Newport Schools Teachers and Janitors

Newport Schools Teachers and Janitors

in 1908

From the Sixtieth Annual Report of the Superintendent of Schools of Newport for the year ending June 30, 1908

Ellsworth Regenstien, Superintendent of Schools
Julia V Krountz, Supervisor of Writing and Drawing
Louise L Knoop, Assistant Superviosr of Writing and Drawing
D J Winston, Supervisor of Musis

Arnold School
The building is situated on the east side of Central avenue, betweet Fifth and Sixth streets.

Name Position Residence
Emma B Smith Principal Southgate
Jennie T Walsh Sixth 405 Fifth avenue, Dayton
Adelalde Connelly Fifth 410 Columbia street
Augusta West Fifth 28 E Fourth street
Katharine Frelinger Fourth 944 Columbia street
Florence Backsman Fourth 824 Monroe street
Kate Reardon Third 32 W Seventh street
Hattie Connor Third 24 W Fifth street
Mattie Phillips Second Southgate ave. Ft. Thomas
Jessie Prather Second 41 E Third street
Mary Barrett First 41 E Third street
Rebecca Quinn First 32 Highland ave. Ft. Thomas

Colored School (Southgate Street School)
Colored School is situated on the north side of Southgate street, between Saratoga street and Washington Avenue.

Name Position Residence
Francis M Russell Principal 3022 Concordia St. Cinti O
Louise A Clark Teacher 1136 Sherman Ave Cinti O
Elise Gooch Teacher 17 E Third street, Covington
Lavina A Ellis Teacher Bellevue

Fourth Street School
Fourth Street building is situated on the north side of Fourth street, between Monmouth and Saratoga streets.

Name Position Residence
Hannah Purser Principal Nelson Place
Clara Dunkhorst Seventh 829 Washington avenue
Lucy Motteram Sixth Ft. Thomas
Cornelia Payne Sixth 723 Overton street
Elizabeth Aschenbach Fifth Ft. Thomas
Irene Poinset Fifth Seventh and Monroe streets
Marian Jones Fourth 51 Mt. Pleasant ave., Ft. Thomas
Virginia Phillips Fourth 705 York street
Anna Luhrs Third 611 E Third street
Lida Roberts Third 525 Lexington avenue
Rosa Backsman Second 824 Monroe street
Emma Pearson Second 412 E Fifth street
Bertha Schulte First 543 Lexington avenue
Anna Knox First 568 E Fourth street

High School
High School Building is situated on the southeast corner of Eighth and Columbia Streets.

Name Position Residence
Chas. G Hammond Principal 531 Lexington avenue
Sallie F Immegart Teacher 726 Overton street
Virginia Southgate Teacher 124 Garrard street, Covington
Elizabeth Thorndyke Teacher 716 E Tenth street
Alma Burke Teacher 1155 Park avenue
Gladys Peek Teacher Princeton Hotel, Cincinnati
Edith Venables Teacher 714 Overton street
Carolyn Berndt Teacher 305 Lindsey street
Everetta Richey Teacher Glen Park
Carrie Weber Teacher 709 Overton street

Cottage on High School Grounds

Name Position Residence
Alice Harrison Third 605 E Ninth street
Pearl Dibble Second 1030 York street

Ninth Street School
Ninth Street Building is situated on the northeast corner of Ninth and Columbia streets.

Name Position Residence
C H Duncan Principal 904 Columbia street
Ida McGinniss Eighth 324 E Fourth street
Frances J West Eighth 724 Central avenue
Mary Thorndyke Eighth 716 E Tenth street
Emily Windsor Eighth 708 Washington avenue
Lulu E Searing Eighth 708 Washington avenue
Fannie W Green Sixth 1020 York street
Laura M McCarthy Fifth 635 Park avenue
Effie Harrison 5th and 6th 605 E Ninth street
Clara M Morris Fourth Sixth and Isabella streets
Carrie L Stricker First 811 York street

Park Avenue School
Park Avenue Building is situated on the southwest corner of Seventh street and Park avenue.

Name Position Residence
K J Morris Principal 353 Mt Pleasant ave Ft. Thomas
Julia A Knoop Seventh 634 Park avenue
Gwen Edwards Sixth 723 Overton street
Mary Hewetson Sixth 550 E Third street
Dora Cumming 4th and 5th 711 Monroe street
Maude Robinson Fifth Caromine avenue Ft. Thomas
Katharine Boltz Fourth 522 E Second street
Anabel Hazlewood Third 725 Park avenue
Mary White 2nd and 3rd 633 Monroe street
Emma Fennell Second 320 Monmouth street
Ktharine Fox First 311 Overton street
Elizabeth Hewetson First 550 E Third street

Tenth Street School
Tenth Street Building is situated on the southeast corner Tenth and Patterson streets.

Name Position Residence
Virginia Franklin Principal 345 Mt Pleasant ave. Ft. Thomas
Mayme E Cain Fifth 1043 Ann street
Lillian Corbin Fourth 312 W Tenth street
Edith Davis Third 327 Thornton street
Jessie Parker Second 1017 Ann street
Ethel Wright Second 635 Overton street
Cora Connor First 1043 Ann street
Nellie O'Connor First 805 Central avenue

York Street School
York Street School is situated on the northwest corner of Twelfth and York streets.

Name Position Residence
Katharine Perry Principal Seventh and Overton streets
Kate Weber Seventh 709 Overton street
Anna Whitaker Sixth 1117 Putnam street
Nellie Dunkhorst Sixth 553 E Third street
Gertrude Leonard Fifth Southgate avenue, Ft. Thomas
Hettie Ermert Fifth 804 Overton street
Bertha Harper Fourth 29 W Tenth street
Grace Harper Fourth 29 W Tenth street
Edna Herman Third Eleventh and York streets
Nannie F Ogden Third 221 E Tenth street
Mayme Herman Second Eleventh and York streets
Bertha Pollock Second 1011 Columbia street
Emma Bandle First 308 Thornton street
Alice Runnells First 724 Monroe street

Substitute Teachers

Mary Behrman, 816 Madison avenue, Covington
Rebecca Gately, 825 Scott, Covington
Pearl Pollock, Loveland, Ohio
Vera LeCount, 835 Armory avenue, Cincinnati
Elsie Elmes, 816 York street
Gail Parker, 1017 Ann street
Mabel Schweikert, 725 York street
Marie Mauter, 1013 Boone street


William Williamson, Fourth Street School, 124 E Fourth street
John Ford, Arnold School, 832 Isabella Street
Chas. H Fitzgerald, High School, 1008 Columbia street
Mrs. Samuel Kyle, Ninth Street School, 1125 Columbia street
Lucian Mariner, Tenth Street School, 233 W Tenth street
Valentine Smith, Park Avenue School, 1035 Isabella street
George Johnson, Colored School, 810 Dayton street

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