Shaffer's Advertising Directory


Submitted by Martha Pelfry; originally copied by Margaret Hartman


1839-1840 Cincinnati & Covington Directory; includes Cincinnati, Covington, Fulton and Newport

By David Henry Shaffer

"Condensed View of Newport"

Newport is a pretty little town, lying on the South bank of the Ohio and the East of the Licking River; it has 1000 inhabitants and is the county-seat of Campbell Co.  The United States Arsenal is located here, at the junction of the two rivers and was established about the year 1803-04.  Its public buildings are a Court House, one Methodist and one Presbyterian Church, a Cotton Factory, which when in operation, employs 3-400 hands.

Names of the Streets in Newport running from River
East Row

Parallel with the River



Air, Robt (Scot) Coal-dealer, res on Monmouth street
Alexander, Thos (Ire) Turner, res on Jefferson street
Anderson, James D (Pa) Laborer, res on Taylor street
Arnold, Thos (NY) Cordage Manufacturer, res Front street
Arrison, Thos (Pa) Shoe maker, res Madison street
Arrison, Philip (Pa) Butcher, res, do
Arrison, Thos S (Pa) Chair Maker, res do
Atkinson, Mrs. Mary (Pa) Seamstress, res Taylor street
Auchey, Mrs. Bethia res Saratoga street
Austin, Russell (NY) Musician at the Barracks


Barber, Hiram (Eng) Engineer on N-Port Ferry-B, res Monmouth street
Barber, James (Eng) Engineer, res Front street
Barlow, John H (Pa) Propr of Barlow's Hotel, corner Yorke and Front
Bates, James L (KY) Laborer, res Madison street
Baxter, Wyatt  bds. at Barlow's Hotel
Bloomer, Stephen (NY) Carpenter, res Yorke street
Bloomer, Abraham (NY) bds at S Bloomer
Boners, J W (NJ) Depy Clk and Jailor, res Pub-Sq
Bowers, Edward E (Ky) Clerk at the Barracks
Boyd, Augustus (Ky) Lawyer, res Columbia street
Boyd, John F (Va) Teamster, res Madison street
Boyd, James M (Va.) Brick-layer, res Monmouth street
Brown, James (Ky) Brick-layer, bds at Barlows
Brown, Wm W (Ky) Laborer, res near the Methodist Church
Bruner, Geo (Ger) Laborer, res Factory-Row
Burcaw, Geo W (Pa) Newport Exchange corner Front and Yorke
Bush, Antoine (Bav) Tailor, res Factory-Row
Bus, Mrs. Mary (Eng) Seamstress, res do


Calahan, Mrs. Amanda (Md) Tailoress, res Madison street
Caldwell, John J (Ky) Drayman, res Jefferson street
Carr, Thos M (Pa) Carpenter, bds at Barlows
Carter, Samuel (VA) Farmer, res Monmouth street
Cayton, Mrs. Rachel (Me) Washer-w, res Factory-Row
Chipman, Stephen (Va) Farmer, res Front street
Clark, John J (Ire) Laborer, res Columbia street
Clark, Robt. P. (Pa) Boat store Cin, res Front street
Cline, Mrs. Martha (NJ) res Front street
Cooper, Thos (Eng) Machinist, res Factory-Row
Couch, Mrs. Eleanor (Pa.) Washer-w, res Factory-Row
Craven, Henry (NJ) Bricklayer, res Madison street
Crawford, Brooks (Md) Laborer, res Factory-Row
Crouch, Mrs. Polly (Ky) Tailoress, res Monmouth street


Daniel, Charles (Ky) Marshall of Newport, res Taylor street
Davidson, Jacob (Va.) Tinner, res Yorke street
Dawson, Peter (Md) Farmer, res Madison street
Dawson, Garrett (Ky) Clerk at Gen. Taylor's
Dawson, James M (Ky) Farmer, bds at P Dawsons
Dennicker, Jacob (Bav) Rope-maker, res Factory Row
Deutch, Anthony (Bav) Laborer, res Factory Row
Dommeier, David (Ger) Laborer, res Columbia street
Donaldson, Andrew (Scot) Woll spinner, res Madison street
Donaldson, Wm (Scot) Engineer, bds corner Monmouth and Bellvue
Doring, Danl (Eng) Cotton Manufacturer, res Columbia street
Doughy, John (Pa) Follows River, res b Taylor and Front streets
Doughty, Linton C (Pa) Follows River, bds at do
Downard, Thomas (Pa) res corner Moss and Bellvue
Donward, John (Ky) Fisherman bds at do
Doxon, Geo W (Ky) Newport Ferry-man, res corner Front and Columbia
Doxon, John (O) Ferryman and Grocer, res corner Saratoga and Market
Dye, James (Ky) Wagon maker, res corner Bellevue and Monmouth


