Will Book A 1795

Will Book A 1795-1822

Abstracts of Wills


Allen, David
Page 270, 23 Mar 1818, recorded 23 Mar 1818
Inventory of estate of David Allen returned to court by Adoneram Allen, guardian of Squire, Frankey, and Benjamin Allen, the infant heirs of said David Allen
Page 329, 12 Mar 1819, recorded 28 Feb 1820 Settlement with Adanirain Allen guardian of the infant heirs of David Allen, deceased

Ally, Samuel Captain
Page 106, 15 Dec 1807, recorded January Court 1808 Appraisement of the personal estate of Capt. Samuel Ally, deceased by John Coleman, Ran Bobbit, Thomas Kennedy
Page 108, 1 Jan 1808, recorded February Court 1808 Sale of property belonging to the estate of Samuel Ally

Anderson, Jacob
Page 335, 21 Jul 1820, recorded 28 Aug 1820
Sale of property of Jacob Anderson in the town of Harrisburg; purchaser-Sarah Anderson

Anderson, John
Page 118, 20 Aug 1808, recorded March Court 1809
Sale of the property of John Anderson
Page 119, 6 Aug 1808, recorded December Court 1808 Inventory of estate of John Anderson, deceased by Ann Anderson, Administrators-Moses Vickers, Levi Cleveland, William Vickers
Page 314, 9 Oct 1818, recorded September Court 1819 Inventory of estate of John Anderson, deceased, by William Vickers, George Anderson, George Golding Sale-28 Dec 1818; purchasers, Cornelius Anderson, Henry Anderson, George Anderson, Enoch Anderson, AC Anderson, HG Anderson, Abraham Anderson

Armstrong, John
Page 45, 5 Aug 1799
Will of John Armstrong "of the county of Campbell, being sick and in a low condition to my wife, Jane 1/3 of all my personal estate during her life; to my sons, James and John each to have one equal share of my track of 178 acres of land when at the age of 19; to my daughter-Elizabeth and to John Armstrong Tarver, when he shall amount to the age of 10 years"; Executors-my trusty friends, Jane Armstrong and my son, John; In presence of Squire Grant, Susanna Grant, Barbary Gramir
Page 50, 8 Mar 1800, recorded July Court 1800
Appraisement of the personal estate of John Armstrong, deceased, by B Allen, Joseph Russell, Nathaniel Vise, Hiram Allen

Arnett, Zachariah
Page 306, recorded 24 May 1819
Sale of the personal property of the estate of Zachariah Arnett; purchaser, Nancy Arnet

Arnold, Elisha
Page 16, recorded Apr 1796
Inventory of the estate of Elisha Arnold, deceased, by John Hall, Chichester Matthews, William Graves

Arnold, Johnson
Page 205, 12 Nov 1813, recorded 28 Mar 1814
Will of Johnson Arnold of the county of Campbell "being weak in body", mother-unnamed, brother, James, sister, Sally; Witnesses-Elisson Brent, John Mummeve?, C W Anderson, John Sapp

Arnott, Zachariah
Page 230, 30 Nov 1815, recorded 1 Mar 1816
Inventory and appraisement of the estate of Zachariah Arnott, deceased by Benjamin Gosney, Robert Caldwell, John Caldwell

Bachold, Henry
Page 83, 12 Feb 1798
Appraisement of estate of Henry Bacdold, deceased, by David Lewis, Moses Scott, John Sutton

Bagby, Robert
Page 332, 23 Mar 1820, produced 22 May 1820, recorded 26 Jun 1820
Will of Robert Bagby of the county of Campbell; sons-William, David, Charles, James; daughters-Nancy Price, Judith Vickers, Sally Flinn, Theodosia Bagby; son-in-law-Thomas Lewis; daughter-in-law, Elizabeth, widow of Robert; grandchild-Lucy Bagby, daughter of Charles; also Tavitah Evans, no relationship stated, Executor-son David; Testator-Alexander Hansford, Benjamin Northcutt, Samuel Byland

Baker, John
Page 222, 1 Jun 1806, recorded 28 Dec 1815
Will of John Baker of the county of Campbell; wife-Mary, sons-James, David, Samuel, daughter-Elender, Sally Garrison, Rosanah Thomson; grandson-John "provided he should stay with the family until he becomes 21 years of age" Executors-Frank Spilman, Mary Baker, in the presence of Rebecca Spilman, Peggy F [or T} Spilman
Page 242, 27 Feb 1816, recorded 24 Sep 1816
Inventory and appraisement of the estate of John Baker by George Smith, John Harris, Charles Harris

Beall, Benjamin
Page 130, 10 Apr 1809
Inventory of goods and chattels of Benjamin Beall, deceased late of Campbell County by Zachariah Moore, Richard Nelson, Henry Bushman includes stills, tubs and blacksmith tools
Page 138
Sale of goods and chattles of Benjamin Beall, purchasers William K Beall, George M Beall, Mrs. Mary Kennedy
Page 172, recorded December Court 1811
Inventory of balances due the estate of Benjamin Beall, includes certificate for services as Associate Judge; rents received of D Knox, Harry Speed
Page 173, recorded February Court 1812
Estate of Benjamin Beall, deceased in account with Jennette H Beall, the adminstratrix, includes cash paid Dr. Richard Allison, Dr. J Sellman, cash paid Nancy Morin now Shaw, rents received of David Knox, Henry Speed

