors-sons William D and Edward Stephens; in the presence of-John Wilson, John McCullom, James Armstrong
Page 256, 27 Mar 1817, recorded 26 Aug 1817
Appraisement of estate of William Stephens by John McCollum, James Armstrong, Thomas Lewis; includes- 2 stands of bees, 3 small nurseries of apple tress
Page 257, 28 Mar 1817, recorded 26 Aug 1817
Sale of estate of William Stephens; purchasers, Samuel, Edward, James, and John R Stephens, widow

Steuart, Hugh
Page 337, 4 Sep 1781, recorded Washington DC 22 Mar 1820, recorded Campbell County, 7 Mar 1822 Will of Hugh Steuart; wife-Ann, in presence of Reginald Graham, test-John Dounisy

Stubbs, Robert
Page 262, 17 Jun 1815, produced in Court Dec 1817, recorded 1 Jan 1818
Will of Robert Stubbs; wife, Sarah; sons-Richmond Robert, John Grant, James Robert; daughters-Elizabeth, Harriet; land in Boone, Mercer and Campbell Counties; Executors-John McClean, Esquire, Major General John S Gano, Daniel Mayo, Major Joseph Kennedy; witnesses-William Bunnel, Israel White, Andrew Lewis

Swan, Hugh
Page 4, 6 Jun 1796, recorded August Court 1796
Will of Hugh Swan "of the town of Newport Yeoman being very sick and weak of body" Daughter-Jane Barrickman, a certain 3 acre lot in the town of Newport, known in the plan of said town by Lot 12, Daughter-Martha Lewis, Executors-Jacob Barrickman and William Reddick, Witnesses-John Brasher, William Reddick, Robert Craig, Thomas Reddick
Page 21, recorded September Court 1796
Appraisement of the estate of Hugh Swan, deceased by William Anderson, John Brasher, William Reddick

Swing, Samuel
Page 286, 10 Dec 1818, recorded 22 Mar 1819
Will of Samuel Swing of Campbell County; two lots in Cincinnati, tract of land on the bank of the Ohio River and above the mouth Lochry in the state of Indiana; sons-David, James, Jeremiah, Samuel, William, Abraham, when younger of them arrive at the age of 21; daughter-Betsey Randell, married to her second husband, shall ascend to her eldest child, Marcus Collins; executors, wife Mary, David, Swing, James Swing; witnesses-Joseph Robinson
Page 300, 24 May 1819, recorded May Court 1819
Appraisement of the personal estate of Samuel Swing, deceased by Thomas Kennedy, Joseph Robinson, Thadeus Wilson

Talbert, Abnor
Page 214, 17 Dec 1813, recorded 26 Dec 1814
Sale of Abnor Talbert’s estate; includes, sundries of woman’s cloths, one chest, one tenant saw, tongue and groveing plain, plains, one moulding plain

Talbot, John
Page 48, 24 Jun 1800, recorded ---- Court 1800
An inventory of part of the goods and chattles of John Talbot, deceased by Thomas Noble, Joseph Mosby, John Winston, includes surveying instruments, pocket compass

Taylor, Caleb J
Page 254, 22 Aug 1816, recorded 25 Aug 1817
Will of Caleb J Taylor of Campbell County, "being poorly in body, to my wife, Sarah, and my daughters, Fannie L Mann, deceased at the writing of this, that I be buried next to her. The sermon to be preached by Michiel Rouse or Lowden Carrol; Polly Kelly, Betsey, Mann, Dianna Taylor, Sally Russell Taylor, Fanny Lightfoot Taylor; sons-William McKindre, Thomas Hinde and James Armstrong Taylor {all under 21}- also to pay debts owed to John Armstrong of Maysville; Richard Southgate of Newport and daughter, Betsey Mann
Page 305, 25 Sep 1817, recorded June Court 1819
Appraisement of estate of Caleb J Taylor by Elijah Grant, E Vise, Richard Tarvin, Sale of property of Caleb J Taylor on 25 Sep 1817

Taylor, Edmund
Page 60, 13 Sep 1783, recorded 26 Oct 1787 in Richmond, Virginia
Will of Edmund Taylor of Frederick County, Va.; "being about to set out on a long journey, to my wife, Sarah, my brother, Richard, and Isaac Winston of Hanover Co. I leave land on bear grass, a stream running into the fall of that river, land on Floyd’s Ford, a branch of Salt River, Elkhorn tract of land, land in the counties of Jefferson, Fiatte, Lyncon; Executors-my brothers, Richard and William Taylor and my friend, Charles Mynn Thurston" Witnesses-C M Thurston, Lrkin Chew, John Elkins, William Taylor, James Catlett
Page 184, 23 Dec 1811, recorded 24 Aug 1812
Appraisement of the slaves and personal property of Edmund Taylor, decased, in Newport by George Gordon. Inventory taken at the farm by John B Lindsey
Page 186, 23 Dec 1812, recorded 24 Dec 1812
Sale of the estate of Edmund Taylor; purchasers-James Taylor, Mary T Taylor, Lawyer, Amos Lane