Eckert, Leonard (Ky) Plasterer, res Madison street
Ellison, Wm (Pa) Laborer, res Factory Row
Eubank, Edmund T (Ky) Southgate & Co; bds at Taliaferro


Farmer, Samuel (Pa) Blacksmith, res Bellvue street
Farrer, Joseph (Eng) Farmer, res Cabot
Fearons, Geo (Ire) Tailor, res Yorke street
Fleming, Andrew (Va) River Pilot, res Front and Monmouth
Ford, Joseph (Pa) River Trader, res Front b Columbia and Yorke
Ford, Alex (Md) res at Joseph Ford
Ford, Bennett (Pa) River Pilot, bds at A Ford
Fowler, John (Ky) Ferry boat Pilot, res Columbia street
Fowler, Mrs. (Va) Tailoress, res near the Barracks
Fowler, Thos (Ky) Brick-layer, bds at Mrs. Fowler
Freiier, Faltin (Bav) Laborer, res in Factory Row
Fritze, Peter H (Ger) bds at Platzer's
Fuller, Geo (Mass) Tanner, bds at Mrs. McClain


Gibson, Mark (Conn) Carpenter, res Taylor street
Goddard, John F (DC) House and Sign Painter, res Front street
Goddin, Patsey (Ky) res Madison street
Gosley, Mrs. Nancy P (Ky) Boarding house, corner Taylor and Yorke
Greenleaf, Chas T (Me) Grocer and Baker, Front near Monmouth
Greenleaf, Wm T (Me) Hat Store, No 105 M, Cincinnati, res Front street
Gundacker, Abraham (Pa) Saddler on Columbia


Hadsall, Geo A (Pa) Engineer, res corner Taylor and Cabot
Hamlen, Joash (Mass) Farmer, res S of the Barracks
Hammer, Francis (Bav) laborer, res Factory Row
Harris, Thos W (Ky) Grocer, res Bellvue street
Harris, Thos (Md) res Madison street
Harris, Gabriel D (Ky) Carpenter, bds at Thos Harris
Harrison, Richard (Md) Farmer, res Bellvue street
Hastings, Mrs. Margaret (Pa) Tailoress, res corner Monmouth and Front
Hayman, Isaiah (Md) Brick layer, res Madison street
Hayman, Robt (Md) Bricklayer, res Madison street
Hays, Thomas (Ire) Shoemaker, res corner Saratoga and Taylor
Hays, Wm (Ire) Laboer, res corner Saratoga and Taylor
Helm, Francis T (Va) Post Master, res Front b Saratoga and Eas Row
Helm, Chas J (Ky) Student at Law, bds at F T Helm
Henthorn, Wm (O) Follows the River
Hesson, Mrs. Jane (Pa) Seamstress, res Jefferson street
Hoffman, Chas (Ger) Carpenter, res Factory Row
Howard, John (NY) Rope maker, res Factory Row
Howell, Wm (Md) Soldier at the Barracks
Hudelson, John (Pa) Carpenter, res Front near Cabot
Huffmaster, James (Tenn) Carpenter, res Jefferson street
Hunter, Noble (Pa) Stone mason, res Jefferson street
Hurst, James (Eng) Carpenter, res Bellvue street
Huston, Isyphena (Pa) Seamstress, res Factory Row


Jackson, John (Mass) Bugler at the Barracks
James, Wm (Ky) Engineer, res Factory Row
Jibb, Wm (Eng) Blacksmith, res Madison street
Johnson, Mrs. Julia A (Ky) Tailoress, Front and Monmouth
Johnson, Henry (Ire) Weaver, res Front street
Jones, Alex (Tenn) Fisherman, res corner Saratoga and Taylor


