John Straun

Alexandria Will Book C, page 197

I, John Straun of the County of Campbell and State of Kentucky do make this my last will in manner and form to wit:
lst-I give to my daughter, Rebecca Hawkins, wife of Reason Hawkins, thirty dollars.
2nd-To the Children of my daughter, Hannah Brown, now deceased, who was the wife of John Brown - to wit - Dorinda Griffey, wife of William Griffey, John Brown and Mary Evesole, who was a Brown. Thirty dollars to be equally divided between them.
3rd-I give to Mary Brown, wife of Fred Brown-Twenty dollars-the reason I give her Twenty dollars is that she is rich and does not stand in kneed of money.
4th-I give to Kesseah Reuby, wife of John Reuby, thirty dollars.

To Milly Brown, wife of John Brown, thirty dollars.
To Abijah Shrake, wife of Peter Shrake, thirty dollars. To Elizabeth Spolden, thirty dollars, she being one of my children.

I give to my son Hiram Strawn, the piece of land he now lives on which I have deed to him and his heirs forever.  I will to my Son-in-law, John Spoldin and his wife Elizabeth, she being my daughter and to their heirs, the place I now live on which I have recently deeded to him and for which he has paid me three hundred dollars and has executed his obligation for the residue of the purchase money and after paying the several sums which I have willed to my other heir and in consideration of said John Spolden's keeping and maintaining me the remnant of my life in a good Comfortable manner providing for all my necessary want in boarding and clothing and paying me some thirty dollars a year as I may want it for such necessaries as I may think proper to apply it to, I give to him and his wife Elizabeth, my daughter, the entire remainder of my estate both real and personal, to them and their heirs forever.

I nominate and appoint my old friend and neighbor William Reiley my Executor with full power to do all things necessary to carry this will into effect, hereby revoking all former wills heretofore made.  I do publish and declare this to be my last will this 24th day of January 1854.

Signed, Sealed in present of H K Rachford and R T Baker, witnesses
Recorded March Term 1857

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