Taylor, James
Page 224, 12 Nov 1811, recorded in Caroline County, Virginia 11 Apr 1814, recorded 28 Sep 1815 in Campbell County; will of James Taylor of Parish of St. Mary's, County of Caroline, Virginia; wife-Eliza H; sons-Hubbard, James, Reubin Thornton, Edmund {deceased}; daughters-Lucy, Elizabeth, Alice, Ann {husband deceased}, Mary Todd Taylor- plantation at Midway; Executor-Reuben Thornton Taylor; witnesses-John Conway, John Battaill, William Beverly, Thomas C Conway, Henry F Thornton; codicil-5 Mar 1814; "Hubbard to be compensated for land of his appropriated to my use out of my tract of land on Floyds Fork in the state of Kentucky, the balance to be divided under the directions of said Hubbard into 5 equal parts and given to my five daughters." Witnesses-Henry T Thornton, John Battarle, John Conway, Sally Eneans, Francis Brooke, Thomas Minor Jr.

Terry, David
Page 120, recorded October Court 1808
Thomas Lindsey, John Decoursey and James Holeman did value the property of David Terry, deceased, October 12, 180-

Thatcher, Dancey
Page 206, 5 Apr 1814, recorded 25 May 1814
Surveyed for Rosinah Thatcher, widow of Daniel, 105 acres of land, the same being her right of dower of 400 acres whereon the said Rosinah now lives…including 105 acres of the southwest side of the Washington Road; including the "mantion" house, by Samuel Bryan, Frank Spilman, Archer Dickerson, Benjamin Gosney
Page 207, 10 May 1814, recorded 28 Jun 1814
Appraisement of estate of Dancey Stanley by Samuel Bryan, Vivion Daniels, Benjamin Gosney; includes 1 set of shoemakers tools

Thatcher, Daniel
Page 215, 28 Jan 1814, recorded 24 Jan 1815
Inventory and appraisement of the estate of Daniel Thatcher by Frank Spilman, Jacob White, Joseph Acklin-included one still, one boiler, eleven mash tubs, one tub bucket & cam, two barrels for whiskey
Page 217, recorded 23 Jan 1815
Sale of the personal estate of Daniel Thatchter on the 11th and 12th of February 1814; purchasers Joshiah Thatcher, Rosannah Thatcher includes cash made in the tavern since the death of D Thatcher
Page 222, 11 Feb 1815, recorded 27 Jun 1815
Sale of the estate of Daniel Thatcher; purchaser Rosinah Thatcher
Page 272, 21 May 1818, recorded May Court 1818
Settlement with administrators of Daniel Thatcher; includes Samuel Perry for coffin, Thomas F Spilman for schooling, Dr. Hugh Rachford receipt for services, Henry Simpson for schooling, funeral expenses paid deceased child’s coffin and feed bills

Trail, Orsburn
Page 226, 5 Dec 1814, recorded 28 Nov 1815
Value of the property of Orsburn Trail, deceased by William Stevens, John Winston, John Lawrence
Page 227, 19 Dec 1814, recorded 28 Nov 1815
Sale of Orsborn Trail’s property; purchasers Fielding Osburn

Turner, Alexander
Page 265, 14 Jul 1817, recorded 21 Feb 1818
Will of Alexander Turner; "to my brother, Reubin ½ of my land that is due me for services renderd in the United States War with Great Britian; also one half of the money that is due me as a pension from the United States of America; also one half of all my other monies due me in Virginia, to my sister, Juda Turner, the other half"; witnesses-George McDannald, James Dreysdale, Henry Acman

Turner, Rowlin
Page 210, 13 Jul 1814 at Newport, recorded 23 Aug 1814
Will of Rowlin Turner, a soldier in the 17th Regiment of Infantry in the Army of the United States; "to Unice Pease of Newport, all my pay as a soldier that will be due me at the time of my death" Executor-Unice Pease; children-unnamed; Witnesses-Richard Southgate, Peter McArthur

Vadin, Hennery
Page 33, 5 Sep 1798, recorded September Court 1798
Appraisement of the estate of Hennery Vadin, deceased by Daniel Mosby, Jeremiah Kirtley, Thomas Morely

