Newport City Directory

Newport City Directory




Jaap Geo. blksmith w s Monmouth b Ringgold and Harris
Jackson Andrew, clk bds Mrs. C. Jackson's
Jackson Mrs. C. widow, h n s Todd b Cabot and Columbia
Jackson Chas. carver, h 91 Mayo
Jackson John P. h n e c Monmouth and Taylor
Jacob George, carp h 151 Front
Jaeger M. painter, h w s Columbia b McArthur and Ringgold
James Daniel, h n s Southgate b Saratoga, and East Row
James John, driver, res Daniel James'
Jamestown and Brooklyn Omnibus Office, s e c York and Front
Jarvis J. scissors grinder, h 58 Saratoga
Jarvis R. O. carp h 102 Cabot
JEFFERSON STREET BREWERY, John Butcher, Proprietor, 6 and 8 Jefferson
Jeffries Rev. Peter H. h 173 York
Jenkins L. G. clk h 134 Monmouth
Jennings Martha, fancy goods, s e c Taylor and Monmouth
Johnson L. A. pattern mkr h 71 Richey
Johnson Mrs. C. h 31 Columbia
Johnson George, lab h 222 Monmouth
Johnson Jesse, lab h 56 Chestnut
Johnston George L. steamboat agent, h s s Madison b Cabot and Columbia
Johnston J. R. druggist, h 56 Robert
Johnston John, boiler, h n e c Elm and Patterson
Johnston N. M. steamboat agent, h 67 Columbia
Johnston Wm. boiler mkr h 104 Cabot
Johnston Wm. clk h e s John s of Williamson
Johnston Wm. engineer, h 14 Todd
Johnston Wm. hospital steward, U. S. Barracks
Jolly Wm. h n w c Monmouth and Tibbatts
Jones A. J. book-keeper, h 120 Front
Jones & Carnahan, (Thos. L. J. & Wallace C.) attys w s York b Bellevue and Madison
Jones Chas. J. florist, h n e c Ringgold and Columbia
Jones D. D. heater, h n s Locust b Brighton and Lowell
Jones Elizabeth, widow, h 186 Madison
Jones Harvey, painter, h 25 Rickey
Jones John L. engineer, h 59 Madison
Jones John S. clk bds 186 Madison
Jones Joseph, blksmith, h 129 York
Jones Thos. L. (J. & Carnahan) res Jones' Hill
Jones Wm. catcher h 111 Madison
Jones Wm painter, h 20 Rickey
JONES WM. H., Dealer in Family Groceries, Liquors and Sutler's Goods, 45 Cabot
Joshua, Joseph, lab h s s Eglantine b Monmouth and Saratoga
Joyce Maggie, widow, h e s Moss b Bellevue and Southgate
Justice Wm. H. H, millinery, bds 68 Front


Kaft August, lab h 36 McArthur
Kahlar John, cabinet mkr h 143 Front
Kalbfleisch Conrad, sawyer, h 87 Walnut
Kalbfleish Henry, musician, h 81 Madison
Kammerer Margaret, widow, h w s Isabella b Bellevue and Southgate
Kamping Mrs. H. h 80 Columbia
KANAWHA & OHIO COAL CO., Dealers in Coal, Office 24 York; J. N. Caldwell, Agent
Kane Foster, mate, bds 208 Madison
Kane Michael, lab h e s Ann b Tibbatts and Williamson
Karey Daniel, shoe mkr h 14 Columbia
Karney Patrick, lab h s w c Elm and Isabella
Kasmann Henry, tailor, h w s Hubbard b Bellevue and Madison
Kavanaugh C. W. atty w s York b Bellevue and Madison
Kearney John, finisher, h n e c Madison and Moss
Kearns Lawrence, blksmith, s w c East Row and Front; h s s Ringgold b Roberts and East Row
Keatly Henry, lab h 10 Rickey
Keen John, h 249 York
Keeney F. H. pattern mkr h 46 Robert
Keho Dennis, lab h n s Bellevue b Cabot and Isabella
