Newport City Directory

Newport City Directory




Taaffe Geo. shoe mkr h 61 Walnut
Tabke Anthony, lab h 80 Robert
Talieferro H. L. ice dealer, bds Mrs. F. M. Parker's
Taney James, umbrella mkr res Peter Taney's
Taney Peter, umbrella mkr e s York b Eglantine and Taylor
Tapke Wm. blksmith, h s e c Isabella and Walnut
Tapking Henry H. boiler, h s w c East Row and Ringgold
Tattmaer George, stone mason, h 37 Mayo
Taylor B. F. lumber, h e s York b Jefferson and Mayo
TAYLOR BROS. (James & John B.) Bankers and Exchange Dealers, w s York b Madison and Bellevue 
Taylor James, (T. Bros.) res James Taylor's, Sr.
Taylor James, Jr. h e s East Row opposite Taylor
Taylor John, book-keeper, h 177 York
Taylor John B. (T Bros.) res James Taylor's, Sr.
TAYLOR JOHN & SON, (John T. & Benj. F. T.) Dealers in Sash, Doors, Blinds and all kinds  of Lumber, n e c Monmouth and Ringgold
Taylor L. J. h 175 York
Taylor Thomas, engineer, h 55 McArthur
Taylor William, engineer, h 100 Bellevue
Taylor William, lab h e s Saratoga b Madison and Jefferson
Teders Richard, sawyer h s s Ringgold near East Row
Tedrow George, harness mkr bds Reuhen Tedrow's
Tedrow James, book binder, bds Reuben Tedrow's
Tedrow John, molder, h 45 Eglantine
Tedrow John, molder, h 64 Saratoga
Tedrow Reuben, clerk, bds 6 Monmouth
Tedrow Reuben, molder, h 212 Bellevue
Teichmiller Conrad, h n w c Ringgold and German
Teichmoeller George, dry goods, 60 Bellevue
Tenger Benj. shoe mkr h 19 Rickey
Tennebeck Anthony, lab h w s Hubbard b Bellevue and Madison
TERRELL W. G. Capitalist, h 99 Jefferson
Tessler Jack, lab h 119 Monmouth
Teters Richard, lab h s s Ringgold b Robert and East Row
Teufel Leo, lab wks Wolff's Rolling Mill
Teutchman Elizabeth, widow, h 108 Saratoga
Thadeick Barney, blksmith, h s s Bellevue b Moss and Hubbard
Theele Geo. (T. &; Ortmann) h w s Cabot b Madison and Todd
Theele & Ortmann, (Geo. T. & John B. O) carps w s Cabot b Madison and Todd
Theil Michael, blksmith, h al s of Front and e of East Row
Theis Caroline, widow, h 45 Madison
Theis Charles, machinist, h 237 York
THEIS CHARLES, Dealer in Hats, Caps, Straw Goods, Gents' Furnishing Goods, &c e s York opposite Odd Fellows' Hall
Theis Herman, cabinet mkr h 13 Rickey
Theis Jacob, engineer, h e s Patterson b Locust and Elm
Theise H. H. grocer, h 248 York
Theiseng Catherine, widow, h 40 John
Thel Michael, lab wks Swift's Rolling Mill
Thene Joseph, tailor, h 56 Chestnut
Theobald Conrad, (Winkler & Co.) res Covington
Theobald Peter, groceries, s e c York and Tibbatts
Thistelwait James, belt mkr h 110 Saratoga
Thoburn Stephen, book-keeper, bds Mrs. J. P. Meek's
Thoma Charles, lab h n e c Elm and Lowell
Thoma John, saloon, 40 Madison
Thomas Capt. Albert, h 43 Front
Thomas Charles, h n s Williamson b York and Orchard
Thomas Harvey, shoe mkr h e s Monmouth b Liberty and Williamson
Thomas James, lab h w s Putnam b Tibbatts and Harris
Thomas John, clerk, h 82 Madison
Thomas John C. bricklayer, h e s Cabot b Tibbatts and Williamson
THOMAS JOHN J. h 167 York
Thomas Morgan, boiler, h n s Locust b Brighton and Lowell
Thomer G. tailor, h 19 Saratoga
Thompson Jacob, tent mkr h n s Madison w of Hubbard
Thompson James, book-binder, 449 Columbia
Thompson Major James, h 91 Taylor
Thompson James M. sail mkr h n w c Walnut and Isabella
Thompson Job, bricklayer, h 132 Columbia
Thompson William, h 65 Saratoga
Thompson William, carpenter, h 67 Saratoga 
Thornton Alfred, tobacconist, h 112 Front
Thornton Edmund, ice dealer, bds Griffin Thornton's
Thornton George A. h 13 Columbia
THORNTON GEORGE W. Physician and Surgeon; Office and Residence, 12r Bellevue b York and Columbia
Thornton Griffin, farmer, h n s Sandy Lane e from East Row
Thornton James, ice dealer, bds Griffin Thornton's
Thornton Milton, coppersmith, h 127 Front
Thornton Robert H, student, bds George W. Thornton's
Thale Henry, shoe mkr h 48 Rickey
TIBBATTS JOHN W. Dealer in Fancy and Staple Groceries, n e c York and Madison, h s w c Monmouth and Front
Tiberghein Samuel, mail carrier, h n e c Cabot and Madison
Tiemerding Herman, varnisher, h e s John s of Williamson
Tilsley Henry, carp h e s Isabella b McArthur and Ringgold
Timberlake Henry C. h 120 Bellevue
Timms Albert, student, bds Mrs. M. Perry's
Timms J. C. student, bds Mrs. M. Perry's
Tinker Frederick, engineer, h s s Goodman b Brighton and Lowell
TIPPENHAUER GEORGE, Brick Yard, s s Goodman b Isabella and Patterson; also Undertaker, 51 Walnut
Tippery Nicholas, lab h s s Front b Kilgour and River
Tocher John, grocer, 226 York
Todd Robert, h s s Front, b Columbia and Cabot
Tolle Wm. clk h 64 Cabot
Tork Anton, tailor, h e s Hubbard b Bellevue and Madison
Tougher James, lab h w s Columbia b Williamson and Liberty
Towner Elizabeth, widow, h 69 Rickey
Townsend Robert, painter, bds 43 Jefferson
Townsend Thos. (Dixon & T) bds 43 Jefferson
Trainer John, bds E. Eames'
Traitmann Sebastian, rag dealer, h e s German b McArthur and Ringgold
Trappe Wm. butcher, h 212 Monmouth
Trar Wm. lab h s s Front b Saratoga and East Row
Tresise T. foreman, h 94 Cabot
Trimmer Peter, cigar mkr h 145 Monmouth
Trommer Chas. cigars, &c., 23 York
Trout John, lab wks Swift's Rolling Mill
Troy James, mate, h 85 Rickey
Troy Thos. molder, bds 226 Front
Truman Gilbert, tailor, h s s Bellevue b Isabella and Moss
Trustman Thos. lab h n s Locust b Brighton and Lowell
Tucker James, lab h 106 East Row
Turner Chas. bookseller, bds Samuel Turner's
Turner Harrison, collector, h 113 Front
Turner Samuel, bookseller, h 86 Columbia
Turner Rev. Wm. h 104 Monmouth
TURNER'S HALL, Jacob Bold, Manager, 134 Orchard
Tuszmeir Henry, fireman, h n s Walnut b Lowell and Licking River
Tuttle E. blksmith, h 14 Jefferson
Tyler James H. porter, h n s Taylor b Monmouth and Saratoga