Vice, Nathaniel
Page 70, 20 Aug 1802, recorded September 1802
Will of Nathaniel Vice of Campbell County; "to my wife, Jemimah, all estate both real and personal during her life of widowhood, without "waist". After my decease and my wife, Jemimah, the whole of my estate of every denomination to be equally divided between my ten children, to wit-John, Nathaniel, Anna, Allen, Elizabeth, Elijah, Sarah, Nathaniel, Mary, Uriah and George, executors, my trusty friends, Nathaniel Vice, Jr., George Vice, Coonrod Caster"; in the presence of Squire Grant
Page 73, 25 Sep 1802, recorded November Court 1802
Appraisement of the personal estate of Nathaniel Vice by John Colvin, Hezekaih Maddox, James Armstrong
Page 147
Money and provisions appropriated towards the support of the widow and heirs of Nathaniel Vice, from the year 1802 to February 1, 1809; includes repairs on house the widow lives in, building stable for the use of the widow, repairs on the farm, set of joice for widow’s house, 200 feet plank for her house, repairs on widow’s house
Page 168, recorded June Court 1809
Money and provisions appropriated towards the support of the widow and heirs of Nathaniel Vice from the year 1802 up to February 1, 1809
Page 256, 19 Aug 1817, recorded 26 Aug 1817
The estate of Nathaniel Vice in account with George Vice and Nathaniel Vice Jr., Executors
Page 293, 28 Sep 1818, recorded September Court 1818
An inventory of certain goods and chattels sold by Nathaniel Vice as executor of Nathaniel Vice,
which came to his hands after the death of the widow and elgatee of the decedant, N Vice

Vickers, Moses
Page 318, 29 Jun 1819, recorded 28 Feb 1820
Will of Moses Vickers of the county of Campbell; wife-Nancy, children-William, James, John, Ely, Betsey, Melinda, Deborah, Carson, Robert, Maria; my wife’s daughter, Susanah Scott "to have a commond education at the expense of the estate"; Executors-John Arnold, Elmore Scott, Alfred Sandford; witnesses-Platt Kennedy, George Anderson, Henry Thompson

Wagoner, Catharine
Page 307, 27 Mar 1819, recorded May Court 1819
Appraisement of personal estate of Catharine Wagoner, deceased by John Maxwell, David Baker, Nicholas Baker
Page 322, 3 Apr 1819, recorded 24 Jan 1820
Sale of property of Catharine Waggoner; purchaser-Conrad Waggoner

Wagoner, Phillip
Page 126, 15 Jun 1809
Inventory and appraisement of estate of Phillip Wagoner, deceased by Christian Cooper, James Mardis, John Murnan

White, Robert
Page 267, 27 Nov 1817, recorded 21 Feb 1818
Newport, a list of the personal estate of Robert White, deceased by Samuel Perry, George Perry, Joseph Todd; includes-"1 note on Adam Maphet for $60 in cabinet work, 2 lots of gaving planes, sash plains, 1 brace & 3 betts, 4 saws, 35 plallows & round, 4 beed planes, 2 asticklers, 5 moulding planes, 1 rabbit plane, gage beveler & screw driver, 1 gage, 2 chissels, 1 rule & spoke shave, chest & sundry small tools"
Page 267, recorded 21 Feb 1818
Sale of the estate of Robert White

White, Thomas
Page 274, 18 Jul 1818, recorded June Court 1818
Sale of estate of Thomas White; purchaser, Mary White

Willison, Richard
Page 75, 19 Sep 1803, recorded September Court 1803
Inventory and appraisement of the estate of Richard Willison, deceased by Isaac Ware, Henry Baker, Matthew Gregg

Wilson, Samuel
Page 268, 11 Dec 1817, recorded 18 Feb 1818
Appraisement of property of Samuel Wilson, deceased by John Carlisle, Nathaniel McClure, John Griffith
Page 269, 11 Dec 1817, recorded 28 Feb 1818
Sale of estate of Samuel Wilson; purchasers, Sally, John, David, Samuel, Petey, Nancy, and Sarah Wilson

York, Jessa
Page 78, recorded December 1804
Will of Jessa York, Grandson-John York, son of Jessa York, deceased, a part of my lands that part lying on the head of the middle fork of Four Mile, Granddaughters-Rachel and Isbel York, 100 acres of land. It is to be understood that his land settles the portion left these heirs by Jessa York, their deceased father, Sons-Joshua and Jerry York, Wife-Rachel, Eldest son-Charles, mentions-Mary McDonel, Jenny Smith, Elisabeth Smith, Rachel York, Witnesses-J Points and Sary Points; no one to have claim to 100 acres of land lying on the north fork of Monongahla about a mile below the mouth of Sandy which is recorded in Morgantown-never sold-for eldest son, Charles; witnesses-J Points and Sary Points

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