Will Book C

Will Book C-1830-1840

Abstracts of Wills

Ackman, Henry Sr.
Page 43 September 2, 1838
daughters; Sally, Rebecca, Nancy
Probate: September 24, 1838

Anderson, John
Page 49 February 1, 1841
son; Benjamin F
freed slave
Probate: June 1841

Bagby, Robert
Page 44 October 22, 1838
wife; Mary children; William, John, Mary, Martha Ann, Robert, Franklin, Amanda, Madison G.., Columbus J.
Probate: July 28, 1839

Bale, Valentine
Page 8 May 22, 1832
wife; Mary, sons; James, George, William
daughter; Elizabeth Morgan
Probate: March 25, 1833

Barton, Taylor
Page 3 February 8, 1831
to first wife and children, William, Sarah Wilson, Polly Brownfield, James, Roswell, George, Betty, Oliver, Taylor, Jr., Susan, Thomas
adopted daughter; Malinda Berkshire
heirs of my wife Polly, deceased; Nancy, Amelia, Robert, Eleanor, John

Berry, Alice
Page 32 April 2, 1837
sons; John W., James T.
daughters; Alice Taliferro, Lucy M. Sandford, Sophia, Lucy, Mildred
Probate: May 22, 1837

Byland, Samuel
Page 21 October 19, 1833
wife; Mary, sons; John, Elijah, Moses, Aaron
daughters; Eliza, Melinda
William B. Northcutt, executor
Probate: March 1835

Caldwell, John
Page 28 October 8, 1835
George Thomas Caldwell, who resides with me
daughters; Cynthia Reddick, Polly McCollum, Margaret Caldwell Betsy Reddick, Dasha Maddox, Yelton
sons; Alexander, William children of son Mathew
Probate: March 1836

Catlett, Peter
Page 2 August 1831
wife; Susan, daughter; Elizabeth, wife of Caleb White
land in Muhlenberg Co. and farm in Boone Co. on Ohio River
Probate: August 1831

Chambers, John A
Page 44 February 2, 1836
to Abner Roggers who I now live with
Probate; November 1838

Cook, William
Page 10 February 1, 1833
wife; Nancy
John Finley & Jesse Cook, executors
Probate: May 27, 1833

Dean, Levastine
Page 29 January 25, 1826
wife; Catherine
sons; Zachariah, Hezekiah, Sam, James Varner, Jacob, Thomas Alexander
daughter; Personnally Dean, grandson; William Dean
Probate: March 1836

Dicktum, Martha
Page 34 October 10, 1836
granddaughters; Martha A. Dickerson, Mary A. Dicktum, Martha F. Dicktum
grandchildren; Caroline Dickerson, Eliza L. Dickerson, Richard A. Dickerson
Probate: September 25, 1837

Digby, William
Page 42 no date
wife; Nancy
children; Emiuly, Isaac, Henry, David, Hannah, Permelia, Wesley, James Smith, Samuel
Probate: August 27, 1838

Edmons, William
Page 9 February 8, 1833

Ellis, Dudley B
Page 36 June 12, 1837
Dudley B. Ellis to Nelson W., John, Ira, David Y., Lucinda Dunlap, Nancy Clift, Mahale Clift, Probate: November 27, 1837

Everett, Isaac
Page 47 July 11, 1839
Wife: ___, son; James G
daughters; Catherine A., Louisa T. Harris to Alfred T. Everett, Maria P. Henry
Probate: October 1839

Flournoy, John J
Page 25  Will-September 13, 1813
of Boone Co. wife; Agnes, then to brothers and sisters
Probate: November 1835

Fox, Lee
Page 2 July 6, 1831
wife, A?
Probate August 1831

Galbraith, Samuel
Page 19, 20 November 24, 1834
Wife- Ana
eldest son; Robert eldest daughter; Jaim Brugate
daughters; Sally Cliffort, Darkes Tarvenson, Rufan Boyd, Betsy Green, Polly Foresher
sons; Samuel, James
lots in Covington

Griffing, Thomas
Page 4, June 1, 1832
Settlement of estate of Thomas Griffing, deceased

Grimsly, Peter
Page 7 August 29, 1832
wife-Catherine to Nancy Ellis, wife of Jackson
Probate: December 24, 1832

Harris, Charles
Page 1 May 2, 1830
sons; George, Charles, John daughter; Nancy Tinner and children; George, Eliza, William, John, Nancy James, Elizabeth, Rhoda, Levan, Mary
daughters; Charlotte Baker, Henrietta Harris, Matilda Thomas. Elizabeth Price, Rhoda Maddox, Sally W. ?, Catherine Leak, Lucretia Smith
Codocil: Henrietta left with Hiram Leak, dispossessed
Probate: March 1831

Harrison, John
Page 41 May 29, 1837
John Harrison of Newport, formerly of Fewston Parish, County of York, England to sister Ann, wife of Samuel Newal of above Parish brother; William
to Thomas Cooper for his kindness
Probate: January 22, 1838

Jenkins, Mathew
Page 35 September 4, 1837
wife; Elizabeth
children; James, Elizabeth, Richard, Mathew, Thomas, William
son-in-law; Richard Price
Probate: September 25, 1837