Beall, Janette H
Page 175, 22 Nov 1811, recorded March 1812
Will of Jannette H Beall "weak in body, to my mother Mary Kenedy, possession of the dwellng house where I now live, to my nine children, Sally Carney, William K, Mary, George Muter, Nancy, Benjamin Duke, Samuel Josiah, Edwin Jeremiah, James Alexander Hamilton Beall" Executors-Richard Southgate, Thomas Lindsey Jr., Frank Spilman-in presence of James Hubbard, Enos Daniel, Jonathan Corbin
Page 188, 28 Mar 1812, recorded 24 Aug 1812
Inventory of slaves, goods and chattles of Jennette H Beall by Richard Nelson, Elijah Herndon, James Hubbard
Page 190, 24 Apr 1812, recorded 24 Aug 1812
Property sold by executors of Mrs. Jennette H Beall; purchaser William K Beall
Page 200, recorded 1 Oct 1813
Household and kitchen furniture of Mrs. Jennette H Beall; sold 23 Oct 1812, purchaser-George Beall, William Beale, George M Beall, William K Beall
Page 241, recorded 27 Aug 1816
Inventory of sale of corn sold 18 and 26 Nov 1813 by the executors of Mrs. Jennette H Beall-it being the rend of the places belonging to the deceased on and near the Ohio, Campbell County
Page 241, recorded 26 Aug 1816
Inventory of sale of corn sold 27 Nov 1814 by Thomas Lindsey Jr., guardian of three of Mrs. Jennette H Beall’s children, being the rent of their farms on and near the Ohio, Campbell County
Page 244, 7 Dec 1816, recorded 25 Dec 1816
A return for the year 1815 by Thomas Lindsey Jr. Guardian to the heirs of Mrs. Jennette H Beall for the rent of the plantations on the 800 acres of land which she lived on, on and near the Ohio, Campbell County; 1815-the place where the deceased formerly lived rented to John Reed for $106 payable on the 1st day of Mar 1816; the other places rented to Joseph Adams for $110, payable on the 1st day of Mar 1816; for damages done by the high water; paid William Thompson for schooling of the three youngest boys
Page 247, recorded 28 Jan 1817
The heirs of Jennette H Beall, Dr. to Frank Spilman, 4 Dec 1814 to 4 Dec 1816

Beaver, John
Page 196, 11 Jul 1812, recorded 25 Aug 1813
Inventory and appraisement of the estate of John Beaver, deceased by John Stevens, William Bell, Jacob Rarden; shoemaker instruments and lasts
Page 197, 11 Jul 1812, recorded 25 Aug 1813
Vendue list made by Elijah Herndon, Administrator of the estate of John Bever; purchaser Peggy Bever
Page 199, 25 Aug 1813, recorded 1 Oct 1813
Settlement of the estate of John Bever

Beckelhymer, Lucy
Page 272, 16 May 1818, recorded May Court 1818
Inventory of estate of Lucy Beckelhymer, deceased by Jonathan Carmack, Seth Hickley, Thomas Beagle

Bell, Mary Ann
Page 175, 14 Mar 1812, recorded March Court 1812
Appraisement of the estate of Mary Ann Bell, deceased by Jeremy Griffing, Abner Gaines, John Hughs-one Negro girl $300, one side saddle $10

Benham, Peter
Page 2, 10 Oct 1795, recorded 27 Oct 1795 Washington County, Pa, recorded May Court 1796 Campbell County, Ky
Will of Peter Benham "of Camel County but present about business in Washington County, in the State of Pennsylvania being sick in body to be buried at the discretion of Myles Hardin & Daniel Gayman". Wife-Betsy Benham, pregnant, Daughter-Ann Benham, Wittnesses-Myles Hardan, Daniel Gayman Sons-Robert Benham of Campbell County
Page 18, 31 May 1796, recorded August Court 1796
Appraisement of the estate of Peter Benham by Washington Berry, John Spencer, Stephen Lyon
Page 23, 14 Feb 1795, recorded February Court 1797
Settlement of the estate of Peter Benham

Berry, Washington
Page 193, 25 Apr 1813, recorded 25 Aug 1813
Will of Washington Berry of Campbell County-"I devise to my wife, Alice, to hold during her life, 1/3 part of a tract of land whereon I now live situated on the Ohio River I the aforesaid county…so as to include the said 1/3 of said tract comprehending my brick buildings and improved lands adjacent there, I give to my wife a bond or obligation from Bicklehammer to me for money and planck to be applied towards the completion of my brick buildings and it is my desire that the glass and other things purchased by me to be used about said buildings be appropriated for the purposes they were intended" sons-Taylor, Hubbard, daughters-Milly, Mary, other small children {unnamed}; Executors-Taylor and Hubbard Berry {sons}, Hubbard Taylor Jr., James Eubank Jr.; Witnesses-Ketturah L Taylor, Richard Southgate
Page 229, recorded 1 Feb 1816
Inventory of the sale of property of Washington Berry directed to be sold by his last will and testament-purchasers-Hubbard Berry, Alice Berry, Taylor Berry

John B Lindsey-Winston, Negro man-no value listed
----------- Burbridge-Robin, Negro man-$499
James Taylor-Richard, Negro man-$354
Jacob Fowler-Lewis, Negro man-$490
The above Negros were sold at Lexington. Heirs-Taylor, Hubbard, Mildred W Berry

Bever, John
Page 15, 19 Dec 1795, recorded Apr 1796
Inventory of the personal estate of John Bever, deceased, by Matthias Corwin, John Duckor, Ezekiel VanHorn

Blanchard, Abiel
Page 231, recorded 1 Mar 1816
Inventory and appraisement of estate of Abiel Blanchard, deceased
Page 232, Feb 1816, recorded 1 Mar 1816
Sale of the personal estate of Abiel Blanchard
Page 310, 2 Jun 1819, recorded September Court 1819
Settlement of John Beall, administrator of Abial Blanchard; paid to Thomas Herbert for winding sheet and appraising property; 23 Sep 1818 to widow her third $70.04, leaving for heirs $140.25

Bobet, Randolph
Page 325, 1 Dec 1819, recorded 6 Dec 1819
Appraisement of estate of Randolph Bobet, deceased by Samuel V Hume, Edward Stevens, Benjamin Northcutt

