Physicians and Early Medicine

Physicians and Early Medicine


African American Doctors

James Barnsfather   

Campbell-Kenton Medical Societies



Diseases of Our Ancestors

Doctors Obituaries

Dunham Tuberculosis Hospital Patients 1905-1906

Early Doctors

1918-19 Flu Epidemic

Thomas Hinde

Jenkins Hospital in Newport

List of Early Doctors From City Directories

Medical Officers at Newport Barracks

Medical Register at the Courthouse 1888-1935

Medical Students in Kentucky 1838-1908

Military Physicians


Benjamin Knox Rachford

Nathan Burger Shaler

Speers Memorial Hospital

Speers 38 Club

Speers Memorial Hospital Training School for Nurses-1904-1930 June 17, 2012

Speers Memorial Hospital Records

Louise Southgate

What was in those Medicine Bottles?

Women Doctors

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