Descendants of Notley and Elizabeth Maddox


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Descendants of Notley Maddox Sr.

Generation No. 1

1. Notley Maddox3 Sr. (James Maddox2, Cornelius1 Maddocke) was born Abt. 1714 in Portobacco Parish, Charles Co, MD, and died June 1786 in Portobacco Parish, Charles Co, MD. He married Elizabeth Martin Bef. November 10, 1737 in Charles Co, MD, daughter of John Martin and Elizabeth. She was born Abt. 1715 in Charles Co, MD.

Notes for Notley Maddox Sr.:

March 6, 1734, Charles Co Md: Cattle mark registered for Notley Maddock of Portobacco Parish (CCLR O-2:83)

Nov 10, 1737: Deed of Gift, John Martin Chas Co Gent. to "well-beloved son-in-law Notley Maddox of Chas. Co," 125 a. "Troublesome" and "Owens Purchase," ackn. Elizabeth Martin, wife of John. (CCLR O-2:308)

Nov 11, 1741: Notley Maddock, Portobacco Parish Chas. Co, planter, and Mary Maddock, mother of sd. Notley, to Joseph Noble Jr. Lots 61 & 62 in Charles Town entered by James Maddcock, late of Chas Co, dec'd father of Notley and husband of Mary Maddock. (CCLR O-2:531)

Aug 27, 1747: John Martin Jr. to Notley Maddocke p.o. two tracts near Zachia Swamp, remainder of "Owen's Purchase," and one moiety of "Nonesuch" 74 a. granted to him by his father 1737. (CCLR Z-2:178)

Aug 27, 1747: Henry Martin, bro of John, to Notley Maddocke Jr. his half "Nonesuch," 37 a. (CCLR Z-2:180)

Oct 17, 1747: Notley Maddaocke Chas. Co planter and Elizabeth his wife to Alex. Smith Hawkins 125 a. "Troublesome." (CCLR Z-2:193)

1756: Notley Maddocke had "Owens Purchase" 200 a. resurveyed & combined with 310 a. of "Cool Springs" total 510 acres.

9 Mar 1774: Notley Maddockes (the elder) Chas.Co planter to James Maddockes Jr. of Chas. Co, resurvey of 80 a. "Capell & Barton's Woodyard 34 a. and "Cool Spring 25 a. ackn. Elizabeth Maddockes, wife of Notley. (CCLR S-3:564)

Nov 18, 1774: Notley Maddox of Portobacco Parish voted on representatives to the Continental Congress.

Source: History of Chas. Co Md Tercentenary Year 1958, by Margaret Klapthor & Paul Brown, La Plata Md. 1958, p. 52.

1778: Notley Maddocke of Portobacco East Hundred signed "Oath of Allegiance."

June 1786 Notley Maddox died intestate. Eliz. Maddox his wife & Notley Maddox, his son, apt. adm. Michael Martin & Wm Cox, dau's husband, posted bond. James Maddox, his son, removed to Goochland Co Va. apt. poa to Robt. Rogers to setttle father's estate.

Juy 26, 1790: Samuel Luckett, s/o William, and Elizabeth Luckett, his wife "relict" of Notley Maddox, late of Chas Co, dec'd, release all right of dower she had to est. of Notley Maddox. (CCLR K-4:113)

1775-1778 Charles Co Md. Port Tobacco East Hundred Tax List: Notley Maddox Jr. & Notley Maddox Sr.

1783 Charles Co Md. 6th District Tax Assessments for Notley Maddox and Sarah Boswell:

Notley Maddock "McPhersons Folly," 44 a. taken up with manor warrant in 6th Dist.

Notley Madddock Jr. "New Exchange," 89 a. 6th Dist.

Notley Maddox, "Cool Springs," 103 a. resurveyed, 6th Dist.

Notley Maddox Sr. "Cool Springs," 356 a. resurveyed, 6th Dist.

Sarah Boswell, "Hopewell's Amendment," 76 a. 6th Dist.

October Court 1786: Notley Maddox Sr. in Chas. Co Md. Wills & Inventory Bk. AH-9:278,

Elizabeth Maddox, w/o Notley Sr., and son Notley Maddox Jr. apt. adm.

Michael Martin & Cox, in-laws of Notley's daughters, posted bond.

