Ninth Street United Methodist Church



Information comes from record book of the Ninth Street United Methodist Church at the Campbell County Historical & Genealogical Society in Alexandria.  Book #7150-2007-0099. Submitted 1 Sep 2011



Anderson, Robert J d-1 May 1969; br-5 May in Evergreen
Austin, Albert Wm d-27 Dec 1944; br-30 Dec in Evergreen

Ballman, Edward H d-19 Sep 1961; br-14 Sep
Bell, Joseph F d-7 Jan 1968; br-11 Jan in Evergreen
Blagg, Pfc Patrick E d-12 Apr 1969 (shot in Vietnam) br-25 Apr in Evergreen
Blesi, Emma Elsie d-16 Oct 1967; br-19 Oct in Spring Grove in Cincinnati
Bogart, Viola a-92y; d-5 Jan 1958; br-9 Feb in Evergreen
Brown, Mary L d-22 Jan 1961; br-25 Jan in Evergreen
Brown, Mrs. Roland (Daisy) d-2 Nov 1963; br-6 Nov in Evergreen
Butler, Edith d-19 Feb 1960 (auto accident) br-23 Feb in Evergreen
Butler, James C d-20 Feb 1962; br-23 Feb

Campbell, George d-28 Nov 1968; br-2 Dec in Alexandria
Conley, Ellen d-1 Feb 1962; br-5 Sep
Cora, Kelly d-19 Nov 1956; br-23 Nov in New Albany Indiana

Dailey, Charles F Sr. d-20 FEb 1965; br-23 Feb in Evergreen
Delph, Edlen Lucian d-10 Nov 1960; br-15 Nov in Evergreen
Deneman, Baby d-16 Nov 1943; br-18 Nov in Evergreen
Dewald, John d-26 Sep 1960; br-29 Sep in Evergreen

Edwards, J T d-27 Dec 1943; br-30 Dec in Evergreen

Fisher, Florence d-27 July 1957; br-31 July in Evergreen

Greer, Rame d-8 Oct 1959; br-12 Oct in Evergreen
Groneck, Charles d-16 Dec 1944; br-18 Dec in Evergreen

Hammer, Clarence E d-7 June 1960; br-10 June in Evergreen
Harvey, Herman d-4 Feb 1944; br-5 Feb in Evergreen
Hasse, Mrs. Charles (Emma) d-15 Dec 1964; (stroke) br-18 Dec in Evergreen
Herthel, Mrs. Marie d26 Feb 1945; br-1 Mar in Hiland
Hillgardner, Ruth d-20 Aug 1977; br-23 Aug in Evergreen
Hillgardner, Wesley W d-14 Aug 1977 (cancer) br-17 Aug in Evergreen
Hutchinson, William d-7 June 1968; br-11 June in Alexandria

Keller, John d-13 Apr 1944; br-16 Apr in Summerville Oh
Kenney, Mrs. Walter (Ora) d-31 Jan 1968; br-2 Feb in Persimmon Grove
Kidders, Betty d-6 Oct 1959; br-9 Oct in Ashland KY
Kindred, Frank K d-22 Sep 1960; br-24 Sep in Baltimore Pike Cemetery

Landy, Casper C d-25 Oct 1963; br-29 Oct in Evergreen
Lipscomb, Earl a-76y; d-21 June 1958; br-24 June in Evergreen
Lucas, Rosina C d-14 Jan 1970; br-17 Jan in Evergreen
Lyman, Mrs. Joseph (Pearl) d-2 Apr 1969; (cancer) br-4 Apr in Evergreen

