Washington Berry

Washington and Alice Berry

Information comes from research done by Margaret S Hartman and is on file at the Campbell County Historical Society. Additional information was complied by Todd Whitesides


Washington Berry was born in 1764 in King George County, Virginia, the son of Thomas Berry of "Berry Plain"  and Elizabeth Washington, the daughter of Captain John Washington and his wife, the former Mary Massey of Stafford County, Virginia.. At the age of 27, on September 27, 1791 he married Alice Thornton Taylor and they had 9 children.

Children of Washington Berry and Alice Thornton Taylor

1. Taylor Berry b-July 1792 in King George County-became a commissioned officer in the War of 1812
2. Hubbard Berry b-1794 in Dayton, Campbell County m-Agnes Bodine McKinney-17 Apr 1817 in Campbell Co; d-1821 and was buried in the Madison Street Cemetery but later moved to Evergreen
Mildred Washington Berry b-18 July 1795 in Dayton; d-1868; m-Thomas Catlett Buckner; br-Evergreen Cemetery
4. Sophia Berry b-1799 in Dayton; d-20 Feb 1874 in Erlanger Ky. m-William Thornton Timberlake; br-Highland Cemetery in Kenton Co
5. Alice Washington Berry b-1805 in Dayton; d-18 Mar 1838; probably buried in the Newport Cemetery at Ringgold St. but no records indicate she was moved to Evergreen; m-William Richard Taylor Taliaferro 21 Apr 1824 in Dayton
6. Lucinda Mary Berry b-20 Feb 1807 in Dayton; m-Hon. Alexander Pope Sanford 4 24 Sep 1823; d-1 Dec 1856 at Covington Ky. br-Highland Cemetery in Ft Mitchell
7. James Taylor Berry b-17 Jan 1809 in Dayton, Campbell Co; m-Elizabeth Virginia Vice-16 Dec 1831; d-29 Jan 1864 in Newport and was buried 29 Jan in Newport Cemetery (known now as Evergreen)
8. Edmund Taylor Berry b-9 June 1811 in Dayton; d-13 Aug 1887 in Oldham Co Ky. m-Sarah Frances Taylor; br-Spring Hill Family Cemetery in Ballardsville Oldham Co. Ky.

9. John Washington Berry b-1813 in Dayton; d-1 Dec 1873 in Newport

On November 14, 1792, Washington bought the 1000 acres where Dayton now stands on the advice of his brother-in-law, James Taylor Junior. He paid Katy and Caroline Muse, 200 pounds ($1000) and then moved there with his family April 1, 1793. The Muse women also sold him another 1000 acres along Brashear’s Creek.  The company was made up of Washington and Alice, their son, Taylor aged about nine months, who rode on horseback with his mother; James, Alice's brother, and his two slaves, Moses and Humphrey, and his young servant, Adam; Washington's brother, John and John W Buckner.  At Brownsville near Pittsburg, they picked up boats and started on the Monongahela River.  Moving down the Ohio River, they passed Legionville, General Anthony Wayne's encampment below Pittsburg, where he collected his army and was training them to march against Native Americans.

At some point, Washington decided that it wasn't safe to bring Alice and Taylor all the way to the Licking, so when they reached Limestone, she went to stay with her brother, Hubbard at Springhill in Clark County.  By the time Washington was named a justice of the peace for the county on December 17, 1794, the family was settled on their land.

Children of Hubbard Berry and Agnes Bodine McKinney (1792-1847)

1. Washington John Berry 1818-19 Sep 1888; b&d in Newport; m-Susan G Jones

Children of Mildred Washington Berry and Thomas Catlett Buckner (1793-1844)

1. Henry Washington Buckner 1824-1827
2. Hubbard Taylor Buckner 1827-1903
3. Alice Elizabeth Buckner 1829-1892
4. Sophia Mildred Buckner 1832-1893
5. Thomas Berry Buckner 1835-1868

Children of Sophia Berry and William Thornton Timberlake (1789-1857)

1. Alice Elizabeth Timberlake 1821-1890; m-Dr. John H Stevenson
2. William Timberlake 1831-1880
3. Henry Clay Timberlake 1831-1880

