St Paul United Church of Christ

1863-1963 History

Dayton, Kentucky

Information comes from the 100th Anniversary Book published by the St Paul United Church of Christ in October 1938

During the late 1850's the Evangelical people living in and about Jamestown, which is now part of Dayton Kentucky, who wanted to attend worship services had to go to St Paul Church in Newport.  The trip to Newport was often made on foot, a lengthy walk on dusty roads and when the weather was rainy or snowy, on muddy roads.  Often during the winter the roads were so bad that many did not venture forth to attend the meetings.  Three men; John Tietke, Frank Tinneman and Frederick Lange advanced the idea of holding prayer meetings at home, in Jamestown on Sundays.

The first of these meetings was held at the home of Mr. Tinneman at Fifth and Benham Streets.  From meeting in the homes the plan progressed to holding the meetings in the public school building on Third Street.  The members brought coal from home to heat the building on meeting days.  This plan gave way to one which entailed renting the Presbyterian Church on Third Street.  The rental was $25.00 per years.  The first receipt for this rental was issued on December 1, 1863; the last was issued August 5, 1869.

The first baptism was recorded in the Church Book April 19, 1863.  Reverend Carl Clausen of St Paul Church, Newport, was the minister who baptized Anna Catharine Kruse, daughter of Rudolph Engel and Regina (nee Piper) Kruse.

The exact date of organization of the Congregation is not known, but on April 18, 1864, the growing congregation decided to elect a minister who was to conduct worship services every other Sunday, at a salary of $50 per year.  Reverend Carl Clausen accepted to do this on Sunday afternoons, in addition to serving the Newport Church.  This arrangement continued until November of 1880.  Mr. Metz received the sum of fifty cents per trip for meeting Reverend Clausen at the bridge in Newport and returning him there after the service.

The Ladies Aid Society (Frauenverein) was organized August 7, 1864.

In 1868 the congregation decided to build and purchased 3 lots on Third Street, number 918-20-22 at a cost of $316.70.  Plans for the foundation were drawn in September 1868 with the proviso that it be finished by October 10, 1868.  The plans for the building were approved November 2,1868, the cost of the building being $592.  This building still stands at its original location on the South side of Third Street, between Main and Boone Streets.  The first services were conducted in the building on August 5, 1869.  The organ had been purchased June 10, 1869.  Mr. Frank Tinneman was the first organist employed at a salary of $10 per year.  Sunday School classes were inaugurated on February 7, 1875.  Messrs. Martin Herrmann and Herman Rudolph were the teachers.  The 500 pound bell, still being used at the present location of the Church, was purchased December 3, 1879 for $160.

Under the leadership of resident Minister Oscar Krafft, 1885, the Church became a member of the Evangelical Synod of North America.  A merger of the Evangelical group with the Reformer group caused the adoption of the name Evangelical and Reformed Church.  This merger took place at Columbus Oh, June 22-19, 1938.

During the second decade of the present century with Reverend Gustav Brune at the resident Minister and Leader, the Church grew to a need for larger quarters.  The site of the Church in use today was purchased.  The foundation is of poured concrete; the work of mixing and pouring done in large part by the men of the Church.  The cornerstone was placed August 1, 1915.  The basement of the Church was completed during March 1916.  The members met at the old Church building and marched to the new location.  While Reverend Fred Kuether was serving the Church, the year 1928, he was also engaged in serving Oakwood Institute, Cincinnati, plans to complete the Sanctuary were formulated and April 14, 1929, the completed Church and the pipe organ which the Sunday School children purchased were dedicated.

As part of the ceremonies celebrating the Seventy-fifth Anniversary, the liquidation of all debt was solemnized by burning the mortgage.

At the May 1961 conference of Southwest Ohio Synod of the Evangelical and Reformed Church, it was voted to approve the merger of the Evangelical and Reformed Churches and the Congregational Christian Churches.  Martin Held, St Paul's delegate to the conference cast an affirmative vote.  the new national church organization resulting from the merger, which was officially consummated July 1961, was named The United Church of Christ and St Paul Evangelical and Reformed Church Dayton Kentucky, is not St Paul United Church of Christ Dayton, Kentucky, and our articles of incorporation were so amended June 1963.

The Church acquired a parsonage at 925 Maple Avenue, June 1963.

Reverend Terrence L Williams became the Pastor of St Paul Church, July 1, 1963, to lead the congregation in their ministry proclaiming by word and deed, to those within and without the Church the love of God revealed in his Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The 1963 Church Directory

The Council

President-Charles F Riechers
Vice President-Ronald Gunning
Secretary-Mrs. Mildred Ludwig
Treasurer-Robert Bethge
Financial Secretary-Martin H Held


Mrs. Selma Campbell
Mrs. Ruth Donohoe
Earl Skelton
Mrs. Bertha Speers
Russell Wolf

The Sunday School


Superintendent-Dan Emmerich Sr.
Treasurer-Paul Nagle
Church Council Representative-Ronald Gunning
Recorder-Beverly Wolf, Sara Crail, Mrs. Olga Tutt, Mrs. Virginia Wolf

Mother's Guild

President-Mrs. Olga Tutt
Vice President-Mrs. Cecelia Deitz
Secretary-Mrs. Helen Emmerich"
Treasurer-Mrs. Florence Haggard

Women's Guild

President-Mrs. Mildred Ludiwg
Vice President-Mrs. Ceclia Deitz
Secretary-Mrs. Lillian Held
Treasurer-Mrs. Lena Wolf

