Squire Grant

Captain Squire Boone and Susanna Grant


            Captain Squire Boone Grant was born September 19, 1764 in the Yadkin Valley, Rowan Co, North Carolina to William Grant and Elizabeth Boone, sister of Daniel Boone. The family moved to Boonsboro in 1777, but after trouble with the natives, they moved back to North Carolina. However, in 1780 they again returned to Kentucky. They settled at Bryan's Station and Elizabeth Grant was a leader in the bucket brigade that helped save the men fighting the natives on August 16, 1782.  Squire was sent back to North Carolina to be educated, finishing in 1784.  On 7 Jan 1785 he was appointed Deputy Surveyor of the "Lands granted to the North Carolina Continental Line."  He engaged in surveying business with General Armstrong and surveyed land in North Carolina, Tennessee and Kentucky.

On 27 Jan 1789 in Bourbon Co Kentucky, Squire married Susanna Hahn. The immediately settled on the Elkhorn in Fayette County.  In 1794 they moved to Campbell County and settled in Wilmington at the southern end of the county and built their Belvidere home.  In 1808 they moved to a mill farm. 

Captain Squire was a Kentucky State Senator 1801-1806.  In 1804 he was a Commander in the 4th Brigade of Kentucky Volunteers.  In 1810 he was appointed Sheriff of Campbell Co.  In 1813 during the War of 1812, he went to Detroit as Captain of the 4th Kentucky Mounted Volunteers.  Squire was also called to active duty in Canada. There he participated in the "Battle of the Thames" at Chatham, Ontario in which the great Shawnee Chief Tecumseh was killed.

By 1814 he and Susanna moved to Erondale in the big bend of the Licking on the Kenton County side of the river.

Children of Squire Boone Grant and Susanna Hahn

1.  Moses Verner Grant b-18 Dec 1789 in Fayette Co d-5 Oct 1846 in Port Lavaca Mexico; m-America Letcher
2. John Hahn Grant b-19 Feb 1792 in Fayette Co; d-5 Feb 1813
3. Agnes Mosby Grant b-10 Sep 1794 in Fayette Co d-13 Dec 1875-never married
4. Israel Boone Grant-11 June 1797 at Belvidere Home in Campbell County d-Fulton Callaway Co Mo Mar 1864  m-Susan Bryan
5. Betsey Julia Grant b-21 Mar 1800 at Belvidere home in Campbell Co
6. Squire Augustus Grant b-16 Feb 1804 at Belvidere home in Campbell Co; d-13 Nov 1849 at his farm near the Licking River in Kenton Co
7. William Samuel Grant b-9 Apr 1807 at Belvidere in Campbell Co; d-19 Dec 1886 in Kenton Co m-Lydia Ann Grant d/o Elijah Grant at Walnut Ridge in Boone Co
8. George Washington Grant b-8 Sep 1809 at mill farm in Campbell Co; d-3 Oct 1823 in Erondale in Campbell Co-never married
9.Woodsen Wren Grant b-23 Apr 1812 at Belvidere in Campbell Co; d-30 Oct 1851 in Oakwood Circleville Oh m-Ellen Van Swearengen

 Susanna died April 28, 1812, 5 days after giving birth to her 9th child at the Belvidere home.  Squire then married Mary Johnson Drum, a widow. 30 Apr 1815 in Cincinnati.. They had 4 children and she died in 11 Sep 1829. He then married Mary A Hickman in 1830 in Frankfort and they did not have any children. After Squire died she moved to Lawrenceburg Indiana.

Children of Squire Boone Grant and Mary Johnson

1. Susan Hahn Grant b-Apr 1816 in Erondale in Campbell Co m-John Fitch Hill
2. Robert McConnell Grant b-22 Sep 1818 at Erondale m-Ellen Rush
3. Evans Doyier Grant b-2 Sep 1821 at Erondale m-Sarah Tupman
4. Washington Jackson Lafayette Grant b-25 Apr 1824 at Erondale m-Virginia Theoball

Children of William Samuel Grant and Lydia Ann Grant

1. Agnes Julia Grant-28 Sep 1840 at Erondale d-6 Aug 1908
2. Douglas Boone Grant-9 Feb 1843 at Erondale d-11 July 1894
3. Thomas Corwin Grant-10 Sep 1845 at Erondale d-13 Aug 1846
4. Ellen Swearingen Grant-9 Jan 1848 at Erondale
5. William Verner Grant-4 Mar 1851 at Erondale
6. Susan Ketturah Grant-5 Apr 1854 at Erondale d-27 July 1912 in Kenton Co
7. Mary Elizabeth Grant-23 Dec 1854 at Erondale d-9 Jan 1929 in Alexandria
8. John H Grant-28 Aug 1864 at Erondale d-Aug 1926 in Morehead Oh

Squire Grant was a slave owner as listed in the Campbell County tax lists. 

See Slaves of Squire Grant

He was a personal friend of President Andrew Jackson and named one of his sons, Washington Jackson in his honor.

Squire acquired tremendous amounts of land. He owned 40,000 acres in Campbell and Kenton Counties. During the 1820ís and 1830ís he was faced with faulty deeds, overlapping claims and sloppy paperwork which reduced his holdings to less than 1000 acres at his death.  In 1832 he rode a horse to Callaway County Missouri to visit his son, Israel B and his family.

For several years he operated a store near his brother Johnís salt works at Grantís Lick. He died of cholera on June 10, 1833, at Grants Bend "Erondale" in Campbell County.  He was buried in the Grant Family Cemetery at Erondale.

Photo of Grant Mansion at Erondale

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