Ninth Street United Methodist Church

Weddings 1943-1977


Information comes from record book of the Ninth Street United Methodist Church at the Campbell County Historical & Genealogical Society in Alexandria.  Book #7150-2007-0099. Submitted 20 Aug 2011

Unless otherwise stated, all licenses came from Campbell County and marriages were at the Church in Newport

m-marriage date


ACKERMAN, Lorina Belle to Clay J Dunn m-31 May 1945

AKERS, Rose Marie to James E Lloyd m-15 Apr 1944

ALBERS, Eileen to Wm Brinker m-29 Mar 1958

BAKER, Charles to Myrtle Barker m-11 Mar 1944

BARCHEVSKI, Albina to Robert Young m-15 Sep 1945

BARKER, Myrtle to Charles Baker m-11 Mar 1944

BARNACLO, Gloria Mae to Corp. Ernest Daniel b-12 Feb 1944

BEDELL, Randall Keith to Sharon Winzig m-10 Mar 1977

BENNETT, Thomas to Donna Nelson m-22 Dec 1960

BILLINGS, Albert to Shirley Dreyer m-12 Oct 1960

BLACK, Thomas H to Dora F South m-9 June 1945 (license from Kenton Co)

BLAZER, Paul to Flora Salley m-25 Mar 1944

BLESSING, Gary to Betty Greer m-30 Sep 1961

BONNIVILLE, Alice to Lloyd Fry m-7 May 1945

BONNIVILLE, Russell to Grace M Pangburn m-27 Nov 1944

BRADFORD, Harold D to Cora Sue Brown m-5 Mar 1960

BRANDENBURG, Betty to Thomas Perkins m-5 Sep 1964

BRAUNWERT, Carol (nee Brinkman) to William Franklin Thompson m-8 Mar 1968

BRAVARD, Rita to Roy Brinegar m-18 Mar 1967

BRINEGAR, Roy to Rita Bravard m-18 Mar 1967

BRINKER, Wm to Eileen Albers m-29 Mar 1955

BROWN, Cora Sue to Harold D Bradford m-5 Mar 1960

BROWN, Roland to Ina Miller m-2 Dec 1964

BUSH, Shirley to Mark Sensel m-23 Oct 1965

CAMPBELL, George C to Gladys B Lane m-8 Mar 1969

CARROLL, Steven to Kathy Manning m-11 Oct 1969

CLARK, Elma Jean to Trevor W Ling m-26 June 1961

COLES, Shirley M to John F Keller m-22 June 1968

CONLEY, Dennis Lee to Sybil Roark m-22 Mar 1965

CRANK, Emma to Wade P McIntosh m-6 Mar 1970

CROMER, James V Jr. to Phyllis J Sheard m-8 Mar 1969

CROSBY, Ruth to William Huningbake m-20 Feb 1960

CRUZE, Harold Nolan to Pearl Mary Racke m-3 Mar 1945

DAININGER, Jennifer to Stanley W Markey m-21 June 1969

DANIEL, Corp. Ernest to Gloria Mae Barnaclo m-42 Feb 1944

DOOLEY, John Edward to Margaret Carolyn Thompson m-13 July 1969

DREYER, Joseph E to Darlene M Ripsberger m-14 June 1954

DREYER, Shirley to Albert Billings m-12 Oct 1960

DUNN, Clay J to Lorina Belle Ackerman m-31 May 1945

EASTON, Hobert to Lilly May Howe m-13 Mar 1944

EVERALLS, Brent W to Norma Jean Thomas m-5 Dec 1959

FAUSZ, Dennis J to Susan E LeForce m-31 May 1970

FLEMING, Earl Mason to Rosemary L Mulford m-17 May 1969

FLOYD, Dolores J to Prentice Harrison m-20 Oct 1968; license from Kenton Co

FOSTER, Doris Faye to Clarence Herfurth m-18 May 1944

FRONK, Gale to Leo Simon m-26 Aug 1967 at St Paul's Episcopal Church by John P Stork

