Newport City Government

Newport City Government


City Government

William H Harton, Mayor
David R Lock-Marshal
E E Bowers, Treasurer
Albert Tell Root, City Attorney
Leroy R Hawthorn, Clerk
B R Morton, Engineer
Henry Weber, Jr. Wharfmaster
S Solar Jr. Weigher & Measurer
John Schwartz, City Jailor
B R Morton, Supt. Water Works
Henry Braun, Market Master
District Physicians-R A Dameron, F A Davis, L A Bennett

Board of Councilmen

1st Ward-James S McLane, George H Bishop
2nd Ward-W Nair, William B Steinheim
3rd Ward-Thomas Kennon, M Betz
4th Ward-George Tippenhauer, William Rodenberg
5th Ward-Joseph Weingartner, Jonathan H Speckman
6th Ward-E H Whittlessey, Charles Stemler

Board Police Commissioners

W K Boal
Henry Huser
R G Shinkle
David R Lock
 Chief Thomas H Cottingham, Lieut.

Water Works Trustees

T A Widrig
Henry Fisher
James Thomas
B R Morton, Supt. L R Hawthorne, Secretary

School Department

W H Waters-President
W H Jones-Superintendent
A T Wiles-Supt. From 1 Sep 1878
Richard F Walsh-Secretary
J B Lock-Treasurer

Members of Board of Education

1st Ward-Paris C Brown, E E Wood
2nd Ward-James Wallace, T Bowers
3rd Ward-W C Dunkhorst, Henry N Healey
4th Ward-W K West, Charles Shelow
5th Ward-H Ebert, John R Anderson
6th Ward-T B Youtsey, Frank Smith

Location of School Buildings

Seminary Building-North side of Bellevue between Monmouth & Saratoga Streets
Central Avenue Building-East side Central Avenue south of Madison street
York Street Building-South end of York Street
Ringgold Street Building-South side of Ringgold west of York

Church Directory

First Baptist Church-south side Bellevue St b Washington & Saratoga
First German Baptist Church-southeast corner Jefferson & Columbia
Christian Mission Church-worships in Haymanís Hall,
southwest corner Monmouth & Madison
St. Paulís Church-south side Ringgold b York & Monmouth
St. Johnís Church-southeast corner Mayo & Columbia
United Brethren Church-south side McArthur b Central & German
First Presbyterian Church-west side Columbia b Madison & Jefferson
Congregational Church-southeast corner York & Ringgold
Grace Methodist Episcopal Church-north side Jefferson b Monmouth & Saratoga
German Methodist Episcopal Church-southeast corner Mayo & Orchard
Taylor Street Methodist Episcopal Church-south side Taylor b Monmouth & Saratoga
St. Johnís Protestant Independent Church-northeast corner Central & McArthur
St. Paulís Church-Southgate b York & Columbia
Union Bethel Church-southeast corner Madison & Washington
Church of Corpus Christi-north side Chestnut b Patterson & Isabella
St. Stephenís Church-northeast corner Harris & Saratoga
Church of the Immaculate Conception-south side Madison b Central & Columbia

Officers Newport Cemetery

Joseph Morledge-President
John B Lock-Secretary & Treasurer
James Brown-Sexton


Thomas Gideon
George Pagan
P H Wilson
Jacob Hawthorne
Edward Air

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