Boyales, Henry
Page 354, 29 Mar 1816
Will of Henry Boyales of county of Campbell; wife-Martha Boiles; Executrix-Martha Boiles; Witnesses-John Drysdale and James Drysdale

Burns, William
Page 204, 27 Dec 1813, recorded 28 Mar 1814
Will of William Burns of the county of Campbell, a farmer "being sick and weak in body" wife-Mary,xx’d out; sons, David Anderson, James, Daniel Samuel; Witnesses-Benjamin McFarland, William Griffith, David Cooper

Cahill, James
Page 336, 18 Sep 1820, recorded 25 Sep 1820
Inventory of the goods and chattles of James Cahill, deceased; appraised by Joseph Robinson, William McCoy, Joseph Ritch

Campbell, Colen
Page 13, 29 Jun 1795, recorded September Court 1795
Inventory of the estate of Colen Campbell, deceased, appraised by Robert Benham, Presley Peack, Joseph Robertson

Cleveland, George
Page 262, 1817, recorded 25 Nov 1817
Settlement of Robert Cleveland {about to leave the state} his guardianship for George Cleveland, deceased

Cleveland, Levi
Page 212, 19 Apr 1814, recorded 29 Nov 1814
Estimate of the value of the property of Levi Cleveland, deceased by Moses Vickers, John Merry, James Riggs, Bartlett Graves-one still
Page 219, 23 Feb 1815, recorded 27 Feb 1815
Commissioners John Leathers Jr., Benjamin Stephens, Bartlet Graves, laid off dower of Rachel Cleveland, widow, in the real estate of Levi Cleveland received 220 acres
Page 221, 9 Mar 1815, recorded 28 Mar 1815
Heirs of Levi Cleveland drew for Negros of estate-Robert, Louisa, James, Drusella, Washington, Joseph and George Cleveland, Elmore Scot

Cloud, William
Page 14, recorded February Court 1796
Appraisement of the estate of William Cloud, deceased by John Conner, John Ganes, George Corn
Page 24, recorded Jun Court 1797
Allotted the widow of William Cloud, her dower; also allotted and divided t the heirs their equal part of his estate-nine legatees
Page 27, 11 Oct 1796, recorded October Court 1797
Settlement of the estate of William Cloud
Page 30, recorded April Court 1798
Heirs of the estate of William Cloud and the numbers of lots each of them drew:Bayliss Asby-3; Bayliss7; Peggan-2; James-9; Sarah-8; William Jr.-6; William-5; Leah-4; Daniel-1
Page 30, 7 Jun 1798, recorded July Court 1798
Estate of William Cloud in account with Jane Cloud, executrix, "for maintainance of my children one year, to wit, Sarah, Leah, Peggan, William, Daniel"
Page 32, recorded February Court 1798
To Jane Cloud, her dower, in the lands of her late husband, William Cloud

Collar/Colyer, William
Page 202, 5 Mar 1813, recorded 1 Mar 1814
Appraisement of the personal estate and slaves of William Collar, deceased by John Carlisle, John Griffith, Moses Morris
Page 203, recorded 1 Mar 1814
Sale of the property of William Colyer; purchaser, Adah Colyer, Nelley Colyear, Ann Colyear

Colvin, John
Page 211, 6 Aug 1814, recorded 27 Sep 1814
Appraisement of the estate of John Colvin, deceased by Samuel Bryan, Archer Dickerson, Robert Caldwell, Benjamin Gosney

Colvin, Lewis
Page 299, 17 Feb 1819, recorded 28 Jun 1819
Will of Lewis Colvin of the county of Campbell; wife-Elizabeth, children-Fanny, John, Peggy, George, Johston, Malinda, Lewis; Executris-Wife, Elizabeth; Witnesses-John R Bird, Samuel Baker
Page 329, 16 Sep 1819, recorded 28 Feb 1820
Value of estate of Lewis Colvin, deceased by Samuel Bryan Sr., Benjamin Gosney, John Colwell

Connely, Michiel
Page 211, 30 May 1814, recorded 29 Nov 1814
Appraisement of Michiel Connely’s estate, deceased by James Bunch, Joseph White, Jacob McKay

Cooper, Benjamin
Page 85, 26 Nov 1803, recorded February Court 1804
Valuation of the property of Benjamin Cooper, deceased by Thomas Noble, David Morton, Thomas Lindsey Sr.
Page 86, recorded February Court ----
Sale of property of Benjamin Cooper, among purchasers-Nancy Cooper, Jacob Cooper, John Cooper, Christopher Cooper
Page 97, recorded May Court 1806
Settlement of the estate of Benjamin Cooper

Cooper, Christopher
Page 116, 22 Oct 1808, recorded February Court 1809
Will of Christopher Cooper of the county of Campbell, "being weak in body to my wife, Catey the hole and sole use of the farm on which I now live…at her death to be equally divided between my three sons, Jacob, Christian, John Daughter-Susannah; other daughters, married; remainder of estate to be equally divided into eight equal parts between my beloved wife, Catey and my five children and four grandchildren, which is to have two equal parts to be divided between them". Witnesses, John Cooper, Jacob Cooper, Christian Cooper, Mary Mardes, Susanah Cooper, Jacob Sounders, Liza Sowders, Benjamin Cooper, Giney Cooper Executors-John and Jacob Cooper In the presence of Benjamin Perry, Sr. Benjamin Perry, Frank Spilman
Page 127, 19 Jul 1809
Inventory of estate of Christopher Cooper by John McCollum, William Stevens, John R Stevens
Page 128, 20 Jan 1809
Sale of estate of Christopher Cooper, purchasers Caty Cooper, Christopher Cooper, Christian Cooper, Mrs. Cooper

