Committee of One Hundred

Kentucky State Journal, Saturday, August 25, 1888, page 3

The Committee of One Hundred


A meeting of citizens of Newport was held last night at the office of George Pagan Jr. on York street for the purpose of organizing a committee to reform the city.  The following signed as charter members:  Charles Mauget, A J Mossett, Paris C Brown, F C Immegart, J E McCracken, C C Raipe, J G Feth, Gus Billerbeck, Captain Patterson, J W Wood, C H Willis, George Pagan, W C Knecht, L Raisen, H Drexellus, Willis Irwin, Robert Amstead, J W Britton, Dennis Cahill, Dan Coppin, Thomas Hogan, Walter Stone, John Weckman and F H Johanning.

The object of the organization it is claimed, is to secure public order and protect the rights and interests of the people of Campbell County.  They propose to have honest elections and prosecute all those who violate election laws and public officers who are guilty of malfenance of misappropriating of public funds.  There is to be no politics connected with the affair and no office holders will be admitted as members.

The initiation fee will be $2.  From a glance at the above names the majority of the above names are either ex-officer holders or defeated candidates and it will be strange if politics are not dealt in.  The first business of the committee will probably be the closing of the saloons on Sunday.  The next meeting will be held next Friday evening.


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