Campbell County Schools History



By J W Reiley


For some time I have been thinking over the matter of writing a brief History of the Campbell County schools, covering the period in which I was County Supt of schools which period covers from  1906-1942. We all realize that many changes have been made covering this period that unless we have an authentic record of these changes it will be impossible to remember definitely when and for what purpose these changes have been made.

For this reason I wil1 attempt to set forth through notes and minutes covering the period as stated above.  If errors have been made I shall be glad to make corrections if errors have been made and I am convinced that the corrections are needed , I shall be glad to make these corrections.

When I came into office in 1906, the whole county, outside of Newport voted for the County Superintendent of schools. I was reelected in 1909-1913, 1913-1917. Up to that time the Fiscal Court paid, the salary to the County Superintendent.

Beginning in 1921, the county board of Education elected the County Supt. and fixed the salary. As the salary was satisfactory to the County he resigned the position as secretary of the Insurance Company and as able to devote his entire time to the County Superintendents work. Much of the work done for the Insurance Company was done at night.

When I took office in 1906, I spent some time in looking over the School property of the County, conditions of the buildings and the school property in general and to determine the many needs. The county Levy for schools was 20 cents on the $100 and $1.00 pool tax. So you will understand it was quite a problem to determine where to begin making improvements.  I finally decided to begin at Johns Hill as they had a log school House with few conveniences. The low bidder was Edward Cryer, his bid being $1000.00.

The number of school districts outside of  Newport, Bellevue and Dayton were as follows.


Fort Thomas
Cote Brilliant
Cold Spring


Sylvan Dell
Maple Valley
Per Grove
Hickory Grove
Beech Grove
Sur Grove
Oak Grove
Elm Grove
Poplar Ridge
Ten Mile
Johns Hill
Grays Hill
Dry Ridge (Brayville)
Grants Lick
Clay Ridge (Gosney)
Pond Creek
12 Mile
Plum Creek
Aspen Grove (Flatwoods)
Tug Fork
Pleasant Ridge
Four Mile
Pooles Creek (Licking Valley)
Hawthorne (Poplar Thicket)

INDEX OF IMPORTANT ITEMS RELATING TO SCHOOLS (Note; there are no dates for most of these notes)

