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Cincinnati Daily Enquirer, 20 September 1870, page 7


The colored people of this city have organized a school and employed a corps of competent teachers.  The school will be held for the present in the new Methodist Church, on Madison street.


Cincinnati Enquirer, 14 April 1874, page 5


SOME forty children attend the Colored School under charge of Isabella Hudson, on Southgate street.  Eight of them are well advanced in practical arithmetic, and there are other indications of the usefulness of that institution.


The Kentucky Post, 20 June 1896, page 5


The second annual commencement exercises of the Colored High School of Newport at Park Avenue School house Friday night was a success.  There was but one graduate, Miss Beatrice Genevieve Johnson, whose subject was "Moral Courage". A large audience was present.


The Kentucky Post, 21 June 1902, page 5


The commencement exercise of the Colored High School in Newport took place Friday night at Park Avenue School Hall.  There was only one graduate, Miss Elise Horner, who read an essay. The balance of the program consisted of vocal and instrumental music, reading and recitations, and was participated in by other members of the school.  President George Leonard, of the Board of Education, presented the diploma.


Cincinnati Enquirer, 20 June 1903, page 6


The graduating exercises of the colored high school were held last night at the Park avenue school hall.


The Kentucky Post, 11 January 1904, page 5


The women of St Paul's Episcopal Church Industrial School, Newport, are conducting a colored sewing school every Saturday morning at 10 o'clock, at the colored school building on East Southgate street, and invite all colored girls throughout the city to attend and take advantage of their instructions.


The Kentucky Post, 7 June 1907, page 5


The commencement week exercises of the Southgate st. school, colored, Newport, will begin Sunday evening at Corinthian Baptist Church, when the baccalaureate sermon will be delivered by Prof. A J DeHart, of Cincinnati.  On Monday evening the children's entertainment and reception to parents and friends will be held at St Paul's A M E Church and Thursday evening the annual excursion to the Zoological Garden will take place.


Kentucky Post, 10 February 1909, page 5


The pupils of the Southgate st. Colored Public School of Newport, will celebrate Lincoln's centaury Friday evening at the Corinthian Baptist Church.  The program arranged for the event is as follows;

Invocation, Rev Harvey Miller; music, pupils; reading of Emancipation Proclamation, Blanche Johnson; music, pupils; recitation, "The Colored Soldiers" Stella Mae Washington; solo, Miss Lucy Shepherd; recitation, "Lincoln" George Johnson; solo, Louis Robinson; reading of Gettysburg Address, Gertrude Davenport; solo, Mrs. Ashley Abbott; recitation, "When Lincoln Died" Sarah Aurelia Gee; address F M Russell, principal; music, pupils; benediction, Rev J Henry Abel.


Cincinnati Enquirer, 24 September 1913, page 3


RACE QUESTION IN SCHOOLS-Considerable sensation in school circles was caused yesterday afternoon when pupils of the York, Fourth and Park Avenue Schools came home and complained to their parents that they had been required to attend a stereopticon lecture at the Park Avenue School Auditorium at which the colored pupils of the Southgate Street School were also auditors. Many parents were highly indignant because their children had been kept in the same schoolroom with colored pupils.

President Frickman of the Board of School Commissioners, said last night he had not heard of the incident, but that there was a state law prohibiting the mixture of whites and colored pupils in the same schoolroom.  Superintendent Sharon stated that the incident was the result of a mistake and that it would happen again.

He sadi the colored pupils might still be allowed to get the benefit of the stereopticon lectures but in the future they would be taken there when there are no white children present.


Cincinnati Enquirer, 8 June 1914, page 10


COLORED SCHOOL ANNOUNCEMENT-The Southgate Street Colored High School will hold its annual commencement exercises Friday evening at the Park Avenue School Auditorium.  The graduates are Zelma Fox, Alice Gee, Landonius Oliver, Lillian Wise and Sylvester Overstreet.  Prof. F M Wood, principal of the colored high school, at Paris Ky. will deliver the oration to the graduates.

The program follows: Salutatory "Home and Failure." Lillian Wise: oration "The Leadership of Education Men." Sylvester Overstreet; essay "Anti-suffrage for Women" Zelma Fox; valedictory. "Leaving the Harbor" Landonius Oliver; presentation of class by W S Blanton, principal; conferring of diplomas, Superintendent J A Sharon.

The Baccalaureate services were held last night at the Corinthian Baptist Church.  Reve F C Locust of Covington, delivered the sermon.  The Eight Grade exercises will be held Tuesday night at the Corinthian Baptist Church.  Rev W J Ballon will deliver the address to the class.

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