Early Residents and Stray Animals

Early Residents and Stray Animals

By Daryl Polley

This record lists early Campbell County residents who reported finding stray animals.  Apparently the finder protected his good name by contacting a local appraiser who would note the date found, description of the animal,, any identifying brand or mark and the estimated value of the animal.  The appraiser would periodically make a trip to the courthouse where the information was recorded including the area where the finder lived. The handwriting is difficult to read with dates being frequently scribbled, abbreviated, incomplete or missing entirely.  Every effort was made to avoid interpretation.

Finder/Place of Residence/Date/Appraiser Name

Allen, Hiram-on Main Licking/Jan 11, 1805/Sqr. Grant

Alley, Sa?-living on Dry Ridge 2 miles from mouth of Licking/December 25, 1802/George Hume, George Scott, O Scott J. C. C.

Ally, Samuel-Campbell County/December 26, 1803/Thomas Noble

Ally, Samuel-near Fowler Lick/May 4, 1804/ Thomas Nobel

Anderson, Henry-6 miles below mouth of Licking/July 8, 1795/no appraiser named

Anderson, William-Dry Ridge Road near Sheppards Tavern/July 1, 1799/George Hume

Anderson, William-waters Bank Lick/March 24, 1803/Thomas Noble

Arnett, William-near mouth of Fork lick/no date/Samuel Bryan

Baker, John-on Main Licking/January 22, 1800/Squire Grant

Barker, John-Hames Creek/October 30, 1798/Squire Grant

Beale, Benjamin-on Wells Creek/November 19, 1804/Frank Spilman

Beall, Benja.-------/Jany 19, 1807/James Kennedy

Beale, John-waters of Saliment? Creek/Jany 10, 1806/Thomas Lindsey

Bealle, John-near mouth of Three Mile/December 1803/Thomas Lindsey

Bell, James-near M Kennier Tavern/October 12, 1798/Thomas Lindsey

Berry, Washington-living of Ohio 2 miles above mouth of Licking/November 1, 1803/Archibald Brown

Berry, Washington -on Ohio about 2 miles above mouth of Licking/Mar 9, 1807/Edmund Taylor

Brady, Michael-on Bank lick Creek/May 17, 1803/Obediah Scott

Bryan, Mary-near Forks of the Licking/July 27, 1795/no appraiser names

Cain, Asle-near head of Bank lick/Apr 16/John Leathers

Campbell, Widow-on the Dry Ridge/no date/Presley Peak & Joseph Robinson

Carr, David M-Campbell County/Dec 4, 1805/Nath. Lynn

Casitiz?, Tras M-Licking Waters/February 18, 1797/William Arnold

Cenry, S-waters of Bank Lick/July 6, 1805/Thomas Noble J.P.C.C.

Cherry, Nicholas-living on Licking/February 17, 1802

Childers, Henry-near Mouth of Fork lick/March 20, 1796

Cooper, Christopher-Campbell County/Mar 9, 1807/Geo Cooper

Corson, Abel-Dry Creek/April 10, 1797/Thomas Kennedy

Cox, Daniel-on Dry Ridge/December 1803/George Hume

Craswell, Robert-on Ohio River/24 Dec 1804/B Beale

Crook, Jeremiah-near Mouth of Forklick/? 24, 1795/Samuel Bryan

Croshong, Jacob-on Crooked Creek/October 1795/Samuel Bryan

Croshong, Jacob-Crooked Creek/May 11, 1796/John Ewing

Cummins, William-near mouth of Licking/February 26, 1796/Thos Kennedy

Curey, Andrew-M? Lick Fork/December 18, 1797/Andrew Curey

Curry, William-Bank lick 5 miles from Ohio/December 19, 1801/O Scott

Curry, William-Bank Lick Creek 5 miles from mouth of Licking/15/O Scott J.C.C.

