Newport City Directory

Newport City Directory




Wackman Fred. shoe mkr h 101 Saratoga
Waebel Geo. tailor, h e s Isabella b McArthur and Ringgold
Waggoner John B. carp h w s Columbia b McArthur and Ringgold
Wagner Adam, blksmith, 171 Monmouth
Wagner B. blksmith, h e s John b Tibbatts and Williamson
Wagner Elliott, lab h 2 Walnut
Wagner Henry, blksmith, bds 171 Monmouth
Wagner Henry, tailor, h n s Elm b Brighton and Lowell
Wagner Paul, lab h w s Monmouth b Harris and Tibbatts
Wagonfield Jacob, cabinet mkr h 26 Madison
Wahle John, molder, h 137 Orchard
Wahle John, lab h 112 East Row
Waldau Adolph, soldier, h 97 Mayo
Waldbillig John, lab h n e c Lowell and Locust
Waldenmeyer Adolph, book-keeper, h 227 York
Waldman Jacob, cutter, h s s Tibbatts b Ann and Cabot
Waldo J, carp h 143 Monmouth
Walker George M. mate, h 28 Columbia
Walker J. bds 145 York
Walker Mrs. M. widow, h n s Bellevue b Cabot and Columbia
Walker Mary, widow, bds 186 Madison
Wallace ___, carp h Rickey
Wallace Alex. painter, h 59 Monmouth
Wallace Wm. h e s Monmouth b Harris and Tibbatts
Wallin Wm. saddler, h 91 Orchard
Wallbelly John, lab wks Swift's Rolling Mill
Walls L. molder, h n s Front b Saratoga and East Row
WALSH A. B. Carpenter and Builder, n w c Cabot and James alley; h 55 Madison
Walsh James, liquors, h s w c Madison and Saratoga
Walsh M. C. foreman, h e s Isabella b Bellevue and Taylor
Walsh P. grocer, s w c York and Eglantine; h 105 Madison
Walsh P. groceries, n w c Madison and Cabot
Walsh R. F. clk h 105 Madison
Walt Casper, lab h 12 Rickey
Ward George, h 170 York
Ward James M. harness mkr h 13 Saratoga
Warenke Henry, newspaper carrier, h 43 Mayo
Waring Robert, cotton batting manuf s w c Eglantine and East Row; h w s East Row b Ringgold and Harris
Warren Wm. B. carp h 137 Saratoga
Wasser Catherine, widow, h 91 Rickey
Waterhouse Henry, pattern mkr h n w c Cabot and Lewis
Waterhouse Thos. lab h w s Monmouth b Bellevue and Madison
Waterman Elizabeth, widow, h 74 Jefferson
Waters Mrs. Ellen, h n w c Cabot and Eglantine
Watkins Chas. mate, h 73 Columbia
Watt Mrs. Mary A. h n w c Monmouth and Tibbatts
Watters Ann, widow, h 114 Bellevue
Watters Chas. shoe mkr bds Mrs. M. Walker's
Watters Enoch, currier, h 3 Saratoga
Watters Thos. shoe mkr bds Mrs. M. Walker's 
Watters Wm. H. Gen'1 Agent Adams Express, h 97 Monmouth
Wayland Francis H. clk h 139 Ringgold
Weak John, shoe mkr h n w c Saratoga and Mayo
Weanseng Fred. h 46 McArthur
Wear Marshall, mate, h 66 Walnut
WEAVER ADAM, Barber Shop and Hair Dressing Saloon, n e c York and Taylor
Weaver Adam, h 39 Isabella
Weaver Adam, huckster, h n e c Elm and Lowell
Weaver Adam, lab h n s Madison b Hubbard and Licking River
Weaver Adam, lab h n s Madison w of Hubbard
Weaver Caroline, widow, h n w c Goodman and Brighton
Weaver Godfrey, pattern mkr h 46 Madison
Weaver Henry, lab h s s Elm b Brighton and Lowell
Weaver Jacob, lab h n w c Goodman and Brighton
Weaver John, lab h 127 Monmouth
Weaver Michael, tailor, h 10 Rickey
Weaver Martin tailor, h 59 Chestnut
Webber Chas. tailor, h w s Putnam b Williamson and Liberty
Weber Chas. h 132 Saratoga
Weber Henry, cabinet ware, 20 Jefferson; h 92 Isabella
Weber Henry, lab h 11 Saratoga
Weber Hubbard, tailor, h 213 John
Weber Mrs. M. E. h 12 Rickey
Weber Nicholas, lab h n s Todd b Cabot and Columbia
Weber Mrs. P. h 7 Saratoga
Weber Wm. painter, h s e c Bellevue and Cabot
WEBSTER F. M., Attorney at Law, Office s e c York and Bellevue, up stairs; h 145 Madison
Wedderstrand T. fancy goods, h 116 Eglantine
Wedsell Anthony, locksmith, h 159 Saratoga