Kehrwald Caroline, widow, h n s Elm b Brighton and Lowell
Kehugh John, lab bds Madison House
Keiser M. J. deputy County Clerk, h s s Front b York and Monmouth
Keim Geo. lab h 23 Rickey
Keim Louisa, widow, h 93 Rickey
Keller Nicholas, h 126 Saratoga
Kellinger Anthony, s w c Jefferson and Saratoga
Kelly Cieiley-, widow, h s w c Elm and Isabella
Kelly Edward, lab wks Swift's Rolling Mill
Kelly John, lab h 282 Front
Kelly Michael, bricklayer, h e s Columbia b Williamson and Liberty
Kelly Patrick H. blksmith, h 43 Eglantine
Kelmer Jacob, tailor, h 52 McArthur
Kelsey A. lab wks Swift's Rolling Mill
Kelsey A. real estate agent, h 78 Monmouth
Kelsey Curtis, fireman, h 30 Cabot
Kelty Elizabeth, widow, h s s Locust b Brighton and Lowell
Kemper P. A. C. book-keeper, h 60 Monmouth
Kennedy Chas. lab h 43 Cabot
Kennedy Owen, lab h 70 Walnut
Kennedy Patrick, liquors, h 18 Saratoga
Kenney Alex. h 67 Walnut
Kenniston Capt. James, h 42 Monmouth
KENTUCKY MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO., Office, No. 2 Odd Fellows' Building, Dr. J. C. Beck, President
Kernich Wm. H. bricklayer, h e s Ann b Tibbatts and Williamson
Kesel Mary, widow, h n e c John and Tibbatts
Kessler August, lab h 141 Ringgold
Kettenker Michael, tailor, h w s Putnam b Williamson and Liberty
Kettier Barney, tailor, h n s Walnut b Lowell and Brighton
Kettle, Geo. R. tailor, h  67 Walnut
Kettring, Jacob, lab h 146 Ringgold
Keuper Joseph, tailor, h 72 Walnut
Keuthan Henry, tailor, h 269 York
Kevett Henry, carp h 60 Walnut
Keweler John, lab h al s of Front and e of East Row
Kidd Robert, h 4 Todd
Kierwald Chas. finisher, h s s Goodman b Brighton and Lowell
Kilck Jacob, (Schmitt & K.) h e s Robert b Mayo and Ringgold
Kilp John, cigar mkr h n s Todd b Cabott and Columbia
Kilp Wm. cigar mkr h n s Todd b Cabot and Columbia
King A. J. h 93 Taylor
King Christopher, lab h s e c Isabella and Walnut
King John, lab h s w c Elm and. Isabella
King John, lab h s s Bellevue b Moss and Hubbard
Kinnen Thos. sheet iron worker, bds Edward Atkinson's
Kinney Alex. knobler, wks Swift's Rolling Mill
Kinsala James, mechanic, h w s Columbia b Tibbatts and Williamson
Kinslaa Edward, lab h s s Goodman nr Lowell
Kinslaa, John, helper, h s s Goodman b Brighton and Lowell
Kion John, mate, h 53 Rickey
Kipp Louis, tailor, h n s Locust b Isabella and Patterson
Kirby Daniel, lumber dealer, h n w c Columbia and Taylor
Kirby J. J. lumber dealer, h n w c Colnmbia and Madison
Kirkland Joseph, riverman, h 38 John
Kissick James B. clk h 214 Bellevue
Kittenacker John, lab h 111 Front
Klaas Frank, tailor, h 124 Orchard
Klakamp Henry, lab h w s Saratoga s of Harris
Klauser Wm. lab h 200 Front
Klee Mrs. Sophia, h e s German b McArthur and Ringgold
Kleehammer Martin, brewer, bds Farmers' -Exchange
Klehammer B. boots and shoes, 149 Monmouth
Klehammer Martin, cooper, wrks Newport Brewery
Klein Geo. carp h w s Monmouth b Harris and Tibbatts
Klein I,ouis, lab h 26 Madison
Kleine Henry, tailor, h 61 Walnut
Kleinhaus Joseph, lab bds Farmers' Exchange
