Newport Marriages

1907 Brides

Information comes from the original records at the Newport Courthouse and may not include all 1907 marriages.

MD-marriage date
y-years of age


ABBOTT, Jennie (21y; r-Grants Lick) to R Forester (23y; r-Dayton Ky) MD-6 June in Dayton Ky.

ACHOR, Euphina (63y; r-Wilmington Oh) to C E Hoover (68y; r-Clinton Co Oh) MD-2 May in Newport

AESCHLIMANN, Amelia (34y; r-Columbus Oh) to Ray Hough (30y; r-Newport) Md-15 Aug in Newport

AINSWORTH, Myrtle (16y; r-Bellevue) to John E Ware (21y; r-Newport) MD-21 Aug in Newport

ALBECKER, Bertha (24y; r-Newport) to Walter William Walker (27y; r-Cincinnati) MD-9 Apr in Newport

ALBECKER, Emma (27y; r-Newport) to Thomas Sprouse (34y; r-Hartwell Oh) MD-23 July in Newport

ALESHIRE, Damie M (23y; r-Wellston Oh) to Roscoe J McPherson (24y; r-Highland Oh) MD-6 Apr in Covington

ALLEN, Mrs. Nellie (31y; r-Ripley Oh) to Wm Gusweiler (48y; r-Bellevue) MD-30 June in Newport

ANDREWS, Pearl (21y; r-Cincinnati) to Edward M Kay (21y; r-Cincinnati) MD-8 June in Newport

ANDRIOT, Mary (21) to Charles Shaw (21y) MD-12 Feb

ARGANBRIGHT, Della (33y; r-Chillicothe Oh) to Byron Graves (43y; r-Chillicothe Oh) MD-29 Apr in Newport

ARMES, Zella (21y; r-Leitchfield Ky) to Geo E Bailey (21y; r-Ottawa Oh) MD-27 July in Covington

ARMSTRONG, Ella Belle (32y; r-Newport) to John J Armstrong (35y; r-Newport) MD-20 May in Newport

BAKER, Bertha L (21y; r-Springfield Oh) to Harry L Hatfield (22y; r-Springfield Oh) MD-30 Jan in Newport

BAILEY, Margaret (21y; r-Covington) to John Dewalt (25y; r-Newport) MD-27 Mar in Newport

BAKER, Hattie (22y; r-Hawthorne Ky) to Edward Beck (23y; r-Hawthorne) MD-28 Feb in Alexandria

BALLENTINE, Mabel F (18y; r-Hillsboro Oh) to John Brooks Reno (22y; r-Hillsboro Oh) MD-2 Feb in Newport

BARDO, Alice M (23y; r-Newport) to Alfred E Lux (35y; r-Detroit Mich) MD-11 June in Newport

BARR, Nellie D Lynn (24y; r-Terre Haute Ind) to Louis W Boehmer (24y; r-Newport) MD-22 Aug in Newport

BARRETT, Clara (20y; r-Dayton Ky) to Frank R Norris (22y; r-Dayton Ky) MD-4 May in Dayton Ky.

BARTLETT, Helen (19y; r-Newport) to Joseph Meiner (26y; r-Newport) MD-22 Jan in Newport

BARTLETT, Lizzie (21y; r-Portland Ind) to Frank Wagner (22y; r-Portland Ind) MD-11 Aug in Newport

BARTON, Carrie (24y; r-Cincinnati) to John La Fromboyse (24y; r-Akron Oh) MD-26 Jan in Newport

BAUER, Cecilia (19y; r-Newport) to Charles Dietz (21y; r-Newport) MD-15 June in Newport

BEAGLE, Bertha (19y; Berry Ky) to Ira Porter (23y; r-Covington) MD-31 July in Newport

BECKELHEIMER, Mary (21y; r-Moscow Oh) to Lucius L Davidson (22y; r-Batavia Oh) MD-15 June in Newport

BELL, Clara to Elmer L Haberle MD-5 June in Covington

BELL, Clara M (21y; r-Cincinnati) to John W Reynolds (25y; r-Cincinnati) MD-1 Aug in Newport

BELL, Minnie (22y; r-South Manchester Ky) to Ivan Sanders (26y; r-Vanceburg Ky) MD-15 July in Newport

BENNETT, Mary (21y; r-Cambridge Oh) to Joseph Milner (21y; r-Cambridge Oh) MD-30 Mar in Newport

BENNETT, Mary E (49y; r-Hamilton Oh) to Ernst Schmidt (46y; r-Cincinnati)  MD-16 Mar in Newport

BENNETT, Violet H (32y; r-Cold Springs) to Frank E Schooley (32y; r-Cincinnati) MD-9 July in Cold Springs

BENSON, Fern (21y; r-Bradford Oh) to Chas W Nigh (26y; r-Piqua Oh) MD-18 Feb in Newport

BENZ, Clara J (22y; r-Lima Oh) to Henry Zorzick (30y; r-Lima Oh) MD-24 Aug in Newport

BERGER, Bertha (20y; r-Cincinnati) to Earl C Evans (25y; r-Cincinnati) MD-30 Jan in Newport

BERKENKAMP, Ruby (18y; r-Cincinnati) to Herbert Doll (21y; r-Cincinnati) MD-11 Jan in Newport

BERGTHAL, Lillian A (23y; r-Cincinnati) to Chas Weinreich (25y; r-Dayton Ky) MD-31 July in Dayton Ky.

BERLING, Elizabeth (21y) to Harry Schulte (26y) MD-5 Feb

BERRY, Cecilia (47y; r-Oneonta Ky) to Sidney G Shore (45y; r-Oneonta Ky) MD-11 Apr in Newport

BERRY, Nora (21y; r-Springfield Oh) to Frank Foster (28y; r-Springfield Oh) MD-18 June in Newport

BERTER, Philomena (38y; r-Bellevue) to Bernard Kitten (32y; r-Chicago Ills) MD-20 May in Bellevue

BERTKE, Anna (28y; r-Newport) to Nicholas Federle (27y; r-Newport) MD-18 June in Newport

BERTKE, Lena (18y) to Joseph Franzen (23y) MD-7 Feb

BERTSCH, Minnie (21y; r-Miamisburg Oh) to Alois Duell (21y; r-Miamisburg Oh) MD-6 July in Newport

BESSIRE, Josephine (27y; r-Cincinnati) to William Preum (35y; r-Cincinnati) MD-19 June in Covington

BIEMAN, Adeline (57y; r-Cincinnati) to Henry Buddenbaum (57; r-Bosaz Co Mussac Ills) MD-29 Mar in Ft Thomas

BILES, Annie E (34y; r-Dayton Ky) to W K Dorsey (36y; r-Dayton Ky) MD-1 June in Bellevue

BILLOW, Jeannette (27y; r-Cincinnati) to Edward Scheland (27y; r-Cincinnati) MD-13 Feb in Newport

BINGHAM, Bessie (18y; r-Covington) to Alexander Taggart (22y; r-Union, Boone Co Ky) MD-24 Apr in Newport

