1890 Veterans Census for Campbell County

1890 Veterans Census for Campbell County


National Archives Film M123#1 and LDS film # 338160

E-Enlistment date
D-Discharge date
DS-disability and or remarks

SABER, James M-Dayton
Joseph W-Private Co K 9th Ohio Infantry; E-20 June 1861; D-20 Apr 1863; R-Newport
Johans-Corporal Co I 1st Kentucky Infantry; E-25 Aug 1861; D-18 June 1864; R-357 Central Ave, Newport
John R-Private Co G 59th Ohio Infantry; E-Oct 1861; D-14 Nov 1864; DS-wounded in head; R-Newport
Samuel-lost papers; R-Newport
Robert-Teamster; E-1861: D-1861; served 6 months; R-Newport
Joseph W-Newport
Nick-Private Co I 2nd Ohio Calvary; E-22 Mar 1865; D-28 Sep 1865; R-240 Central Ave, Newport
Jacob-Private Co D 1st Kentucky Infantry; E-21 June 1861; D-25 Apr 1865; DS-in Andersonville 18 months; R-Dayton
John-Sgt Co 15th Kentucky Infantry; E-11 Nov 1861; D-15 Jan 1865; DS-catsch bowels R-Cold Spring
George-Private 28th Ohio Volunteers; DS-rupture, draws pension; R-Alexandria
SCHERRER, Frank-Corporal Co H 196th Ohio Volunteer Infantry; E-13th Feb 1865; D-20 Sep 1865; R-278 Saratoga & Tenth Streets, Newport
---- (widow Elizabeth) discharge papers with pension agent; R-842 York, Newport
George-no other information listed; R-Dayton
John M-Private Battery D 2nd U.S. Light Artillery; E-18 Mar 1861; D-18 Mar 1864; re-enlisted Corporal 8th Carad? E-5 July 1864; D-5 July 1867; R-Dayton
Harrison-Captain Co F 99th Ohio Infantry; DS-chronic diarrhea; R-Dayton
Frederick-Sergeant Co M 4th U.S. Calvary; E-12 Apr 1861; D-12 Sep 1864; R-Newport
Morris (alias Morris Enis) Private 4th Ohio Battery; E-2 Aug 1861; D-4 Apr 1863; DS-had named changed after war; R-Newport
Edward-Private Co F 10th Ohio Volunteer Infantry; E-June 1861; D-June 1864; DS-papers lost cannot give exact date; R-Bellevue
Phillip-no other information listed; R-197 Central Av, Newport
John-Cold Spring
Lewis-Musician 2nd Lt. 23rd Kentucky Volunteers; E-Oct 1861; D-July 1862; served 10 months; R-Newport
Louis W-Seaman DS-training? from New Orleans, LA; R-219 York Street, Newport
Louis F-Corporal Co K 9th Indiana Calvary; E-20 Feb 1864; D-28 Aug 1865; R-Newport
David-DS-shot in limb; R-Dayton
Ernest T-Private Co C 6th Ohio Infantry; E-16 Apr 1861; D-3 July 1864; R-61 German Street, Newport
Edward-Private Co D Ohio Volunteer Infantry; E-4 May 1864; E-4 Sep 1864; R-Newport
Charles-Private 106th Ohio Infantry; E-31 Mar 1865; D-12 July 1865; R-159 Putnam, Newport
John-Private Co B 10th Ohio Infantry; E-3 June 1861; D-17 June 1864; R-193 Orchard Street, Newport
Henry-no other information listed; R-Dayton
Martin-Private Co A 108th Ohio Volunteer Infantry; E-6 Aug 1862; D-9 June 1865; R-Newport
William-Corporal Co M 13th Ohio Calvary; E-Feb 1865; D-Aug 1865; R-146 York Street, Newport
John-Private Co A 189th Ohio Volunteer Infantry; E-7 Apr 1862; D-20 Sep 1862; DS-no disability incurred R-Cold Spring
John W-Private Co B 139th Ohio Infantry; E-13 May 1864; D-26 Aug 1864; R-Dayton
Richard E-Private Co E 4th Ohio Calvary; E-27 May 1861; D-7 June 1864; DS-lost sight in left eye; R-Newport
