Peter and Catherine DeMoss


Peter DeMoss was born 11 Nov 1752 in Berkeley Co Virginia, the son of Charles and Frances (Charles) Peter enlisted in the Army, Aug 1775; Peter re-enlisted in 1776 and was assigned to the 12th Virginia Regiment; after Gen. George Washington was defeated by Howe at Germantown, the 12th Virginia Regiment wintered at Valley Forge with Washington; Peter was documented being in the battle of Monmouth, and given furlough afterwards. Family records state that Peter furnished supplies in the American Revolution. When he returned to his company, Cornwallis had surrendered to George Washington, and Peter was allowed to return home.

He married Catherine Houseman 27 May 1777 in Frederick Co Virginia. Catherine was the daughter of David Houseman and Mary Merchant.

In 1797 Peter and Catherine were living in Mason Co Ky. where their son David was born. Peter and Catherine and their children then moved to Green Co Ky. On 7 Nov 1807 Peter received 163 acres in Green Co., KY, surveyed on Nov 10, 1798, and patented Nov 7, 1807.  In the 1810-1820 census the family was living  in Pendleton Co Ky. By 1830 they were living in Bracken Co Ky. close to the Campbell County line. Descendants say that from Peter's home on the hill one can still see the Black River Mine. The home was across the river from where Zimmer power plant was built.  On 25 Aug 1832 Peter appeared before John H Barker, Justice of the Peace in Pendleton Co in regards to his revolutionary war pension. On 25 Mar 1835 Peter filed his will in the Pendleton Co Ky. court.

Peter died 20 Sep 1841 in Pendleton Co and according to the obituary written by L M Wilcoxen of Moscow, Oh, he was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church nearly 30 years. He was first buried on the homestead place along the Ohio River, but in 1965 he and Catherine were moved to Grandview Cemetery in Campbell Co.

Catherine Houseman DeMoss was born 16 Aug 1758 in Virginia and died 4 July 1842.

Children of Peter DeMoss and Catherine Houseman

1. John DeMoss b-5 Oct 1778 in Berkeley Co Virginia; d-14 May 1856 in Madisonville Ky. m-Jewelry Fowler 19 May 1803 in Bracken Co M (2) Sarah Barker 7 Dec 1809 in Pendleton Co
2. Mary Polly DeMoss b-5 Oct 1778 in Berkeley Co Virginia; d-15 Jan 1853; br-Germantown Cemetery in Bracken Co; m-Aaron Gregg 26 Nov 1801
3. Lewis DeMoss b-12 Jan 1784 in Berkeley Co Virginia; d-4 Mar 1878; m-Hester Clinkenbeard 26 Oct 1821 in Campbell Co
4. Charles DeMoss b-12 Aug 1786 in Berkeley Co Virginia
5. Sarah DeMoss b-24 June 1789 in Virginia; d-27 July 1837; br-Grandview; m-John Hamilton Barker 18 June 1806
6. Catherine DeMoss b-3 Oct 1791 in Virginia; m (1) Joseph Barker 7 Dec 1809; m (2) Elijah Herndon 23 June 1821; d-21 Apr 1857; br-Old Mt Gilead Cemetery in Carthage
7. Elizabeth DeMoss b-1794; died before 1835
8. David DeMoss b-1797 in Mason Co Ky; d-20 Aug 1833 in Hendricks Indiana; m-Margaret Peppard 14 Jan 1829 in Clermont Co Oh
9. Child DeMoss b-1800 in Clermont Co Oh
10. Samuel DeMoss b-16 Nov 1802 in Clermont Co Oh; d-17 July 1877 in Pendleton Co Ky; br-Grandview; m-Sarah Ann McLaughlin

Children of John DeMoss and Jewelry (or Julia) Fowler

1. Peter DeMoss b-1 Jan 1806 in Clermont Co; d-22 Oct 1890; br-DeMoss Fisher Cemetery in Foster Ky. m-Lucinda Carter 5 Jan 1829 in Brookville Ky.
2. Catherine DeMoss b-1806; d-1828
3. Jackson DeMoss b-1807; d-1808
4. Elizabeth B DeMoss b-5 Nov 1808 in Bracken Co; d-1887 in Campbell Co; m-Greenup Baker 5 Apr 1829 in Brookville Ky.