BIRK, Anna (25y; r-Piqua Oh) to Carl H Weber (25y; r-Piqua Oh) MD-22 June in Newport

BIRKETT, Ida E (22y; r-Newport) to Albert H Ernst (22y; r-Cincinnati) MD-5 Feb in Newport

BITZER, Mary (40y; r-Cincinnati) to Albin Eichler (40y; r-Bellevue) MD-8 July in Bellevue

BLAISDELL, Anna (21y; r-Lawrenceburg Ind) to Everett Grubbs (19y; r-Lawrenceburg Ind) MD-10 May in Covington

BLACK, Viola (27y; r-Cincinnati) to Oscar Walter (33y; r-Cincinnati) MD-20 Aug in Newport

BLAKE, Alice B (28y; r-Newport) to Harry L Kohl (25y; r-Bellevue) MD-23 July in Newport

BLANGY, Alice L (23y; r-Cold Spring Ky) to B D Brown (24y; r-Cincinnati) MD-20 Aug in Newport

BLANK, Clara (25y; r-Newport) to Matthew H Heck (25y; r-Detroit Mich) MD-10 June in Newport

BLICK, Grace (35y) to Anthony P Auth (38y) MD-5 Feb in Newport

BLOCHER, Edna (20y; r-St Louis Mo) to Carl Miller (21y; r-St Louis Mo) MD-10 Aug in Newport

BLUM, Anna (24y; r-Newport) to James J Bryant (24y; r-Cincinnati) MD-17 June in Newport

BLUMBERG, Cora (24y; r-Dayton Oh) to Charles Tritch (25y; r-Cincinnati) MD-29 May in Newport

BOELZNER, Louisa (33y; r-Newport) to John Frederic (41y; r-Aurora Ind) MD-26 June in Newport

BOHANNON, Alice (24y; r-Newport) to Emile Brunzel (23y; r-Cincinnati) MD-22 July in Newport

BOHNERT, May (22y; r-Cincinnati) to Ephraim Smart (30y; r-Cincinnati) MD-7 Aug in Newport

BOLEY, Mrs. Louise (42y; r-Newport) to John A Brakefield (38y; r-Jamestown Ky) MD-15 Jan in Newport

BOLREY, Anna (28y; r-Cincinnati) to Andrew Kauly (30y; r-Cincinnati) MD-22 June in Newport

BOSS, Edna L (21y; r-Newport) to John Simon Jr. (22y; r-Newport) MD-10 June in Newport

BOUCHARD, Sarah (39y; r-Cincinnati) to Chas Hamburger (41y; r-Cincinnati) MD-14 Feb in Newport

BOWMAN, Lida (22y; r-Fankfort Ky) to Sidney Williamson (23y; r-Frankfort Ky) MD-28 Mar in Newport

BOWYER, Elizabeth E (26y; r-Mason Oh) to A H Crain (26y; r-Mason Oh) MD-5 Jan in Newport

BRACKIN, May (22y; r-Covington) to D C Fox (22y; r-Covington) MD-6 Apr in Newport

BRADSHAW, Ella (23y; r-Indianapolis Ind) to Edward Hinton (23y; r-Cincinnati) MD-25 Aug in Newport

BRASSINE, Odile (34y; r-Dayton Ky) to J H Maas (33y; r-Cincinnati) MD-10 Apr in Dayton Ky.

BRAUN, Christina (23y; r-Newport) to Henry A Popp (24y; r-Cincinnati) MD-15 Jan in Newport

BRECKENRIDGE, Jennie M (colored) (24y; r-Ripley Oh) to Payton Brooks (colored) (29y; r-Ripley Oh) MD-18 June in Newport

BRIDGES, Edna Earl (22y; r-Frankfort Ky) to Edwin M Dryden (27y; r-Frankfort Ky) MD-23 Apr in Newport

BRIGHTWELL, Ella (21y; r-Dayton Oh) to J T Barrett (24y; r-Dayton Oh) MD-5 Jan in Newport

BROOKS, Lizzie (colored) (32y; r-Newport) to Clay Collins (colored) (38y; r-Covington) MD-18 June in Newport

BROSMORE, Margaret (24y; r-Newport) to John Humbert (28y; r-Norwood Oh) MD-9 Apr in Newport

BROMLEY, Evelyn M (23y; r-Cincinnati) to Frank M Busby (25y; r-Chicago Ills) MD-13 July in Newport

BROWER, Myrtle (21y; r-Eaton Oh) to Perry Howard (22y; r-Eaton Oh) MD-14 Aug in Newport

BROWN, Alice (22y; r-Ludlow Ky) to Howard Byland (30y; r-Walton Ky) MD-30 Jan in Covington

BROWN, Clara (21y; r-Dayton Ky) to Henry Strull (25y; r-Dayton Ky) MD-14 May in Dayton Ky.

BROWN, Edna (21y; r-Newport) to Irvine Weireter (21y; r-Newport) MD-5 Jan in Covington

BROWN, Edna (22y; r-Morrow Oh) to John W Tucker (26y; r-Portsmouth Oh) MD-12 Aug in Newport

BROWN, Mabel B (22y; r-Newport) to J V Wenderoth (24y; r-Newport) MD-18 Apr in Newport

BROWN, Mabel C (19y; r-Newport) to Theo W Bertelsman (24y; r-Newport) MD-27 Apr in Newport

BROWN, Mollie (colored) (27y; r-Covington) to Wm Harris (colored) (32y; r-Covington) MD-1 July in Newport

BROYLES, Pearl (18y; r-Lindside W Va) to Hugh C Dillion (22y; r-Lindside W Va) MD-19 Aug in Newport

BRUCE, Jennie (21y; r-Rushville Ind) to Wesley Levi (22y; r-Rushville Ind) MD-18 Mar in Newport

BRUDER, Lena (20y; r-Cincinnati) to John Ruberry (21y; r-Cincinnati) MD-8 June in Newport

BRUSH, Elberta (18y; r-Dayton Oh) to Carl J Bauman (21y; r-Dayton Oh) MD-30 July in Newport

BRUSMAN, Elsie (21y; r-Cincinnati) to Thomas Shelton (22y; r-Cincinnati) MD-21 Feb in Newport

BUCKSHORN, Margaret May (22y; r-Cincinnati) to Harry Wolpa (21y; r-Cincinnati) MD-26 Mar in Newport

BULLOCK, Mary (26y) to Sidney C Wilson (29y) MD-18 Sep in Newport

BUNNELL, Doris (34y; r-Hamilton Oh) to Oscar L Hutchens (35y; r-Hamilton Oh) MD-24 Apr in Newport

BURCHATT, Ida (30y; r-Owlville Ky) to Raymond Horner (26y; r-Roane Co W Va) MD-23 Mar in Newport

BURGER, Nellie (18y; r-Lebanon Oh) to Thomas Shockey (24y; r-Lebanon Oh) MD-15 Jan in Newport

BURGURY, May (21y; r-Columbus Oh) to William Nidey (24y; r-Columbus Oh) MD-15 Apr in Newport

BURKART, Regina (21y; r-Cincinnati) to Joseph A Steibel (21y; r-Cincinnati) MD-19 Apr in Newport