Christian (widow Maria) Private Co K 15th Kentucky Infantry; E-Nov 1862; D-1863; DS-injured on boat; R-Dayton
Joseph R-Private Co H 2nd Kentucky; E-3 July 1861; D-20 June 1864; R-Bellevue
George-Private Co E 2nd Kentucky; E-20 Sep 1861; D-31 Dec 1864; DS-right arm shot off; R-Johns Hill
August-Private Co E 23rd Kentucky Regular Mountain Infantry; E-9 Nov 1861; D-10 June 1865; DS-receiving shell wound of both thighs, recurring neuralgia; R-Newport
Adrien C-Private Co F 4th Iowa Infantry; E-18 Aug 1862; D-23 July 1865; R-204 Columbia Street, Newport
Foster-Private Co H 15th Kentucky; E-21 Oct 1861; D-14 Jan 1865; DS-wound in back & leg; R-Gubser
Israel-Grants Lick
Frank-Private Co F 187th Ohio Volunteer Infantry; E-26 Sep 1864; D-17 July 1865; R-Center st Bellevue
Isaac-Seaman on vessel Reindeer; E-14 Aug 1864; D-1865; DS-rheumatism & eye sight; R-Dayton
--- (widow Elisabeth) Bugler Co G 2nd Illinois Artillery?: E-5 June 1864; D-4 Sep 1865; R-132 Ninth St, Newport
John-Private Co D 23rd Kentucky; E-7 Oct 1861; D-27 Dec 1865; DS-wounded gunshot shell in (h)and & back, discharged 1864, re-enlisted 5 Jan 1864 R-New Richmond, Oh, but on the Carthage page 
George A-Private Co H 123rd Pennsylvania Infantry; E-13 Aug 1862; D-13 May 1863; R-290 Tenth Street, Newport
Calvin B (widow Jane) Private Co C 2nd Ohio H A; E-22 July 1863; D-23 Aug 1865; DS-prisoner at Salisbury; R-Dayton
Hezekiah-Corporal/Surgeon Co H 3rd Kentucky Calvary; E-20 Sep 1861; D-15 July 1865; DS-heart disease, pensioner; R-Flagg Spring-Gubser District
John-can't find paper; R-Newport
Simon H-Private Co B 12th Kentucky Infantry; E-27 Sep 1864; D-15 June 1865; DS-wounded calf left leg; R-118 Eighth Street, Newport
Alven-Private Co H 3rd Kentucky; E-1861; D-1864; R-Camp Spring-Indian Spring District
Robert T-Private Co D 3rd Ohio Infantry; E-11 June 1861; D-3 Mar 1862; DS-wounded in right arm at Stone River; R-208 Columbia Street, Newport
Hiram W (widow Rosetta) Sergeant Co D 19th Illinois Infantry; R-Dayton
James H-Private Co B 58th Ohio Infantry; E-5 Oct 1861; D-1 Nov 1864; R-s w c 9th and Rhemfords? Bellevue
Armon T-Private Co E 183rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry; E-28 Feb 1865; D-4 Aug 1865; DS-constipation & piles; R-California
Benjamin A-U. S. Soldier; R-Ward st Bellevue
Charles (widow Anna) Corporal Co J 7th Ohio Infantry; E-19 June 1861; D-6 July 1864; DS-shot in knee & chronic diarrhea, in hospital 9 months; R-Dayton
----- (widow Elizabeth) Private Co H 15th Kentucky Infantry; E-28 Oct 1861; D-killed at the Battle of Reville R-Cold Spring
Frank M-Private Co E 9th Ohio; E-27 May 1861; D-27 May 1864; R-Center st Bellevue
Gardner-no other information listed; R-Dayton
James-Sergeant Co G 6th Kentucky Calvary Infantry; R-Newport
John-lost papers; R-Newport
John-Private Co H 15th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry; E-6 Nov 1861 D-Jan 1865; DS-deaf in left ear, pyles, rheumatism, gunshot wound in right shoulder; draws a pension R-Alexandria
Michael V-Private Co C 83rd Ohio Infantry; E-15 Aug 1862; D-28 July 1865; R-Newport