Children of Alice Washington Berry and William Richard Taylor Taliaferro (1802-1893)

1. Ann Eliza Taliaferro b-1825 in Jamestown Ky. d-1863
2. Hubbard Taylor Taliaferro b-1825 in Jamestown; d-1850
3. James Richard Taliaferro b-1829 in Jamestown
4. John Taylor Taliaferro b-1830 in Jamestown
5. Alice W Taliaferro b-1832 in Jamestown; d-1872

Children of Lucinda Mary "Lucy" Berry and Alexander Pope Sanford (1794-1847)

1. Belle Sanford b-1823 in Kenton Co; d-22 May 1888 in Covington; br-Highland Cemetery; m-Buckner
2. Sarah Alice Sanford b-3 Aug 1824 in Kenton Co; d-22 Mar 1901 in Ballardsville Ky. m-William Willett Taylor
3. Lucy Mary Sanford 28 June 1829 in Kenton Co; d-21 Sep 1893 in Covington; br-Highland Cemetery; m-Hubbard Taylor Buckner
4. Alfred Pope Sanford b-11 July 1831 in Kenton Co; d-2 Feb 1923 in Covington; br-Highland Cemetery in Ft Mitchell; m-Sarah Dell
5. Thomas Redmond Sanford b-1842 in Kenton Co; d-10 Dec 1895 in Kansas City Kansas; br-Highland Cemetery in Ft Mitchell

Children of James Taylor Berry and Elizabeth Virginia Vice (1811-1855)

1. Washington Vice Berry b-11 Dec 1833 in Newport; d-21 Apr 1863 in Texas; br-2 Sep 1866 in Evergreen
2. Albert Seaton Berry b-13 Feb 1836 in Dayton; d-7 Jan 1908 in Newport; br-Evergreen
3. Virginia Berry b-10 Apr 1838 in Newport; d-31 Dec 1924 in Ft Thomas; br-Evergreen; m-Philip Brent Spence 18 Feb 1868 in Newport
4. James Thomas Berry b-1840 in Newport; d-1 June 1880 in Newport; br-Evergreen
5. Jane A Berry b-1842 in Dayton;
6. Mildred Washington Berry b-15 Mar 1844 in Newport; d-16 Feb 1864 in Newport; br-Evergreen
7. Elizabeth Berry b-27 May 1846 in Newport; d-27 Dec 1865 in Newport; br-Evergreen
8. Edmund L Berry b-1848 in Dayton

Children of Edmund Taylor Berry and Sarah Frances Taylor (1815-1880)

1. William Taylor Berry 1834-1894
2. Alice Elizabeth Berry 1835-1893
3. John Washington Berry 1837-1913
4. Edmonia Berry 1839-1925
5. Thomas Gibson Berry 1844-1914
6. Infant Daughter Berry 1844-1844
7. Robert Mallory Berry 1846-1929
8. Fannie Berry 1848-1930
9. Gibson G Berry 1850-1920
10. James Berry 1855-1930

Washington Berry's Court Orders and Deeds

During his lifetime, Washington held many influential positions. He was County Judge, Newport City Trustee, County Commissioner, Paymaster for Kentucky Militia’s 48th Regiment, County Treasurer and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Newport Academy. He was the wealthiest member of the board, as well as the county's largest slave owner.  In 1795 he owned taxable property of seventeen slaves and 1000 acres. On December 11, 1797, he was granted a license to operate a ferry service between Dayton and Columbia, on the Ohio side.

Washington died May 4, 1813 and was buried in the Madison Street Burying Ground.  In Washington's will the western 284.5 acres of the land and power of attorney was given to his wife along with the following slaves; Toby, Jenny his wife, George, Hanibel, Daphne, Anthony, Jefferson, Richard, Lucy, Matilda, Jonathan, and Edmund. The property was to be divided among his children after Alice died.  Alice's Last Will & Testament

When his son James died in 1864, his will directed that the bodies of his parents be reburied next to him in the Evergreen Cemetery in Southgate.

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