Curry, William
Page 88, 23 May 1805, recorded July Court 1805
Inventory of the personal estate of William Curry, deceased by Jacob Fowler, Joseph Robinson, John Leathers
Page 100, 6 Jun 1807, recorded June Court 1807
Account of William Curry includes to James Campbell, schoolmaster; 6 Jun 1807 to Obediah Scott, Dr. "for his procuring counsel for the benefit of the orphens, children of the said William, deceased, which he had to cross the Ohio River sundrey times for the procure them, which time and money was spent".
Settlement of the estate of William Curry
Page 178
Settlement of the estate of William Curry-"5 times passing and repassing to George Town of Scott County, Kentucky in order to asscertain a deed to Curry’s heirs from Davis & Craig heirs"

Davis, Joseph
Page 83, 7 Nov 1802, recorded May Court 1804
Inventory of all personal estate of Joseph Davis, deceased by Obdi Scott, George Hume, Christopher Cooper
Page 207, 11 Apr 1814, recorded 25 May 1814
Settlement of estate of Joseph Davis, met at the house of Jacob Davis in Harrison County; James Patterson, John McMillen commissioners; cash received by widow for rent

Dicken, Charles
Page 71, 20 Dec 1802, recorded May Court 1803
Will of Charles Dicken of Campbell County; Wife-Margret Sons-Robert Sutton, James Blagrave; Daughters-Ann Gentry, Sarah Pullum Executors-Wife, Margret, Henry Blagrave, Joseph Dicken Test-Lot Dickin, Mary Dickin, Ann Blagrave
Page 74, 22 Jun 1803, recorded August Court 1803
Value of the estate of Charles Dickin by Samuel Thompson, Conrad Caster, B Allen

Dickinson, Arche
Page 250, 30 May 1816, recorded 25 Feb 1817
Inventory of the estate of Arche Dickinson, deceased by B Gosney, Samuel Baker, Samuel Bryan; cooprs tools, 1 well auger 100 feet long

Dickerson, William
Page 202, 28 Aug 1813, recorded 28 Dec 1813
"If it should be my misfortune to fall in the present campaign, it is with that this shall be considered as my last will and testament wherefore I do hereby constitute and ordain my beloved wife, Polly Dickerson, my sole executrix and I do hereby invest her with full power both as to the use and disposal of all and every species of property I now possess. In testimoney whereof I have here unto affixed my hand and seal this 28th day of August I in the year of our Lord 1813. P.S. It is to be understood that my just debts to be settled out of estate." Witness-Enos Daniel
Page 207, 8 Jan 1814, recorded 28 Jun 1814
Samuel Bryan, Benjamin Mann and Samuel Baker appraised the estate of William Dickerson, deceased
Page 229, 28 Oct 1815, recorded 28 Nov 1815
An inventory of the goods came to hand since the first appraisement belonging to the estate of William Dickerson by Samuel Bryan, Samuel Baker, Archer Dickerson
Page 238, 23 Mar 1816, recorded 28 May 1816
Settlement of estate of William Dickerson

Dixon, Henry
Page 220, 22 Dec 1814, recorded 27 Feb 1815
Inventory and appraisement of the estate of Henry Dixon, deceased by Benjamin Stephens, William Stephens, Thomas Sandford
Page 223, recorded 1 Mar 1816
Inventory and list of sale of Henry Dixon, purchaser-Elizabeth Dickson

Donovon, John
Page 57, 6 Feb 1802, recorded May Court 1802
Inventory of the personal estate of John Donovon, deceased by Jacob Baum, James McCollum, Francis Craylech

Duckworth, Robert
Page 62, 30 Sep 1801, recorded February Court 1802
Will of Robert Duckworth of Campbell County; Executors-Henry Toutman of Franklin County; George Brown of Pendleton County; William Daniel of Campbell County Teste-Charles Daniel, Jonathan and Peter Daniel
Page 63, 11 Feb 1802, recorded April Court 1802
Appraisement of the estate of Robert Duckworth, deceased by John Ducker, Peter Daniel, Jonathan J Flournoy
Page 93, recorded April Court 1802
Sale of the personal property of Robert Duckworth, held at his late dwelling house, 22 & 23 Feb 1802-purchaser, George Duckworth
Page 96
An account of the executors of Robert Duckworth against the said Duckworth’s estate for debts and expenses includes, 3 days search of deed for land in Harrison County, 2 days in Denham Township to make choice of land
Page 166, recorded September Court 1810
George Brown’s account as executor against the Robert Duckworth estate

Edmonds, John
Page 351, 22 Feb 1816, recorded May Court 1822
Will of John Edmonds of Campbell County; wife-Casandra; Testator-Jonathan Lewis, George Vice, Lewis Oliver, Joshua Sanders

Ekert, Leonard
Page 288, 19 May 1815, recorded December Court 1819
Will of Leonard Ekert of county of Campbell; "to my wife Polly, to have the hole and sole of my estate during her natural life or widowhood and at her death to be equally divided amoungst the hole of my children"; Executor-Polly Ekert, John Ekert; in presence of Frank Spillman, Henry Plummer, Thomas Griffey, Daughters-Catherine Donley, Sally Thomason, Mary, Martha, Susanah, Elizabeth; Witnesses-Frank Spellman, Thomas F Spellman
Page 312, 8 Dec 1818
Inventory of estate of Leonard Eckert by Jonathan Carmack, Henry Boyales, John Maxwell
Page 313, 9 Jan 1819, recorded September Court 1819
Sale of the estate of Leonard Eckert

Fleming, James
Page 235, recorded 26 Mar 1816
Inventory and appraisement of estate of James Fleming, deceased
Page 236 and 330, recorded 26 Mar 1916
Sale of the estate of James Fleming, purchasers-Robert Fleming, Mrs. Fleming, Moses Fleming, Pegy Fleming
Page 331, recorded 27 Mar 1820
Settlement of the estate of James Fleming

