Newport City Directory

Newport City Directory




Haag Henry, barber shop, n e c York and Jefferson
Haake G. T. engineer, h 106 Columbia
Haas Adam, tailor, h 123 Cabot
Habbel Henry, saloon, s e c Bellevue and Columbia
Habbel John, clk bds s e c Bellevue and Columbia
Habbel Joseph, tailor, 25 Robert
Habbel Mary, widow, h 56 Chestnut 
Haberbush Andrew, shoe mkr h 26 Madison
Hadellmeyer Anthony, teacher, h 179 Saratoga
Haebe Chas. (Hoffman & H) h w s York b Bellevue and Madison
Haefner Conrad, tailor, h n s Mayo b Monmouth and Rickey
Haegele Gottlieb, finisher, bds Farmers' Exchange
Hafner Sylvester, tailor, h 27 Rickey
Hagerman Henry, lab h 93 Mayo
Hagerman Joseph, lab h 18 Madison
Hagerty Henry, bricklayer, h 28 Rickey
Hanerty John, bricklayer, h 319 Madison
Hahn Chas. tailor, h 38 McArthur
Hahu Michael, molder, bds 236 Front
Haib Peter, carp h 145 Saratoga
Haidkernp Herman, tailor, h 57 Walnut
HAINSWORTH, Mrs. JAMES, Dealer in Stoves and Holloware, and Manufacturer of Tin, Copper, and Sheet Iron Ware also Tin Roofing, s e c York and Madison
Hainsworth Miss L, teacher, h s e c Madison and York
Hainsworth Mary E. widow, h e s John s of Williamson
Haley Fred. cab mkr h n s McArthur, b Cabot and Columbia
Hall Mrs. D. h 16 Columbia
Hall Daniel, guide roller, wks Swift's Rolling Mill
Hall Elizabeth, widow, h 64 Madison
Hall John R. carp h 114 Saratoga
Hall Samuel B. carp h 65 Columbia
Hallam Chas. clk h 48 Taylor
Hallam H. C. deputy Clerk Circuit Court, h 256 York
HALLAM JAMES R,, Attorney at Law, Office w s York b Bellevue and Madison; h 256 York
Hallam T F, (Hodge & H.) h 256 York
Ham Edward, h 92 Madison
Hamilton John, hostler, h 118 Cabot
Hammel Jacob, cooper, h 87 Walnut
Hammel Philip, sawyer, h n s Ringgold b York and Monmouth

Hampson John, hatter h w s Ann b Harris and Tibbatts
Hanselman Jacob, barber; h s s East Row nr Front
Hanshew Mrs. M. h w s East Row b Taylor and Southgate
Hanzemann August, cutter, h 146 Saratoga
Harcourt Joseph T. block mkr h 222 Madison
Hardegg Wm., wine mer h 280 York
Hardin Wm. DT engineer, h 96 Saratoga
Hardison Ann, widow, h n s McArthur b Cabot and Columbia
Hare Geo. B, solicitor, h e s Cabot b Madison and Todd
Harefort Wm. finisher, h 92 Orchard
Harmeier Frederick, lab h 59 Walnut
Harrigan Peter, watchman, h s s Goodman w of Lowell
Harrington Dennis, tailor, h w s East Row b Eglantine and Taylor
Harris Chas. C. constable, h 189 Madison
Harris E. 13. clk bds n s Bellevue b York and Monmouth
Harris George, bds 60 Monmouth
Harris J. h 60 Monmouth
Harris John, roller, bds Ann Evans
Harris Mrs. K. widow, h 170 York
Harris N. C. railroad agent, h c a York b Front and Eglantine
Harris Miss R M. millinery, 98 Bellevue
Harris Wm. fireman, h s w c East Row and Bellevue
Harrison John, molder, h 190 Front
Harrison Joseph, molder, h 29 Saratoga
Harrison Wm. H. carriage painter, h w s York b Front and Eglantine
Hart Edward, h n s Mayo b Saratoga and Robert
Hart Stephen P, Britannia dealer, h 6S Front
Hartgens Arnold, tailor, h 59 Walnut
Hartman Henry, brewery, e s Putnam b Williamson and Liberty 
Hartmann Joseph, tailor, h s s Locust b Brighton and Lowell
Harton Wm. H. clk Gaylord's Foundry
Hartwig Peter, engineer, h c s York b Madison and Jefferson
Harvey Benjamin, molder, h 112 Monmouth
Harvey Chas. watchman, h 15 Rickey
Hastings James, dray h e s Moss b Bellevue and Southgate