BUSCHE, Mary (55y; r-Newport) to Nicholas Lux (54y; r-Newport) MD-17 Aug in Newport

BUSCHE, Vesta (21y; r-Dayton Oh) to Emerson Herby (21y; r-Dayton Oh) MD-14 Mar in Newport

BUSSEN, Christina (29y; r-Richmond Ind) to A B Oler (29y; r-Richmond Ind) MD-20 July in Newport

CAIN, Elsie (21y; r-Cincinnati) to Geo C Garretson (31y; r-Cincinnati) MD-17 July in Newport

CALDWELL, Emma (42y; r-Louisville Ky) to David Winemiller (37y; r-Wapakoneta Oh) MD-28 Mar in Newport

CAMERON, Rachel (19y; r-Cincinnati) to Geo S Parks (29y; r-Cincinnati) MD-23 Feb in Newport

CAMERY. Dora Alice (32y; r-Dayton Ky) to Otis Bushman (32y; r-Cincinnati) MD-4 Mar in Dayton Ky.

CAMP, Daisy (21y; r-Lancaster Oh) to Ray McKittrick (21y; r-Lancaster Oh) MD-26 Aug in Newport

CAMPBELL, Jane to Harry Woodman Neall MD-7 May in Covington

CAMPBELL, Martha (22y; r-Louisville Ky) to Geo H Whitaker (26y; r-Louisville Ky) MD-1 July in Newport

CANTOR, Ida (23y; r-Cincinnati) to Hyman Phillips (27y; r-Cincinnati) MD-4 Jan in Newport

CARGILL, Clara Louise (20y; r-Newport) to Frank D Grant (28y; r-Cincinnati) MD-14 Aug in Newport

CARR, Loretta (19y; r-Cincinnati) to Woodford Hensley ( 21y; r-Cincinnati) MD-7 Aug in Newport

CARROLL, Hazel (21y; r-Cincinnati) to Henry Helvey (27y; r-Cincinnati) MD-14 Aug in Newport

CARTWRIGHT, Bessie (21y; r-Sidney Oh) to Bert Gerhart (21y; r-Sidney Oh) MD-4 July in Newport

CATLIN, Ollie (44y; r-Piqua Oh) to John McElhadey (47y; r-Piqua Oh) MD-1 July in Newport

CEDINSKY, Jeannette (21y; r-Dayton Oh) to Max Jaffee (23y; r-Dayton Oh) MD-13 Mar in Newport

CEFALU, Gertrude (22y) to Chas Fennekol (23y) MD-12 Feb

CEURVELS, Minnie (20y) to William Riehl (20y) MD-11 Feb

CHATWIN, Mildred (21y; r-Cincinnati) to Albin Sigman (26y; r-Cincinnati) MD-29 Aug in Newport

CHESLEY, Addie L (22y; r-Columbus Oh) to Hughes T Van Ness (22y; r-Columbus Oh) MD-27 Apr in Newport

CHRISTOPHER, Lizzie (32y; r-Jamestown Oh) to M C Hendrickson (35y; r-Newport) MD-4 July in Newport

CLAFLIN, Daisy (28y) to Andrew Fischer (29y) MD-18 Dec in Newport

CLARK, Beulah (21y; r-Avey Oh) to Fremont Ginn (21y; r-Avey Oh) MD-1 Aug in Newport

CLARK, Pearl (17y; r-Newport) to Earl Bradford (22y; r-Chillicothe Oh) MD-4 May in Bellevue

CLARK, Myrtle (19y; r-Springfield Oh) to Edgar W Baker (21y; r-Springfield Oh) MD-29 July in Newport

CLEMENTS, Irene (21y; r-Greenfield Oh) to Thomas Caniff (22y; r-Greenfield Oh) MD-18 Aug in Newport

CLICK, Minnie (colored) (28y; r-Covington) to Roy Miller (colored) (25y; r-Covington) MD-3 June in Newport

CLINE, Bessie G (21y; r-Newport) to Carl W Ritter (22y; r-Cincinnati) MD-1 Aug in Covington

COLE, Maude T (26y; r-Portsmouth Oh) to J R Patterson (26y; r-Covington) MD-29 July in Covington

COLEMAN, Clara (18y; r-Cincinnati) to Carl A Wetterstroem (21y; r-Cincinnati) MD-19 Aug in Newport

COLEMAN, Josie May (25y; r-Newport) to Harry Vincent Payne (26y; r-Newport) MD-27 Apr in Newport

COLEMAN, Minnie (30y; r-Covington) to Ernest Armstrong (23y; r-Covington) MD-12 Aug in Covington

COLLINS, Lorena (21y; r-Covington) to Milton Weghorn (22y; r-Covington) MD-9 July in Newport

CONRAD, Estelle (25y; r-Cincinnati) to Wm Armand (28y; r-Cincinnati) MD-16 Apr in Newport

CONWAY, Ora (26y; r-Richmond Ind) to Fred Schroeder (26y; r-Richmond Ind) MD-12 July in Covington

COOK, Anna (27y; r-Ft Thomas) to Frank Palmer (30y; r-Ft Thomas) MD-25 May in Newport

COOK, Daisy (22y; r-Newport) to Wm G Layson (24y; r-Millersburg Ky) MD-4 July in Covington

COOK, Dora (22y; r-Lawrenceburg Ind) to Frank Wagner (27; r-Newport) MD-22 Aug in Newport

COOK, Hattie E (27y; r-Huntington Ind) to Herman Burman (32y; r-Huntington Ind) MD-17 June in Newport

COOK, Helen (22y; r-Dodsonville Oh) to Ora Hains (22y; r-Blanchester Oh) MD-24 Aug in Newport

COOPER, Margaret (23y; r-Columbus Oh) to Mart Richardson (23y; r-Columbus Oh) MD-30 Mar in Newport

CORKWELL, Madge (21y) to Forrest Putman (21y) MD-8 Feb

COX, Emma Belle (18y; r-Brown Co Oh) to T S Kincheloe (21y; r-Brown Co Oh) MD-6 May in Newport

CRAFT, Jeannette (21y; r-Dayton Oh) to Geo W Hunter (22y; r-Dayton Oh) MD-4 Mar in Covington

CUNNINGHAM, Lillian J (28y; r-Bellevue) to Edward N Air (35y; r-Newport) MD-24 Aug in Alexandria

CURTI, Rosa (22y; r-Bradford Oh) to Chester Wolfe (22y; r-Bradford Oh) MD-13 June in Newport

CURTIS, Julia (22y; r-Dayton Ky) to M D Truesdell (26y; r-Dayton Ky) MD-6 June in Dayton Ky.

CURTIS, Minnie (26y; r-Cincinnati) to J L Lust (30y; r-Cincinnati) MD-17 Jan in Newport

CURY, Maggie V (27y; r-Cincinnati) to J S Glaser (27y; r-Cincinnati) MD-28 Mar in Newport

CUSTER, Parthenia (37y; r-New Richmond Oh) to Louis Hancock (33y; r-New Richmond Oh)  MD-29 June in Newport

CYRUS, Lulu (18y; r-Columbus Oh) to George Thomas (20y; r-Columbus Oh) MD-30 Jan in Newport

DAMERON, Laura (21y; r-Dayton Ky) to Thomas C Ingram (24y; r-Toronto Canada) MD-14 Mar in Dayton Ky.