Next-of-kin: Henry & Geo. Maddox

April 19, 1787: James Maddocke of Notley of Goochland Co Va., grants power of attorney to Robert Rogers (brother-in-law) to represent him in estate matter of his father Notley Mdadocke. Wt. Thomas Hungerford, Randolph Brandt, and Joseph Shaw. (CCLR Bk. D-4:59-60)

August 21, 1792: James Simms, Sheriff Chas. Co, to Alexander Hamilton of Pr. Geo. Co. Richard Barnes, excr. of Abraham Barnes, dec'd, at March term court 1792 obtained judgment agst. Notley & Henry Maddocke, garnishees of James Maddocke, for 556 pds, 11 shilling, 11 pence for debt of 968 pds. of tobacco for cost of suit. Sheriff to levy goods & chattels, lands & tenements of said James Madocke to discharge above judgment. Simms entered upon 510 a. tract called "Cool Springs" and took possession of said land as estate of James Maddocke. Writ returnable 3rd Monday in Aug 1792. "Cool Springs" was exposed to sale on Aug. 4, 1692, and said Hamilton was the highest bider and became purchaser. (CCLR Bk. K-4:474)

Notes for Elizabeth Martin:

October 1789: Elizabeth (Maddox) Luckett, wife of Samuel Luckett, and Notley Maddox Jr. apr'd in Court to say why Notley Maddox Sr. estate was not settled.

July 16, 1790 Charles Co Md: Release of Dower, Samuel Luckett, s/o Wm., and Elizabeth Luckett, his wife, relict of Notley Maddox late of Chas. co, dec'd, release all right of dower of said Eliz. to estate of Notley Maddox Sr. (CCLR Bk. K-4:113)

Children of Notley Maddox Sr. and Elizabeth Martin

1. James Maddox-born Abt. 1734 in Portobacco Parish, Charles Co, MD; died Abt. 1798 in Portobacco Parish, Charles Co, MD.
2.  Notley Maddox Jr., born June 25, 1738 in Portobacco Parish, Charles Co, MD; died June 1801 in Mason Co, KY.
3. George Maddox-born 1740.
4. Henry Maddox-born 1742.


Generation No. 2

2. James Maddox (Notley Maddox3 Sr., James Maddox2, Cornelius1 Maddocke) was born Abt. 1734 in Portobacco Parish, Charles Co, MD, and died Abt. 1798 in Portobacco Parish, Charles Co, MD. He married Unknown Waters.

Notes for James Maddox:

James Maddox, s/o Notley, married twice, names of wives unknown, second wife seems to be a Waters.

In a 1779 law suit, James Maddocke styled as "son of Notley" of Charles Co.

Will of James Maddocke made 1798, ent'd for probate 26 Nov 1798 (Chas. Co Md. Wills Liber AK-11, f. 468-470z0

"to my two children of my last marriage, John & Mary Maddocke, eight slaves with reminader of their mother's estate now in possession of their grandmo Priscilla Waters to be equl. div. between them. to my son John Maddaocke choice of horses w/saddle. to my dau Elizabeth Maddocke one shilling, to my dau Charity Cooksey one shilling. to my five children: James, Ignatius, Nathan, Ann and Sarah, remainder of my estate. My son Nathan Maddocke have use of my son John Maddocke preperty until he ars. age 21, my son Nathan Maddocke will give him genteel maintenance, and two yrs schooling. Apt. two sons Nathan & John Maddocke joint excrs.

1798. Wts; Jas. Thomas & Elkanah Davis, Tresa Thomas.

Children of James Maddox and Unknown Waters

James Maddox
2. Ignatius Maddox
3. Nathan Maddox, born Abt. 1760.
4. Ann Maddox
5. Elizabeth Maddox
6. Charity Maddox
7. Sarah Maddox
8. John Maddox
9. Mary Maddox


3. Notley Maddox4 Jr. (Notley Maddox3 Sr., James Maddox2, Cornelius1 Maddocke) was born June 25, 1738 in Portobacco Parish, Charles Co, MD, and died June 1801 in Mason Co, KY. He married Violetta Boswell Abt. 1760 in Charles Co, MD, daughter of John Boswell and Sarah Harris. She was born May 29, 1745 in Charles Co, MD, and died January 30, 1832 in Mason Co KY.

Notes for Notley Maddox Jr.:

1790 US Census Charles Co Md.: Notley Maddox (Jr.) 2M +16, 2M -16, 3 F, 7 slaves.

1796 Mason Co Ky. Tax List: Notley Maddox 1M +21, 1M 16+, 1 black 18+, 3 blacks total, 3 horses, 4 cattle

1800 Mason Co Ky. Tax List: Notley Maddox 3M +21, 4 blacks +16, 6 blacks total, 7 horses

1801 Mason Co Ky. Tax List: Notley Maddox "taxed on 125 a. in Campbell Co, Licking River, and four horses."

Jan. 1801: Notley Maddox will recorded January 14, 1801 in Mason Co Ky. Will Bk. B, p. 78.