Senior League

President-Mrs. Ruth Donohoe
Vice President-Martin Held
Secretary-Mrs. Mildred Ludwig
Treasurer-Mrs. Vera Hecker

Youth Council

President-Beverly Wolf
Vice President-David Wolf
Secretary-Ronnie Riechers
Treasurer-David Nagel


Mrs. Albert Ahrens
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Alerding
Mr. & Mrs. George Baldwin
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Baldwin
Paul Baldwin
Mr. & Mrs. William Bayer
Mr. Albert Bethge
Miss Freda (Sis) Bethge
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bethge
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Bradford
Misses Eileen and Sandy Buelow
Terry Buelow
Mr. &Mrs. Albert J Campbell Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Chester Campbell
Chester, Gerry and Doug Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. James Campbell
Miss Evelyn Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Campbell
Capt. & Mrs. Ronald Campbell
Mrs. Mabel (Rieman) Clark in memory Mrs. Catherine Rieman
Mrs. Flora Clevenger
Mrs. Lelia Coffee
Richard Crial
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Crail
Mrs. Sara Crail
Mr. & Mrs. John Decker
Mrs. Cecilia Dietz
Mrs. Ruth Donohoe
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Emmerich
Dan Emmerich Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Emmerich
Mrs. Burnis Esterbrook
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Evens
Mrs. Elizabeth (and Becky) Falls
Miss Jean Ann Farmer
Mr. & Mrs. Chas Feiler Sr.
The Fowee Family
Mrs. George Gander
Mrs. Carolyn (Martin) Gassett
Miss Cheryl Lynn Grinninger
Clifford Allan Grinninger
Miss Cynthia Jean Grinninger
Lowell David Grinninger
Diane and Ronda Gunning
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gunning
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Gunning
Donald Haggard
Mr. & Mrs. Otis Haggard
Mrs. Lillian Hecker
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Hecker
Mrs. Vera Hecker
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Held
Miss Virginia Held
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Herbert
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Herbert Jr.
Mrs. Pauline Hertel
Cherry and Dennis Hobt
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hobt
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Hoffert
Mrs. Audrey Hoskens
Miss Evelyn Kennedy
Paul Kiefer
Mr. & Mrs. William Kiefer
Mr. & Mrs. Milton Kerlin
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Keslar
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Koehler
Mrs. Henrietta Kremer
Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Ludwig
Mr. & Mrs. Elmer (Wolf) Ludwig Sr. In memory Fred Wolf
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Ludwig
Robin, Vickie and Gerry Ludwig
Mr. & Mrs. Lester Maxwell
Mrs. Jessie Marz
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W McCarren
Mrs. Theresa Meither
Mr. & Mrs. Danny Miller
Danny, Gerry and Neal Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Miller
Miss Darlene Morrison
Mrs. Carrie Mueller
Mrs. Dorothy (Campbell) Murphy
Paul Nagle
Mr. & Mrs. Harry O'Dowd
Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Owens
Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Parker
Charlie and Melissa Parker
Mr. & Mrs. George Perry Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Peters
Mrs. Laura Pond In memory Mrs. Laura Straub
Mr. & Mrs. Stan Racke
Mrs. Margaret Rankle
Mr. & Mrs. Charles F Riechers
Marilyn and Beverly Riechers
Ronnie Riechers
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D Riechers
Mr. & Mrs. George Riechers
Clyde Rolf
Mrs. Nora Rolf
Mr. & Mrs. William Roller
Mrs. Minnie Rudolph
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent (Sparks) Sanzone In memory Mr. & Mrs. Adam (Tierke) Sparks; In memory John Tierke, one of the founders
The Schaub Family
Mrs. Etta (Belsch) Schafer In memory Ellsworth & Mary Belsch
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Schneider
Rev & Mrs. Frank (Grosholz) Scholl In memory Mr. & Mrs. George Grosholz
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Schorry
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Schuh
Mrs. Paula Scott
Richard Sexton
Tom, Gail and Willa Sexton
Mr. & Mrs. William Sexton and Marilyn
Sgt. & Mrs. Leslie Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Speers and Mary
Mrs. Alma Stegemier
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Sutton
Mrs. Anna Swope
Mary and Dale Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Victor Thompson
Walter Thompson
Pam and Jeff Tutt
Mr. & Mrs. William Tutt
Miss Emma Volz
Miss Gertrude Volz In memory Albert and Ida Volz
Earl Wagner
Mrs. Loretta Walz
Leroy Walz
Mr. & Mrs. Roy Walz
Mrs. Elizabeth Weber
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Welshbillig
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Wessel
Mr. & Mrs. James White
Rev & Mrs. Terry Williams
Mrs. Lena (Mann) Wolf In Memory Mrs. Barbara Mann
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Wolf


Guiding Star Lodge #45, Knights of Phthias


George J Bishoff
Norbert Bishoff
Earl M Britenburg
Felix A Breitenstein
George B Endicott
Walter S Gabennesh
Charles Gonding
Edward B Ferrel
William Fassler
Roland Heyne
Kenneth J Klingenberg
Norman G Lusk
George Mason
Robert E Muehlenkamp
William Prigge
Harry Rifkin
William Reiley
Ben Schoengold
Bower E Tieman
Charles Tharp
Aloysius Wilbers
Earl Willis
Carl Witte
Holly Zwick


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