DANE, Luella (21y; r-Hamilton Oh) to William Engle (21y; r-Hamilton Oh) MD-31 Aug in Covington

DANIELS, Arthenia (24y) to Oliver Baker (28y) MD-6 Feb

DANIELS, Evaline C (23y; r-Newport) to Albert J Wesling (19y; r-Newport) MD-20 Apr in Newport

DAVIES, Elizabeth (31y; r-Newport) to Philip Huber (31y; r-Newport) MD-22 June in Newport

DAVIS, Leona (24y; r-New York NY) to C O Sawyer (39y; r-New York NY) MD-6 May in Covington

DAVIS, Lizzie (21y; r-Independence Ky) to Albert Ackman (27y; r-Independence Ky) MD-26 Aug in Covington

DAVIS, Lou M (24y; r-Newport) to John E Moloney (27y; r-Cincinnati) MD-15 Jan in Newport

DAVITT, Mabel (22y; r-Newport) to Edward Wickelhouse (22y; r-Newport) MD-3 June in Newport

DAY, Kate (10y; r-Newport) to Simon Bihl (27y; r-Newport) MD-6 July in Newport

DAY, Mollie (33y; r-Brooksville Ky) to James Hays (30y; r-Brooksville Ky) MD-18 July in Newport

DE BRULER, Edith (21y; r-Cincinnati) to John A Logan (21y; r-Madison Ind) MD-1 June in Newport

DEATLEY, Addie M (40y; r-West Union Oh) to Jonathan W Brittin (41y; r-Avondale, Cincinnati) MD-12 Jan in Newport

DEAN, Anna (22y; r-Newport) to John Shannon (25y; r-Newport) MD-1 Jan in Newport

DEAN, Anna (23y; r-Newport) to John Shannon (25y; r-Newport) MD-25 May in Newport

DEARING, May (22y; r-Zanesville Oh) to Frank Stoneburner (21y; r-Zanesville Oh) MD-25 Feb in Newport

DEITCH, Marian (32y; r-Cincinnati) to Tony Rieman (35y; r-Covington) MD-21 Aug in Newport

DEJACO, Louisa (19y; r-Ft Thomas) to Albert Bankemper (18y; r-Newport) MD-25 June in Newport

DELANEY, Melinda (colored) (27y; r-Covington) to John Smith (colored) (24y; r-Covington) MD-31 Jan in Newport

DELBAUGH, Amelia (40y; r-Marietta Oh) to Henry J Schuman (40y; r-Marietta Oh) MD-9 Jan in Newport

DELONG, Etta (28y) to Griffith L Gordon (30y) MD-27 July in Newport

DERRICK, Emma (18y; r-Newport) to Edward Hesch (25y; r-Newport) MD-6 Aug in Bellevue

DEWIRE, Alice (22y; r-Covington) to James Gerland (23y; r-Cincinnati) MD-4 May in Newport

DICKEN, Pearl (22y; r-Covington) to Sam Hudson (28y; r-Covington) MD-2 Apr in Covington

DICKERSON, Gera L (20y; r-Newport) to Clyde S Emrick (28y; r-Ft Thomas) MD-17 Aug in Newport

DIESMAN, Mary (23y; r-Newport) to Charles Bruton (23y; r-Newport) MD-29 Apr in Newport

DIGGS, Catherine E (30y; r-Philadelphia Penn) to W Edward Hoag (32y; r-Indianapolis Ind) MD-16 Aug in Newport

DILLON, Emma B (24y; r-Pittsboro Ind) to Stanley O Biggs (23y; r-West Lebanon Ind) MD-28 Aug in Covington

DITTMAN, Mary (39y) to C H Brooks (36y) MD-6 Feb

DOBBINS, Nellie (40y; r-Chicago Ills) to W H Klein (38y; r-Newport) MD-11 June in Newport

DOCTOR, Gertrude (19y; r-Dayton Ky) to Charles Schue (25y; r-Dayton Ky) MD-3 Aug in Dayton Ky.

DORSEY, Esta (21y; r-Muncie Ind) to Roy Jordan (22y; r-Muncie Ind) MD-15 Aug in Newport

DOUGHERTY, Verna (27y; r-Marion Oh) to Orley K Uncapher (21y; r-Marion Oh) MD-14 Jan in Newport

DOYLE, Mary Eva (23y) to Mark Kemper (22y) MD-11 Feb

DRENNAN, Mayme (20y; r-Bellevue) to David H Davis (25y; r-Dayton Ky) MD-25 Apr in Bellevue

DUKE, Jessie (27y; r-Covington) to Henry Anderson (37y; r-Ripley Oh) MD-5 June in Newport

DUNHAM, Sarah E (23y; r-Cincinnati) to Joseph W Dukeman (24y; r-Cincinnati) MD-19 Mar in Newport

EASTER, Stella (29y; r-Southgate) to Edward Denneman (29y; r-Newport) MD-2 Feb in Newport

EDWARDS, Fay (19y; r-Mt Washington Oh) to Arthur England (27y; r-Columbus Oh) MD-21 July in Newport

EGGLESTON, Blanche D (38y; r-Bellevue) to John R Stolworthy (45y; r-Covington) MD-31 Aug in Bellevue

EICHMAN, Katie (49y) to John F Demoss (68y) MD-15 May

EIFERT, Emma (21y; r-Newport) to John E Miller (25y; r-Ft Thomas) MD-24 Apr in Dayton Ky.

ELFERS, Marie (26y; r-Newport) to Adolph Schnier (27y; r-Cincinnati) MD-14 May in Newport

ENGEL, Sophia (30y; r-Newport) to John M Biven (28y; r-Cincinnati) MD-27 Apr in Newport

ENGLISH, Maggie (21y) to Isaac English (25y) MD-7 Oct in Dayton Ky.