Morgan L (widow Mary A) Brigadier Co 15 8th Missouri; E-4 July 1861; D-22 June 1865; R-316 Ninth Street, Newport
Moses R (widow Martha) Private Co B52nd Indiana Infantry; E-13 Sep 1862; D-11 May 1865; R-Dayton
Robert-Private Co H 56th Illinois Volunteers; E-4 Nov 1861; D-1 Feb 1862; re-enlisted Private Co B 179th Ohio Volunteer Infantry; E-3 Aug 1864; D-17 June 1865; R-Washington Ave Bellevue
Valentine-discharge with pension agent; R-481 Putnam St, Newport
William L (alias Charles W L Smith) Private Co D 55th Indiana Infantry; E-20 June 1862; D-25 Sep 1862; re-enlisted Private Co I 115th Indiana Infantry; E-22 July 1863; D-25 Feb 1864; DS-sciatic rheumatism; R-Berry ave Bellevue
Jacob C-Sergeant Co F 54th Ohio Infantry; E-1 June 1864; D-21 June 1865; R-101 Williamson, Newport
---- (widow Louisa) Private Co N 23rd Kentucky Infantry; E-18 Oct 1861; D-2 June 1865; R-224 Central Ave, Newport
Charles-Private Co F 53rd Kentucky Infantry; E-12 Oct 1864; D-15 Sep 1865; R-15 Mayo Street, Newport
Valentine-Private Co A 39th New York Infantry; E-17 May 1861; D-18 May 1863; re-enlisted as Private Co K 17th New York Infantry; E-13 Aug 1863; D-13 June 1865; DS-wounded in the right leg at Cross Keys, Virginia, June 8, 1862; left leg shot out at Atlanta Georgia, Aug 12, 1864; R-213 Sixth Street, Newport
Frederick-Private Co B 9th Illinois Infantry; E-28 July 1861; D-24 Aug 1864; R-89 Ann Street, Newport
Henry-Private Co D 66th Ohio Volunteer Infantry; E-15 Dec 1863; D-15 July 1865; R-Newport
James A-Corporal Co D 13th New York Infantry; E-25 Apr 1861; D-3 May 1863; DS-re-enlisted veteran; R-Newport
Adam-Seaman on vessel Reindeer; E-15 Aug 1864; D-13 June 1865; DS-neuralgia from exposure; R-Dayton
William A-Private Co C 53rd Kentucky Infantry; E-15 Sep 1864; D-15 Sep 1865; DS-ruptured; R-Grants Lick
William-discharge with pension agent; R-91 Putnam Street, Newport
Fred J-Private Co D 6th Ohio Volunteer Infantry; E-17 June 1861; D-23 June 1864; R-269 York Street, Newport
SPELLINGER, ______ (
widow Bernadina) no other information: R-Dayton
Joseph-Drummer Co C 53rd Kentucky Mountain Infantry; E-14 Sep 1864; D-27 Sep 1865; R-Newport
Joseph-Private Co D 196th Ohio; E-10 Mar 1865; D-11 Sep 1865; DS-rheumatism and injury to eyes, entitled to pension; R-Gubser
Edward-Private Co E 7th Ohio Infantry; E-3 Sep 1861; D-3 Sep 1864; wounded in the left shoulder at Chickamauga; R-27 Sixth Street, Newport
Jeff (widow Elizabeth) Lt. Co E 17th Ohio Infantry; E-31 Aug 1861; D-16 Apr 1863; DS-lung trouble R-Dayton
David-Private Co Private Co B 23rd Kentucky Infantry; E-3 Sep 1861; D-29 Sep 1863; DS-ruptured; R-Newport
Baduin? Private Co J 186th Ohio Infantry; E-25 Jan 1865; D-18 Sep 1865; R-Newport
John T-5th Sergeant Co K 193rd Ohio Infantry; E-7 Mar 1865; D-10 Aug 1865; DS-piles R-Dayton
Isaac-Private Co H 37th Kentucky Infantry; E-25 July 1863; D-31 Dec 1864; R-106 Patterson, Newport
Sylvanus-Sergeant Co B 23rd Kentucky Infantry; E-1 Oct 1861; D-27 Dec 1865; DS-shot in right arm; R-Newport
John-Private Ohio Volunteers; was not at home; R-Camp Springs