Flournoy, Lucy
Page 24, 1 Jan 1799
Inventory of the estate of Lucy Flournoy received of the estate of Macts Flournoy, deceased
Page 55, 13 Oct 1800, recorded October Court 1800
Lucy Flournoy to John Flournoy-to one year board and clothing-$30
Frier, Humphrey
Page 171, recorded May Court 1811
Appraisement of the property of Humphrey Frier by William Martin, Joseph Robinson, John Leathers Jr.
Page 198, 26 Mar 1813, recorded 1 Oct 1813
Settlement of the estate of Humphry Frier, "to William Wilson for services rendered at the time the deceased drowned; to David Perry for two coffins; to Isaac Palmers and wife attendance at the house of the deceased in taking care of the children and property before the sale; to Isaac Palmer boarding six weeks after the sale; neat remains of said estate $401.33, each heirs proportional shares 50.16.6

Foster, George
Page 165, 9 Jul 1810, recorded December Court 1810
Appraisement of the personal estate of George Foster by Edward Mooring, William Thompson, Joel Hampton
Page 165, 16 Jul 1810
Sale of the goods and chattles of George Foster, purchasers-Andrew Foster, Sarah Foster, John Foster

Fowler, Bernard
Page 53, 10 Dec 1799, recorded September 1800
Appraisement of the estate of Bernard Fowler, deceased by Thomas Noble, Squire Grant, George Hume

Fouler, Richard
Page 169, recorded June Court 1809
Newport, March 25, 1811, inventory of the estate of Richard Fouler, deceased by Thomas Kennedy, Daniel Mayo, John B Lindsey
Page 170, recorded May Court 1811
Estate of Richard Fowler to Jacob Fouler to a balance due on the partnership books which existed at the time of his decease, includes amount of Dr. Watkin’s bill, amount of Dr. Spencer’s bill

Frier, Humphry
Page 176, 6 Apr 1810, recorded March 1812
Sale of the estate of Humphry Frier, purchaser Rachel Fryer, Polly Fryer

Gano, John Stites
Page 338, 1 Jun 1819, recorded March Court 1822
Will of John Stites Gano; wife-Mary; sons-Daniel, Aaron, John; daughters-Sarah{1st husband, Andrew Burt; 2nd John Hughes}, Mary; Administratix-Mary Gano; Administrators-sons Daniel, Aaron G, John A; witnesses-Thomas Kennedy, Nancy Kennedy, B W Leathers
Codicil-31 Dec 1821, Covington
Grandchildren-Andrew Burt, Catharine Burt, John S Gano Burt; Dr. Guy W. Wright and his wife Eliza; Witnesses-B W Leathers, Jonathan Grant, Archibald Woodruff

Green, Betsey
Page 348, 22 Mar 1820, recorded September Court 1821
Will of Betsy Green of the county of Campbell; brother-John Green, deceased; sons-William Duff Green, John Green; daughters-Betsey Duff Craig, Sally Pendleton Green; nephew-Henry Green Smith, Alford Caider; relations-John Green, Lincoln Co., James Barbour, Mercer Co.; Executors-John Green, Lincoln Co., James Barbour; Witnesses-William Routt, John Beale, James Clark, Thomas Helm, John Cooper

Griffing, Ebenezor
Page 164, 24 Aug 1810, recorded ---- Court 1810
Appraisement of the estate of Ebenezor Griffing, deceased by Benjamin Gosney, Benjamin Mann, John Ducker
Page 164, 14 Sep 1810
Sale of the estate of Ebenezor Griffing, purchasers Thomas Griffing, Benjamin Griffing, Phebe Griffing

Griffing, Thomas
Page 236, 15 Apr 1815, recorded 28 May 1816
Will of Thomas Griffing of Campbell County "being in right mind and perfect memory, but calling to mind my mortality and low estate of my health, to my wife Peggy, my children as they come of age, my daughters, Jane and Phebe, and my father" Executrix-Peggy, wife Witnesses-Samuel Bryan Sr., Benjamin Gosney, Benjamin Griffing
Page 239, 31 May 1816, recorded 25 Jun 1816
Appraisement of the estate of Thomas Griffin, deceased by Samuel Bryan, John Ducker, Benjamin Mann
Page 240, recorded 26 Jun 1816
Sale of estate of Thomas Griffing; purchasers, Benjamin Griffin, William Griffing, Jeremy Griffing, Mary Griffin, Benjamin Griffin

Hamilton, Jesse
Page 324, 13 Jan 1820, recorded 24 Jan 1820
Sale of property of Jesse Hamilton; purchaser Elizabeth Hamilton
Page 328, 3 Jan 1820, recorded 24 Jan 1820
Appraisement of estate of Jesse Hamilton, deceased by John Carlisle, George Hightower, Samuel Sayers

Hamilton, Maurice
Page 298, 23 Feb 1819, recorded February Court 1819
Allotment of dower of slaves of estate of Maurice Hamilton and divide the balance of the slaves among the legal heirs of said deceased, widow, Henry Hamilton, John Hamilton {Green River}, William McGlasson Sr., Anthony Garrett, Jesse Hamilton, William McGlasson Jr., Joel Hamilton, JG Hamilton, by B Graves, Joseph White, Elmor Scott

Hamilton, William
Page 235, Mar 1816, recorded 26 Mar 1816
Estate of William Hamilton, deceased to Richard Southgate, Administrator of said estate

Harper, Richard
Page 212, 18 Nov 1814, recorded 29 Nov 1814
Appraisement of the personal estate of Richard Harper, deceased by David Perry, Samuel Perry, George Gordon