ERNST, Amelia (26y; r-Newport) to John Heringer (28y; r-Newport) MD-20 May in Newport

ERNST, Julia (21y; r-Cincinnati) to William Manthey (22y; r-Cincinnati) MD-25 May in Newport

ETTERLING, Bertha (23y; r-Waits Oh) to Geo R Camp (32y; r-Covington) MD-20 July in Covington

EVANS, Estella (colored) (21y; r-Covington) to Harry Mitchell (colored) (21y; r-Covington) MD-11 Jan in Newport

EVANS, Hazel (22y; r-Indianapolis Ind) to Roscoe Dadison (22y; r-Indianapolis Ind) MD-14 May in Newport

EVANS, Lucille (21y; r-Cincinnati) to T F Cooper (24y; r-Urbana Oh) MD-21 Apr in Newport

EVANS, Sarah J (25y; r-Seymour Ind) to John S Hoskins (23y; r-Seymour Ind) MD-16 May in Newport

EVERHART, Lida A (55y; r-Jonesboro Ind) to W H Campbell (68y; r-Jonesboro Ind) MD-19 Mar in Newport

EVERS, Clara (21y; r-Cincinnati) to F J Steinmetz (23y; r-Cincinnati) MD-21 Feb in Covington

EVITTS, Bessie (21y; r-Union City Ind) to Omar Gittinger (22y; r-Union City Ind) MD-12 June in Newport

FARMER, Minnie (35y; r-Louisville Ky) to Frank Matthews (37y; r-Louisville Ky) MD-13 May in Newport

FARRELL, Linnie B (36y; r-Columbus Oh) to Frank L Hagedorn (31y; r-Dayton Oh) MD-22 Apr in Newport

FAUSZ, Louisa (23y; r-Newport) to Andrew Steitz (28y; r-Newport) MD-22 Aug in Newport

FEHRENBACH, Theresa (23y; r-Dayton Ky) to Anthony E Motsch (23y; r-Cincinnati) MD-26 Jan in Bellevue

FELLER, Daisy (26y; r-Cincinnati) to Wm C Walton (29y; r-Cincinnati) MD-18 June in Covington

FELTY, Mae (21y; r-Lancaster Oh) to Joseph Noll (21y; r-Lancaster Oh) MD-3 July in Newport

FERYMAN, Myrtle (22y; r-Springfield Oh) to Oscar Hursh (24y; r-Springfield Oh) MD-28 Jan in Newport

FIEGER, Lucie (19y; r-Newport) to William Schuster (20y; r-Newport) MD-3 July in Newport

FINDLEY, Madge (21y; r-Hamilton Oh) to Franklin Katz (22y; r-Hamilton Oh) MD-29 Aug in Newport

FINKE, Nannetta E (26y; r-Newport) to Wm K Coate (37y; r-Cincinnati) MD-25 June in Newport

FISHER, Ethel (22y; r-Cincinnati) to Richard Deller (23y; r-Cincinnati) MD-22 Apr in Newport

FITE, Maude (20y; r-Bethel Oh) to W H Colthar (39y; r-Trenton Oh) MD-1 May in Newport

FITZGERALD, Hazel A (21y; r-Franklin Oh) to Everett Barcalow (21y; r-Germantown Oh) MD-24 June in Covington

FLAIG, Anna (24y; r-Newport) to L R Bullman (24y; r-Bunker Hill Ill) MD-19 Jan in Newport

FLEIG, Addie (21y; r-Covington) to Harry Tiemeyer (24y; r-Newport) MD-2 July in Newport

FLICK, Cecilia (21y; r-Cincinnati) to Martin Wagner (23y; r-Cincinnati) MD-5 Apr in Newport

FLOTTMANN, Emma to Garfield James MD-17 Aug in Covington

FOERSTER, Margarette (43y; r-Cold Spring) to Geo W Colvin (55y; r-Cincinnati) MD-4 Feb in Cold Spring

FONST, Nora (29y; r-Le Summit Mo) to J W Cook (39y; r-Waldo Oh) MD-10 July in Newport

FORD, Lola (22y; r-Geneva Ind) to Cornelius Schaefer (24y; r-Geneva Ind) MD-14 Feb in Newport

FORESTER, Clara (21y; r-Bellevue) to W A Palmer (21y; r-Bellevue) MD-13 May in Dayton Ky.

FORSTER, Augusta H (28y; r-Dayton Ky) to Arthur Morris (28y; r-Cannelton W Va) MD-16 July in Dayton Ky.

FOSTER, Helen M (21y; r-Athens Oh) to Orlie M Morgan (23y; r-Athens Oh) MD-21 Jan in Covington

FOX, Lottie to Nicholas Fourgerel MD-25 Sep in Covington

FRANCIS, Anna (30y; r-Covington) to Bert Salzman (28y; r-Middletown Oh) MD-30 Mar in Newport

FRANK, Sarah (19y; r-Newport) to Irwin Levy (22y; r-Cincinnati) MD-24 July in Newport

FRANKLIN, Blanche (19y; r-Cincinnati) to Starlus Creamer (22y; r-Newport) MD-13 July in Newport

FRASHER, Mary (39y; r-Newport) to George O'Neill )37y; r-Newport) MD-23 Mar in Newport

FRAVERT, Fannie (21y; r-Dayton Oh) to Harry E Zimmerman (25y; r-Dayton Oh) MD-22 Feb in Newport

FREEMAN, Ola (27y; r-Newport) to Harry Puls (27y; r-Newport) MD-11 June in Newport

FREIVOGEL, Mrs. Regina (51y; r-Cincinnati) to Frank Voss (61y; r-Newport) MD-24 Jan in Newport

FREY, Lillie (24y; r-Newport) to Frank Lang (29y; r-Newport) MD-26 June in Newport

GALL, Charlotte B (26y; r-Jackson Mich) to Charles Riggs (23y;r-Jackson Mich) MD-23 July in Covington

GALBRAITH, Mary Edna (37y; r-Newport) to James A Loudon (37y; r-Newport) MD-10 Jan in Newport

GALLENCAMP, Elsie H (22y; r-Dayton Ky) to Raymond A White (23y; r-Dayton Ky) MD-23 Apr in Dayton Ky.

GARL, Mary A (21y; r-Newcomerstown Oh) to Clark Arnholt (21y; r-Newcomerstown Oh) MD-6 Apr in Newport

GARMORE, Edna Mae (22y; r-Cincinnati) to Bert F Fletcher (25y; r-Cincinnati) MD-5 Apr in Covington

GARNER, Bessie (27y; r-Lynchburg Oh) to Grant Hopkins (42y; r-Lynchburg Oh) MD-30 Mar in Newport

GARRETT, Addie (21y; r-Zanesville Oh) to J W Standiford (26y; r-Zanesville Oh) MD-3 Aug in Newport

GASDORF, Helen (28y; r-Newport) to Peter Neiser (37y; r-Newport) MD-22 June in Covington

GASDORF, Mayme (20y; r-Newport) to Joseph Mertes (22y; r-Newport) MD-14 May in Newport

GASKIN, Mae (21y; r-Newport) to Wm Simonton (27y; r-Bellevue) MD-22 June in Newport

GAUNT, Alice (22y; r-Hamilton Oh) to Perry Sizelow (25y; r-Cincinnati) MD-31 July in Covington

GERSBACH, Mary M (37y; r-Newport) to Peter J Weber (35y; r-Newport) MD-7 Mar in Newport

GERNER, Amelia (22y) to John Stertmeyer (22y) MD-11 Feb

GEYER, Lillie (26y; r-Newport) to Joseph Ochs (32y; r-Cincinnati) MD-29 June in Newport

GILLETT, Sylvina (19y; r-Dayton Oh) to Elmer Ellis (22y; r-Dayton Oh) MD-20 June in Newport

GIRTY, Stella (20y) to Morris T Westwood (23y) MD-9 Feb

GLADWELL, Elizabeth (18y; r-Cincinnati) to Harry Adams (21y; r-Cincinnati) MD-8 July in Newport

GLOVER, Katie (18y; r-Hamilton Oh) to Earl Miller (20y; r-Hamilton Oh) MD-9 May in Newport

GOLD, Elsie R (23y; r-Cincinnati) to R O Brooks (31y; r-Cincinnati) MD-25 July in Newport

GOLDSBERRY, Nettie (22y; r-Chillicothe Oh) to Pearl K Rice (25y; r-Chillicothe Oh) MD-22 June in Newport

GRAHAM, Gracie M (18y; r-Dayton Ky) to J H Emmett (21y; r-Dayton Ky) MD-4 June in Dayton Ky.