Maegly, Julie Ann d-27 Apr 1962; br-3 Apr
Maegly, Quinton d-20 Sep 1964; (stoke) br-22 Sep in Highland Cemetery
Maegly, Quinton d-2 Aug 1969; br-5 Aug in Highland
Manning, Mrs. Clarence (Viola) d-25 Sep 1968 (cancer) br-28 Aug in Alexandria
Martin, Mrs. Laura d-18 Mar 1944; br-21 Mar in Evergreen
Martin, William d-25 Feb 1964 (cancer) br-28 Feb in Evergreen
McBride, Lydia Marie d-24 Oct 1961; br-28 Oct
McKenzie, Jessie d-13 July 1961; br-26 July
Messmer, Emma d-5 June 1957; br-8 June in Evergreen
Messmer, Lawrence d-22 Nov 1977; br-26 Nov
Messmer, Mrs. Lilly d-3 Dec 1944; br-6 Dec in Evergreen
Messmer, Mrs. Walter d-14 Oct 1944; br-17 Oct in Evergreen
Messmer, William d-19 Jan 1965; (blood clot) br-22 Jan in Evergreen
Mills, Mrs. Anna d-6 Sep 1965; br-9 Sep in Evergreen
Monieck, Mrs. John Frank Moore (Bessie) d-18 June 1976 (stroke) br-21 June inEvergreen
Moore, George Bill d-17 Oct 1943; br-20 Oct in Evergreen
Moore, Mrs. Geo d-18 Nov 1943; br-20 Nov in Evergreen
Moore, Mrs. d-14 Mar 1944; br-17 Mar in Walnut Hills Oh
Moose, Frank John d-20 Dec 1956; br-29 Dec in Evergreen
Morgan, Cpl Charles E wounded in action 25 Feb 1945; br-18 Mar 1945 somewhere in Holland
Morgan, Owen d-22 Oct 1960; br-25 Oct in Evergreen
Morgan, Mrs. Owen (Pearl) d-22 Mar 1967; br-25 Mar in Evergreen

Nelson, Mrs. J d-18 Oct 1943; br-21 Oct in Evergreen

O'Connor, Ella R d-1 May 1961 (stroke) br-3 May in Evergreen

Price, Robert d-9 Apr 1944; br-11 Apr in Evergreen

Racke, Fred d-17 May 1977 (cancer) br-20 May in Alexandria
Reynolds, Harold d-20 May 1967; br-24 May in Sabina Oh
Roberts, George K d-29 Dec 1960 (exposure) br-5 Jan 1961 in Evergreen
Runge, Ada d-20 Feb 1961 (stroke) br-23 Feb in Evergreen
Runge, John S d-23 Oct 1959; br-26 Oct in Evergreen

Sandor, Chester L d-27 Feb 1959 br-3 Mar in Evergreen
Scheibly, Ethel d-29 Aug 1967; br-1 Sep in Evergreen
Scheibly, Robert L d-4 Mar 1959 (suicide) br-7 Mar in Alexandria Cemetery
Schott, Sarah K d-15 June 1966; br-18 June in St Stevens (sic)
Scott, Joseph d-28 June 1967; br-1 July in Taylor Mill KY
Sensel, Charles Sr. d-24 July 1969; br-27 July in Persimmon Grove
Sensel, Edward d-26 July 1958; br-29 July in Evergreen
Smeltz, Jack W d-17 Dec 1968; (accident at work) br-20 Dec in Alexandria
Smeltz, John W d-16 Feb 1968; br-20 Feb in Alexandria
Smith, Carl d-22 Jan 1944; br-25 Jan in Evergreen
Smith, Francis "Frank" H d-7 Aug 1960 (stroke) br-10 Aug in Floral Hills
Spence, Beverly Ann d-25 Feb 1966; br-18 June in Baltimore Cemetery in Cincinnati
Spicer, James a-93y; d-4 May 1958; br-7 May in Evergreen
Spreher, Alvin d-5 Feb 1944; br-5 Feb in Pittsburgh PA
Strine, Max d-30 May 1965; br-3 June in Evergreen
Strine, Mrs. Max d-__ June 1965; br-10 June in Evergreen

Utz, James O d-6 Apr 1961; br-8 Apr in St Stephens

Warren, Miss Gladys d-24 Feb 1944; br-27 Feb in Portsmouth Oh
Webb, Chester L d-27 Feb 1959; br-30 Feb in Evergreen
Webb, John C d-1 Nov 1964 (fall) br-4 Nov in Evergreen
Weber, Arthur Frederick d-29 Jan 1976 (stroke) br-22 Jan in Sadieville KY
Williams, Bessie C d-28 Feb 1970; br-3 Mar in Evergreen
Winter, Jenny d-20 Sep 1963 (stroke) br-24 Sep in Evergreen
Winters, Wm d-17 Jan 1944; br-20 Jan in Evergreen
Woods, Joseph d-16 July 1965; br-20 June in Evergreen
Worthington, Mrs. Edith d-7 July 1969; br-10 July in Evergreen
Wrigglesworth, Jennie Ethel d-17 July 1958; br-19 July in Asbury Cemetery

Youtsy, Mrs. J d-11 Sep 1943; br-14 Sep in Evergreen


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