STEIN, Frank-Captain Seaman; DS-not at home, engaged on boat; R-219 York, Newport
STEITZ, John G-Private Co F 10th Ohio Volunteer Infantry; 18 Apr 1861; D-15 Apr 1863; R-Newport
STENCEL, Frank-Corporal Co I 61st Ohio Infantry; E-25 Nov 1861; D-14 Nov 1864; DS-paralysis R-Dayton
STETTER, George-Private Co E 89th Ohio Volunteer Infantry; E-6 Aug 1864; D-1 Sep 1865; R-Clark St Bellevue
STEVANS, John J-Private Co N 183rd Ohio Infantry; E-10 Apr 1862; D-15 May 1865; R-66 Eighth St, Newport
STEVENS, Jacob-Private Co E 7th Ohio Calvary; E-7 Oct 1864; D-4 July 1865; DS-rheumatism and deafness; R-Newport
STEVENSON, Henry-Private Co H 90th Ohio Infantry; E-8 Mar 1864; D-14 Aug 1865; R-Newport
STEWART, James M-Private Co A 14th Illinois Infantry; E-12 Sep 1863; D-13 Oct 1865; R-Newport
STEWART, John P-no other information listed; R-Newport
STEWART, John P-Private Co H 193rd Ohio Infantry; E-26 Aug 1864; D-18 Sep 1864; R-Newport
STIEFERT, John-Private Co S 15th Kentucky; E-1861; D-23 Mar 1865; DS-rite shot, rite flays? R-Johns Hill
STILLWELL, Joseph-discharge with pension agent; R-196 Putnam St, Newport
STOCKUM, Allison-Private Co C 139th Ohio Infantry; E-2 May 1864; D-26 Aug 1864; R-Dayton
STOECKE, Barney-Private Co E 28th Ohio Volunteer Infantry; E-13 July 1861; D-16 Jan 1865; R-201 Orchard Street, Newport
STOLL, William C-Private Co A 4th Ohio Volunteer Calvary; E-23 Sep 1862; D-2 July 1865; R-Division st Bellevue
STRAUB, ____(widow Laura-formerly widow of Frederick Brandt) Private Co H 28th Ohio Infantry; E-June 1861; D-5 June 1864; DS-killed Rock Mountain Virginia; R-Dayton
STUBLES, James R-Private Co H 37th Kentucky; E-1863; D-1864; R-Ross-Indian Spring District
STULL, George-Private Co G 23rd Kentucky; E-Jan 1861; D-this man has no discharge and cannot give dates R-Carthage
SULLIVAN, John-Private Co F 17th Ohio Infantry; E-7 Sep 1861; D-25 July 1865; R-16 Mayo Street, Newport
SULLIVAN, Timothy-Private Co I 136th Pennsylvania Infantry; E-June 1862; D-1 June 1863; DS-disease of kidneys; R-Newport
SUTEN, Frank-Private I/or J 196th Ohio; E-13 Mar 1865; D-11 Sep 1865; DS-measles, injury to eyes; R-Flagg Spring
SUTHER, Jacob-Private Co F 1st Ohio Artillery; E-2 Dec 1861; D-8 July 1865; DS-rheumatism, crippled up; R-Kane-Grants Lick District
SWEENEY, James L-Private Co Private Co K 39th Ohio Infantry; E-31 July 1861; D-12 Aug 1864; DS-general disability & rheumatism; R-Newport
SWIFT, John-Private Co H 15th Kentucky Infantry; R-Dayton

TAGGART, Robert H-Private Co E 7th Kentucky Calvary; E-Aug 1862; D-Dec 1865; DS-eye trouble and kidneys; also served five years in regulars; R-Benton Station, Grants Lick
TARVIN, Alonzo W (widow Laurentine V) 2nd Lt. Co I 23rd Kentucky Volunteer Infantry; E-12 Dec 1861; D-28 May 1863; DS-chronic diarrhea, he died of consumption as result of gastr----; R-California
TARVIN, James D-Private Co N 3rd Kentucky Calvary; E-30 Sep 1861; D-19 July 1862; DS-heart and lung disease, discharged on surgeon certified; R-Kenton Co. listed on Grants Lick page
TARVIN, Richard-Private Co H 3rd Kentucky Calvary; E-30 Sep 1861; D-26 Dec 1864; DS-spinal disease; R-Grants Lick