GRANT, Euthe C (22y; r-Warsaw Ky) to F D White (24y; r-Warsaw Ky) MD-7 July in Newport

GRATHAUS, Mamie (28y; r-Bellevue) to Leonard Stockman (32y; r-Norwood Oh) MD-25 June in Bellevue

GRAUSER, Florence (21y; r-Miamisburg Oh) to Chas Wantz (22y; r-Miamisburg Oh) MD-28 Jan in Newport

GRAY, Grace (21y; r-Covington) to Albert Clark (27y; r-Cincinnati) MD-13 May in Covington

GRAY, Sallie (38y; r-Caneyville Ky) to John King (38y; r-Ft Thomas) MD-20 May in Newport

GREEN, Della (20y; r-Portland Ind) to Curtis Benn (28y; r-Portland Ind) MD-31 July in Newport

GREENE, Eva B (21y; r-Montgomery W Va) to Harlie W Eiseman (26y; r-Jamestown Oh) MD-22 Apr in Newport

GRIFFITH, Mrs. Mary (47y; r-Cincinnati) to Freeman Moore (45y; r-Cincinnati) MD-25 Feb in Newport

GROSSMAN, Bertha (39y; r-Cincinnati) to George Hirman (39y; r-Cincinnati) MD-24 July in Bellevue

GROVEINSCHWAUSEE, Marie C J (r-Dayton Oh) to Allen W Jolly (29y; r-Williamsport Oh) MD-2 Jan in Newport

GUIFFETTA, Lena (16y; r-Marion Oh) to Theodore Grosso (23y; r-Marion Oh) MD-4 June in Newport

HAAS, Alma (22y; r-St Louis Mo) to Wm J Gilles (30y; r-St Louis Mo) MD-4 May in Newport

HACK, Rose Marie (26y; r-Bellevue) to Robert A Plummer (24y; r-Newport) MD-18 June in Bellevue

HAGEN, Theresa (19y; r-Cincinnati) to Fred Smith (25y; r-Newport) MD-14 Mar in Newport

HALL, Mary C (21y) to Frank Schneider (25y) MD-3 July in Newport

HALLIDAY, Edna (22y; r-Winton Place Oh) to Peter Weber (25y; r-Cincinnati) MD-22 Jan in Newport

HAMILTON, Florence E (25y; r-Dayton Oh) to Charles Link (29y; r-Dayton Oh) MD-7 July in Newport

HAMMITT, Leanora (21y; r-Lancaster Oh) to Harry Schallenberger (21y; r-Lancaster Oh) MD-4 Apr in Newport

HANCE, Bessie (21y; r-Dayton Oh) to Ray Wagner (21y; r-Dayton Oh) MD-11 July in Newport

HANDLEY, Clara E (22y; r-Alpine Ind) to Alex C Ross (25y; r-Rushville Oh) MD-16 Aug in Newport

HANSON, Mabel (21y; r-Springfield Oh) to John Roseberry (23y; r-Springfield Oh) MD-10 Aug in Newport

HARDING, Ethel (23y; r-Cincinnati) to Wm A Sellers (23y; r-Cincinnati) MD-27 Aug in Newport

HARLAN, Elizabeth M (30y; r-Marietta Oh) to W R Basnett (43y; r-Mt Vernon Oh) MD-11 July in Covington

HARP, Renna (20y; r-Hinton Ky) to Joseph Reeves (29y; r-Lexington Ky) MD-25 June in Newport

HARPER, Earle (21y; r-Lair Ky) to Warden Anderson (21y; r-Lair Ky) MD-1 Aug in Newport

HARTMAN, Mrs. Anna to H W Schermuly MD-27 June in Covington

HARTWELL, Daisy (34y; r-Dayton Oh) to Lewis A Hamsher (41y; r-Dayton Oh) MD-27 May in Newport

HARVEY, Mrs. Bertha (29y; r-Cincinnati) to Lehman Stark (30y; r-Cincinnati) MD-9 May in Newport

HATHORN, Jessie (18y; r-Mulberry Oh) to George Cramer (21y; r-Mulberry Oh) MD-27 Mar in Newport

HAUSER, Mary (47y; r-Cincinnati) to Charles Kohlhamer (52; r-Cincinnati) MD-8 Mar in Newport

HAWKINS, Edith (colored) (18y; r-Sekitan Oh) to Hays Thomas (colored) (21y; r-Sekitan Oh) MD-15 Apr in Newport

HAWKINS, Lorna (21y; r-Dayton Oh) to George Orr (21y; r-Dayton Oh) MD-31 Aug in Newport

HAWTHORNE, Gladys B (19y; r-Troy Oh) to Wm M Geisinger (22y; r-Troy Oh) MD-7 May in Newport

HAZEN, Lula M (21y; r-Zanesville Oh) to Chas H Grigsby (21y; r-Zanesville Oh) MD-7 Jan in Newport

HECKMAN, Sarah (47y; r-Newport) to J A Williams (50y; r-Newport) MD-3 Aug in Newport

HEITMAN, Alvina (18y; r-Cincinnati) to George Bast (21y; r-Cincinnati) MD-31 July in Newport

HENDERSEN, Nannie L (17y) to John K Light (21y) MD-21 Feb

HENN, Eva Margaret (28y; r-Newport) to W C Wilmot (28y; r-Cincinnati) MD-7 Mar in Newport

HENSEL, Anna E (23y; r-Falmouth Ky) to Herman G Brandt (28y; r-Falmouth Ky) MD-19 Aug in Covington

HERBERT, Anna L (24y; r-Cincinnati) to Wm J Willis (26y; r-Newport) MD-2 May in Newport

HERBERT, Essie F (24y; r-Dayton Ky) to Wm A Layfield (47y; r-Cincinnati) MD-5 Aug in Dayton Ky.