Helm, Meridith
Page 258, 18 Jul 1817, recorded 26 Aug 1817
Inventory and appraisement of estate of Meridith Helm, deceased by John Cooper, John Beale, John Walker-a parcel of law books
Page 259, recorded 26 Aug 1817
Sale of estate of Meridith Helm, purchasers-Mary Helm, Thomas Helm, John Helm
Page 268, recorded 21 Feb 1818
List of property of Meridith Helms since the sale

Hume, Joel
Page 21, 12 May 1796, recorded November Court 1796
Appraisement of the personal estate of Joel Hume, deceased, by William Hume, John Ewing, Alex Mobin; one black mare allowed to be nine years old, one man’s saddle

Hume, John
Page 77, 7 Aug 1801
Will of John Hume "of the county of Campbell, State of Kentucky, being weak and in a low condition, I sold to William Stevens 100 acres of land laying on that part of my land called the Bear Wallow"; to my son, Gerard, 50 acres land; my son, Patrick, 50 acres land; daughter-Sarah, and I lend my wife during her natural life or widowhood all the residue of my property together with my plantation and 50 acres joining the same and at her decease or marriage the land I give to my sons Patrick and John to be equally divided between them which I give to them and their heirs forever. At my wife’s decease, the property in her hands to be equally divided amongst all my children."

Jenkins, Elizabeth
Page 183, 8 Oct 1811, recorded 22 Jun 1812
Appraisement of the estate of Elizabeth Jenkins, deceased by John Rieley, Joseph Acklin, Henry Boyales
Page 183, 8 Oct 1811, recorded 22 Jun 1812
Sale of the estate of Elizabeth Jenkins

Jones, Margaret
Page 249, recorded 28 Jan 1817
Inventory of the personal estate of Margaret Jones-12 Oct 1816, sale of estate 12 Oct 1816

Kennedy, Mary
Page 346, 7 May 1821, recorded September Court 1821
Will of Mary Kennedy of the county of Campbell; grandsons-Samuel J Bealle, Benjamin D Beall, Edwin J Beall, George M Beall, James A H Beall; daughter-Ann Blagrove; granddaughter-Lucinda Lindsey; Executors-Jonathan Carmack, Solomon Trusdale Jr., Thomas Damerin, Enos Daniel, William Thompson Sr., in presence of James G Lindsey, Samuel Prior, Thomas Gillock

Kennedy, Thomas
Page 352, 14 Jul 1821, recorded November Court 1821
Will of Thomas Kennedy of Covington, County of Campbell; sons-Joseph, Samuel, Thomas D and wife, Nancy; daughters-Sally Kyle, March Scott, wife of James, Peggy Peirsol, widow of Zaccheius, Jane Dixon, wife of Henry, Hannah, wife of William Porter; grandchildren-Alfred Kennedy, Davis Kennedy, Hannah Kennedy, Eliza Kennedy, Nancy Kennedy, Sally Kennedy, Nancy Dixon; Executors-sons Joseph and Samuel; William Porter; Testator-Alexander Connelly, William Barns, A P Sandford

Kennedy, William
Page 8, 25 August 1795, recorded Monday, 10 Jun 1799
Will of William Kennedy "of Mercer County, State of Kentucky" Son-James Kennedy-400 acres of land, being part of 1000 acres, on the Ohio River joining the lower side of the land which I sometime ago sold to may said son James, known by the name of "Cassels"
Daughter-Jannt-now wife to Benjamin Beall the remaining 600 acres of land
Wife-Mary, marriage contract admitted to record in the county court of Charlotte in Virginia at the April Court in the year 1799. "It is my will that the tract of land where on I now live containing 384 acres shall immediately be sold after my decease for the highest price; 400 pounds to remain in the hands of the purchaser, he giving security on the land for the punctual payment of interest thereof each year to my said wife Mary during her naturreal life and to pay the said 400 pounds to my heirs or executors immediately after the death of her my said wife."
Executors-Trusty friends, George Muter, Caleb Wallace, James Speed, Thomas Allen
Page 43, 12 Jun 1799, recorded February Court 1800
Appraisement of the estate of William Kennedy by Frank Spilman, George Brown, John Nelson, includes set of surveying instruments, 2 pocket compasses
Page 55, 11 Feb 1801, recorded July Court 1801
Payments made on account of the estate of William Kennedy, includes cash paid James Stewart, printer; cash paid Thomas Jones for surveying John Barker’s land; cash paid Whitfield Craig for surveying; cash paid John Points for chain carrying
Page 81, 15 Dec 1802, recorded February Court 1803
Estate of William Kennedy to Benjamin Beall, administrator

Kenny, Robert
Page102, 16 Jul 1807, recorded September Court 1807
Appraisement of personal property of the late Robert Kenny, by David Lewis, Bernd Neal, George Porter includes 4 bars of iron 100#; blester steel; sundry blacksmith tools

Kent, Susanna
Page 79, 6 Nov 1804, recorded February 1805
Will of Susanna Kent of county of Campbell, being weak in body; mentions "one Negro man slaved named Dick, with all my wearing appearel, debts owing to me and all my other goods and chattels to my dearly beloved sister, Jane Sedwick". Executrix-Jane Sedwick, in presence of E Sparks, Martin Warner, Thomas Noble

Kinkaid, Andrew
Page 251, 1 Mar 1817, recorded 24 Mar 1817
Appraisement of estate of Andrew Kinkaid, deceased by John Griffith, Charles Hutchinson, Benjamin Northcutt
Page 252, 10 Mar 1817, recorded 24 Mar 1817
Sale of estate of Andrew Kinkaid, purchaser-Jonathan Kinkaid