"In the name of God, I Notley Maddox of Mason County do constitute and ordain this my last will & testament. First, I give unto by beloved wife, Violetta Maddox, the following negroes: one old woman named Jenny, one named Dark, three named Tom, Joe and Ben, together with all my household and kitchen furniture, also my stock and plantation utensils, also land in Campbell County on the main waters of the Main Licking River to remain hers during her life or widowhoold. To my son (H)ezekiah Maddox the land (Campbell Co) after settling my personal debts. Also, I give to my son Ezekiah Maddox, Sarah Maddox, and Martha Maddox, the negrroes given to my wife to be equally div. after her death. I also give to Ezekiah Maddaox one negro boy named Frank and to my daughter Sarah Maddox one small negro girl named Amy. I give to my son Charles Maddox 50 pounds, to be paid in horses, cattle, out of my estate. I give to my son Ezekiah Maddox, and daus Sarah & Martha Maddox all my personalty. I give to my sons Notley Maddox, Townly Maddox and daughter Elizabeth Lanham, one English shilling apiece. Sealed this 14th day of January 1801. Wts. Thomas Tolly Worthington, Notley Maddox, Samuel Park.

June 22, 1801, Mason Co Ky. Circuit Court. Notley Maddox will proven and appr'd for inventory.

Mason Co Ky.Order Bk. D, pp. 109-111 and Will Bk B p. 109.

1801 Mason Co Ky: "There was a new road built which went past Worthington Plantation where Notley Maddox formerly lived."

Mason Co Ky. Order Bk D p. 178.

Note: The new road was to intersect at Germantown which was on border between Mason & Bracken Cos. F. Grant Maddox, 8414 Dixie Hgwy, Florence, Ky.

Letter to Mrs. Price dated Feb 18, 1967:

"The oldest records in our family go back to the late 1700s. Notley Maddox (Maddoche) lived in Mason Co Ky. He owned some land in Clinton Co, Missouri, but evidently never lived there. He also owned land in Campbell Co Ky. which he left to his son Hezekiah Maddox, my great-grandfather. His son Charles bought some of it, and his son Frank, my father, bought out the heirs after his father's (Charles Maddox) death in 1904. I have the family Bible printed in 1847 which has births and deaths for the Maddox family beginning with Notley Maddox b. June 25, 1738, d. 1801, and his wife Violetta Maddox b. May 29, 1745, d. Jan. 30, 1832, and ending with Frank Grant Maddox b. Oct 28, 1906, mar. Archmarie Lucas Aug. 4, 1934 and his father Frank Maddox b. Jan 29, 1863, mar. June 11, 1902, d. Nov 29, 1942, and his wife Margaret Grant b. Feb. 23, 1873, d. Aug 1949. "

Children of Notley Maddox Jr. and Violetta Boswell

1. Sarah Maddox, born Abt. 1761.
2. Elizabeth Maddox, born Abt. 1763 in Portobacco Parish, Charles Co, MD; died in Frederick Co, VA.
3. James Maddox, born Abt. 1765.
4. Notley Maddox III, born Abt. 1767.
5. Charles Maddox, born Abt. 1769. He married Sally Cahoe January 19, 1802.

20 vi. Martha "Patsey" Maddox, born Abt. 1771 in Charles Co, MD; died Bef. June 1824 in Campbell Co, KY.

21 vii. Townley Maddox, born Abt. 1773.

22 viii. Mary Maddox, born Abt. 1775.

23 ix. Hezekiah Maddox, born May 22, 1777 in Charles Co, MD; died October 22, 1847 in Campbell Co, KY.


Generation No. 3

16. Elizabeth Maddox (Notley Maddox4 Jr., Notley Maddox3 Sr., James Maddox2, Cornelius1 Maddocke) was born Abt. 1763 in Portobacco Parish, Charles Co, MD, and died in Frederick Co, VA. She married Moses Lanham Abt. 1785 in Charles Co, MD, son of Nathan Lanham and Eleanor. He died Abt. 1832 in Frederick Co, VA.