Children of John DeMoss and Sarah Barker

1. John DeMoss b-29 Oct 1810 in Bracken Co Ky; d-1905; m-Elizabeth Power 9 Feb 1836
2. Thomas H DeMoss b-5 May 1812 in Bracken Co Ky; d-1876; m-Catherine Records 11 May 1833
3. Samuel DeMoss b-7 Oct 1814; d-1883
4. Squire DeMoss b-5 May 1816; m (1) Margaret Thomas 31 Oct 1830 in Brookville Ky. (2) Julia Ann Baxter 6 June 1835 in Brookville Ky. died between 1846 and 1850
5. Zeno Fenn DeMoss b-8 Dec 1817; d-1872
6. Julia Ann DeMoss b-18 Apr 1819; d-1891 in Hopkins Ky; m-William Martin Young 19 Nov 1846 in Hopkins Co;  "--she became the first business woman in Madisonville, Hopkins County, Kentucky, for she ran a millinery shop in which she kept two orphan kinswomen as apprentices." DeMoss Family History.
7. George Washington DeMoss b-28 Apr 1821; d-1900
8. Nancy H DeMoss b-17 Jan 1824; d-1911

Children of Mary Polly DeMoss and Aaron Gregg

1. John DeMoss Gregg b-1802; d-1876
2. Elisabeth S Gregg b-1804; d-1872
3. Hiram DeMoss Gregg b-1805; d-1891
4. Samuel Gregg b-1807; d-1854
5. Rebecca Gregg b-1809; d-1881
6. Eliza Gregg b-1811; d-1883
7. Leroy Gregg b-1820; d-1907

Children of Lewis D DeMoss and Hester Clinkenbeard

1. John DeMoss b-21 Sep 1829 in Campbell Co; d-2 Mar 1890 in Campbell Co; m-Cynthia Ann Rardin 7 Nov 1852 in Campbell Co
2. Charles W DeMoss b-1837 in Campbell Co
3. William Morgan DeMoss
4. Peter DeMoss
5. Margaret DeMoss
6. Sarah DeMoss
7. Mary Jane DeMoss b-14 Dec 1840 in Campbell Co

Children of Sarah DeMoss and John Hamilton Barker

1. Eliza Barker b-1808
2. Rachel Barker
3. A G Barker b-Oct 1811; d-9 Sep 1834; br-Grandview; m-Rachel
4. Oliver Barker
5. Maria L Barker
6. John J Barker
7. Samuel O Barker b-8 Jan 1818
8. Ann America Barker b-July 1819
9. Joseph Hamilton Barker b-1822
10. Mary Ann Barker b-Sep 1824
11. Martha J Barker b-1830
12. Melvina Barker b-1831
13. Henry Clay Barker b-Mar 1833

Child of Catherine DeMoss and Joseph Barker

1. Zeno F Barker b-22 Jan 1818; d-5 July 1890; br-Grandview; m-Sarah Iles

Children of Squire DeMoss and Julia Ann Baxter

1. Thomas DeMoss b-1837
2. Sarah Lucinda DeMoss b-18 Jan 1840; d-5 July 1925 in Newport; br-Highland Cemetery in Ft Mitchell Ky. m-Wilford Gillham
3. William Harrison DeMoss b-1841
4. Edward Bruce DeMoss b-29 May 1841; d-11 Jan 1891; br-Lenoxburg Ky.
5. Zeno F DeMoss b-Dec 1846; d-11 Aug 1910 in Cincinnati; br-Lenoxburg Ky.

Children of Peter DeMoss and Lucinda Carter

1. John H W DeMoss b-2 Apr 1834 in Brookville Ky. d-13 Mar 1868; br-DeMoss Fisher Cemetery in Foster Ky.
2. Lucinda M DeMoss b-July 1835 in Bracken Co; m-Joseph P Armacost 18 Dec 1854 in Bracken Co
3. Washington M DeMoss b-Apr 1839 in Bracken Co; d-13 Dec 1913 in Brookville Indiana; br-Lenoxburg Cemetery
4. Robert Fowler DeMoss b-19 Dec 1843 in Bracken Co; d-18 Feb 1920 in Bracken Co; br-Lenoxburg Cemetery
5. Peter DeMoss b-1846 in Bracken Co
6. Susan E T DeMoss b-1848 in Bracken Co
7. Taylor DeMoss b-1849 in Bracken Co

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