Hauck Adam, carp h 91 Richey
Haunert Frank, tailor, h n s Locust b Brighton and Lowell
Hausner Henry, carp h n s Harris b York and Monmouth
Haveler Fred. bds 226 Front
HAWKINS & BODEN, (E. W. H. & Wm. B.) U. S. Military Claim Agents, s e c York and Bellevue
HAWKINS E. W., Attorney at Law, Office s e c York and Bellevue; h e s York b Ringgold and Harris
Hawthorn ____, h 66 Monmouth
HAWTHORNE L. R, Secretary United L., F. & M. Ins. Co., bds s s Taylor b York and Columbia
Hay Jacob, lab. bds John s of Williamson
Hay James, finisher, h 68 Walnut
Hay Jennette, widow, h 109 Orchard
Hay John, cab mkr h 109 Orchard
Hay John J. book-keeper, h 18 Columbia
Hayden Ebern, molder, h al s of Front and e of East Row
Hayman G. M. bds 47 Taylor
HAYMAN G. FRANK, (R. H. Hayman & Bro.) h s s Taylor b York and Monmouth
Hayman Mrs. M. widow, h 47 Taylor
Hayman Perry, bricklayer, bds Mrs. M, Hayman's
HAYMAN R. H. & BRO. (Richard H H &. G. Frank H.) Dealers in Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, Notions, &c:, s w c Madison and Monmouth
HAYMAN RICHARD H., (R. H. H. & Bro.) h 195 York bet Harris and Ringgold
Hayman Robert, bricklayer, h 182 Bellevue
Hayman Stephen, messenger, h 69 Rickey
Haynes J. Russ, physician, 26 Jefferson
Hays David, plasterer, h 55 Saratoga
Hays James, h 148 Bellevue
Hays James, molder, h w s Cabot b Bellevue and Southgate
Hays Patrick, carp h n w c Cabot and Eglantine
Hays Samuel, butcher, h c s John s of Williamson
Hecking Anton, dry goods, s w c Jefferson and Saratoga
Hegeman Henry, lab h al s of Front and e of East Row
Hehman G. packing boxes, s w c Chestnut and Brighton
Hehman Wm. tailor, h 30 Chestnut
Hehmann Bernard, grocery, n e c Walnut and Brighton
Heil Magnus, tailor, h 124 Monmouth
Heileman George, lab 109 Saratoga
Heilemann John B. shoe mkr h 71 Walnut
Heilman Ludwig, brewer, wks Jefferson Street Brewery
Heiln Andrew, lab h 28 Robert
Heimrod Adolph, printer, g c c Williamson and Ann
Hein Anthony, lab wkd Wolff's Rolling Mill
Heinen George, porter, h 52 Madison
Heintinger Henry, butcher, h 181 Monmouth
Heintz Chas. physician, h 123 Monmouth
Heisch George, saloon, 109 Monmouth
Heise Henry, whitewasher, h 8 Rickey
Heisler Henry, shoe mkr h 63 Walnut
Heisler Mary, widow, h 93 Mayo
Heisler Mary, h n e c York and Madison
Heitmeier Arnold, porter, h 123 Ringgold
Held Henry, scale mkr h 122 Orchard
Helk Michael, molder, h s s Front b Saratoga and East Row
Heller Fred. h s s Rickey b Mayo and Ringgold
Heller Vincent, trader, h n w c Front and Saratoga
Helm Elizabeth, widow, h 53 Robert
Helm H. D, deputy sheriff, office w s York b Bellevue and Madison, res country
Helmig Henry, tool mkr wks Chas. Young's
Helrigel Jerome, machinist, h 91 Madison
Henderschidt Christ. lock mhr h 89 Bellevue
HENDERSON ALEX., Local Editor Cincinnati Gazette, bds s s Bellevue b York and Columbia
Hendy Samuel, clk h s s Eglantine b Columbia and Cabot
Hengelbrok David, (T. A. Widrig & Co.) h e s Patterson b Madison and Chestnut
Hengelbrok Frank, h 51 Patterson
Henry Bartley, lab h e s Ann b Tibbatts and Williamson
Henry Charles, boiler mkr h s s Tibbatts b York and Orchard
Henry Mrs. M. h 150 Ringgold
Hense Frederick, engineer, h 62 Front
Hensing Wm. cabinet mkr h s w c Moss and Southgate
Hentz Joseph, saloon, s e c Rickey and Ringgold
Henzerleng Henry, tailor, h 128 Orchard