Notes for Moses Lanham:

1776 Prince Geo. Co Md., St. John's Hundred: Nathan Lanham (Bk 2-18:25)

1790 Charles Co Md Census p. 31: Moses Lanham 1M +16, 1M -16, 3F, 1 free person, 6 slaves.

1790 Pr. Geo. Co Md., p. 95, Line 265: Natham Lanham Jr. 2M +16, 1F, 3 slaves

1790 Pr. Geo. Co Md., p. 95 , Line 236: Nathan Lanham Sr. 2M +16, 1M -16, 1F, 4 free persons, 7 slaves

October 6, 1790: At the request of Elizabeth Lanham the following Deed of Gift was recorded the 6th dayh of October 1790, Chas. Co Md. Whereas Notley Maddocks of said co did heretofore on or about the 20th day of March last give and delived to my daughter Elizabeth Lanham one negro girl named Sarah, to her, here exec. admin and assigns. (CCLR Bk K-4:155-56)

Elizabeth Maddox mar. Moses Lanham before October 1790. Elizabeth did not accompany her father to Mason Co Ky. but remained behind in Chas. Co. She was mentioned in her father's 1801 Mason Co Ky. Will "to my daughter Elizabeth Laham one shilling."

March 18, 1795. Chas. Co Land Record N-4:388: Nathan Lanham, Chas. Co Md., to Moses Lanham & his wife Elizabeth, for the natural love of my grandson Isaiah Lanham, 20 a. p.o. "Friendship," signed Nathan Lanham. Wts. Wm H. McPherson, Ben Lancaster.

April 14, 1792. Chas. Co Land Record K-4:417: Wm Cox of Chas. Co to Natham Lanham PG Co, 100 a. p.o. "Friendship" obtained by a judgment in Chas. Co. Court March Term 1780. Signed Wm Cox, Joanna Catherine Cox his wife relinq. right of dower. Wt. Henry Barnes & James Freeman.

June 11, 1799. Chas. Co Md. Guardian Bond for Asa Lanham, s/o Knotley Lanham, posted by Moses Lanham, his guardian. Sureties: Michael Martin & Josha Mudd. Later, Michael Martin apt. guardian. (Guardian Acts. 1797-1802)

Will of Moses Lanham, Frederick Co Va. Bk. 18, p. 404:

June 14, 1831: I beq. real & personal property to my wife, Elizabeth Lanham, during her life. After her decease, all said property to be divided equally amongst my children except one feather bed and furniture to Susan Duncan, daughter of Sarah Duncan, my granddaughter. Also one bay mare and colt to Moses Stickle, s/o Mary Stickle. Signed and sealed in presence of Henry Lanham, Jesse Furr, Thos. stillions.

Children of Elizabeth Maddox and Moses Lanham

1. Isaiah Lanham, born 1790. He married Maria Beckham December 27, 1824 in Fauquier Co Va..
2. Mary Lanham, born 1793. She married Daniel Stickell May 30, 1811 in Frederick Col, Va..
3. Sena Ann Lanham, born December 16, 1795.
4. Sarah Lanham, born 1805. She married Gilbert Duncan February 12, 1824 in Fauquier Co Va..

20. Martha "Patsey" Maddox (Notley Maddox4 Jr., Notley Maddox3 Sr., James Maddox2, Cornelius1 Maddocke) was born Abt. 1771 in Charles Co, MD, and died Bef. June 1824 in Campbell Co, KY. She married George Harris October 21, 1801 in Maysville, Mason Co, KY, son of Charles Harris and Mary Green. He was born February 9, 1773 in Stepney Parish, Somerset Co, MD, and died Bef. March 6, 1834 in Harrisburg, Campbell Co, KY.

Notes for George Harris:

"George Harris was a soldier, farmer and politician. Born in Somerset Co, Maryland, and christened at Green Hill Church, Stepney Parish, he spent his formative years on his father's plantation in Worcester County, Maryland. He left home about 1794, setting out for Kentucky. When he got there, he joined the Ky Militia and rose through the ranks to become Captain. While residing in Mason Co, Ky, he met and married Martha "Patsey" Maddox on Oct 21, 1801. Patsey Maddox was born in 1771 in Maryland. She was the daughter of Notley Maddox & his wife, Violetta Boswell, both of whom descend from prominent families in St. Mary's & Charles Cos., Maryland. Patsey Maddox Harris died before 1824 in Campbell Co, Ky. because on June 10, 1824, George married secondly, Jane Hudson of Boone Co, Ky. George died in 1834 at Harrisburgh Hill. His estate was probated by the Campbell Co Court on May 23, 1836. He is thought to be buried in the family cemetery behind Charlie T. Dawson's farmhouse. His widow, Jane Maddox, married secondly, Marcus Bridwell on August 5, 1834."