TARVIN, William C-Sergeant Co F 53rd Kentucky Infantry; E-10 Oct 1864; D-15 Sep 1865; DS-asthma; R-Flagg Spring-Gubser District
TARVIN, William C-Private Co I 23rd Kentucky Infantry; E-16 Nov 1861; D-Apr 1863; R-California
TAYLOR, John C-Private 41st Kentucky Infantry; E-1862; D-1862; DS-removed during Morgan's Raid R-Dayton
TAYLOR, Loren-Private Co E 53rd Kentucky Volunteers; E-9 Sep 1864; D-10 July 1865; R-Bellevue
TEDROW, William-Corporal Co E 8th Kentucky Calvary; E-1862; D-1863; DS-left knee fractured & hay fever R-Dayton
THACKER, Isaac-Private no other information listed; R-Dayton
THACKER, Lewis (widow Lucretia) Private Co G 194th Ohio Infantry; E-7 Feb 1864; D-24 Oct 1865; R-Dayton
THARURER, John-Mess Cook on vessel Reindeer; R-Dayton
THEIS, Charles H-2nd Lt. Co H 23rd Volunteer Infantry; E-16 Dec 1861; D-13 June 1862; DS-wounded right foot at Dallas Tenn. R-267 York Street, Newport
THEIS, Herman-Private Co D 53rd Iowa Infantry; E-31 Aug 1834; D-30 June 1865; R-142 Ann Street, Newport
THIES, Jacob-Private Co D 23rd Kentucky Infantry; E-4 Oct 1861; D-26 Oct 1864; R-157 Central Ave, Newport
THIMES, Charles-Private Co I 1st Kentucky Infantry; E-22 Apr 1861; D-23 Oct 1862; R-268 Monmouth Street, Newport
THOBURN, Harry A-served on ships Reising & Clara Dolson; E-26 Aug 1863; D-31 Aug 1865; R-Newport
THOMAS, Harvey-no other information listed; R-Highland
THOMAS, William-no other information listed; R-Dayton
THOMPSON, Charles-Private Co A 146th Indiana Volunteer Infantry; E-13 Feb 1865; D-Sep 1865; R-Newport
THOMPSON, Frederick-Private Co K Missouri Calvary; D-27 July 1865; R-Newport
THOMPSON, John A-Captain Co A 53rd Kentucky; E-22 Sep 1864; D-16 Sep 1865; DS-lung trouble & spinal disease, served in 4 commands recorded above; R-Flag Spring-Gubser
THORN, John G-Crunnery? Co E 53rd Ohio Volunteers; (no dates givens) DS-rheumatism, piles, weak eyes; R-California
THORTON, Peter-Confederate Private 30th Virginia; E-May 1861; D-1865; R-Newport
TIMBERLAKE, Charles F-Private Co C 55th Kentucky Infantry; E-June 1863; D-June 1865; DS-schot (sic) thru hand; R-Morning View-Grants Lick District
TORMSLEY, Catherine M-no other information listed; R-California
TOWNSEND, Robert-out of town; R-Newport
TROUTMAN, Wallison-Private F Co 53rd Kentucky Infantry; E-14 Oct 1864; D-15 Sep 1865; R-166 Putnam, Newport
TUCKER, James G-2nd Sergeant Co E 10th Tennessee Infantry; E-June 1862; D-July 1865; R-Newport
TUFFENDSAM, Charles-Private Co F 15th Michigan Infantry; E-22 Apr 1861; D-14 June 1864; DS-gun shot wound in left forearm; R-Newport
TURNER, George E-Private Co D 4th Kentucky Infantry; E-19 May 1864; D-17 Aug 1865; R-161 Orchard Street, Newport
TURNER, William-Private Co A 35th Kentucky Infantry; E-19 Sep 1864; D-19 Sep 1865; R-121 Isabella Street, Newport
TWADDLE, Thomas-no other information listed; R-Dayton

UHL, August-Private Co C Independent Missouri Calvary; E-24 May 1864; D-25 June 1865; DS-rheumatism, rupture R-Cold Spring
USLER, August (widow Louisa) Private Co G 3rd U.S.; E-15 Apr 1861; D-15 Apr 1864; R-Newport