Hepp Charles, clerk, h 93 Rickey
Hepping Gerhard, tailor, h 67 Walnut
Herbert, Miss Fanny, millinery, 25 Jefferson
HERBERT J, F,. Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer; Office, n w c York and Southgate, h 270 York
Herbert Ludwig, book keeper, h e s York b Madison and Jefferson
Herrmann Frank, machinist, s s Mayo b York and Columbia, h 40 Mayo
Herrmann B. whitewasher, h w s Columbia b McArthur and Ringgold
Herrmann John, cooper, h 27 Walnut 
Herrmann John, h w s Monmouth b Williamson and Liberty
Herron John, boiler, bds Edward Kinslaas'
Hersman George, h 85 Ann
Hervertson Thomas, sail mkr h 230 Front
Hess Jesse, h 47 Madison
Hess Leopold, cooper, h s s Bellevue b Moss and Hubbard 
Hess Wm. cartman, h 30 John
Hetch Jacob, carpenter, h 139 Saratoga
Hetzell Newton, book keeper, bds 251 York
Heyer Frank, machinist, h 51 Robert
Heyer Sophia, variety store, s w c Cabot and McArthur, h 51 Rickey
Heyne F W, cutter, h 219 York
Hibner John N. carp h s e c Ringgold and Saratoga
Hickey Patrick, janitor, h 56 Saratoga
Hicks James, tinner, h n s Elm b Isabella and Patterson
Hifner Conrad, tailor, h 34 Rickey
Higby George R. furnace builder, h 141 Monmouth
Higgins Charles, painter, h 53 Columbia
Higham Mary, confectioner, 118 York
Hilbert Edward, finisher, h 58 Robert
Hildebrandt Frank, tailor, h 85 Walnut
Hilgartner Valentine, lab h w s German b McArthur and Ringgold
Hilker, J H, h 55 Columbia
Hill, John, tailor h 5 Robert
Hill John, musician, h w s Isabella b Bellevue and Madison
Hill Mrs. L. h e s Monmouth b Harris and Wallace
Himmelwright Joseph, clk h w s Monmouth nr Tibbatts
Hinde John D. com mer h 210 Madison
Hindmarch Mary, widow, h 24 Rickey
Hinsmann Frances, widow, h s s Chestnut b Brighton and Lowell
Hoch Ignatz, carpenter, h 9 Rickey
Hoch Jacob, lab wks Newport Brewery
Hoch Louis, wagon mkr bds Farmers' Exchange
Hodge Geo. B. (H. &; Hallam) h 15 Monmouth
HODGE & HALLAM, (George B. H. a T. F. H.) Attorneys at Law; Office, w s York b Bellevue and Madison
Hoehing George, brush mkr h n e c Mayo and York
Hoff Antony, barber, bds Adam Weaver's
Hoff Benedict, saloon, w s Monmouth s of Liberty
Hoff & Buchanan, (Bernard H. & Samuel E. B.) bill posters, 57 York
Hoffman Geo. b k h n w c Williamson and John
Hoffman Geo. (H. & Haebe) h n w c John and Harris
Hoffman & Haebe, (George .H. & Charles B) stoves, &c., w s York b Madison and Bellevue
HOFFMANN H. JACOB, Wine and Lager Leer Saloon, 100 Madison
Hoffman Henry, book-binder, h 39 Ringgold
Hoffman John, lab h 78 Robert
Hoffmeister Charles, finisher, h 176 Saratoga
Hohnteister Philip, tailor, h 111 Saratoga
Holland Henry, clerk, h 106 Madison
Holland Mary, widow, h 106 Madison
Hollenbeck Mrs. D. widow, h w s Putnam near Harris 
Holler Joseph, engineer, h 74 Walnut
HOLLINGSWORTH A,, Commercial College, e s York b Bellevue and Madison, res Covington
Ho11is Augustus F. clerk, res Frederick Hollis'
Hollis Frederick, landscape gardener, h n s Bellevue b Licking River and Moss
Hollis J. W. heater, 62 Madison
Hollman Mrs. K. millinery, e s Monmouth b Madison and Jefferson
Holmes Geo. B. carp h 234 Monmouth
Holt Benjamin, oysters, bds 36 Mayo
Holt Wm. grocer, h 36 Mayo
Holzen Henry, shoe mkr h w s Ann b Williamson and Liberty
Honeyman Rebecca, widow, bds 43 Cabot
Houditz John, sawyer, h 41 McArthur
Hooper J. bds 200 York
Hooper Thos. W. clk n e c York and Madison, bds John W Tibbatts'
