Upton Cleary


Cincinnati Enquirer, 30 July 1883, page 7


DEATH OF UPTON CLEARY ESQ. Upton Cleary, Magistrate in the First District, died last night at this home at the head of York street.  The deceased was one of the most energetic men in Newport and a few days before his death could walk faster and further than any other man in this vicinity, although he was sixty-seven years of age.

He was born in Baltimore and has been a resident of this city for the past forty years. When he first came to Newport he followed his trade, that of a shoemaker.  He was elected constable several times and the present generation will never see his equal in that capacity.  By his close attention to business and frugal habits he made considerable money and was the owner of several pieces of valuable property.

During the long career as a officer, no person could accuse Upton Cleary of a dishonest act.  He was strictly honest, sober and a most excellent and worthy citizen.  During the war he sympathized with the Southern people, and did enjoy the privileges of home comforts for several days for his expression of opinion, for what he thought was right but always said it.

He was the father of twelve children, eight of whom survive him. The esteem in which Mr. Cleary was held by the people was illustrated by the majorities he received at different elections.  His place as an officer and citizen will not be easily or early filled.


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