FRY, Lloyd to Alice Bonniville m-7 May 1945

GEE, Elbert C to Virginia Sullivan m-3 Jan 1945

GETZ, Raymond Lee to Mary Sue Williams m-11 Apr 1959

GOODRICH, Paul A to Wanda M Woolley m-30 Aug 1945

GREER, Betty to Gary Blessing m-30 Sep 1961

GRIFFIN, Mattie to Homer McMahon m-22 Oct 1959

GRONECK, E Bertram to Walter P Messmer m-17 Mar 1945

HARRISON, Prentice to Dolores J Floyd m-20 Oct 1968; license from Kenton Co

HARSHBARGER, Berlin S to Evelyn Meyer (no marriage date, but license came from City of Richmond Indiana)

HEDGER, Sandra Louise to Bernard Jack Leuter m-11 Apr 1964 at the bride's home in Ohio; license from Warren Oh

HENDRIX, Laura B to Leroy C Sensel m-30 Dec 1961

HERFURTH, Clarence to Doris Faye Foster m-18 May 1944

HOWE, Lilly May to Hobert Easton m-13 Mar 1944

HUNINGBAKE, William to Ruth Crosby m-20 Feb 1960

HUTCHINSON, William E to Barbara Scholz m-9 May 1959

INGERMAN, Julie Mae to Walter Newsock m-1 Sep 1967 at the Liberty EUB Church; license from Montgomery Oh

INGRAM, William Carl to Wilma Ruth Manning m-27 Dec 1944

JAYSON, Judith L to Jack D Stevison m-26 Jan 1961

KEENE, Kennison to Virginia Racke m-25 Dec 1943

KELLER, John F to Shirley M Coles m-22 June 1968

KING, Carolyn A to David F Yaeger m-4 Nov 1961

KING, Elizabeth Frances to James Alva Roberts m-19 June 1944

KIRBY, Zilpah M to Frank Wilgus m-18 June 1945

KRAMER, Roberta Marie to Charles Lee Rush m-23 Dec 1967

LACEY, Ronald to Barbara Revel m-6 Sep 1959

LANE, Gladys B to George C Campbell m-8 Mar 1969

LAUTER, Bernard Jack to Sandra Louise Hedger m-11 Apr 1964 at the bride's home in Ohio; license from Warren Oh

LEFORCE, Susan E to Dennis J Fausz m-31 May 1970

LE MONTE, Mary M to John Vosick m-15 Mar 1945

LILES, Coy to Patricia Ann Reagan m-12 Aug 1961

LING, Trevor W to Elma Jean Clark m-26 June 1961

LLOYD, Jame4s E to Rose Marie Akers m-15 Apr 1944

MANNING, Cynthia Lee to Richard A Straus II m-31 May 1976

MANNING, Kathy to Steven Carroll m-11 Oct 1969

MANNING, Wilma Ruth to William Carl Ingram m-27 Dec 1944

MARKEY, Stanley W to Jennifer Daininger m-21 June 1969

MESSMER, Walter P to E Bertram Groneck m-17 Mar 1945

MEYER, Evelyn to Berlin S Harshbarger (no marriage date, but license came from City of Richmond Indiana)

MCINTOSH, Virgil to Dempsey Turner m-26 June 1945

MCINTOSH, Wade P to Emma Crank m-6 Mar 1970

MCINTOSH, Walter M to Mae Marie Mullins m-11 Apr 1959

MCMAHON, Homer to Mattie Griffin m-22 Oct 1959

MILLER, Ina to Roland Brown m-2 Dec 1964

MILLER, Paul Lee to Helen K Morgan m-22 June 1968

MONIACK, Charles J to Bessie Moore m-11 Aug 1965

MORGAN, Helen K to Paul Lee Miller m-22 June 1968

MORTON, Laura to Rev Walter Racke m-3 July 1944

MULFORD, Rosemary L to Earl Mason Fleming m-17 May 1969

MULLINS, Mae Marie to Walter M McIntosh m-11 Apr 1959

MULLINS, Wanda Jean to William D Sprague m-19 Sep 1959

NELSON, Donna to Thomas Bennett m-23 Dec 1960

NEWSOCK, Walter to Julie Mae Ingerman m-1 Sep 1967 at the Liberty EUB Church; license from Montgomery Oh

