Thomas Lindsey Sr

Thomas and Rebecca Lindsey Sr.

By Helen Bradley Lindsey of Newport
From the Kentucky State Historical Society Vol. 26 No. 77 May 1928

Thomas Lindsey Sen., one of the first trustees of Newport, Kentucky, was born in Ireland about 1750, of Scotch descent, and tradition says that he was the son of James Lindsey, owner and operator of linen mills in Ireland, near Cork.

Thomas Lindsey married, in Ireland, Rebecca Harris (widow) and lived there until August, 1789, when they with their family of eight children, came to America, landing in Philadelphia October, 1789.  They traveled to Pittsburg, where they remained until the Spring of 1790. They built a bateau or houseboat such as was used at that time, to convey the family and household goods down the Monongahela and Ohio Rivers to Limestone, Virginia, now Maysville, Ky., where they remained for two years.

It is possible their boat was one of a ''fleet of nineteen boats that came down from Pittsburg, June, 1790, of which Major Parker was admiral and pilot."  (Collins' "History of Kentucky," Vol. 2, Mason County)

Thomas Lindsey, Sen., after two years residence at Limestone, moved his family to a farm near Lexington, Kentucky, where they remained but a short time before coming down to Leitch Station. Here they purchased a tract of land (325 acres) of the David Leitch tract. (Deed Book "B," page 256, Alexandria) Upon this land, Thomas Lindsey in 1798 built the first brick dwelling in Campbell County, which was destroyed by fire about 1888. It was a long two-story brick structure, with a chimney at each end; five window's, across the front above, an inset door in front and two French windows on each side of it on the main floor.

There were two large rooms across the front of the house, and back of these one small and one large room, and back of these the large kitchen. On the second floor there were two large rooms and one small room across the front; and two smaller rooms at the rear. The old log house, which Thomas Lindsey and family first occupied, was on the opposite side of the Old State Road (now Alexandria Pike), on that portion of the farm of 325 acres which Thomas Lindsey and Rebecca, his wife, deeded October 1, 1811, to their son John B. Lindsey, the consideration being "love and affection and five shillings." (Deed Book "DI," 12S Alexandria)

This original deed and also a deed to their eldest son, Thomas, Jun., for one hundred acres, part of the same farm, bearing date February 16, 1805, (Deed Book "C," 71 Alexandria), and the same consideration, are still in the respective families.

Thomas Lindsey was Campbell County's first appointed Coroner. 
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Doctor's List.

Rebecca Lindsey was a member of the Baptist Church and on December 16, 1805, Thomas Lindsey Sr. and she deeded to the "Baptist Society of Licking" a piece of ground in the northeast corner of their farm "being the ground on which the meeting house now stands" on Winters Lane.

Children of Thomas Lindsey and Rebecca Harris:

  1. Thomas Lindsey Jr.-born in Ireland m-Lucinda Corbin of Virginia Aug 13, 1798
2. Rebecca D Lindsey-born in Ireland m-Archibald Smith in 1808, a farmer of Campbell County and later a druggist in Cincinnati
3. Richard Lindsey-born in Ireland m-Nancy McPike, daughter of Captain James McPike and Martha Mountain, March 28, 1809
4. Sarah Lindsey-born in Ireland m-Joseph McPike in 1808
5. John Brown Lindsey-for more detailed information on John, see John Brown Lindsey
6. Emelia Lindsey-born in Ireland November 25, 1782 m-Owen Davis Thomas 1820
7. Mary Lindsey-born in Ireland August 24, 1783 m-James Noble April 7, 1803
8. Markus Lindsey-for more detailed information on Marcus, see Marcus Lindsey.
9. Ann Eliza "Elizabeth" Lindsey-born 1798 in Campbell County.  She died in 1863 at the home of her sister Keturah in Columbus Georgia.
10. Keturah Taylor "Catherine" Lindsey-born 1800 in Cold Spring m-Captain Charles Ward June 4, 1819
11. James Gardiner Lindsey-born 1809 m-Nancy Beall