page 11-Board fixed tax levy for schools at 15 cents
page 13-old log school House in Johns Hill district sold by Edward Linet for $18.00; Campbell County High School established by our Board July 23, 1909.  H W Barr the first Principal of the Campbell County High School for eight month Term @ $75.00 per month.  The first Campbell County Board of Education: J W Reiley, Edward Linet, Harry Harrison, J H White and James H Gosney (in pencil also Kinney)  James H Gosney was elected Secretary.
pages 14 & 15-The Board of Education adopted the Course of Study for High School
page 18-Board levied 20 cents on the $100 and $1.00 poll tax.
page 19-H W Barr was elected Prin @$85.00 per month; Cynthia Reiley was elected assistant Prin. @$85.00 per month.
page 21-Mr. Reiley was directed to purchase 15 desks for High School and 35 Bessemer Steel desks and 50 Silent Giants Desks
page 22-Mr. Reiley was direction to have 300 County Directories printed.  County Board donated $100 for high School apparatus.  County Board offered to donate $5.00 to any district that will give the same for starting School Libraries.
page 24-Board donated $50.00 to High School for library
page 25-Mr. Barr (being a carpenter) was ordered to make a Book case.  Board voted to buy a lot from K of P for $600
page 26-Board recommended a county levy of 20 cents on the $100 & $1.00 poll tax.
page 28-Board elected Cynthia E Reiley Prin. Co. High School @ $100 per month for 9 months.  Rent for High School bldg $175
page 30-Course of Study for High School
page 32-Board accepted bid of J E Cryer at $2000 for Beech Grove Bldg and old School Building & Board accepted bid of Enzweiler & Goetz for Pooles Creek at $1600.
page 37-Board appropriated money for H S Commencement
page 43-Committee ordered Reiley to have 300 school directories printed
page 49-J E Cryer awarded contract for building Oakland 12 Mile building at the figure of $2845
page 50-Board appropriates $75 for County High School.  Board purchased mimeograph for $58.80
page 51-Approval of the course of study by University of Kentucky.  Cynthia E Reiley made Censor for qualification for entrance to H S.  J W Reiley & Harry Case to investigate situation of Silver Grove.  Reiley & Williams be commissioned to hire High School teachers
page 52-Reiley & Cass reported a postponement on Graded District to Silver Grove. J W Reiley commissioned repairs at H S. Board fixed levy for schools at 20 cents on the $100 & $1.00 Poll tax
page 59-Board allowed $25 for H S-$25 for Grade School
page 61-Board grants Silver Grove a graded District boundary lines to be fixed
page 63-Board awarded contract for materials for Dry Ridge to Fridma at $648.75
page 70-Board fixed County levy at 20 cents on the $100 & $1.00 Poll tax. Board allowed $25 for H S & $25 for Grade School
page 71-Board fixed the boundary line between Melbourne & Silver Grove; the west line of the Anderson farm
page 72-36 Trustees too the census for schooling amounting to 2063
page 73-Board awarded contract for building a (school) house at Pond Creek for $1438
page 74-Prim sisters for 1/2 acre of land $45
page 75-Salary schedule prepared by County Supt. adopted. Board donated $100 for another High School room
page 6-Board appointed Mathias Miller and J W Reiley for new building at Pond Creek
page 77-High School teachers salaries; Miss C E Reiley $100 per month; Miss Judd $65 per month; John Newton $66 per month. If each district will raise $5 for charts, Board will pay balance.
page 82-Board appropriates $25 for High School
page 83-Board called a meeting to locate a lot at Grants Lick to discuss consolidation
page 84- Board paid rent for High School bldg $125
page 86-Board purchased 2 acres of land from Mrs. Wright for $60 per acre.  J W Reiley to get plans & specifications for new building
page 87-Board employed Frank Faulhabe to build house for $1622
page 88-Board appropriated $100 for the County High School. no public school at Gubser this school year
page 93-Board fixed tax levy for schools at 20 cents on the $100 & $1.00 for poll tax
page 94-12 Mile stone school bldg sold to Fuller & John Shanks for $125; Juniors bought the Grants Lick school bldg & lot for $240. principal's father died; school dismissed for one week.  due 36 teachers for reading circle work $3.50 each
page 95-Board allowed $25 for High School commencement
page 103-county levy fixed at 30 cents on the $100 & $1.00 poll tax
page 106-Board appropriated $50 to the County High School
page 108-County Supt. directed to write State Supervisor to make movement for consolidation. Miss Gardner requested to come to Campbell County.  Board appropriates $75 for High School
page 112-Board appropriates $75 for Library to County High School
page 115-V O Williams came before Board reporting that the donations had reached $6000
page 116-Board fixed tax levy for schools at 40 cents on the $100.  Board examined the plans for a new building.
page 117-following was the lowest bid submitted: Ben Bowman $51,954.  Board rejected all binds until January 1921.
page 118-Board took action extending the Elementary school term to 7 months
page 121-Board appropriated $100 for County High School for equipment