OLIVER, Carol to Andy Saufy m-12 June 1966

PANGBURN, Grace M to Russell R Bonneville m-27 Nov 1944

PERKINS, Thomas to Betty Brandenburg m-5 Se4p 1964

PERRY, Jean to Charles Racke m-2 July 1966

PRITCHARD, Blake Walter to Mrs. Alice Sarah Staley m-19 May 1945 (license from Kenton Co)

RACKE, Charles to Jean Perry b-2 July 1966

RACKE, Pearl Mary to Harold Nolan Cruze 3 Mar 1945

RACKE, Virginia to Kennison Keene m-25 Dec 1943

RACKE, Rev Walter to Laura Morton m-3 July 1944

REAGAN, Patricia Ann to Coy Liles m-12 Aug 1961

REVEL, Barbara to Ronald Lacey m-6 Sep 1959

RIPSBERGER, Darlene M to Joseph E Dreyer m-14 June 1954

ROARK, Sybil to Dennis Lee Conley m-22 Mar 1965

ROBERTS, James Alva to Elizabeth Frances King m-19 June 1944

RUSH, Charles Lee to Roberta Marie Kramer m-23 Dec 1967

SALLEY, Flora to Paul Blazer m-25 Mar 1944

SAUFY, Andy to Carol Oliver m-12 June 1966

SCHEILBLY, Merle to Laurena Weber m-18 Dec 1965

SCHOLZ, Barbara to William E Hutchinson m-9 May 1959

SEAX, Raymond H to Dorothy L Webster m-2 July 1967

SENSEL, Leroy C to Laura B Hendrix m-30 Dec 1961

SENSEL, Mark to Shirley Bush m-23 Oct 1965

SHARP, Carl to Brenda Sue Hill Webb m-27 Nov 1965

SHEARD, Phyllis J to James V Cromer Jr. m-8 Mar 1969

SIMON, Leo to Gale Fronk m-26 Aug 1967 at St Paul's Episcopal Church by John P Stork

SOUTH, Dora F to Thomas H Black m-9 June 1945 (license from Kenton Co)

SPRAGUE, William D to Wanda Jean Mullins m-19 Sep 1959

STALEY, Mrs. Alice Sarah to Blake Walter Pritchard m-19 May 1945 (license from Kenton Co)

STEVISON, Jack D to Judith L Jayson m-26 Jan 1961

STRAUS, Richard A II to Cynthia Lee Manning m-21 Aug 1976

STULL, Darrell to Linda Webb m-17 Dec 1977

SULLIVAN, Virginia to Elbert C Gee m-3 Jan 1945

THOMAS, Norma Jean to Brent W Everalls m-5 Dec 1959

THOMPSON, Margaret Carolyn to John Edward Dooley m-13 July 1969

THOMPSON, William Franklin to Carol Braunwert (nee Brinkman) m-8 Mar 1968

TURNER, Dempsey to Virgil McIntosh m-26 June 1945

VOSICK, John to Mary M Le Monte m-15 Mar 1945

WEBB, Brenda Sue Hill to Carl Sharp m-27 Nov 1965

WEBB, Linda to Darrell Stull m-17 Dec 1977

WEBER, Laurena to Merle Scheillby m-18 Dec 1965

WEBSTER, Dorothy L to Raymond H Seax m-2 July 1967

WILGUS, Frank to Zilpah M Kirby m-18 June 1945

WILLIAMS, Mary Sue to Raymond Lee Getz m-11 Apr 1959

WINZIG, Sharon to Randall Keith Bedell m-10 Mar 1977

WOOLLEY, Wanda M to Paul A Goodrich m-30 Aug 1945

YAEGER, David F to Carolyn A King m-4 Nov 1961

YOUNG, Robert to Albina Barchevski m-10 Sep 1945


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