1809 Property Tax Delinquent List

1809 Property Tax Delinquent List

Copied by Margaret Strebel Hartman

Listed by Jonathan Huling

Allen, Hiram-gone out of the state
Alphin, Ransom
Baybook, Elijah
Birdwhistle, James-removed to Scott
Black, Joseph-insolvent
Buckingham, David
Chambers, John-gone out of the State
Crain, Nimrod-gone to Pendleton County
Criswell, Robert-gone out of the state
Collings, Stephen
Day, Robert-gone to the state of Ohio
Dilforst?, John-not found *
Evet?, William-gone out of the state
Fitzgerald, William
Fowler, Richard
Fowler, Thomas-*
Grain, William-*
Grant, William-Boone Co.
Green, Gl-gone out of the state *
Griffith, John Jr.-insolvent *
Harris, Joseph Harris-not found *
Harris, Richard-no such man & insolvent
Harrison, Major
Hughes, John-insolvent *
Izrael, Elisha
McClure, James-insolvent *
Paul, John-*
Peck, Peter-insolvent
Reed, Archibald-moved out of the State
Rinker, Elija-gone out of the State
Rockingfield, Abraham-Ohio
Spilman, Thomas-insolvent *
Stewart, Bernard-gone out of the State
Stewart, William-gone out of the State
Stockings, Alexander-not found *
Thomas, Alexander
Tompson, James-insolvent
Vaughn, Abraham-gone to Virginiae
Weaver, John-gone out of the State
White, Robert-not found

* crossed out on the originals

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