Klengner August, carp h s s Lewis b Cabot and Isabella
Kline A. H. marble cutter, wks Martin Schroll's
Kline F. A. h s e c Front and Monmouth
KLINE JOHN, Merchant Tailor, Clothier and Dealer in Gents' Furnishing Goods, s e c York and Jefferson, h 147 Saratoga
Kline John, teamster, h 32 Chestnut
Klosterman Joseph, confectioner, 14 Bellevue
Klotzbach Henry, stone mason, h 64 John
Knaah John A. lab h 200 Front
Knaber Wm. lab h s s Eglantine b York and Columbia
Knapp Andrew, lab h 200 Front
Knapp Mrs. M. widow, h 18 Todd
Knarr Adam, lab wks Swift's Rolling Mill
Knarr Frederick, carp h n s Elm b Brighton and Lowell
Knarr Geo. catcher, h n w c Elm and Brighton
Knarr Henry, molder, h n s Elm b Brighton and Lowell
Knarr Peter, teamster, bds Farmers'' Exchange
Knight Casemer, carpenter, h 7 Rickey
Knight George H. patent solicitor, h 56 Front
Knight Mrs. Mary, h 164 Front
Knight Samuel, patent right office, h 152 Monmouth
Knob Jacob, painter, h e s Monmouth b Madison and Jefferson  
Knoblauch Mary, widow, h 43 Rickey
Knoblock Nicholas, stone mason, h e s Ann b Tibbatts and Williamson
Knoop Peter, cabinet mkr h n s Ringgold b Cabot and Columbia
Knorr John C. cutter, h n e c York and Madison
Knox Henry, riverman, h 136 Cabot
Kobmann Fred, foreman Jefferson Street Brewery
Koch Frank, baker, h 60 Monmouth
Koch Ludwig, boiler mkr h e s Hubbard b Bellevue and Madison
Koch Michael, hostler, h 10 Rickey
Kohlman F. lab wks Livezey's saw mill
Kohn Michael, lab h e s Monmouth b Williamson and Liberty
Kohsin Valentine, finisher, h w s Moss b Bellevue and Southgate
Koll Jacob, boiler, wks Swift's Rolling Mill
Koolhofen John, tailor, 11 s w c Locust and Brighton
Koontz, Mrs. C. h 73 Columbia
Kornman Peter, barber, h 139 Monmouth
Kotyk Chas. (Mauget & K) h e s York opposite Court House
Kracksner Andrew, brewer, wks Jefferson Street Brewery
Krafer -Mrs. J. h w s East Row b Harris and Ringgold
Kraft August, lab h 30 McArthur
Kramer Henry, tailor, h 80 Columbia
Kratz Leonard, turner, h n s Madison b Isabella and Moss
Krause Rev. August, bds Jacob Ernst's
Krause Herman, tailor, h w s Cabot b Madison and Todd
Krenholz Nicholas, lab h n s Goodman b Brighton and Lowell
Kreutz Zachariah, shoe mkr wks William H. Wiebe's
Kriege Martin, lab h 220 Front
Krieger George, cabinet mkr h e s Ann n of Ringgold
Krieger Henry, saloon, s e c Bellevue and Hubbard
Krift George, lab wks Swift's Rolling Mill
Kriger Martin, lab wks Swift's Rolling Mill
Krindle Franz, upholsterer, h 18 Madison
Krull Frederick, tailor, h 92 Bellevue
Kruse Henry, dry goods, 152 Monmouth
Kruse Joseph, whitewasher, h 11 Jefferson
Kruse Rudolph, engineer, h 128 Saratoga
Kuehnle Philip, finisher, bds Farmers' Exchange
Kuglen Magdelane, widow, h 40 Cabot
Kuhlman John T. lab h n e c Lowell and Locust
Kuhn -Michael, lab wks Newport Brewery
Kunk George, lab h 85 Robert 
Kuntz Jacob, boiler mkr h s w e Patterson and Locust
Kurre Martin, dry goods, h 56 Columbia


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