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Richard and Ann Southgate

Information comes from the family files at the Campbell County Historical Society

On August 9, 1796, Squire Grant purchased 1000 acres of land from William Kennedy which was on the east side of the Licking River; the southwest corner of David Leitch's patent.

On the 9th of August 1808, Squire assigned the 1000 acres of land to William Mosby Grant, who, the next day assigned it to Richard Southgate.  The first reference discovered of a town by the name of Southgate (named for Richard Southgate) is the following:

"Campbell County November 1823-On the motion of Hugh Rachford ordered that Nicholas Cherry, Jacob White Sr., William Lipscomb and Anderson Lipscomb or any of the three of them being first sworn do view & mark out the nearest & best way for a road from Alexandria to the Town of Southgate, the seat of Justice of this county & report the Conveniences & inconveniences attending the same.  A Copy Teste, Jno N Taliaferro DC"

Richard Southgate was born in New York City on January 23, 1774, the only son of captain Wright Southgate and Mary Lush. He studied law at William and Mary College in Williamsburg, Virginia and  was educated as a lawyer at Albany, New York.

He came to Newport in 1795.  In October 1797 he was licensed to practice law in the court of Kentucky; appointed Commonwealth Attorney for Campbell County in 1798. He was State Representative in 1803 and Senator from 1817-1821. He undertook the manufacture of silk and on January 21, 1854, received the silver medal for perfection and general excellence of silk at the New York Crystal Palace exhibition of the industry of all nations (the so-called World's Fair).

On July 10, 1799 he married Ann Winston Hinde in Newport, the daughter of Dr. Thomas Hinde, a renowned local surgeon and Mary Todd. Ann was born 1783 in Hanover Co. Virginia.  Richard and Ann had 8 children. Following in their father's footsteps was William Wright Southgate, whose achievements include lawyer, State Representative (1827-1832-1836) and U.S. Congressman in 1837. Their son Edward Lush Southgate became a Methodist minister. Their daughter, Ann Hinde Southgate, and son-in-law Dr. Nathanial Burger Shaler (surgeon at the Newport Barracks) were the parents of Nathanial Southgate Shaler, noted geologist, teacher and historian.  Ann W Hinde Southgate died in Newport in 1833 and was buried in the Newport Cemetery.

Deeds of Richard Southgate

Children of Richard Southgate and Ann Winston Hinde

1. William Wright Southgate b-27 Nov 1800 in Newport; d-26 Dec 1844 in Covington; m-Adaliza Keene 7 Nov 1823, daughter of Sanford Keene of Lexington Ky.
2. Henry Hinde Southgate b-1802; m-Maria C Smith 23 Sep 1834 in Cincinnati d-prior to will of father in 1857
3. Frances Mary Southgate b-1804 in Newport;  m (1) John N Taliaferro 18 Feb 1819; m (2) Dr. John T Parker
4. Richard Henry Southgate b-1807 in Newport; m-Julia F Sneed, daughter of Achilles Sneed, Nov 1829 in Frankfort KY; (2) Julia Watson 28 Dec 1843 in Cincinnati
5. Edward Lush Southgate b-14 Jan 1810 Newport; m-Ann Maria Dozier 15 Apr 1835; died 14 May 1852 in Newport
6. Ann Hinde Southgate b-1816 in Newport m-Dr. Nathaniel Burger Shaler 1 Oct 1835
7. Mary L Southgate b-1823 in Newport m-Jacob Hawthorne 29 Sep 1843; d-24 Feb 1899 in Sherman Texas; br-Evergreen
8. Martha Lush Southgate b-1831 in Newport; died before 1860; m-Samuel J Walker

Children of William Wright Southgate and Adaliza Keene (1809-29 Aug 1892)

1. Laura B Southgate b-1824 in Covington m-William L Grant in 1845
2.  Martha C Southgate b-1826 in Covington
3. Richard Wright Southgate b-1829 in Covington
4. William Wright Southgate Jr. b-1833 in Covington d-1881 in Covington; m-Lydia Bell Taliaferro 11 Oct 1866
5. Henry Hinde Southgate b-1836 in Covington; d-31 May 1891 in Covington; first buried in Linden Grove Cemetery but removed 24 Sep 1914 to Richard Southgate section 20 lot 4 at Evergreen Cemetery; m-Ellen
6. Adeliza Southgate b-1837 in Covington m-W E Arthur 6 Nov 1855 in Covington
7. Julia Southgate b-Jan 1841 in Covington; d-9 Dec 1913 in Covington; br-Linden Grove; never married
8. Ethel Linda Southgate b-1846 in Covington
9. Nancy W Southgate b-1845 in Covington; m-Geo G Lott 6 Dec 1865 in Covington