Children of Thomas Lindsey Jr. and Lucinda Corbin

 1. Rebecca Harris Lindsey
2. Thomas J Lindsey
3. George G Lindsey
4. Benjamin B Lindsey
5. Janet H Lindsey
6. Mary G Lindsey
7. Sarah Lindsey
8. Charlotte Louise Lindsey
 9. Margaret Lindsey 

Lucinda died in Clermont Co. Ohio in 1832. In 1837 Thomas moved from Clermont County to Northfield, Boone County Indiana, where he died December 14, 1843.  Thomas Jr. is said to have been an abolitionist and freed the salves he acquired when he married and went to Point Pleasant Ohio.

Children of Rebecca D Lindsey and Archibald M Smith

About 1826 they moved to Shelbyville Indiana where Archibald and his son-in-law Edwin Beall, practiced medicine before moving to Missouri.  Their children were Rebecca, Lydia, Ebenezer, Nancy, James, Margaret, Mary Helen.

Children of Richard Lindsey and Nancy McPike

They lived for a time in Newport before moving to a farm near Rushville, Indiana.  Their children were Thomas, Harriet, Frances, Richard, Marcus, William, James, John, Aurelia, Eliza.

Children of Sarah Lindsey and Joseph McPike

Sarah and Joseph resided on Front Street in Newport until 1827 when they moved to Rushville Indiana.  They died there and are buried on the farm they owned.  They had one surviving daughter, Charlotte.

Children of Emelia Lindsey and Owen Davies Thomas

Emelia was a devout Methodist and she and Owen had four sons: Lewis, Marcus, John Richard, and Owen.  John Richard was the only one who lived to marry. Emelia died in Marion County, Kentucky July 28, 1864.  Owen who was born May 3, 1787 died July 27, 1851.

Children of Mary Lindsey and James Noble

On April 7, 1803 Mary and James Noble, son of Dr. Thomas Noble and Elizabeth Clare Sedwick, a young law student eloped to Cincinnati and married there.  James Noble was born in Battletown Clarke County, Virginia, December 16, 1785 and died February 26, 1831 in Washington D.C. and was buried in the Congressional Cemetery.   In 1811 they moved to Brookville Indiana being one of the first settlers of that place.  He was a member of the Indiana Legislature and at 30 was elected U. S. Senator.  Their children were; Elizabeth, Benjamin Sedwick, James, Katherine Leitch, Rebecca Maria, and Richard Southgate.  Mary died in Columbus Indiana September 29, 1836.

Children of James Gardiner Lindsey and Nancy Beall

James Gardiner Lindsey married Nancy Beall 7 May 1815, daughter of Benjamin Beall, and granddaughter of William Kennedy, one of the largest land owners in the northern part of Kentucky.  James was the Sheriff of Campbell County 1826-1829; in the State Legislature 1832-1833. 

1. Thomas Lindsey
2. Jeanette H Lindsey who married Edward P Ball
3. Mary Lindsey who married William Craddock Young
4. Ann Eliza Lindsey who married a Laycock
5. Rebecca Lindsey
6. Ellen Lindsey who married a Doughtery
7. James Gardiner Lindsey Jr. who married Mary and lived at California Kentucky.  James died in August 1833.

Children of Keturah Taylor "Catherine" Lindsey and Captain Charles Ward

1. Rebecca Ward
2. Catherine Ward
3. James Noble Ward
4. Charles Artemus Ward
5. Marcus Ward
6. Laura Amelia Ward
7. Frederick Arthur Ward
8. Ralph Shorter Ward

When her husband retired from the army in 1837, he was appointed Postmaster at Kichafoona, Marion County, Georgia.  Charles died 1850 in Washington D.C. and is buried in the Congressional Cemetery.  Keturah died in October 1872 and was buried at Talbotton Georgia.

Rebecca Lindsey, wife of Thomas Sr. died at the home of her son, James Gardiner at Flagg Springs in the fall of 1830.  She is buried on the farm beside her husband.  Thomas Sr. died during the winter of 1817.  Thomas Lindsey's will.

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