Custon, Coonrod-livery on Main Licking/January 6, 1802/Squire Grant

Daniel, William------/1804/Bartlett Graves

Dicken, Joseph-waters of Twelve Mile/December 1803/Frank Spilman

Downard, William-near Forks of Licking/September 8, 1796/John Cook

Ducker, John-Main Licking-found boat with name John Williams/May 29,1805/Bardell Graves

Duvile, John-Newport/December 17, 1796/H Brasher

Euchman, John-Newport/January 3, 1800/John Bartle

Ewing, John-Fork Lick/undated/James Miller

Ewing, John-Bank Lick/January 5, 1799/Ob Scott

Fendal, William-5 miles from Big Bone Lick/no date/Thomas Kennedy

Flourney, John J-Main Licking/May 21, 1799/Thomas Griffin

Flournay, John L-living on Main Licking River/January 22, 1802/Thomas Griffin

Flournuy, John J-on Main Licking/Dec 7, 1804/B Graves

Gaddis, Rus-opposite Columbia/undated/A Brown

Gaddis, Rus-opposite Columbia on the Ohio/no date/Thomas Noble J.P.C.C.

Gilgore, John-near Grants Mill/November 8, 1799/Thomas Griffing

Glaves, Matthew-near Mouth of Fork lick/February 20, 1796/John Ewing

Glore, Adam-Beach Wood near Big Bone Trace/December 14, 1797/O Scott

Gosney, Benjamin-Campbell County/May 11, 1805/Bardell Graves

Grant, John-Campbell County on Main Licking/January 24, 1800/John J Flourney

Grant, Jonathan-Wilmington/May 16, 1797/Squire Grant

Grant, Jonathan-Wilmington/May 19, 1797/John Ewing

Grant, Squire-near mouth of Pond Creek on Licking/February 1802/Frank Spilman

Graves, Major Bartlett-living on Main Licking/April 13, 1803/Squire Grant

Graves, Major Bartell-Campbell County/Jany 18, 1806/S Grant

Griffin, Jerimiah-Dry Creek 6 miles from mouth of Licking/April 28, 1806/Jos. Robinson

Griffin, Thomas-Main Licking/May 21, 1799/Jonathan J Flourney

Griffin, William-Main Licking-found a canoe/Feby 5, 1805/B Graves

Griffiny, Ebinezer-Main Licking/February 20, 1803/Bartlett Graves

Griffith, John-near McKinneys Tavern/December 7, 1799/Thomas Lindsey

Groshong, Jacob-near Mouth of Crooked Creek/? 30, 179?/John Cook

Groshorg, Jacob-Crooked Creek/? 25, 1797/John Ewing

Grubbs, James-near mouth of Pleasant Run on the Ohio/December 7, 1803/John Leathers

James Hammerley, James-Fork Lick/? 7, 1797/John Ewing

Johnson, Cornelius-living near mouth of Licking/September 24, 1803/Joseph Robinson

Hendricks/Hendrix, George-Blanket Creek near Falmouth/June 4, 1796/Samuel Bryan

Herrington, Bartholemew-Cruises' Creek/May 27, 1799/Thomas Griffin

Highfell, Jeremiah-near mouth of Fork lick/? 24, 1795/Samuel Bryan

Hume, John-near Mouth of Fork lick-Falmouth/January 6, 1797/George Hume

Hume, William-on South Fork of Licking 2 miles above mouth of Fork/August 15, 1796/John Ewing

Johnson, John-on Fork lick/March 1796/John Ewing

Johnson, Thomas-on Licking 9 miles from Newport/undated/H Brasher

Kellgore, Robert-Campbell County/June 12/Nathan Lynn

Kelly, George-mouth of Riffle Creek/October 21, 1798/Thomas Lindsey

Kelly, Nathan-Newport/September 14, 1795/Robert Bonham

Kennedy, James-near mouth of Stepstone/January 17, 1800/Thomas Lindsey

Kennedy, James-at his ferry on the Ohio-found a ferry boat/12 Mar 1805/Benj. Beale

Kennedy, James----/Jany 22, 1807/-----

Kennedy, Thomas-Ohio at mouth of Licking/August 21, 1802/Thomas Sanford

Kilgore, John-Grassy Creek/June 23, 1798/Jonathan Robertys

Killgore, John-Campbell County/July 1, 1806/Nathan Lynn

Kyle, Robert-near Mouth of Licking/December 31, 1800/Thomas Kennedy

Kyle, Robert-near Newport/February 17, 1803/Joseph Robinson

Lanier, James-at the Forks of Licking/June 7, 1796/John Cook

Lanier, James-Forks of Licking-Falmouth/December 31, 1796/George Hume

Leathers, John-7 miles from mouth of  Licking waters on Bank Creek/Apr 17, 1805/B Beale