UTENDOERFFER, August-Private Co E 28th Ohio Infantry; E-13 June 1861; D-23 July 1864; R-194 Orchard Street, Newport

VANCE, James W-Private Co B 4th Ohio Calvary; E-17 Sep 1861; D-23 Feb 1867; R-Newport
VANDIVER, William A-Private Co G 23rd Kentucky Infantry; E-Sep 1862; D-Apr 1863; DS-crippled arm; R-Demossville-Grants Lick District
VANDYM, Samuel R (widow Liza) Private 85th Ohio Infantry; E-1 May 1861; D-15 Sep 1863; R-Dayton
VAN FLEET, John-Private Co K 10th Ohio Infantry; E-15 Apr 1861; D-17 June 1864; R-106 Fifth Street, Newport
VAN PELT, Adrian (widow Virginia) Sergeant Co H 34th Ohio Infantry; E-23 July 1861; D-13 Sep 1865; R-16 McArthur Street, Newport
VAUGHN, John T-Confederate Sergeant Co B 7th Florida Heavy Artillery; E-15 Apr 1861; R-Dayton
VESTRERS, Squire H-Private 1st Kentucky Volunteer Infantry; E-14 Oct 1861; D-16 Nov 1864; DS-deafness incurred, has applied for pension; R-California
VICKRAY, William-Private Co A 59th Ohio Infantry; E-1 Sep 1861; D-Oct 1864; DS-schot (sic) in hand; R-Morning View-Grants Lick District
VOCKE, Richard-Private Co K 53rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry; E-Oct 1861; D-July 1865; DS-rheumatism, disease of lungs and knees; not drawing pension; R-Alexandria
VOLKE, Michael (widow Allousice) Sergeant Co E 23rd Kentucky Infantry; DS-hemplegra, died of cerebral softening of the brain; R-Dayton
VOLL, Jacob-Bugler 106th Ohio Infantry; E-July 1862; D-July 1865; R-168 Columbia Street, Newport
VORNHOLT, William (alias Frederick W Vornholt) Private Co 137th Q New York Infantry; 6 Sep 1864; D-15 Dec 1864; R-136 Fifth Street, Newport
VOSS, Frederick-Private Co L 7th Kentucky Calvary; E-10 Aug 1862; D-22 July 1865; R-Newport

WAGENLANDER, August C-Private Co K 150th Indiana; E-27 Feb 1865; D-5 Aug 1865; R-Washington Ave Bellevue
WAGONER, Peter-Engineer on vessel Key West; E-1 Oct 1862; D-20 Feb 1866; R-Dayton
WAKEMAN, John (alias John Weckman) Private Co D 6th Ohio Infantry; E-17 Sep 1861; D-29 June 1864; R-129 Central Ave, Newport
WALDERMANN, Nicholas G (alias Nicholas Walters) Private Co C 5th Ohio Infantry; R-Newport
WALKER, Willis-Private 12th U.S. Heavy Artillery; D-1864; R-Newport
WALLACE, James-Corporal Co B 19th Kentucky Infantry; E-19 Oct 1861; D-27 Jan 1865; DS-rheumatism; R-Newport
WALSH, John-Private Co B 23rd Kentucky Infantry; E-2 Sep 1861; D-1 Mar 1866; R-118 Central Ave, Newport
WALTERS, Charles H-Private 5th Kentucky Battery; E-Apr 1862; D-18 Dec 1865; R-Newport
WARD, Thomas-papers at Washington DC; R-164 Isabella, Newport
WARE, Elisha A-U. S. Soldier; R-Center st Bellevue
WARE, John-Teamster; E-1862; D-1865; R-Newport
WARNER, Charles R-Sergeant Co K 26th Ohio Infantry; E-15 Nov 1861; D-Aug 1862; R-Newport
WASSER, Charles-Private Co C 196th Ohio Infantry; E-15 Feb 1865; D-11 Sep 1866; DS-ruptured rheumatism R-Newport
WATSON, Frank-Private Co K 96th Illinois Volunteer Infantry; E-27 June 1862; D-27 June 1865; DS-gunshot wound foot & leg/hip R-Flag Springs
WEAVER, Adam (alias Adam Webber) First Lt. Co F 53rd Kentucky Infantry; E-3 June 1865; D-15 Sep 1865; DS-rheumatism; R-Newport
