Licking Bridge Stockholders


The Licking Valley Register, Saturday, August 24, 1844, page 3




The subscribers to the Bridge about to be erected across the mouth of the Licking, from Newport to Covington, are hereby notified that 2000 shares are already subscribed and that by the set of incorporation, they are at liberty, after a notice of fifteen days to meet and elect a President and six Directors, to adopt By-Laws and make such other arrangements as they may deem necessary to an early commencement of the Bridge-even during the low water of the approaching autumn.

The law having prescribed Newport, as the place of this first meeting, the Commissioners add at "Barlow's Hotel" Saturday, August 31 at 4 o'clock P.M.

The following is a list of subscribers already upon the Stock Books at Newport and Covington, viz:


The Town of Newport
James Taylor
James Taylor Jr.
Henry Starr
Samuel Selden
Charles Selden
Henry H Goodman
M T C Gould
H Mendenhall
H H Mayo
John B Lindsay
William Caldwell
Joseph Selman
Charles Daniels
John N Taliaferro
John M McArthur
Frederick A Miller
R D Hayman
N C Macrae
John Boyd
Thomas Snyder
J M Caldwell
Geo Wilson
Robert D Air


H J Groesbeck
M V Grant
H Martin
Jno S Finley
John Cherry
John Mackoy
E B Fugua
John L Newby
J Hathaway
B W Foley
Jno G Burch
Wm Musselman
Franklin Riggs
C Kirkpatrick
W R Thomas
Levi F Daugherty
E T Rusk
G F Lancy
John W Leathers
W W Southgate
Lewis Roach
J R Steward
J W Stevenson
Jackson Sparrow
Joseph Affall
X Kupferlo
J C Musselman
L C Bakes
E G Gades
Wm S Read
James Clarke
Peleg Kidd
Geo Tarvin
R C Langdon
A Ross
Wm Scholes
J Bennett
R Pretlow
J M Preston
P S Bush
Wm Ernst
J T Morehead
A L Greer
Wm Lawry
Charles C Wolfe
Robt Wallace
Walker & Winston
Hiram Band
Wm E Ashbrook
N S Hunter
Richard Wade
C L Mullins
L E Bennett
Y L C Abbott
E C Beard
J T Levis
C A Withers
Joseph Keans


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