Klette, Fredereck
Page 167, 17 Mar 1810, recorded February 1811
Will of Fredereck Kleet of Campbell, being weak in body Sons-Lewis Frederick, John Henry, Hiram, Fredereck, Daughters-Nell Marshall, Eleanor, Dosha, Mary who married Benjamin Miles; Executors-Son Frederick and John Wilson, in presence of Charles Walls, Philip Picket, Charles Picket
Page 171, 23 May 1811
Inventory of the slaves and personal estate of Frederick Kleet by John Winston, James Armstrong, John M Collam

Knight, Jacob
Page 234, 7 Dec 1815, recorded 19 Mar 1916
Will of Jacob Knight, late of Jefferson County, State of Virginia, mother-Christiana Knight, son-unnamed until he arrives at 21, Executor-Friend Isaac Hough, Witnesses-Jacob Resor, Jacob Seelig, Herman Ritter
Page 245, recorded 25 Dec 1816
Appraisement of the estate of Jacob Knight by Thomas D Carneal, Samuel D Whisner, Jacob Seelig-bellows and anvil
Page 246, recorded 25 Dec 1816
Sale of the estate of Jacob Knight

Lawrence, Michael
Page 157, 3 Feb 1810, recorded February Court 1810
Valuation of the estate of the late Michael Lawrence by Thomas Lindsey Sr., Snr-Isaac Dye, David M Reed

Leathers, John
Page 260, 27 May 1812, recorded 25 Nov 1817
Will of John Leathers of Campbell County "to my present wife, Milley, my children Joshua, John, Elizabeth Graves, Lewcy White, Benjamin, Thomas, Sally, Nancy Watts, my land in Boone and Gallatin Counties": Executors-John Leathers Jr. Bartlet Graves, Joseph White
Page 281, 13 Oct 1817, recorded August 1818
Account of all things sold at public sale of John Leathers Sr., account of real estate:
500 acres in Boone County
500 acres in Gallatin County
1000 acres unsold, the homestead and farm in Campbell County sold to Robert Perry Jr. for $4500

Leathers, Joshua
Page 315, 28 Jul 1819, recorded November Court 1819
Will of Joshua Leathers of the county of Campbell, Executors-John Arnold and Bartlett Graves, "to pay administrators of Thomas P Leathers, deceased, John Leathers, Benjamin W Leathers, with the sale of a lot in Cincinnati and pay my executors my part of the money; that the executors of my father’s estate, also John Leathers, Joseph White and Bartlett Graves to sell 100 acres of land that did belong to Sarah A Riddle, formerly Sary A Leathers, and pay my part of the money to the executors. Further,should any of the land be saved in Boone and Gallatin County that my father claimed, executors to sell and pay my part to my executors; for my executors to rent my brick house that I have in Covington for the finishing the house and to lease the rest of my lots in Covington. I have money coming from Robert Perry and Edward Meeks. For my children to get their part when they come of age, Permely, Elizabeth, Joshua Jr., Thomas, Levine, Pall Leathers."" Witnesses-James Robinson, Daniel Maxwell

Leathers, Thomas P
Page 280, recorded August Court 1818
Inventory of estate of Thomas P Leathers, deceased in the county of Campbell returned to court 23 Aug 1818; includes 1 lot of ground in Cincinnati, Ohio; notes on Baxter & Co. Newport; receipt of Robert Richey for 3243 lbs. of manufactured tobacco unsettled

Leitch, David
Page 1, 8 Nov 1794, recorded Mason County Kentucky, January Court 1794;recorded August Campbell County Court 1796-David died 7 Sep 1795
Will of David Leitch of Mason County and State of Kentucky
Wife & Executrix-Kitturah
Executors-John Fowler, now living in Lexington, Kentucky, Daniel Weiseger of Frankfort, James Taylor of Mason County Witnesses-Joseph Strong US Legion, David Nesbitt, George Gordon
Page 22, 8 Feb 1797, recorded February Court 1797
Sale of the estate of David Leitch-purchasers, James Taylor, David Lewis, Thomas Lindsey

Lindsey, Thomas Sr.
Page 265, 13 Aug 1817, recorded 21 Feb 1818
Will of Thomas Lindsey Sr. of Campbell County; sons-Thomas, John, Richard, Marcus, James, Wife-Rebecca; Daughters-Mary Noble, Sarah McPike, Rebecca Smith, Emelia, Elisabeth, Keturah; Granddaughter, Sally Smith "land which I now possess being part of a tract of 325 acres purchased of David Leitch, being about 87 acres"; Executors-sons Thomas and John Lindsey
Page 302
Invoice of the property of Thomas Lindsey by Stacey Reeves, John Griffith, Isaac Dye
Page 303, recorded March Court 1819
Sale of the estate of Thomas Lindsey; purchaser, John B Lindsey

Lucas, Lewis M
Page 90, 14 Nov 1805, recorded November Court 1805
Inventory of the estate of Lewis M Lucas, deceased by Jonathan Martin, Robert Kyle, Duncan McVicker
Page 97, Dec 1805, recorded May 1806
Sale of the personal estate of Lewis M Lucas
Page 99, recorded December Court 1806
The estate of Lewis M Lucas to Joseph Robinson

Lynn, Nathan
Page 105, 21 Jan 1808, recorded February Court 1808
Inventory of Nathan Lynn’s estate by Thomas Griffing, John Griffith, Renneth Cumptum

Lyon, Stephen
Page 222, 4 Mar 1815, recorded 27 Jun 1815
"A true statement of a lot of dower of Stephen Lyon’s widow late deceased" 42 acres

Mackey, John C
Page 54, 8 Sep 1800, recorded April Court 1801
Sale of the property of John C Mackey, deceased

Mardes, Wil
Page 88, 4 Dec 1804, recorded December Court 1805
Inventory of the personal estate of Wil Mardes, deceased by Jonathan McCollum, Bryant Senour, George Hume