Wehner John, lab h 83 Rickey
Weichman John, porter, h 276 York
Weiderholt Joseph, whitewasher, h 57 Chestnut
Weiland Powell, tailor, h 91 Isabella
Weiler Barney, dray, h 36 Chestnut
Weingartner Joseph, carp h e s Monmouth b Tibbatts and Williamson
Weinold Henry, finisher, h 118 Saratoga
Weippert Jacob, bakery, s w c Columbia and Bellevue
Weise John, h 115 Cabot
Weis1ing D. lab h s e c Patterson and Locust
Welch Ann, widow, grocer, e s Columbia b Williamson and Liberty
Welch J. M. teamster, h e s Putnam b Williamson and Liberty
Welling Barney, lab h n s Locust b Brighton and Lowell
Wellinger Lorenz, cabinet mkr h 107 Orchard
Wellner A. At. clk bds 84 Bellevue
Wells Taylor, pilot, h 123 Madison
Welsch Louis, tailor, h 14 Walnut
Welsh James, shoemkr h 63 Monmouth
Welsh James, lab h e a Putnam b Williamson and Liberty
Welsh Joseph P. boiler mkr h 186 Front
Welsh Michael, stone mason, h n s Southgate b Isabella and Moss
Welsh Thomas, stone mason, h s s Southgate Isabella and Moss
Wemieher Andrew, lab h 16 Robert
Wenderoth John, lab h 148 Front
Wendt Fred. blksmith, h 234 York
Wendt Fred., jr. clk bds 234 York
Wendt Henry, clk bds 234 York
Wendt Henry, blksmith, h 128 Monmouth
Wendt M. porter, h w s Rickey b Mayo and Ringgold
Wentworth Samuel, carp h 26 Chestnut
Wenzel Wm. watchman, h 61 Columbia
Wenzler John, tailor, h s s McArthur b Cabot and German
Wertz Mrs. R. h 33 Ann
Wesderman Ciriac, carp bds Farmers' Exchange
Wesley John , book-keeper, h 104 Columbia
Wesley Peter, roller, h s s Elm b Brighton and Lowell
Weyer Henry, grocery, 48 Chestnut
Whaley John, teamster, h 41 Rickey
Wheeler Mrs. G. widow, h w s Putnam nr Harris
Wheeler Geo. boiler, wks Swift's Rolling Mill
Wheeler Geo. P, agent, b 79 Madison
Wheeler Wm. lab h n w c Cabot and Eglantine
Whip Geo. W. tailor, h n s Bellevue nr Licking Bridge
White Mrs. C. grocery, 39 Taylor
White Miss K. teacher, s s Taylor b Cabot and Columbia
White James, bds Mrs. P Fawcett's
White Rev. James, h 245 York
White John, boiler mkr h 251 York
White Wm blksmith, h 94 Bellevue
Whitney Peter, molder, h e s Front h Saratoga and East Row
Whittemore Thos. clk h 75 Rickey
Whitten Chas. engineer, h 7 Monmouth
Whitten Sumner, engineer, h 213 Madison
Whittington Nancy, widow, h 61 Rickey
Whitton Hiram, hostler, wks E. H. Morin & Co's
Whitton Jane, widow, h 58 Monmouth
Whitton Richard, bar keeper, h 58 Monmouth
Whitton Wm. carp h 58 Monmouth
Wicker Wm. M. carp h 215 Madison
Widrig T. A. (T. A. W. & Co.) h 66 Cabot
WIDRIG T. A. & CO., (T. A. W. & David Hengelbrok) Dealers in Flour and Feed, e s York b Bellevue and Madison
WIEBE WM. H. Boot and Shoe Manufacturer, e s Monmouth b Jefferson and Mayo
Wiegler Christian, millinery, 119 Monmouth
Wiese & Buning, (Henry A. W. & John F. B.) stable and undertakers, 99 York
Wiese Henry A. (W. & Buning) h 18 Jefferson
Wiese Wm. G. clk h 18 Jefferson
Wiesman Joseph, blksmith, h n s Chestnut b Patterson and Isabella
Wiggeringloh Edward, carp h e s Hubbard b Bellevue and Madison
Wightman Rev. James, h 149 York
Wigston Wm. mason, h S Robert
Wild C. painter, h e s Ann b Harris and Tibbatts
Wilhelm Christian, whitewasher, h s s Chestnut b Isabella and Patterson
Wilkemeier Herman, blksmith h 11 Rickey
Wilkins S. steward, h 67 Monmouth
Wil1iams C. porter, bds 144 Madison
Williams Henry, lab h n s Harris b Brighton and Lowell
Williams J. B. salesman, h 220 Madison
Williams John, engineer, h 116 Bellevue
WILLIAMS T. H., Confectionery and Ice Cream Saloon, 51 York
Williams Wm. bds James Ewan's
Williams Wm. F. varnisher, h 96 Mayo