Source: Stevens, Rich. E., "Snowhill Remembered, a History of the Harris Family of Md., Ohio, and Ky.," Bowie, Md: Heritage Books, 1994, pp. 157-158.

Mason Co Ky. Marriage Bond: George Harris to Patsy Maddox on 21 Oct 1801. Bondsman: Hezekiah Maddox. Harrisburg, Campbell Co Ky.

Geo. Harris first paid taxes on Campbell Co Ky. land on August 7, 1804 on 150 a. on Licking River in John Harris's patent on the west side of the river. On Dec. 19, 1809, Hiram Allen sold Geo. Harris 100 a. in Rubsamon's survey on the east side of the river. It was on this land that Harrisburgh was laid out. On July 24, 1818, Geo. Harris posted a notice on ghe court house door of his inention to "make application to the Sept. Court for a town seat to be established." He presented a survey by Oner R. Powell, deputy surveyor, of his town at the November Court when Oner Powell certified "that the town laid off by Capt. Geo. Harris is within the bounds of the plat of 100 a. situated on the east side of the Licking opposite the Harris farm. The town to be named Harrisburgh with trustees Wm Reddeck, Elijah Grant, Sauel Baker, Samuel Bryan, Robt Caldwell & Benj. Gosney. Geo. Harris offered his house for the county court.

He signed the proposition dated Feb. 22, 1823, "Respectfully, Geo. Harriss."

Source: "Campbell County Ky. History & Genealogy," Supplement to "The Falmouth Outlook," Dec. 15, 1978, p. 27.

Boone Co Ky. Mar. Bond: George Harris to Jane Hudson on June 5, 1824. Bondsman J.G. Hamilton

1830 US Census Campbell Co Ky. p. 257:

George Harris 2M 5/10, 2M 20/30, 1 M 40/50;
3F -10, 2F 15/20, 1 F 20/30, 1F 30/40.

Patty Harris Estate Settlement, Campbell Co Ky. Court, October Term 1833:

"the Estate of Patty Harris, dec'd, amounts to $360.26 from estate of Notley Maddox, dec'd, to be divided among her eight heirs." Source: Campbell Co Inventories and Sales Book No. 2, p. 252.

George Harris estate probated May 12, 1836, Campbell Co, Ky.

Campbell Co Inventories & Sales Bk 2 1814-1840: p. 122: Dower Mar 6, 1834: Jane Harris, widow of Geo.

p. 166-177: Sale & Inventory George Harris 18th Sept 1835, Total $212, fourteen heirs each $18.54. p. 251: Settlement George Harris Est. 26 Sept. 1836

1840 US Census Campbell Co Ky. p. 136

Jane Harris: 1M 15/20, 4F 5/10, 2F 10/15, 1F 40/5, 9 slaves

1850 US Census Campbell Co Ky. Newport City, p. 52

Jane Harris age 57 b. c1793 Va.
Catherine age 20 b. 1830 Ky.
Ascey age 19 b. 1831 Ky.
Zarilda J. age 18 b. 1832 Ky.
Martha age 17 b. 1833 Ky.
Rebecca age 15 b. 1835 Ky.
Charles Harris age 24 b. 1826 Ky. carpenter

Children of Martha Maddox and George Harris

1. Betsy Harris, born 1802.
2. Squire Grant Harris, born October 18, 1803.
3. Nancy Ann Harris, born 1805.
4. Lewis C Harris, born November 13, 1807.
5. Mary Green Harris, born 1810.
6. Maria Violetta Harris, born September 1, 1812.

34 vii. Malinda Harris, born January 1, 1815 in Campbell Co, KY; died July 22, 1877 in Campbell Co, KY. She married Taylor Kees Sr. June 6, 1831 in Campbell Co, KY; born July 11, 1812 in Harrison Co, KY; died March 13, 1883 in Campbell Co, KY. She was buried on the Kees family farm near Grants Lick, Campbell Co, Ky.

