Campbell County Schools

Campbell County Schools


Census Records for Schools

Common Schools of Campbell County-1838

History of Schools in Campbell County (by Ken Reis)

History of Schools in Campbell County 1906-1942 (by J W Reiley)

List of Schools

Old Woodward College-1836-1851

Property Sold & New Schools by Board of Education 1908-1940 (by J W Reiley)

Unknown Photos of Students and Schools


A J Jolly High School

1931 Graduates

Academy of the Immaculata

1926 Graduates

1926 Commencement Invitation

Academy of Notre Dame of Providence

Sophomore Class of 1932

Alexandria Elementary School

Class of 1908

Bellevue Schools

Bellevue High School Site

Highlands Central School-Ft Thomas

1888 Students Photo

1896 Graduates

Mount Vernon School Photo

Newport Schools

1900 York Street School 4th Grade Class Photo
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Kerry Kirk has put together a wonderful site listing Kentucky
Counties and their Schools Check it out Here!

1908 Newport Teachers and Janitors

Newport Normal School 1915 Students

Newport High School

1874-1908 Graduates

1911 Graduates

1912 Graduates

1913 Graduates

1884 Commencement Invitation

Newport High School 1850

Newport High School Photo-1923

St. Stephen's Catholic Schools

1926 High School Graduates

1926 High School Graduation Programme

1930 High School Graduates

1949 8th Grade Graduation

Southgate Street Elementary & High School
(Newport's African American School)

Photo & History

1893 Graduates

1914 Graduates

1919 Graduates

1921 Graduates

Principals and Teachers

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