Williams Wm. H, mechanic, h s e c Saratoga and Taylor
Williamson Capt. John A. (Air & W.) h 166 Madison
Williamson L. lab h w s Columbia b McArthur and Ringgold
Williamson Robert, lab h s s Eglantine b Monmouth and Saratoga
Williamson Mary, widow, h 9 Monmouth
Wilson Catherine, widow, h s s Elm b Brighton and Lowell
Wilson H. O. agt h 44 Monmouth
Wilson Isaac, teamster, h 232 York
Wilson Joseph, h 85 Madison
Wilson P. H. carp s s Southgate b York and Monmouth, h 61 York
Wilson Thomas h. carp h 59 Madison
Wimpe Wm. blksmith, h 21 Robert
Windoffer Geo. h s s Locust b Brighton and Patterson
Windram Thos. gardener, h n s Sandy Lane e of East Row
Windsor John, carp h 7 Mayo
Winkler & Co. (Fred. W & Conrad Theobald) blksmiths, w s Monmouth b Ringgold and Harris
Winkler Frederick, (W. & Co.) h 206 Bellevue
Winston David A. clk h 51 Rickey
Winston John, grocer, h 88 Columbia
Winston Mary, widow, h s s Taylor b Monmouth and Saratoga
Winters Wm. lab h 15 Robert
Wirsing August, gunsmith, h 10 Todd
Wise Henry, grocer, h 18 Jefferson
Wise Michael, cigars and tobacco, 103 and 105 York
Wise R. T. (Shearer & W.) h s e c Ringgold and Saratoga
Wise Samuel, h n w c Moss and Southgate
Wise Wm. tinner, bds 18 Jefferson
Witherspoon James, molder, h 80 East Row
Witherwick Richard, wire worker, h s s Madison b York and Monmouth
Woeber Amos, blksmith, h 42 Madison
Wolf Daniel, (C. Wolf & Co.) res Cincinnati
Wolf Mary, widow, h al e of East Row and s of Front
Wolf 5imon, lab h 69 Mayo
Wolfel John, finisher, h 66 Walnut
WOLFF D. Proprietor Newport Iron Works, n s Front b Kilgour and River, h 114 Front
Wolfhart John, carp w s Cabot b Todd and McArthur
Wood Alfred C. clk h 136 Monmouth
Wood Fred. gas fitter, bds 144 Madison
Wood James, Jr. painter, 125 York, h 70 East Row
Wood Joseph, painter, h n s Harris b York and Monmouth
Wood Samuel, painter, h s w c Ringgold and Columbia
Wooden John, lab h al s of Front and e of East Row
Woodin Joel, cook, h 68 Walnut
Woodin Mary, widow, h 68 Walnut
Woods Joseph, lab bds 280 Front
Woods Joseph, Jr. lab bds 280 Front
Woods Robert, lab h 26 Madison
Woodside Alex. foreman, h 92 1/2 Madison
Woodside James, bds 53 Madison
Woodworth B. B. Britannia ware wkr h 8 Monmouth
Woodward Harvey, bricklayer, bds Mary Woodward's
Woodward Mary, widow, h 90 East Row
Worcester Henry, carp h 10 Mayo
Worcester Joseph, engineer, h 89 Rickey
Worth Jacob, packer, h 135 Monmouth
Worthington Andrew, lab h 92 Mayo
Worthington James A. lab h n e c Goodman and Patterson
Worthington Mrs. L. h n s Taylor b Monmouth and Saratoga
Worthington Wm. lab bds 98 Orchard
Worthland Capt. T. h 11 Columbia
Wosson Clinton, stereotyper, h n s Ann s of Ringgold
Wright Rebecca, h 131 York
Wright Wm. L. books, &c. b 64 Front
Wrightson Thos printer, h s w c Taylor and Monmouth


Yenger Matthew, lab h n s Locust b Isabella and Patterson
YOUNG CHARLES, Tool Turning Shop, u s Walnut b Isabella and Patterson
Young Charles J. book-keeper, h 152 Eglantine
Young M. P. lab h s s Southgate b Cabot and Isabella
Yung Philip P. tailor, wks Mauget & Kotyk's
YUNGBLUT J. R. Dealer in Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals, Paints Oil, Varnishes, &c., n e c York and Bellevue, h 156 Bellevue


Zenner John, molder, h e s Monmouth b Tibbatts and Williamson
Zilch Paul, shoe mkr h 16 Todd
Zimmer Anthony, lab h 58 Walnut
Zimmer Frank, cigar mkr h 251 York
ZIMMERMAN JACOB, Saloon, s w c Bellevue and Isabella
Zoeller August, h 66 Mayo
Zolles George, teamster, h 59 Robert
Zouk Mrs. T. widow, h 111 Madison

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