Martin, John
Page 152, 28 Dec 1808, recorded September Court 1809
Will of John Martin of Campbell County, being weak of body, Daughter-Sally, Son-John to be educated, Executor-Son William, Witnesses-Humphrey Frier, Rebeckah Freer, Rachael Frier
Page 157, 26 Mar 1810, recorded Mar 1810
Appraisement of the estate of John Martin, deceased by Robert Kyle, Ozburn Trail, John Trail

Masby, Thomas
Page 270, 2 Mar 1818, recorded 23 Mar 1818
Inventory of estate of Thomas Masby, deceased was returned to court amounting to L46 17 ½ by the commissioners appointed to settle the administrators account by order of the county court of Pendleton; Joseph Mosbey, Administrator-L12.0.0 to Dr. to said estate from Carolina

Mathews, William
Page 205, 5 Apr 1814, recorded 25 May 1814
Will of William Mathews of Campbell County "being weak in body, to my wife Polly to raise my children" Executors-Polly Matthews, Benjamin Northcut, Witnesses-John Wilson, George Northcut, Edward Stevens
Page 210, 6 Jun 1814, recorded 28 Jun 1814
Appraisement of the estate of William Matthew, deceased by Carter Hutchinson, Edward Stevens, James Owen
Page 240, recorded 26 Jun 1816
Settlement of the estate of William Matthews; Polly, widow of deceased purchased the land at $500, she produced an account against said estate for services done for said estate for clothing and schooling the children, six in number, for upwards of two years

Mernan, John
Page 162, 22 Aug 1810, recorded November Court 1810
Will of John Mernan of Campbell County being weak in body, Wife-Elizabeth, Sons-Jacob & William, Daughters-Mary and Elizabeth, Sons-George, James Charles-3 youngest sons, Daughter-Sally, Executor-Michael Mernan and William Reddick, Witnesses-Michael Youtsey, Marcus Lindsey, John Youtsey
Page 169, 15 Mar 1811, recorded March Court 1811
Inventory of the property of the late John Mernan by Frank Spilman, John Griffith, Darius Burtch

McCollum, John
Page 6, 4 Jun 1797, recorded June Court 1797
Will of John McCollum "of Campbell County, "being weak in body my estate to be divided in four equal parts; one part to wife, Ann McCollum, and other three parts between my three children, John, Thomas, and Ann Senier, equally. Executors-Son John McCollum and son-in-law, Bryant Senior"
Witnesses-William Townsley, Samuel VanHook, James McCollum
Page 28, 14 Jun 1797, recorded December Court 1797
Inventory of the estate of John McCollum, late of Campbell County, appraised by James McCollum, Samuel VanHook, William Townsley
Page 274, 18 Jul 1818, recorded August Court 1818
Appraisement of personal estate of John McCollum, deceased by John R Stephens, John Edmonds, James Armstrong, Martin Stephens
Page 276, recorded August Court 1818
Sale of estate of John McCollum, 24 Jul 1818; purchasers-Thomas McCollum, Sarah McColum, Asa McCollum
22 Jul 1818-list of Sarah McCollum’s right of dower of John McCollum of the persent estate of said decedant

McDonald, George
Page 293, 1 Oct 1818
Inventory of the estate of George McDonald by Hayden Nelson, William Stephens, Stephen Collins-a set of blowing tools, a set of tanners tools, 29# soal leather, 1 side of upper leather
Page 296, 21 Oct 1818, recorded February 1819
Sale of the estate of George McDonald; purchasers, Margaret McDannold, widow of deceased, Reuben McDannold

McKay, Jacob
Page 278, 20 Jul 1818, recorded August Court 1818
Will of Jacob McKay; wife-Deborah, children, Lucinda, Florinda, Joseph, Sarah {Sally} Robinson, her husband, James; sisters-Alice Allen, Patience Grubbs, Ann Kyle, Rachel Cleveland; Executors & Executrix-wife, Deborah McKay, William Vickers, Jane Robinson, in presence of Platt Kennedy, William Moore, Elmore Scott
Page 289, 17 Sep 1818
The estate of Jacob McKay, deceased appraised by John Vickers, James Cleveland, Joseph Cleveland-4096 feet of ash flooring boards at $15 thousand, 1600 feet boards at the mill, 30 acres of land including the saw mill
Page 291, 19 Sep 1818, recorded December Court 1818
Sale of the personal property of Jacob McKay

Miller, Jacob
Page 51, recorded September 1799
Appraisement of the personal estate of Philip Jacob Miller, deceased, by Washington Berry, Rees Gaddis, George Mereklin
Page 122, 19 Sep 1808, recorded September 1808
Settlement of the estate of Jacob Miller in account with David and Abraham Miller Administrators, includes paid cash to the amount of 3.3 for necessaries during the illness of Magdalin Miller, widow of Jacob, which illness carried her off

Miller, John
Page 68, 3 Apr 1803, recorded April Court 1802
Appraisement of the estate of John Miller, deceased by James Shaw, Thomas Griffy, Lenard Eckert
Page 69, 14 Nov 1799, recorded April Court 1802
Sale of the estate of John Miller, purchasers-Martha Miler, James Miller, Maines Miller

Morton, David
Page 114, 27 Jun 1808, recorded July Court 1808
Appraisement of the estate of David Morton, deceased by Thomas Lindsey, Edmund Taylor, William Decoursey

Moseby, Thomas
Page 34, 23 Jan 1799
Inventory of the estate of Thomas Moseby, deceased by B Fowler, Squire Grant, Thomas Noble

Myrick, Bazael
Page 158, recorded June Court 1810
Appraisement of the goods of Bazael Myrick by Daniel Mayo, Jonathan Huling, David Lewis, includes 1 surveying compass and chain, 1 case of mathematecal instruments, 1 book Gibsen’s Survey, 1 ditionary pocket, 1 English grammer

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