Edward and Sarah Carr


Information comes from the family files at the Campbell County Historical & Genealogical Society in Alexandria


Edward Carr was born 1803 in Sussex Co Delaware, the son of Henry Carr and Polly White and died 15 June 1850 in Carthage. He was buried in the Flagg Springs Cemetery.  Edward came to Harrison Co KY with his father and brother, George Carr. George married Sophia Marsh 23 Dec 1816 in Harrison Co.  Henry Carr, son of Robert and Ann Carr, died in Harrison Co in 1846.

Sarah Riggs Carr was born 1806 in Kentucky. Edward and Sarah married 23 Oct 1823 in Harrison Co KY and are in the 1830 census in Harrison Co.  After Edward died 19 June 1850 in Carthage and was buried in the Flagg Spring Baptist Church Cemetery, Sarah Riggs Carr married John Cherry on 18 Nov 1853 in Carthage.  She died 29 Jan 1891 in Carthage.

Edward Carr's Settlement of Estate

Children of Edward Carr and Sarah Carr

1. Minerva Jane Carr b-1824 in Harrison Co KY; m-William Sellers 14 Nov 1841 in Carthage
2. Mary Ellen Carr b-1826 in Harrison Co KY; m-John Milton Painter 24 June 1844 in Carthage
3. Joseph Carr b-1827 in Harrison Co KY; m-Nancy Behymer 8 Feb 1848 in Carthage; d-1884 in Missouri
4. James H Carr b-1829 Harrison Co KY; m-Margaret Tarvin 17 Dec 1851, daughter of Milton L Tarvin; 1835-1852 in Carthage; br-Tarvin Family Cemetery in Carthage; (2) Nancy M Tarvin 18 Mar 1853; John died before 1860
5. George Washington Carr b-1832 in Carthage; m-Mary Jane Carbet 11 Jan 1854; m (2) Martha Pines 5 Oct 1861
6. W Jefferson Carr b-1834 in Carthage; m-Jennie Painter 8 Sep 1859
7. Malinda Carr b-1836 in Carthage; m-Asa Henderson 12 Nov 1857
8. John W Carr b-1837 in Carthage
9. Martha Carr b-1839 in Carthage
10. Edward Polk Carr b-23 Nov 1844 in Carthage; d-19 Feb 1929 in Carthage; br-Grandview; m-Esther M Herbert 30 Nov 1874 in Carthage; b-24 Jan 1852 in CC; d-1 Mar 1919 in Carthage; br-Grandview; d/o Merriett Herbert & Esther Nelson; 7C 4L
11. Sarah M Carr b-1847 in Carthage

Children of Mary Ellen Carr and John Milton Painter

1. George Edward Painter b-1845 in Carthage; d-1913; m-Mary Ann Carter 8 Apr 1867
2. William Thomas Painter b-13 June 1847 in Carthage; d-7 Oct 1849; br-Flagg Springs Cemetery
3. Armilda Painter b-1849 in Carthage; d-14 June 1864
4. Henry Hicks Painter b-Apr 1851 in Carthage; m-Rachel White 4 Nov 1871
5. Florida Painter b-9 May 1853 in Carthage
6. Joseph F Painter b-16 Jan 1855 in Carthage; d-18 Nov 1882
7. Demarius Painter b-14 Dec 1856 in Carthage; d-22 Dec 1857; br-Tarvin Family Cemetery
8. Samuel A Painter b-7 Apr 1859 in Carthage; d-1873
9. Mary Painter b-7 May 1861 in Carthage; m-Wm Collyier
10. Cordella Painter b-17 July 1864 in Carthage; m-Samuel Tarvin
11. Sylvia Painter b-17 Sep 1866 in Carthage; m-Robert Owens
12. Infant Painter b&d 17 Feb 1869 in Carthage

Joseph and Nancy lived near the Ohio River in Campbell County, Kentucky. He reportedly worked on a riverboat and was gone from home a lot. This area of Kentucky is just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati. Source: Letha Eades of West Plains, MO - who is related to the Behymers. The county courthouse in Newport, Kentucky is four blocks from "Riverboat Row".
The other courthouse in Campbell County is in Alexandria and is not far from where Joseph and Nancy attended church.

Children of Joseph Carr and Nancy Behymer

1. John Thomas Carr b-Oct 1850 in Campbell Co; d-Little Rock Arkansas; m-Hester Anna Walker Nov 1864
2. Charles E Carr b-4 Jan 1858 in Campbell Co; d-1904; m-Mary Reed 29 May 1893 in West Plains, Howell Co Missouri
3. Sarah E Carr b-1861 in Campbell Co
4. Joseph Routt Carr b-1863 in Campbell Co
5. Edward L Carr b-10 May 1865 in Covington; d-30 Dec 1935 in West Plains Missouri; m-Carrie Beatrice Behymer 10 Oct 1892 in Howell Co Missouri
6. Amanda Carr b-1868 in Covington; d-1946 in Howell Co Missouri; m-J Henry Briscoe 1866
7. William Carr b-1870 in Covington
8. Allen Carr b-1875 in Missouri

Child of James H Carr and Margaret Ann Tarvin

Male Carr b-13 Sep 1852 in Carthage

Children of James H Carr and Nancy M Tarvin

  1. William Adolpheus Carr b-19 Jan 1854 in Carthage; d-16 May 1936 in Carthage; br-Mt Gilead; m (1) Alice Newkirk; m (2) Emma Castor

  2. Mary Carr b-1856 in Carthage

Children of Edward Polk Carr and Esther M Herbert

1. Amzie Carr b-1876; d-1957; m-Veva Ilse
2. Lettie M Carr b-Apr 1878-1967; m-William Jackson
3. Alma Grace Carr 14 Feb 1885; d-15 Jan 1972 m-J Karl Shaw
4. George Meredith Carr b-14 June 1886 in Flagg Springs d-24 Feb 1957 in Bright Indiana; br-Gibson Cemetery in Bright; m-Della Wolfington 11 Oct 1947 in Lawrenceburg Indiana


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