Nicholas Yeager Will

Nicholas Yeager


Know All Men by These Presents That I, Nickolas Yoerger of Campbell County, Kentucky, being in sound mind and disposing memory, and realizing the uncertainty of Human Life, do make published and declare this to be my last Will and Testament.

  No. l    I give bequeath and devise all my Real Personal and Mixed Estate of every kind and description to my beloved wife, Louisa Yoerger, to her for and during her natural Life, and after her death I direct that my property shall be divided as follows:

   To my stepson, John Fortmann, I give the sum of Three Hundred $300.00, which is to be paid out of my whole estate.

   My son, Alois Yoerger, being indebted to me in the sum of Five Hundred Dollars, I direct that said sum be charged to him in the settlement and
that same and all my Real Personal and Mixed property vest as follows and in the following proportions:

  1)  To my son, Alois Yoerger, I give one half 1/2 part of a one eight.
  2)  To my daughter, Barbara Federel, I give a one have (1/2) part of one eight.
  3)  The balance and Residue to be divided equally between the balance of my children share and share alike.  Said children are named Louisa Rentz, Peter Yoerger, Bernard Yoerger, Emelia Yoerger, Anna Rickwertz and Adam Yearger.

   I hereby nominate and appoint my said wife Executrix hereof without Bond and ask the court to require no inventory or settlement of her.

Given under my hand this 15th day of August 1891.  Nickolas Yoerger

Signed in presence of
Joseph Hermann
William A. Sabelhaus

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