HOOPLE GEORGE D, Superintendent Memphis & Cincinnati Packet Co. h 126 York
Hoops Geo. lab wks Swift's Rolling Mill
Hoops John, feed, 157 Monmouth
Hoover John, wagon mkr wks 171 Monmouth
Hopkins William E. h 280 Front
Hord Ellen, widow, h w s Isabella b Bellevue and Southgate
Hord Martin V. engineer, res Ellen Hord's
Horn Joseph N. Professor of Music and Leader U. S. Band, h n s Taylor w of Cabot
Horn S. tailor, 59 York
Horner Isaac N. (Lock & H) h 146 Monmouth
Horning George, grocer, 57 Columbia
Hornsman Andrew, grocer, 210 York
Horrop George, stone setter, h 72 East Row
HORSFALL & BUCHANAN (Jonathan H. & Charles P. B.) Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers, Office 57 York
HORSEFALL JONATHAN, City Jailor, and (H. & Buchanan) res at Jail on Court House Square
Hossenwinkel Henry, shoe mkr h n s Tibbatts b Putnam and Columbia
Hough Charles, piano tuner, h 101 Madison
Housemann Lawrence, tailor, h w s Putnam b Tibbatts and Harris
Housman Henry, tobacco dealer, h s s Bellevue b Cabot and Isabella
Houston W. C. dry goods, h 202 York
Houter John, lab h w s Saratoga s of Harris
Hovey Mrs. R candy store, 121 York
Howard ___, lab bds 280 Front
Howard James R. clk h 20 Todd
Howatt George R. machinist, h s e c Mayo and Saratoga
Howatt John, blksmith, h 195 Madison
Howatt Robert, carpenter, h 105 Saratoga
Howe Ann, widow, h w s Saratoga b Harris and Tibbatts
Hoyer John, finisher, h n s Tibbattts b Putnam and Columbia
Hover John C, lab h 35 Ringgold
Hubbard Jane, widow, h s a Goodman b Isabella and Patterson
Hubbard, L T. sup't Public Schools, h 116 Columbia
Hubbell E. coal dealer, h 202 York
Hubber James, machinist, h w s Putnam b Williamson and Liberty
Huher Frederick, lab h s e c Patterson and Locust
Huber Mrs. J. h e s Saratoga b Mayo and Ringgold
Huber John, mechanic, h 84 Rickey
Hubig Catherine, widow, h 136 Saratoga
Huck Elizabeth, widow, h 62 John
Hudelmeyer Anthony, teacher, h e s Saratoga b Ringgold and Harris
Hudson Thomas, brass finisher, h 119 Orchard
Hudson William, painter, h 161 Madison
HUEGELE A. & F., (Anthony & Frank) Flour, Feed and Grain Dealers, 103 Monmouth
Huegele Anthony, (A. & F. H) h 101 Monmouth
Huegele Frank, (A & F. H.) h 101 Monmouth
Huelsman August, tailor, h 28 Chestnut
Hues Richard, lab h w s Saratoga b Tibbatts and Williamson
Hughes Enoch, roller, h 143 Eglantine
Hughes James, dray, h 190 Madison
Hummel Jacob, h e s Moss b Bellevue and Southgate
Hummel Philip, sawyer, h n s Ringgold b York and Monmouth
Hundemer John, saloon, 34 Chestnut
Hundepohl Barney, tailor, h 83 Walnut
Hunter James C. carpenter, h 73 Mayo
Hunter Mrs. Mary h 43 Eglantine
Huntman Conrad, lab h 20 Robert
Huser Henry, boots and shoes, 94 Monmouth
Husnick Joseph, varnisher, h 135 Orchard
Hymans Thos. h 88 Ringgold


Iliff James, dry goods, h 5l Columbia
Imbus Barney, lab h 20 Robert
Imeson Francis, (I. & Moore) h n e c Madison and Moss
IMESON & MOORE, (Francis I. & Benjamin M) Marble, Limestone awl Freestone Cutters, 133 York
IMMEGART F J., Dealer in Family Groceries, Provisions, &c, s w c Bellevue and Monmouth
Inderstroth John, lab h 55 Rickey
Ingles John E. printer, h 134 Columbia
ISHERWOOD GEO. W., Residence, n s Bellevue b Isabella and Moss
Isherwood Mahala B. res n s Bellevue b Isabella and Moss

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