WEBBER, William-5th Ohio Infantry; R-Dayton
WEBER, ---- (widow Margret) Corporal Co J 53rd Kentucky Infantry; E-29 Sep 1864; D:15 Sep 1865; R-76 Eighth St, Newport
WEBER, Daniel-Private Co E 53rd Kentucky Infantry; E-29 Sep 1864; D-15 Sep 1865; DS-wounded in leg; R-Newport
WEBSTER, Samuel-Private; R-Dayton
WEICBERT, Herman (widow Louise-former widow of Henry Cangebroke) Private Co K Ohio Infantry; R-Dayton
WEITZEL, Clemons (widow Elizabeth) Artificer Co I 1st Ohio Light Artillery; E-8 Nov 1861; D-9 Dec 1864; R-52 Todd Street, Newport
WELCH, Charles-Private Co G 10th Kentucky Calvary; R-Newport
WELCH, Charles W-Private Co F 53rd Kentucky Infantry; E-29 Oct 1864; D-15 Sep 1865; R-Newport
WELCH, John W-Private Co D 91st Illinois Infantry; E-19 Jan 1864; D-16 Mar 1866; R-130 Columbia Street, Newport
WELTTI, Robert-no other information R-Dayton
WEST, William K (widow Julia) Private Co I 6th Ohio Infantry; E-17 Apr 1861; DS-catarrh of the head & throat, discharged for disability date unknown, discharge paper in Pension Office, Washington DC; R-166 Central Ave, Newport
WETTERHORN, Adam-Private Co D Virginia Infantry; E-11 Aug 1867; D-14 Aug 1870; Private Co F Virginia Infantry; E-25 Feb 1871; D-25 Feb 1876; Private Co F Virginia Infantry; E-25 Feb 1876; D-13 May 1878; DS-rupture; discharged R-Claryville
WHITE, James M-no other information listed; R-81 Second Street Newport
WHITE, John-no other information listed; R-114 Fourth Street Newport
WILMOTH, John E-Private Co K 196th Ohio Infantry; E-21 Feb 1865; D-11 Sep 1865; DS-neuralgia & chronic diarrhea; R-Moscow Oh-listed with Flagg Spring-Gubser District
WILLIAMS, Charles-Corporal Co H 15th Kentucky Infantry; E-10 Oct 1861; D-14 Jan 1865; R-273 Isabella Street, Newport
WILLIAMS, Charles W-Private Co E 5th Ohio Infantry; E-18 June 1861; D-26 July 1865; DS-knee injured; R-Dayton
WILLIAMS, Daniel-Private Co I 69th Ohio Infantry; E-Mar 1862; D-May 1863; R-Newport
WILLIAMS, Frank B-1st Lt. Co I 2nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry; E-16 Aug 1861; D-7 Jan 1862; R-Newport
WILLIAMS, John B-Captain Co K 7th Virginia Mounted Infantry; E-July 1861; D-28 Oct 1862; DS-varicose veins & chronic diarrhea, held commission as Captain-discharged as First Lt. R-Mentor-Gubser District
WILLIAMS, John Taylor-Confederate Sergeant Co A 4th Virginia Confederate Calvary; E-17 Apr 1861; D-23 June 1865; DS-eye sight & diarrhea; R-Dayton
WILLIS, James-Private Co I 76th Pennsylvania Infantry; E-31 Jan 1865; D-18 July 1865; R-Newport
WILLIS, John R-Private Co J 2nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry; E-5 Sep 1862; D-4 July 1865; R-Poplar st Bellevue
WILLSON, James-Private Co E 12th Kentucky Artillery; E-5 June 1864; D-3 May 1866: R-13 Lindsey, Newport
WILLSON, William L-Private; R-Highland
WILSON, Jonathan H-Private Co C 188th Ohio Infantry; E-5 Sep 186--; R-Dayton
WINGERTEN, George-Private Co K 47th Ohio Infantry; E-18 July 1861; D-19 Feb 1864; R-384 Monmouth Street, Newport
WINTER, Alfred-Private Co E 5th Ohio Infantry; E-29 Aug 1862; D-30 June 1865; DS-now insane; R-Dayton
