Licking Valley Register, Friday, June 4, 1847, page 2

Whig Meeting in Campbell


At a meeting of the whigs of Campbell County,  held at Alexandria on Saturday the 29th of May 1847, to select delegates to attend the a convention of the whigs of the 10th Congressional district to be holden in the city of Covington on the 8th day of June next. Ben D Beall was called to the Chair and George W Camack appointed Secretary.

After the object of this meeting being explained by Ben D Beall, the following resolutions were read and unanimously adopted.

1st Resolved, that the following persons being appointed delegates to said convention-viz: James McCron, Wm C Young, Edward P Ball, Edward Morin, Edward Tarvin, Jno C Tarvin, Calvin Washburn, Frederick Young, Thomas G West, Edward P Dameron, Ben D Beall, J O Blackerby, Geo W Carmack, James A Piner, R T Baker, Lewis Helm, Elijah Pearce, George Moran, J B Tucker, John M Caldwell, Samuel Carter, M P Smith, C Daniel, H H Mayo, Jas T Berry, Dr. Ross, Saml Winston and Robert Aur.

2d Resolved, that there should be a possibility that Major John P Gaines arriving at home in time to canvass the district, that he received the nomination, but should that probability not exist, this meeting earnestly recommend to the consideration of the Convention Maj. John N Taliaferro, with a full confidence that his canvassing the district, from his talent, urban and courteous manner he will unite the whig party as closely as any other person-and his claims are urged from the further consideration, that old Campbell has been the seat of war-the Battle field of the 10th district-and that with him (being a resident of old Campbell) we can turn the tide of battle and that when the election is over our Banner will be unfurled to the breeze with a whig majority.

(at this point the newspaper is creased and unable to read the print) ...view with admiration the brilliant achievements of Genls Taylor and Scott at the battles of Buena Vista and Cerro Gordo, which alike are proofs of American chivalry and valor.

4th Resolved, That should old Rough and Ready have opposition or not, he will be the successful candidate for President in 1848.

5th Resolved, That the proceedings of the meeting be published in the Licking Valley Register.

G W Carmack, Secy


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