William and Nancy Lipscomb


Information comes from the family files at the Campbell County Historical Society in Alexandria 1 Oct 2011


William Lipscomb was born 1765 in King William Co Virginia, the son of Richard and Sarah.  He married Nancy Mardis (24 July 1765-1849) 4 Aug 1791 in Frederick Co, Virginia.  William brought his family to Campbell County about 1807.  He and his family are on the rolls of the Brush Creek Baptist Church in Claryville which later became the Persimmon Grove Baptist Church. In the 1850 census he is the owner of four black females slaves.  He died 13 Dec 1851 near Claryville.

Children of William Lipscomb and Nancy Mardis

1. Elizabeth Lipscomb b-1793 in Frederick Co Virginia
2. Marcus Lipscomb 1795 in Frederick Co; d-May 1860 in Claryville; m (1) Susannah Lipscomb 28 May 1816 in Campbell Co; m (2) Isabella Warrington 15 Feb 1827 in Campbell Co
3. John Lipscomb b-1798 in Frederick Co Virginia; m-Anne Grizzel 19 Feb 1818 in Campbell Co
4. James Lipscomb b-1800 in Frederick Co Virginia; m (1) Sarah in 1821; m (2) Sarah Stanley 5 May 1831
5. Mary Lipscomb b-11 Sep 1801 in Frederick Co Virginia; d-31 Aug 1853; m-Benjamin Moore
6. William Lipscomb b-1802; d-1851 in Campbell Co; m-Margaret Stanley 21 Apr 1822 in Campbell Co
7. Joseph Lipscomb b-1807 in Frederick Co Virginia; d-1877 in Pond Creek; br-Persimmon Grove Cemetery; m-Barsheba Lee (1809-1892) 30 Sep 1828 in Campbell Co

Children of Marcus Lipscomb and Sarah Lipscomb

1. Barnet Lipscomb b-1818 in Claryville
2. Martha Lipscomb b-1820 in Claryville
3. Patience Lipscomb b-1824 in Claryville
4. Ambrose Lipscomb b-1825 in Claryville

Children of Marcus Lipscomb and Isabella Warrington

1. Delila Lipscomb b-1829 in Claryville
2. Nancy Lipscomb b-1831 in Claryville
3. William Lipscomb b-1832 in Claryville
4. Thomas Lipscomb b-1834 in Claryville
5. Joseph Lipscomb b-1836 in Claryville; m-Mary Ann Fise 4 Apr 1864
6. Joshua Lipscomb b-1838 in Claryville
7. Polly Lipscomb b-1840 in Claryville
8. Susan Lipscomb b-1842 in Claryville
9. Martha Lipscomb b-1844 in Claryville
10. Elizabeth Lipscomb b-1846 in Claryville
11. Catherine Lipscomb b-1849 in Claryville

Children of John Lipscomb and Anne Grizzel

1. Sarah Lipscomb b-1818; m-Joseph Marshall
2. William Lipscomb b-1826; m-Susan Mardis 19 Oct 1847

Child of James Lipscomb and Sarah

1. Emily Lipscomb b-1822 in Campbell Co; d-25 Jan 1852 in Campbell Co; m-Collard

Children of James Lipscomb and Sarah Stanley

1. Margaret E Lipscomb b-1831 in Campbell Co
2. Martha Ann Lipscomb b-1840 in Campbell Co; d-31 Oct 1859 in Campbell Co

Children of William Lipscomb and Margaret Stanley

1. Mary C Lipscomb b-1831 in Campbell Co;
2. Thomas Lipscomb b-1833 in Campbell Co;
3. Garland B Lipscomb b-1835 in Campbell Co; m-Sarah
4. William Lipscomb b-1838 in Campbell Co

Children of Joseph Lipscomb and Barsheba Lee

1. Henry William Lipscomb b-26 May 1829 in Grants Lick; d-1852
2. Sarah Lipscomb b-1831 in Grants Lick; d-1876; m-Lewis P Bridges
3. Nancy Evaline Lipscomb b-1833 in Grants Lick; m-Ezra C J Gilson 24 Jan 1853
4. Oscar Lipscomb b-Feb 1835 in Grants Lick; d-30 Aug 1918 in Covington; br-Grants Lick; m-Sarah Margaret Smith 22 Nov 1858
5. Joseph M Lipscomb b-Sep 1840 in Grants Lick; d-7 Jan 1901 in Newport; br-Evergreen; m-Abigail Celia Brazier 10 Sep 1868 in Kenton Co KY
6. Mary Elizabeth Lipscomb b-1846 in Grants Lick; d-1890; m-John W Whalen 2 Aug 1869
7. Martha Lipscomb b-1849 in Grants Lick

Children of Oscar Lipscomb and Sarah Margaret Smith

1. Emma Lipscomb b-1860
2. Frances Lipscomb b-1863
3. William Lipscomb b-1865
4. Abigail Lipscomb b-1869
5. Robert Lipscomb b-1871 in Grants Lick
6. Orie Lipscomb b-1876 in Grants Lick
7. Pearl Lipscomb b-1880 in Grants Lick

Children of Joseph M Lipscomb and Abigail Celia Brazier

1. Lola Myrtle Lipscomb b-29 Oct 1869 in Grants Lick; d-24 Sep 1950 in Newport; br-Evergreen; m-William Boyd
2. Harvey E Lipscomb b-Mar 1872 in Grants Lick; 1956 in Indianapolis; br-Crown Hill Cemetery; m-Orpha in 1898
3. Edward Oscar Lipscomb b-5 Apr 1874 in Newport; d-2 Sep 1922 in Newport; br-Birmingham Alabama
4. Sarah E Lipscomb b-7 June 1875 in Newport
5. Bertha "Birdie" P Lipscomb b-17 July 1876 in Newport; d-12 Nov 1953 in Newport ; br-Evergreen; m-__ Egan
5. Claudia M Lipscomb b-24 Aug 1879 in Newport
6. Earl B Lipscomb b-1 Apr 1881 in Newport; d-21 June 1958; m-Hattie
7. Mabel Lipscomb b-13 Apr 1885 in Newport; d-23 Dec 1930 in Clifton; br-Evergreen; m-Fred Abe

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