Lewis, David-Newport/Nov 13, 1806/Geo Porter

Lindsey, Thomas-near Newport/September 26, 1796/John Bartle

Lindsey, Thomas-near McKinneys Tavern/1799/A Brown

Litefoot, Jonathan-Grassy Creek/May 1, 1799/Jonathan Ewing

Littell, James-Dry Ridge/November 7, 1797/James Little

Lindsey, Thomas-near Leitches Station/August 12, 1799/Archibald Brown

Lindsey, Thomas Jr. on the waters of Morgan's Run/January 31, 1800/Thomas Lindsey

Lindsey, Thomas Jr.-waters of Morgan's Run/November 21, 1803/Thomas Lindsey

Lockwood, Samuel-near Falmouth/? 27, 1798/Jonathan Cook

Loring, John-about 3 miles below Licking-also residence Ohio/December 22, 1796/Thomas Kennedy

Lunson, John-East Fork of Walls Creek/February 2/Benj. Beale

Lynn, Nathan-Dry Ridge between Reids & Arnolds/March 21, 1798/Jonathan Robertys

Lynn, Nathan-Dry Ridge about 25 miles (unreadable) mouth Licking River/Jan 12, 1806/O Scott

Martin, James-Middle Fork of Grassy Creek/March 15, 1799/John J Flouinoy

Martin, John-2 miles from Thomas Kennedy's on G F Road/undated/George Hume

McClehan, Thomas-waters of Crooked Creek/16 May 1798/George Hume

McCraine, Daniel-waters of Harris' Creek/April 27, 1799/Thomas Griffing

Mernan, John-near Leitches Station/? 17, 1795/Thos Kennedy

Mernam, John-near Leitches Station/December 12, 1797/Thomas Lindsey

Miller, James-10 Mile Station/January 19, 1796/Thos Kennedy

Miller, John Corrod-waters of Licking mouth of Bartles Run/April 28, 1806/Thomas Lindsey

Miller, West-near Newport-found 4 boats/December 30, 1802/Jacob Fouler

Morgan, Charles-near mouth of Three Mile on Licking/February 7, 1800/Archibald Brown

Morgan, Enoch-East Fork Bank lick Creek/Feby 10, 1806/Nathan Lynn

Morris, James-Harrises Creek/20 June 1798/Mathias Corwin

Munroany?, William-near Reeds Tavern/January 16, 1797/Thomas Kennedy

Neel, John-Ohio/Sep 26, 1805/Jacob Fowler

Noble, Thomas--------/December 18, 1801/O Scott

Noble, Thomas-on waters of Bank lick/Nov 15, 1805/Thomas Lindsey

Orr, John-living on Richland Creek/September 9, 1796/John Cook

Peak, Presley-near Mouth Licking/June 12, 1797/Obediah Scott

Perry, Da?-bank of Ohio opposite Columbia/Oct 13, 1806/Thos Lindsey

Perry, John-on the Ohio opposite Columbia/December 23, 1800/John Bartle

Perry, Mary-Ohio opposite Columbia/January 8, 1798/Thomas Kennedy

Picket, William-on the waters of Bank lick/December 18, 1801/O Scott

Pickle, Henry-near Mouth of Licking/November 9, 1797/Jonathan Bartle

Prescott, William-near mouth of Licking River/Jany 2, 1807/Joseph Robinson

Prewit, John-on the Georgetown Road 5 miles from A Reed/February 20, 1801/George Hume

Prewit, John-head Steep Creek about 4 miles from Ben Allen's Mile?/February 1804

Prewit, John-waters of Steep Creek/April 16, 1804/George Hume

Rennolds, Charles-near Newport/undated/H Brasher

Rice, Benjamin-near the head of Bank lick/August 1799/John Leathers

Rinkner, John-mouth of Wells Creek on the Ohio/Apr 8, 1805/B Beale

Roberts, John-near Mouth of Grassy Creek/no date/James McClure & William Stuard

Robinson, Joseph-near the mouth of Licking/Jan 2, 1806/Thomas Noble

Rout, William-near mouth of Fork lick/no date/Samuel Bryan

Ryle, John-on Ohio 3 miles below mouth of Big Miami/Oct 30, 1795/John Bush

Sanders, John-near Forks of Licking/November 16, 1795/Samuel Bryan

Sanders, John-near Forks of Licking/December 31, 1796/George Hume

Sanford, Colonel Thomas-near Mouth of Licking/October 25, 1803/Joseph Robinson

Scott, George-B Lick 6 miles from Ohio/December 1800/O Scott

Scott, George-living on Bank Lick Creek 6 miles from mouth of Licking/January 14, 1803/O Scott

Scott, George-on Bank Lick Creek 6 miles from mouth of Licking/15th/O Scott J.C.C.