HERWEH, Margaret E (26y; r-Cincinnati) to Jacob Weber (25y; r-Cincinnati) MD-12 Feb in Newport

HESSEE, Alma (22y; r-Cincinnati) to Frank Kolodzik (27y; r-Cincinnati) MD-28 Mar in Newport

HETZINGER, Louise C (37y; r-Cincinnati) to Geo M Corden (39y; r-Cincinnati) MD-27 July in Newport

HEUSER, Carrie (19y; r-Newport) to Christian Weber (20y; r-Newport) MD-2 Mar in Newport

HEWITT, Frances V (17y; r-Gwendolen Oh) to Geo C Schmidt (21y; r-California Oh) MD-17 Apr in Newport

HIGGINS, Stella M (30y; r-Elisabeth W Va) to J E McNeal (38y; r-Parkersburg W Va) MD-27 June in Newport

HILL, Florence (22y; r-Newport) to Peter R Hill (30y; r-Bradford Ky) MD-6 Aug in Newport

HINKLEY, Pearl (25y) to F Curtis Caddy (22y) MD-9 Feb

HINZMAN, Mayme (23y; r-Columbus Oh) to James A Wharton (22y; r-Columbus Oh) MD-15 Aug in Covington

HOFFMAN, Kate (22y) to Chris Seibert (23y) MD-5 Feb

HOFFMEIER, Anna (21y; r-Ludlow Ky) to Clifford J Horne (22y; r-Cincinnati) MD-23 Jan in Newport

HOFKERS, Frances (26y; r-Covington) to Frank Wood/Woob (31y; r-Covington) MD-31 Aug in Newport

HOGAN, Ella (28y; r-Newport) to John H Dunckley (26y; r-Newport) MD-29 July in Newport

HOGLAND, Bertha (17y; r-Addyston Oh) to Chas Matson (22y; r-Cleves Oh) MD-3 July in Newport

HOLLAND, Edith (21y; r-Mason Oh) to H L Slayback (21y; r-Mason Oh) MD-25 May in Newport

HOLMES, Nina G (19y; r-Cincinnati) to E A Mucklow (23y; r-Charleston W Va) MD-19 June in Newport

HOMAN, Gusta (21y; r-Blanchester Oh) to Fred Shank (21y; r-Blanchester Oh) MD-20 Apr in Newport

HONCHELL, Nettie (20y; r-Dayton Ky) to Chas E Cassiday (18y; r-Dayton Ky) MD-15 June in Dayton Ky.

HOOVER, Bessie (21y; r-Clarksville Oh) to Charles E Harvey (33y; r-Clarksville Oh) MD-1 June in Covington

HORSTMAN, Olina (21y; r-Cincinnati) to Albert Pellman (21y; r-Cincinnati) MD-20 Mar in Newport

HOUCK, Josephine (21y; r-Delphi Ind) to Harry A Charles (23y; r-Delphi Ind) MD-17 Aug in Newport

HUBER, Clara (21y; r-Cincinnati) to Henry Wachsman (21y; r-Cincinnati) MD-15 Aug in Newport

HUCK, Emma (27y; r-Newport) to Emil Kaiser (28y; r-Newport) MD-22 Apr in Newport

HUDSON, Edith A (22y; r-Southgate) to John W Smith (26y; r-Southgate) MD-5 July in Ft Thomas

HUEFTLEIN, Emma (18y; r-Cincinnati) to Louis Kopp (24y; r-Cincinnati) MD-6 May in Covington

HUGHES, Ethel (colored) (18y; r-Newport) to Isaac Cheeks (colored) (28y; r-Newport) MD-24 Apr in Dayton Ky.

HUGHES, Minnie (22y; r-Newport) to Conrad Schwed (22y; r-Newport) MD-12 June in Newport

HUFFMAN, Ida (18y; r-Winchester Ind) to Thomas Brown (21y; r-Dunkirk Ind) MD-9 Aug in Newport

HUME, Elizabeth to Martin Coleman MD-5 June in Newport

HUMPHREY, Cora (22y; r-Madison Ind) to H L Smith (33y; r-Hamilton Oh) MD-30 May in Newport

HUNTER, Martha (r-Beaver Lick Ky) to Henry Bailey (r-Beaver Lick Ky) MD-17 May in Florence Ky.

HURLBURT, Maud (20y; r-Bridgetown Oh) to Wm Lusenhop (21y; r-Cheviot Oh) MD-14 Aug in Newport

HURLEY, Helen B (25y; r-Newport) to Wm B Burk (36y; r-Cincinnati) MD-30 July in Newport

HURT, Bertha (colored) (32y; r-Newport) to David Mack Price (colored) (35y; r-Newport) MD-8 Aug in Newport

HUSSER, Mollie (26y; r-Cincinnati) to E C Campbell (26y; r-Cincinnati) MD-1 Aug in Newport

IRWIN, Blanche (21y; r-Muncie Ind) to George Bunner (22y; r-Muncie Ind) MD-19 Aug in Covington

JACKSON, Abbie (32y; r-Reading Oh) to Thos F Daley (26y; r-Newport) MD-27 July in Newport

JACKSON, Anna (28y; r-Cincinnati) to George Bain (28y; r-Cincinnati) MD-2 Apr in Covington

JACKSON, Mabel (21y; r-Cincinnati) to Albert Menning (23y; r-Cincinnati) MD-29 June in Newport

JACKSON, Margaret (colored) (28y; r-Georgetown Ky) to Henry Washington (colored) (30y; r-Georgetown Ky) MD-28 Feb in Newport

JACOBS, Bella (22y; r-Cincinnati) to James J Krugger (29y; r-Cincinnati) MD-23 Jan in Newport

JAEGER, Mrs. Emma (38y; r-Newport) to Christian J Schuster (36y; r-Newport) MD-21 Aug in Newport

JANNEY, Pamela S (21y; r-Middletown Oh) to James S Sanders (35y; r-Miamisburg Oh) MD-10 Jan in Newport

JANSEN, Charlotte (19y; r-Newport) to Edward L Vieth (21y; r-Newport) MD-25 June in Newport

JENNINGS, Emma (colored) (27y; r-Dayton Oh) to James A Miller (colored) (26y; Dayton Oh) MD-27 July in Newport

JOERING, Lulu (23y; r-Dayton Ky) to Michael Birkley (22y; r-Dayton Ky) MD-13 Apr in Newport

JOHNSON, Belle (27y; r-Ford Ky) to Saint Eaton (23y; r-Ford Ky) MD-20 May in Newport

JOHNSON, Edith (22y; r-Richmond Ind) to T O Snyder (22y; r-Richmond Ind) MD-18 May in Newport

JOHNSON, Lillie (28y; r-Brent Ky) to Fred Schaber (26y; r-Newport) MD-28 June in Newport

JOHNSON, Mary (colored) (32y; r-Newport) to Arthur Slaughter (colored) (27y; r-Covington) MD-26 June in Newport

JOHNSON, Sallie (colored) (34y; r-Covington) to Elijah Robinson (colored) (25y; r-Baltimore Maryland) MD-24 Aug in Covington

JONES, Agie M (26y; r-Covington) to Clarence R Toom (27y; r-Cincinnati) MD-16 Feb in Newport

JONES, Belle (30y; r-Aberdeen Oh) to Frank McDaniel (29y; r-Aberdeen Oh) MD-9 Jan in Newport

JONES, Stella (21y; r-Dayton Oh) to Edward A Wenzel (22y; r-Dayton Oh) MD-1 Apr in Covington

JORDAN, Elizabeth (21y; r-Bellevue) to Joseph Hudepohl (21y; r-Cincinnati) MD-4 June in Bellevue