Notes for Taylor Kees Sr.: Taylor Kees Sr. residence 1840: Newport, Campbell Co KY

1850 Campbell Co Ky. Census Household 96

Taylor Kees age 39 (b. c1811 Ky.) "farmer"
Malinda Kees age 35 (b. c1815 Ky.)
Geo. W. age 19 "laborer" (b. c1831)
Mary E. age 15 (b. c1835)
Ada age 11 (b. c1839)
Taylor Jr. age 10 (b. c1840)
Martha L. age 8 (b. c1842)
Malinda age 5 (b. c1845)
Charles H. 6/12 (b. 1850)

Campbell Co Ky. Court Order Book

3 May 1858: Ordered Taylor Keys apt. surveyor of Road Dist. No. 49 beginning at Visalia Rd, ending at Grant's Mill.

6 Sept 1858: Ordered Tayor Keys apt. overseer of road from Visalia to Grant's Mill attended by hands: George W. Kees, Wm. Kees Jr., John J. Kees, and Taylor Kees Jr. "to keep road in repair."

1860 Campbell Co Ky. Census, Alexandria P.O. Household 1284; Family 1288

Taylor Kees age 51 (b. c1809 Ky.)
Malinda Kees age 45 (b. c1815 Ky.)
Taylor Kees Jr. age 20 (b. 1840 Ky.)
Martha Kees age 18 (b. 1842 Ky.)
Malinda Kees age 15 (b. 1845 Ky.)
Charles Kees age 11 (b. 1849 Ky.)
John Kees age 10 (b. 1850 Ky.)
Amanda age 4 (b. 1856 Ky.)

1870 Campbell Co KY Census, p. 33 Household 225, Family 224

Taylor Kees (age 60) b. c1810 Ky.
Malinda Kees (age 55) b c1815 Ky.
John Kees (age 17) b. c1853 *Illinois
Amanda (age 14) b. c1857 Ky.

More About Taylor Kees Sr.: Burial: Kees family farm near Grants Lick, Campbell Co, Ky.

More About Taylor Sr. and Malinda Harris: marriage: June 6, 1831, Campbell Co, KY

35 viii. George Green Harris, born 1817.

23. Hezekiah Maddox (Notley Maddox4 Jr., Notley Maddox3 Sr., James Maddox2, Cornelius1 Maddocke) was born May 22, 1777 in Charles Co, MD, and died October 22, 1847 in Campbell Co, KY. He married Rhoda Harris December 26, 1801 in Maysville, Mason Co, KY, daughter of Charles Harris and Mary Green. She was born April 22, 1783 in Worcester Co, MD, and died April 30, 1851 in Campbell Co, KY.

Notes for Hezekiah Maddox:

Hezekiah Maddox b. May 22, 1777, in St. Mary's, later Charles Co, Md. married Rhoda Harris on Dec. 26, 1801, in Maysville, Mason Co, Ky. She was one of two sisters who had emigrated from Worcester Co, Md., probably with the William Noble family abt. 1800. Rhoda was a daughter of Charles and Mary Green Harris who was b. Apr. 22, 1783, in Worcester Co Md. She died April 30, 1851, in Campbell Co Ky. Hezekiah Maddox died Oct 22, 1847, and both are buried at Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Grant's Lick, Campbell Co, Ky.


1. "Snowhill Remembered: A History of the Harris Family of Md., Ohio, and Ky.," by Richard E. Stevens, Heritage Books, 1994.
2. "Maddox Family Records," compiled by Robert V. Landrum Wiley, Parkville, Missouri.

Children of Hezekiah Maddox and Rhoda Harris

1. Notley Maddox IV, born October 16, 1802 in Mason Co, KY; died December 7, 1886 in Campbell Co, KY. He married Theodosia Caldwell October 8, 1824 in Campbell Co, KY; born February 27, 1807 in Campbell Co, KY; died December 7, 1884 in Campbell Co, KY. Burial: Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Grant's Lick, Campbell Co KY; Theodosia Caldwell buried Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Grant's Lick, Campbell Co KY
2. Tabitha R. Maddox, born 1804.
3. Violette Maddox, born 1805.
4. Nancy Ann Maddox, born January 27, 1810.
5. Charles H. Maddox, born December 20, 1811 in Campbell Co, KY; died December 11, 1904 in Campbell Co, KY. He married Mary Frances Winston June 13, 1848 in Campbell County, KY; born June 3, 1824 in Campbell Co, KY; died October 14, 1905 in Campbell Co, KY. Buried Alexandria Cemetery, Campbell Co, KY Mary Frances Winston:  buried Alexandria Cemetery, Campbell Co, KY
6.  Elijah Maddox, born 1813.
7. Mary Maddox, born 1815.
8. Kitturah Maddox, born 1817.
9. Elizabeth Maddox, born 1819
10 William Maddox, born 1821.

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