Melissa Chalfant Corbin

Melissa Chalfant Corbin

Alexandria Will Book G, page 444, 9 May 1905

I, Melissa C Corbin of Campbell County and State of Kentucky being of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make and publish this my last Will and Testament.  1st, I appoint my nephew T W Corbin of California Ky. Executor of this my Will without bond, and he is to be compensated for his trouble.

2nd, All my just debts and funeral expenses shall be first paid.  3rd, To my Nephew John Corbin of Liberty Missouri, I give twenty-five dollars. 4th, To the Children of my Niece Lutie Corbin Hutten who resides in Missouri, I give One Hundred and twenty-five dollars to be divided between them as such of them as shall be living at my death.

5th, The balance of my Estate of all kinds and wherever located whether money securities, Notes, accounts on Real Estate shall be divided equally between three Nephews, Samuel T Corbin, Wm. M Corbin, Theophilus W Corbin, and my Niece Mrs. Missouri Morin.  This 9th day of May 1905
Signed: Melissa C Corbin
Witnesses-F W Ellis, E E Ball

State of Kentucky, Campbell County Court, page 444,
Regular Term Tuesday 4th day of September 1906. 

The foregoing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Melissa C Corbin, dec'd, was offered for probate at the above Term; the same was proven by the oaths of F W Ellis and E E Ball subscribing witnesses thereto fully established and extend to second.  Whereupon the same and this certificate have been duly recorded in my Office.

Given under my hand, this 4th day of September 1906, Jas K Betz, Clerk by J G Morin, D. C.

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