Keen, Joseph (NJ) Bricklayer, res near Licking
Kees, Taylor (Ky) Farmer, res 1 mile SE of Newport
Kees, Isaac (Ky) Farmer, res do
Kelley, John (Ire) res  Taylor street
Kenmuir, Robt (Scot) Carpet weaver, res Bellvue street
Kennard, Thos (Md) Sign Painter, res Factory Row
Keyes, John (Mass) Teacher at the Academy, res Front street
Kirkham, John (Eng) Cotton carder, res Factory Row
Knight, John (Mass) Silk Grower, bds at Goddards


Layman, Henry (Ger) Laborer, res Factory Row
Lee, James (NJ) Bricklayer, res Jefferson street
Lee, John (NY) Grocer, Yorke near the Court House
Leslie, John (NY) Scene Painter at Nat Theatre, res Monmouth street
Lewis, Josiah (S Wales) Chandler, res Monmouth street
Lindsey, John B (Ire) Mayor of Newport, res corner Front and Columbia
Lippincott, Mrs. Mary B (NJ) Tailoress, res Factory Row
Lippincott, Geo B (O) Follows River, bds at Mrs. Lippincotts
Lockwood, Wm (Conn) Hatter, res Factory Row


Maddox, Hiram (Ky) Laborer, res Saratoga street
Massey, Mrs. Martha (Conn) res Front near Yorke
Massey, Charles (Ky) res at Mrs. Masseys
Marsh, Jeremiah (O) Tobacconist, bds at Chipmans
Martin, John (Ky) Carpenter, bds at J Winstons
Mayo, Danl D (Ky) Farmer, res Front near Cabot
Mayo, Henry H (Ky) Dry goods Merchant, Yorke, res Taylor street
May, Peter (Pa) Carpenter, res Market street
McArthur, James N (Ky) res corner Monmouth and Madison
McCain, Mrs. Nancy (Md) Tailoress, res Yorke street
McClanahan, Mrs. Nancy (Va) Seamstress, res near Barlows
McClure, James H (Pa) res Front street
McClure, Mrs. Hester (Pa) res Front b Monmouth and Yorke
McCune, Aaron (O) Carpenter, res Bellvue street
Mefford, Thompson (Ky) Carpenter, res Factory Row
Mefford, Wm G (Ky) Tailor, res Front near Yorke
Mefford, David (Ky) bds at Wm G Meffords
Mefford, Elliot (Ky) Trader, bds at W G Meffords
Metheringham, Edward (Eng) Blacksmith, bds at Jibbs
Miles, Peter (Ky) Plasterer, bds at Eckarts
Miller, Joseph (Va) Carpenter, res Columbia between Front and Taylor
Miller, Fredk S (Pa) Confectioner and H-Painter, res Yorke street
Miller, Mrs. Mary (Oa) res near the Methodist Church
Miller, Mrs. Elizabeth (Ky) Seamstress, res Factory Row
Montgomery, Rev W C State Methodist Minister, bds J Walls
Morien, Edward (Pa) Farmer, res Factory Row
Morris, John (Ky) Engineer, res Front street
Morton, Willis (Ky) Grocer, corner Madison and Yorke
Muckelhaney, Mrs. Honor (Ky) res Front street
Muckelhaney, John (O) Farmer, bds do


Nicholson, John (Mass) Cotton Manufacturer, res Taylor street
Nicholason, Saml (Mass) do


O'Neel, Wm H (Del) Clerk at Coffins, res Front street 
Oliver, Mrs. Celia (Pa) Seamstress, res Factory Row
Osborn, Mary (Ire) res Columbia street
Osborn, James (NY) Follows River, bds at Mrs. Osborns
Oyston, John (Pa) Rope maker, res Front street


Peak, Isaiah Gardener, res Madison street
Peatross, Miss Eliza (Va) res corner Cabot and Front
Peirce, John (Ky) River Trader, res Madison street
Perry, Saml (Ky) Mrs. Susan (Ky) bds at Barlows
Pines, Larkin (Va) Carpenter, res Bellvue street


Ranslay, James (Pa) Rope maker, res Madison street
Read, Robt (Eng) Soldier at the Barracks
Reeves, Saml (Ky) Farmer, res Monmouth street
Rickels, Wm (Va) res at John J Clarks
Rickels, Reuben (Ky) Laborer, res Columbia street
Ross, Rev Wm B (O) res corner Yorke and Taylor
Ross, Joseph R ((O) bds at Wm B Ross
Ross, Philander (O) Tailor at Fearons
Root, Ira (Mass) Lawyer, bds at Barlows
Rugg, Leyman (Ver) res Yorke near the Mansion House