Scott, O-living on Banklick Creek/June 18, 1803/Obediah Scott

Scott, Obidiah-on Bank Lick/August 15, 1795/Thos Kennedy

Scott, Thomas-Bank lick/? 9, 1797/Obideah Scott

Scott, Thomas-Bank Lick/January 5, 1799/ Ob Scott

Senior, Briant-Bank lick/December 18, 1797/O Scott

Shark, Andrua-on Bank Lick/December 22, 1796/Thomas Kennedy

Simpson, John-Willis Creek/January 25, 1803/Benjamin Beall

Smith, Archibald-7 miles from Newport on Grassy Creek Road/Oct 13, 1806/Thos Lindsey

Smith, David-near Mouth of Wilers Creek/June 20, 1797/James Miller

Smith, George-Main Licking near Grants Lick/Jan 14, 1807/Sqr. Grant

Sparks, Elijah-Bank lick/March 8, 1803/Thomas Noble

Spilman, Frank-Dividing Ridge between Ohio & Licking/January 17, 1803/Squire Grant

Spilman, Frank-on road from Newport to Grassy Creek/April 11, 1804/Benj. Beale

Spilman, Frank-on the deviding ridge between Licking and Ohio/Feb 22, 1806/Sqr Grant

Standerford, George-on the Dry Ridge/December 29, 1795/James Lebtell

Stephens, Joseph-non-resident-found near Leitches Station & delivered to Thomas Lindsey/February 15, 1798/Thomas Lindsey

Stephens, William-Campbell County/July 1, 1806/Nathan Lynn

Stevens, Edward-East Fork Bank Lick/Dec 25, 1806/Nath. Lyons

Stevens, Thomas-13 miles from mouth of Licking on road to Washington/June 7, 1796/James Miller

Stuart, Bernard-on county road 5 miles from Newport/? 5, 1803/Thomas Lindsey

Stuert, John-on Forklick Creek/November 5, 1796/John Ewing

Taliaferro, Richard-Licking River 2 miles from the mouth/July 30/Jacob Fowler

Taylor, Edmund---------/May 1, 1806/Archibald Brown

Taylor, James-Ohio near Newport/January 29, 1798/Thomas Lindsey

Taylor, James-near Newport/December 14, 1798/Thomas Lindsey

Taylor, James-Main Licking about 3 miles from the mouth/Jany 13, 1805/A Brown

Thatcher, Daniel-waters of Welses Creek/Nov 14, 1805/Frank Spilman

Thatcher, Dave-Water Well Creek/February 22, 1803/F Spilman

Thompson, Clos-near Newport/February 1, 1803/Thomas Lindsey

Thompson, James-on road leading to Ruds & Arnolds Station/January 25, 1796/Thos Kennedy

Thompson, Samuel-near Newport/December 27, 1803/Thomas Lindsey

Thompson, William-at the Flag Spring/November 19/B. Beale

Thrasher, Josiah-Grassy Creek/July 4, 1798/Mathias Corwin

Thrasher, Joseph-Grassy Creek/December 1798/John Bartle

Vice, Nathaniel-------/December 14, 1798

Vice, Nathaniel------/December 13, 1802/J Bartle

Ware, Daniel-Four Mile Creek Campbell County/December 27, 1803/Frank Spilman

Welch, Edward-on waters of 3 Mile falling in the Ohio/Dec 19, 1804/Thos Lindsey Jr. J.C.C.

White, James-Riffle Creek/February 5, 1803/F Spilman

Wilson, William-Licking/September 3, 1799/Ob Scott

Windsor,Thomas-4 miles from mouth of Licking on Bank lick Creek/Dec 13, 1806/A Scott

Winston, John-near Fowlers Leep/Feb 6, 1805/Thomas Noble

Winstone, John-Campbell County/December 1803/Thomas Noble

Winstone, John-near Trowlers Lick/February 18, 1804/Thomas Noble

York, Jeremiah-Kincades Creek/April 11, 1796/Samuel Bryan


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