page 123-County Supt. elected for a four term at $2000 and expenses
page 124-County Board appropriated not to exceed $600 for paying the expenses of a County Normal and that each teacher to pay $10 who attends said school to be for a term of five weeks.  Prin. of County High School recommends the following; no pupil will be recommended for University or College unless 75% of his work is equaled.  Board authorizes to take bids for a public & County High School to be erected at Alexandria
page 125-Ten Mile and Poplar Ridge Districts abandoned for one year.  Board to take bids on public and high school to be at Alexandria on July 16, 1921.
page 127-the following general bids were received on the whole completing of a public and high school building at Alexandria; C A Rawlings-$38,718; A H Clark-$40,137.  Board will meet on Friday, July 22 at one o'clock PM to consider the above bids.
page 128-the board accepted bid of C A Rawlings at this bid of $38,718.  Salary schedule adopted.
page 129-Board appropriates $50 for supplies & equipment for High School.  Changes to face brick instead of common brick adds $600.  Board to recommend that J Virgil Chapman come to our county.
page 134-Board to recommend a levy of 40 cents on the $100 and $1.00 poll tax
page 135-Board allowed County High School $20 for library
page 136-Board allowed $25 for commission
page 138-duties of janitor
page 139-Jesse Alford awarded contract for electrical fixtures for Alexandria School for $288.50.  E R Daniels answered Silver Grove for additional Ter. in the negative.
page 140-Board awarded contract to the Gottschalk Furnace Co for Heating the Alexandria Public & High School at their bid of $2960.  Charles Goetz was awarded contract for two outhouses at the Alex School at this bid of $293.
page 141-Farmers State Bank awarded contract for state & county funds.  Mrs. Elliott employed as janitress fro 12 months at $408.  State Dept. of Education reverts California to the county system.
page 144-Question relating to the Dayton & county schools
page 145-Rules and regulations pertaining to the Alexandria & County High School
page 147-Regarding vaccination of pupils in our schools
page 148-Opinions of George Colvin, C W Youngblut & Conrad Matz that children must be vaccinated
page 149-Organization of board, John Trapp elected chairman.  Board allowed $50 to Campbell County High School
page 151-Board granted $65.78 for tools for high school
page 152-Board recommended a levy for schools of 50 cents on the $100 & $1.00 for poll tax
page 153-Special tax of 25 cents to be voted in the California District granted
page 154-Building site-J A Dicken property in Persimmon Grove; Oak Grove to be considered.  Vote on special 25 cent tax 37 votes for & 4 votes against it
page 155-Last session of the Legislature ordered the division of the county outside of cities and graded districts into five divisions.  Note the following; Div 1-Pooles Creek, Johns Hill, Baby Farm; No 2-Melbourne, Ross, Silver Grove (outside of Silver Grove Graded) Div No 3-Alexandria and Claryville; Div 4-Grants Lick, Dry Ridge, Persimmon Grove; Div 5-Mentor, California, Gubser, Carthage
page 158-Board purchased an international encyclopedia of 24 volumes at $118.50 and put in High School.  Ten Mile school buildings sold at auction for $176 to Geo Bockerstette; Poplar Ridge sold to Mrs. Wm Parr for $410
page 159-Board ruled that no child could smoke on the school grounds
page 164-Board donated $200 to get the electrical service at Alexandria
page 166-Board donated $67 for books to CCHS
page 167-Board recommended 50 cents levy for schools and $1.00 poll tax.  G W L Prickett submitted his resignation on accounty of poor health.
page 169-Special Tax carried of 25 cents; 21 votes in favor, none against
page 170-Board allows $25 for H S Commencement relating to common school diploma
page 173-Prof Ivan Barnes asked to come before Board and explain Smith Hughes
page 174-Board employed J Yost Bailey employed for Vocational Education
page 175-Board purchased Crames Atlas of the world for Alexandria School for $12.50
page 177-Board gave County High School $100
page 178-some differences between Warren Alford and Genevieve Kinstler
page 179-Warren Alford accepted the county position of Attendance Supervisor
page 182-Board purchased adding machine for $100 and stand for $10
page 186-A delegation from California requesting a high school at California.
page 187-Board recommends a levy of 50 cents on the $100 and $1.00 poll tax.  Certain Educational policies adopted
page 188-A High School established at California under certain conditions
page 189-J Virgil Chapman requested to hold a meeting at Grants Lick on consolidation.  Delegation requested a special election for a 25 cents tax-May 2, 1925
page 191-Board appropriates $25 for high school.  Board purchases 3 1/2 acres from J A Dicken at $166.62 per acre.  Vote on a 25 cent levy in the California district; 26 votes for, none against
page 197-Salary schedule approved
page 200-Wm Smith & George Perry were awarded contract for their bid of $9495

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