Scott, Wm (Pa) Carpenter, res Taylor street
Seddens, Wm (NJ) Pump and Block maker, res Columbia street
Sedisen, John (Ger) Rope maker, res Factory Row
Selman, Joseph (Va) res Taylor street
Shaler, Math B (NY) Physician, res corner Monmouth and Front
Sheppard, Hezekiah (NJ) Shoe maker, res Monmouth street
Shrom, Frederick (Pa) res Front b Monmouth and Yorke
Smith, Harrison W (Pa) Drummer at the Barracks
Smith, Ward (O) res Front b Monmouth and Yorke
Snyder, Thos (O) Wagoner, res corner Monmouth and Market
Southgate and Eubank, Dry-goods Merchants, Taylor b Yorke and Monmouth
Southgate, Edward L (Ky) S & Eubank, res corner Front and Monmouth
Southgate, Richard (NY) bds at Taliaferro
Southgate, James (Va) Lawyer, res corner Taylor and Yorke
Spear, David (Pa) Shoemaker, res Columbia street
Starkey, Mrs. Elizabeth (O) Seamstress, res Factory Row
Steel, Mrs. Rebecca (Md) Seamstress, res Factory Row
Stein, Michael (Bav) Mansion House, res Factory Row
Stevens, Mrs. Nancy (Va) Seamstress, res Front street
Stowder, Mrs. Elizabeth (Md) Tailoress, res corner Saratoga and Taylor
Stowder, Joseph (Va) Laboirer, res Front street
Striker, Charles (Pa) Constable, res Madison street
Striker, Isaac (Pa) Glue Manufacturer, res Madison street


Taliaferro, John N (Va) Clerk of the Court, res Taylor street
Tanner, Charles (Md) Clerk and School teacher, res Yorke
Tarvin, Geo C (Ky) Brick layer, res Cabot street
Taylor, Gen James Sr. (Va) res head of Bellvue street
Taylor, James Jr. (Ky) Lawyer, res do
Taylor, Geo (NY) Carpenter, res Factory Row
Thomas, Osborn (Va) Tinner, res Yorke street
Tibbatts, John W (Ky) Lawyer, res Monmouth
Tibbatts, Leo (Ky) Student at law, bds do
Tindall, Alexander (Ire) Blacksmith, res Madison street
Todd, Joseph (Va) Farmer, res Madison street
Turner, Geo M (Md) Carpenter, res Madison street


Underiner, Paul (Ger) Hemp heckler, res Factory Row


Vance, A (O) Clerk at Survey General Office, res Front b Monmouth & Yorke
Vanduzen, John Ship Carpenter, res near Newport Exchange
Vertile, John (Fr) Carpenter, res Bellvue street
Vickerman, Mr. (Ger) res Factory Row


Wait, Mrs. Jane (Md) Tailoress, res Madison street
Walls, James Jr. (NJ) res Front street
Warren, John N (Ver) R P Clark & Co, res Front b Yorke and Columbia
Washington, Samuel (Va) residence Madison street
Washington, Thornton (Va) Steam boat Clerk, res do
Waxstaff, Mrs. Jane (Pa) bds at Gundackers
Wells, Joel (Ky) Laborer, res Columbia street
Whitton, Wm (Va) Carpenter, bds at Mrs. Fowlers
Wilson, Isaac (Md) Carpenter, res Columbia street
Wilson, George (Md) Wagoner, res Columbia street
Williamson, Mrs. Mary (Pa) Seamstress, res Monmouth street
Winer, Adam (Bav) Blacksmith, res Factory Row
Winston, James H (Ky) res Yorke street
Winston, Samuel (Ky) Magistrate, res Taylor street
Winton, Thomas (Ire) Plasterer, res Taylor street
Winton, Robt Sr. (Ire) bds at Thomas Winton
Winton, Robt Jr. (Ire) Plasterer, at do
Woodward, Francis H (NY) Engineer, res Front and Monmouth


Young, Wm (Ky) Clerk at Southgate and Eubanks


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