Uetz John, boiler mkr h s s Elm b Brighton and Lowell
U1m Philip, lab h s s Goodman b Brighton and Lowell
Ulrich Wm. tailor, h e s German, b McArthur and Ringgold
Umstetter Lorenz, boiler mkr h 106 Orchard
United Brethren Church, s s McArthur b Cabot and German
United States Barracks, river bank and Licking River
Utz Joseph, boots and shoes, e s Monmouth b Madison and Jefferson
Utz Thomas, furniture, h 109 Monmouth


Van Bibber Dr. James, h w s East Row b Harris and Ringgold
Van Burkalow F. engineer, h 18 Rickey
Vandervort S. B. engineer, h s w c Ann and Ringgold
Vauduzen Chas. M. pattern mkr h 138 Monmouth
Van Duzen E. W. brass foundry, h 92 Ringgold
Vanfleet John, molder, h 153 Front
Vaughan Daniel, carp 149 Madison; h 21 Isabella
Vaughan David, carp h e s Isabella b Bellevue and Taylor
Vaughan Geo. W. carp n e c York and Eglantine
Venables Robert, h 96 Mayo
Vickman Mrs. C. widow, h 100 Monmouth
Vickman Wm. bds 100 Monmouth
Vidal Francis P. cooper, h 72 Madison
Vine James, clk h 118 East Row
Vine James Scott, clk bds 118 East Row
Vine John, clk bds 118 East Row
Vogel Jacob, cooper, bds Farmers' Exchange
Vogel Martin, wagon mkr bds Madison House
Vogt John, cartman, h 140 Saratoga
VOLL REV JOHN, Pastor Church Corpus Christi, n s Chestnut b Patterson and Brighton
Voltz Jacob, barber, bds Henry Haag's
Voss Thomas, lab h 286 York
Voth John P. furniture, n s Bellevue nr Licking Bridge
Voyce Geo. h 87 Madison
Vusmeyer H. foreman, wks Livezey's Saw Mill

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