Children of Henry Hinde Southgate and Ellen

1. Laura Southgate b-1874 in Cincinnati; d-7 Jan 1881 in Covington
2. Joseph Southgate b-1879 in Covington; d-14 Jan 1881 in Covington
3. Robert Southgate b-Dec 1883 in Covington; d-13 Apr 1884 in Covington

Children of Frances Mary Southgate and John N Taliaferro (1809-1852)

1. Henry Lush Taliaferro b-Newport; br-Evergreen
2. William Southgate Taliaferro b-Newport; br-25 Aug 1881 in Evergreen
3. Julia Maria Taliaferro b-Newport; br-Evergreen 9 Sep 1908; m-Thompson

Children of Edward Lush Southgate and Ann Maria Dozier

1. Evan Dozier Southgate b-18 May 1836 in Newport; 9 Dec 1862 in Cairo Ill. br-Evergreen
2. Richard Edwin Southgate b-4 Sep 1838 in Newport
3. Anna Maria Southgate b&d 13 Aug 1840 in Newport
4. William Wright Southgate b-25 June 1843 in Newport; d-16 Sep 1927 in Ft Thomas; br-Evergreen; m-Lydia Bell Taliaferro 11 Oct 1866
5. Edward Lush Southgate Jr. b-15 Nov 1845 in Newport; d-6 May 1931
6. James Moss Southgate b-11 June 1848 in the Highlands; d-7 Feb 1928 in Ft Thomas; br-Evergreen; m-Mary Emma Hills
7. Harry Hinde Southgate b-15 Oct 1850 in the Highlands; d-28 Aug 1925 in Ft Thomas; br-Evergreen; m-Katie M Carrick 4 June 1879 in the Highlands

Children of Mary L Southgate and Jacob Hawthorne

1. Virginia Hawthorne b-15 Mar 1846 in Newport; d-25 Aug 1875; m (1) O'Shanessy  (2) William H Dyer 4 June 1867 in Newport
2. Margaret Blanche Hawthorne b-12 Jan 1848 in Newport; d-21 Feb 1936 in Ft Thomas; br-Evergreen; m (1) James C Root 4 June 1867 in Newport; (2) Albert C Root
3. Anna Hawthorne b-Newport; m-George Greer 27 Apr 1865 in Newport
4. Jacob Hawthorne b-9 Aug 1857 in Newport; d-4 June 1938 in Cold Spring; became a doctor; m-Margaret Jane Calvert

Children of William Wright Southgate II and Lydia Belle Taliaferro

1. Eva H Southgate b-19 Sep 1867 in the Highlands; d-15 Apr 1933 in Ft Thomas; br-Evergreen; m-J M Stewart 28 Nov 1888 in the Highlands
2. Hattie D Southgate b-1869 in the Highlands; m-Geo B Usner 28 June 1893 in the Highlands
3. Katie Southgate b-1871
4. Richard Taliaferro Southgate b-25 June 1873 in the Highlands; d-12 May 1930 in Ft Thomas; br-Evergreen
5. Gertrude Southgate b-1875 in the Highlands; m-Newton P Yowell 9 Sep 1897 in the Highlands
6. Lydia B Southgate b-1877

Children of James Moss Southgate and Mary Emma Hills

1. Frank Hills Southgate b-12 April 1869 in the Highlands; became a doctor and died 17 Sep 1947
2. Jesse Southgate b-12 June 1875 in the Highlands; became a doctor and died in Texas 1931
3. Emma Southgate b-1877 in the Highlands
4. Martha Emma Southgate b-13 Feb 1884 in the Highlands; d-23 Oct 1917 in Newport; br-Evergreen; (1) Haynie; (2) Louis G Robinson 15 Aug 1914 in Ft Thomas

Children of Henry Hinde Southgate and Katherine M Carrick

1. Clifford C Southgate b-10 Oct 1881 in the Highlands; d-25 Jan 1940 in Ft Thomas; br-Evergreen; m (1) Alice Metcalf 24 Apr 1903 in Covington; (2) Josephina Lack

In 1814 Richard and Ann built a home in Newport at 24 East 3rd Street to replace the log or frame dwelling his family had inhabited for the past two decades. This comfortable beamed two-story home was built according to Southgate family tradition by British prisoners of the War of 1812 confined in Newport. When originally built the Southgate House occupied a full city block. 

Southgate House

During his lifetime he acquired considerable property in the area and owned virtually all of what is known today as Southgate. The Southgate family name was given to them because their ancestors had been keepers of the south gate into the city of London, England.`

For many years, Richard and his family operated a health spa called "Southgate’s Mineral Wells" which is believed to have been located between Evergreen Avenue and Alexandria Pike. At his death on July 24, 1857, he was worth more than 1.5 million dollars. He died at his home in Newport.  Richard willed his home to his daughter, Frances Mary Taliaferro Parker.  Mrs. Parker in 1869, deeded the house to her daughter Julia, reserving for herself the use of the home for her natural life.

Obituary of Richard Southgate

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