Will Book B

Will Book B-1815-1830

Abstracts of Wills


Nelson, Robert S
Page 238 September 13, 1827
Inventory and appraisal of estate of Robert S Nelson, deceased

Northcutt, Benjamin
Page 141, 153, 159, 202 September 23, 1824
Wife; Rachel; sons; Benjamin, Jeremiah, William B., Thomas, George, John daughter; Susan Williams; on oath of William Hume and Michael Cluster

Overton, Reubin
Pages 185, 193 July 21, 1826
wife; Nancy brother-in-law Beverly R. Ward
Probate: September 1826

Pelly, Benjamin
Page 249, 269 July 19, 1828
wife-Nancy, children, Probate August 25, 1828

Perry, William
Page 186 August 2, 1826
Inventory and appraisal of estate of William Perry, deceased

Poor, David J
Pages 94, 118, 119 February 14, 1824
wife; Rachel daughter; Polly J. Wade, wife of John P. Wade daughter; Abigail sons; Theodore J., Horizon J. Rachel & Alfred Sandford, executors
Probate: March, 1824

Rardin, Ann
Page 135 November 29, 1823
Inventory and estate of Ann Rardin, deceased

Rees/Reis, Thomas
Page 244, 257 November 16, 1827
Wife: _____; paid to Richard Southgate for obtaining divorce for daughter Nancy
children; John, Nancy McHatton, Watson, Thomas, Jane Culbison, David
free slaves Dinah, Timothy, Benjamin, Daniel
Probate: March 1828

Rice, Simeon
Page 311, September 4, 1828
mother; Deliah Rice
brother; Stephen
sisters; Nancy Rice, Elizabeth Cornelius, wife of James

Richardson, John
Page 254 February 28, 1828
Inventory and appraisal of estate of John Richardson, deceased, Elizabeth and Richard Richardson, administrators

Riley, John
Page 23 June 1821
Inventory and appraisal of John Riley, deceased

Riley, Thomas
Page 222 January 6, 1827
wife; Elizabeth son John, left home at 17 son
Thomas, left home sons; George, Jacob
daughters; Sally Casey, Susanna Riley, Jane Jarell
Probate: Aug 1827
Page 309 March 5, 1820
Inventory and appraisal of Thomas Riley by Elisabeth Riley

Robinson, Elizabeth
Page 90 August 25, 1823
Dower of Elizabeth Robinson, widow of Joseph deceased; commission, Joseph Kennedy, Moses Wayman, William Harlow, land on East bank of Willow Creek and Boone Road

Scholes, John
Page 247 September 26, 1827
Inventory and appraisal of estate of John Scholes, deceased

Scott, George
Page 33 December 25, 1821
Inventory and appraisal of estate of George Scott, deceased
Page 300, 302 March 6, 1822
Sale of estate of George Scott

Scott, John
Page 95 November 5, 1822
to wife; Sarah, then to Benjamin Morris, then to brothers and sisters; Thomas, William, Evan, Kemp, Catherine Lockhart, Polly Brumlet, Lucy Williams; commission: Solomon Wayman, Alfred Sandford
Probate: August 1823

Shaw, James
Page 109, 117 October 1823
Wife; Ann, Children; Elizabeth, Robert, & John Shaw of Clermont Co., Ohio
Probate: January 1824

Shaw, Robert
Pages 248, 265 July 3, 1828
sons; James, Edward, Robert; plantation purchased from John Riley on waters of Philips Creek Probate: August 1828

Smith, George
Page 26 November 5, 1815
Inventory and appraisal of George Smith, deceased. Benjamin Smith, administrator.

