Jacob Rubsamon Grant


Originally copied by Wm R Stevens and held at the Campbell County Historical & Genealogical Society in Alexandria.

Alexander Banks, admr of Jacob Rubsamon, deceased

Index for Old Kentucky Surveys & Grants by Kentucky Historical Society Vol No 29

Original survey No 6421 to Jacob Rubsamon heirs; Acreage 11,950 in Campbell County; Watercourse-Main Licking; Survey date-12 Feb & 13 1810; Original book 9, pages 317-219; Grantee-John Fowler & heirs; Grant date-9 Mar 1811


Charles Scott, Esquire Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky by virtue & in consideration of Part of an entry made the 21 December 1782 on Ten Land office treasury warrant No 8737, 8738, 8739, 8741, 8744, 8757, 8758, 8759, 8760 & 8761.  There is granted by the said Commonwealth unto John Fowler, assee of Alexander Banks, administrator of Jacob Rubsamon, deceased, a Certain tract or parcel of land, containing eleven thousand nine hundred and fifty acres by Survey bearing date the 12th and 13th days of February 1810, lying & being in the County of Campbell on main Licking and bounded as followeth to wit.

Beginning at a Sugar tree it being the most Southwardly Corner of Anthony Walton White Survey, thence North twenty West two thousand one hundred and twenty three poles to an ash hickory and Surgar tree; thence South Seventy West (Crossing Licking at 110 poles) 748 poles to a Stake corner to Said Rubsamon's survey of 16,652 acres made on part of Said entry; thence with a line there of South forty five East Seven hundred poles to his Corner, two hickorys and two dogwoods; thence with his line South 45 W 440 poles to another Corner a maple white oak and dogwood; thence with his line South forty five East Eight hundred and Sixty two poles to an other of his Corners a walnut hickory and Plum; thence his line South forty five West five hundred and sixty poles t a white oak dogwood and two hickorys Saplings, another of his corners; thence with his line South forty five East one thousand and forty eight poles to his Corner 520 poles to his upper corner a buckeye and three Linns on the west bank of Cruses creek about forty poles from the mouth of said creek; thence North Seventy eight Crossing Licking to a beech and three lynns on the North East bank of Licking Said Rubsamons upper Corner of his Survey of Thirteen hundred and ninety Eight acrs; thence down Licking and binding thereon as it meanders to the Beginning on the ninth day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and Eleven.

Executed and delivered to Mr. Branch


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