Kennedy, Thomas
Page 36 October 3, 1837
sister Nancy and three children
Probate: November 27, 1837

Klette, Frederick
Page 13, 27 June 26, 1833
wife-Tabitha, son; Hezekiah Frederick Klette, land in Crittenden
brother; Hiram, land in Pendleton Co.
sister; Ely Pickett and sons; Frederick and George P.
sister; Dosha Havens
nephews; Henry Marshall, Silas Marshall, Milton Marshall
slaves; Edward, Jerry, Priscilla, to have freedom

Lindsey, Thomas
Page 22 September 10, 1835
wife; Rebecca sons; Opie, David
daughters; Betsy Kirkpatence & child Rebecca Jane & Thomas, wife of Joseph
son-in-law; Arnett Willis, husband of daughter Dorasy
son-in-law; Samuel Lindsey of Boone Co. lands in Lincoln Co. and grocery in Florence
Probate: December 1835

Mann, William
Page 32 April 6, 1837
wife; Sarah
son; Milton and to William H. Mann
Probate: June 26, 1837

Martin, Lewis
Page 33 January 19, 1837
Letter to court as will of Lewis Martin
son; Ira T.
daughter; Eliza Winston
Probate: August 28, 1837

McGlasson, John
Page 6 September 23, 1832
wife-Nancy, daughter-Nancy Crook, wife of Benjamin
William, James, Rhoda Williams, Patsy Dixon, Elizabeth Hule granddaughter; Elizabeth Doyal, daughter of my daughter, Judea, deceased, wife of Alexander
Probate: November 26, 1832

McKinney, John
Page 18 October 1, 1833
of Newport, his  wife; Mary
sons; Monroe Hinde, John T.
daughters; Agnes B. Berry, Sarah Helm,
sons of daughter. Mary; John & Robert, Taliferro
Probate: January 27, 1834

Morgan, Elisha A
Page 30 June 1836
of Cincinnati, wife; Julia A

Morris, Reubin
Page 40 November 29, 1837
son; James
son; Robert, disinherits
daughters; Frances (Fanny), Mary (Polly)
Probate: March 26, 1838

Oliver, Eli
Page 4, December 31, 1831
James, William, Lee, Lewis, Charles, Nicholas, Ann Edmonds, Sarah Hemingway, Elizabeth Beall; free slaves

Oliver, Lewis
Page 24 February 20, 1835
wife; Kitty brothers; James, William, Lee, Charles, Nicholas
sisters; Ann Edmonds, Elizabell Bell, Sarah Hemingway
Probate: May 1835

Pickett, William
Page 46 October 30, 1832
sons; Beal, Philip, William, daughter; Milly McAnally
freed slaves
Probate: May 1839

Poor, David J
Page 37 February 14, 1824
wife; Rachel
argued in court in Clermont Co., Ohio
daughter; Polly J. Wade, wife of John P.
children; Theodore J., Horizon J., Abigail W
Codocil: February 19, 1824
Probate: March 24, 1824

Ransom, Alphin
Page 11 February 13, 1833
to brother Zebulon Alphin, including pension
Probate: September 23, 1833

Read, John
Page 41 August 25, 1835
wife; Elizabeth
then to Martha Zimmerman, Margaret Terry,
also to Calvin, Tandy, Matilda, Nancy K., Lucy An, Jeremiah, Sarah An
Probate: August 27, 1838

Stephens, Benjamin
Page 47 January 12, 1837
land bounded by William Stephens and Thomas Sandford,  land of Benjamin Herndon purchased by me
son; Leonard
daughters; Polly (Mary) W. Herndon, Nancy Sandford
also to Waller Stephens heirs, Edmond Stephens, Benjamin S., Jr. Richard Stephens, William Stephens, John Stephens
freed slaves
Probate: October 1839

Tippett, Aisley
Page 12 June 26, 1833
daughters-Sally, Nelly, Nancy
Probate: December 23, 1833

Watson, John
Page 45 July 7, 1836
wife; ____, granddaughter; Margaret Moffett, daughter. of my wife's daughter
Wood son-in-law; Ezekial Mann, executor
Probate: March 1839

Wilson, John
Page 8 March 23, 1833
wife; Mary
sons; Josiah, Thomas, John, Jonas
daughters; Nancy White, Lucy Bennet, Mary Stephens, Gemima Dargin
Probate: June 24, 1833

Wilson, Mary
Page 17 September 16, 1833
dau; Jemima Dargin
child; Thomas, Jonas, Polly Stephens, Lucy Bennett, Nancy White of Cynthiana
Probate: March 24, 1834

Wortman, Richard
Page 26 November 18, 1835
wife; Mary, children; Elizabeth Ashcraft, Richard, Abraham, Isaac, Lyda Kelly, Rachel Cook, Nancy Kelly
Probate: December 1835

Young, John
Page 24 February 20, 1835
John Young of Newport authorizes wife, Jane, to dispose of property, lot 141, in Georgetown, Brown Co., Ohio
Probate: August 1835

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