Smith, Henry
Page 92 March 13, 1818
son; Thomas, daughters; Amy & child., wife of Thomas Morris; Elizabeth; Lucy other children not mentioned above: Mary, Jesse, Winifrid, Patsy, and Jeremiah already provided for by grandfather in VA.
Probate: September 24, 1823
Page 122 October 23, 1823
Inventory and estate of Henry Smith, deceased

Smith, James
Page 158 July 2, 1825
Settlement of estate of James Smith, deceased; George Smith, administrator

Souther, Jacob
Page 125 December 5, 1822
Inventory and appraisal of Jacob Souther, deceased

Spilman, Frank
Page 253 June 14, 1816
wife; Rebecca, Henry & Thomas F. Spilman, executors
Probate: September 22, 1828

Stansiffer/Stonesiffer, John
Page 91 December 3, 1819
1/10th portion to each child sons; John, Simon, Abraham, Gabriel & Elizabeth Souther, my grandchild. daughters; Franky Leathers & grandchild, Polly Bush & 2 grandchildren., Jemimah Yager, Sally Cleveland, Patsy Whitford, Lucy Crain
Probate: Mar 24, 1823, proven by L. Wiggenton & Simeon Rouse
Pages 203, 227, 241 March 12, 1827
Equal parts to children lot
lot #1: Henry Stansiffer 
lot #2: Sarah Ann
lot #3: Moses Arnold
lot #4: Abraham Stansiffer
lot #5: Thomas     "
lot #6: John          "
lot #7: Simeon     "
lot #8: William    "
extensive inventory rejected by court because of unsound mind

Streeter, Jonathan
Page 210 January 4, 1827
Inventory and appraisal of estate of Jonathan Streeter, deceased; Josiah Streeter, administrator

Swing, Samuel
Page 88 June 1821
Inventory and appraisal of estate of Samuel Swing, deceased; Mary Swing excutrix

Temple, Benjamin
Page 203 March 1827
Settlement of estate of Benjamin Temple; William B. Northcutt, executor

Tennison, Alfred
Page 239 June 30, 1827
to aunts Rhoda Bliss, Abigail Tennison, Eliza Munsey Pliny Bliss, executor
Probate: November 1827

Tinsdale, Solomon
Page 70 July 6, 1822
Inventory and appraisal of estate of Solomon Tinsdale, deceased

Thatcher, Betsey and William
Page 79 December 21, 1822
Guardianship of William and Betsey Thatcher by Samuel Baker

Thatcher, Daniel
Page 127 June 1824
Division of lands of Daniel Thatcher, deceased
lot 1: David Allen Thatcher
lot 2: Mary Carte
lot 3: Malinda Thatcher
lot 4: Nancy Thatcher
lot 5: John Thatcher
lot 6: Sarah Thatcher
lot 7: William Thatcher
lot 8: James Thatcher
lot 9: Elizabeth Thomas land on Frank Spilman's line near Alexandria

Tittle, Henry
Page 65 December 6, 1821
Inventory and appraisal of estate of Henry Tittle, deceased. Israel Ware, appraiser

Trail, Osburn
Page 21 May 19, 1820
Inventory and appraisal of Osburn Trail, deceased

Traner, James
Page 290 March 25, 1829
Inventory and appraisal of James Traner, deceased

Truesdale, Solomon
Page 152 June 10, 1825
Settlement of estate of Solomon Truesdale, deceased by Solomon Truesdale, Jr., administrator

Walton, William
Page 187 August 2, 1816
Inventory and appraisal of estate of William Walton, deceased
Page 239, 283 June 1827
Division of estate of William Walton,  at the home of James Walton
lot #1 to David Darnell
lot #2 to James Walton
lot #3 to John Williamson
lot #4 to William Sernan

Vickers, Moses
Pages 73, 75 November 1, 1822
Inventory and appraisal of estate of Moses Vickers, deceased; next to land of heirs of J McKay, deceased; dower of Nancy Vickers, widow
Page 173 May 22, 1826
Settlement of estate of Moses Vickers, deceased

York, Jeremiah
Page 321 February 22, 1828
Settlement with Martha Jenkins, guardian to heirs of Jeremiah York

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