WIRTHEIMER, Henry-Private 32nd New York Battery Light; E-13 Aug 1861; D-13 Aug 1864; R-Newport
WOELL, Anthony-Private Co H 165th Ohio Infantry; DS-rheumatism; R-Dayton
WOODSIDE, James-Private Co F 1st Ohio Light Artillery; E-13 Sep 1861; D-13 Dec 1864; R-233 York, Newport
WOODWARD, William-Private Co F 53rd Kentucky Infantry; E-24 Sep 1864; D-25 Sep 1865; R-327 York Street, Newport
WORMALD, Thomas-Private Co C 16th Kentucky Infantry; DS-shoulder injured; R-Dayton
WORTHINGTON, Allen-discharge with pension agent; R-26 11th St, Newport
WORTHINGTON, William-discharge with pension agent; R-246 10th St, Newport
WRIGHT, James C-no other information listed; R-Newport
WUEST, Andrew-Private Co F 108th Ohio Infantry; E-12 Sep 1861; D-25 Sep 1865; DS-wounded at battle of Scottsville, Tennessee; R-190 Orchard Street, Newport
WULLER, August-Private Co Seaman on Flag Ship Black Hawk; E-15 Aug 1864; D-30 May 1865; DS-injured right shoulder R-Dayton

YANA, Robert-Private Co I 196th Ohio; E-7 Mar 1865; D-11 Sep 1865; DS-crippled by rheumatism, deserves a pension; R-Carthage
YANBURG, John H-Private Co G 25th (unreadable) E-3 Aug 1861; D-21 June 1865; DS-shot through left shoulder R-Cold Spring
YANFREL, John H-Private Co E 8th Kentucky Calvary; E-15 Aug 1862; D-23 Sep 1863; DS-wounded right thigh; R-209 Monmouth Street, Newport
YATER, Thomas-Private Co B 16th Kentucky Infantry; E-Oct 1861; D-Jan 1864; R-Hawthorne
YEAGER, Martin (widow Catharine) Private Co D 1st Kentucky Infantry; E-22 June 1861; D-15 June 1864; re-enlisted in Co D 18th U.S. Infantry 8 Feb 1863; R-109 Columbia Street, Newport
YORK, Benjamin-Private Co H 15th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry; E-21 Oct 1861; D-10 Dec 1863; DS-gunshot wound left face and neck; draws pension; R-Alexandria
YOST, Philip-Private Co K 1st Ohio Infantry; E-18 Apr 1861; D-5 June 1864; DS-ruptured R-Highland
YOUMANS, Peter-39 Monroe St Newport
YOUNG, Andrew H-Lt. Colonel 7th New Hampshire Regiment; E-22 Oct 1861; D-19 July 1866; R-Newport
YOUNG, James L-Private Co A 6th Kentucky Volunteers; E-21 July 1861; D-22 July 1862; DS-contusion R hip resulting in rheumatism & H. D. R-California
YOUNG, Julius-discharge with pension agent; R-Ward Ave, Newport
YOUNG, John-Private Co B 50th Ohio Infantry; E-Apr 1861; D-1864; R-Newport
YOUNG, William L-Sergeant Co I 23rd Kentucky Volunteer Infantry; E-16 Oct 1861; D-18 Jan 1865; DS-affliction of heart and chest, bronchitis; R-California
YOUNG, William O-Confederate Sergeant D 9th Kentucky Infantry; E-24 Oct 1861; D-3 June 1865; R-Newport
YOURNAN, John E-Private Co G 139th Ohio Infantry; E-2 May 1864; D-26 Aug 1864; R-Newport

ZIMMER, Frank-Private Co F 139 Ohio Infantry; E-2 May 1864; D-26 Aug 1864; re-enlisted Co J 7th Ohio Calvary; E-29 Sep 1864; D-4 July 1865; R-Newport
ZINK, William-Private Co B 21st New York Infantry; E-Apr 1862; D-Apr 1865; R-Newport
ZUBER, John A-Corporal Co F 106th Ohio Infantry; E-8 July 1863; D-2 Apr 1866; R-131 Tenth St, Newport

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