JUNG, Ray (50y; r-Newport) to Peter Beck (50y; r-Newport) MD-24 June in Newport

KAESELING, Jessie (19y; r-Dayton Oh) to Rolland Stevenson (20y; r-Dayton Oh) MD-28 July in Newport

KAISER, Nora (21y; r-Newport) to Edward Fritz (21y; r-Cincinnati) MD-3 Aug in Newport

KALLENDORF, Elsie (22y; r-Bellevue) to Wm C Steinmetz (24y; r-Bellevue) MD-3 July in Cincinnati

KARL, Anna (19y; r-Cincinnati) to Norton Shelby (21y; r-Cincinnati) MD-26 Aug in Newport

KASTEL, Jessie G (22y) to John V Ohr (37y) MD-20 July in Newport

KAVANAUGH, Amanda (45y; r-Cincinnati) to Allen Greathouse (49y; r-Belmont Co Ills) MD-11 Apr in Newport

KAVANAUGH, Judith (24y; r-Ft Thomas) to Francis H Carlock (24y; r-Globe Ariz) MD-25 May in Ft Thomas

KAYLORE, Elizabeth (30y; r-Hamilton Oh) to Geo J Hauenstein (30y; r-Hamilton Oh) MD-17 Aug in Newport

KEEFER, Clara (22y; r-Newport) to Merrill C Monroe (23y; r-Newport) MD-16 Mar in Newport

KEESHAN, Edna (22y; r-Cincinnati) to Clifford Hoffman (22y; r-Norwood Oh) MD-23 June in Newport

KEIFER, Jennie (colored) (65y; r-Cincinnati) to Levi Boyd (colored) (72y; r-Cincinnati) MD-3 July in Newport

KEINATH, Marie A (26y; r-Newport) to Irvin C Hollenbeck (26y; Covington) MD-2 Feb in Newport

KELLEY, Ella (35y; r-Portsmouth Oh) to Leroy Murray (32y; r-Newport) MD-4 Apr in Newport

KELLEY, Mae (21y; r-Sedalia Mo) to D E McClure (32y; r-Lamar Mo) MD-22 Apr in Bellevue

KEMMERLING, Katie (26y; r-Dayton Ky) to Thomas Kachler (31y; r-De Kalb Ills) MD-5 July in Dayton Ky.

KENDALL, Emma E Mrs. (34y; r-Newport) to John Konz (36y; r-Newport) MD-8 Apr in Newport

KENNEY, Edith (21y; r-Dayton Oh) to Wm Prentice (24y; r-Dayton Oh) MD-21 Apr in Newport

KESSENS, Edna (17y; r-Batesville Ind) to Horace M Rogers (18y; r-Bloomington Ind) MD-8 Mar in Newport

KETTLER, Agnes (21y; r-Newport) to John Hearn (24y; r-Cincinnati) MD-23 Apr in Newport

KIBBEY, Charlotte (27y; r-Farmers City Ill) to John P Lighty (29y; r-Farmers City Ill) MD-20 Apr in Covington

KILMER, Alma (18y; r-Newport) to Wm Louis Krebs (21y; r-Newport) MD-29 Aug in Newport

KIRSH, Annie (38y; r-Bellevue) to Edgar McQuillen (45y; r-Newport) MD-3 June in Newport

KISSEL, Elizabeth (23y; r-Carthage Oh) to Chas F Stiles (32y; r-Carthage Oh) MD-2 Feb in Newport

KISSEL, Emma C (21y; r-Newport) to Carl F Veith (20y; r-Newport) MD-2 July in Newport

KLATCH, Hannah (20y; r-Newport) to Jacob Zeidman (26y; r-Newport) MD-15 July in Newport

KLATT, Albertina (28y; r-Milwaukee Wis) to Otto Kibner (35y; r-Milwaukee Wis) MD-26 Aug in Newport

KLOHE, Emilie (24y; r-Cincinnati) to Edward Hoffman (29y; r-Cincinnati) MD-30 Mar in Newport

KLOTTER, Lizzie (37y) to Christian Sang (43y) MD-26 Nov in Newport

KNABB, Mary (35y; r-Cincinnati) to William P Schunk (39y; r-Cincinnati) MD-14 Feb in Newport

KNORR, Nora G (33y; r-Newport) to Leonard Sporing (26y; r-Newport) MD-28 Feb in Newport

KOCH, Alma M (30y; r-Newport) to Chas O'Neill (33y; r-Cincinnati) MD-10 July in Newport

KOCH, Mary (21y; r-Cincinnati) to Joseph E Lauber (22y; r-Cincinnati) MD-29 May in Newport

KOERDEL, Augusta (24y; r-Newport) to Jacob Schaber (35y; r-Newport) MD-27 May in Newport

KOERNER, Alvina (30y; r-Cincinnati) to Charles Becker (32y; r-Cincinnati) MD-26 Mar in Newport

KOHL, Ida May (22y; r-Cincinnati) to Charles E Bradley (38y; r-Cincinnati) MD-29 Apr in Newport

KOHL, Lydia A C (19y; r-Bellevue) to Chas C Gruhler (24y; r-Cincinnati) MD-29 Aug in Bellevue

KOHRS, Anna (23y; r-Bellevue) to Harry Kriege (27y; r-Bellevue) MD-25 June in Bellevue

KRAMER, Lena (21y; r-Alexandria Ky) to Oliver B Huber (21y; r-Newport) MD-18 July in Newport

KREBS, Mary (24y; r-Cincinnati) to George Fritz (23y; r-Cincinnati) MD-4 June in Newport

KRUEGER, Anna (27y; r-Dayton Oh) to O J Gumball (23y; r-Dayton Oh) MD-12 Jan in Newport

KUGLER, Marie (31y; r-Camp Springs) to John Sauser (39y;r-Camp Springs) MD-11 June in Camp Springs

KUHLMAN, Emma (21y; r-Newport) to Louis Bischoff (23y; r-Newport) MD-12 June in Newport

LACKNER, Josephine E (32y; r-Cincinnati) to George W Ray (34y; r-Cincinnati) MD-17 July in Newport

LADUSAN, Minnie (21y; r-Louisville Ky) to Walter Kidwell (34y; r-Knoxville Ky) MD-26 Aug in Newport

LAMBERS, Sarah (28y; r-Newport) to James Gates (23y; r-Newport) MD-21 Feb in Newport

LAMBERT, Jennie (33y; r-Cincinnati) to Chas Layman (33y; r-Cincinnati) MD-2 July in Newport

LAMBORN, Hazel (21y; r-Springfield Oh) to Frank Vogelsberg (25y; r-Springfield Oh) MD-11 June in Newport

LAMMERS, Sophia (24y; r-Cincinnati) to William Arnold (25y; r-Cincinnati) MD-17 Aug in Newport

LAMMERT, Anna Mae (21y; r-Hartwell Oh) to H F Howard (21y; r-Hartwell Oh) MD-29 Jan in Covington

LANGENBERGER, Mabel (21y; r-Cincinnati) to Edward Lohr (22y; r-Cincinnati) MD-28 Mar in Covington

LAPE, Mrs. Elizabeth (50) to William H Reed (66) MD-11 Feb

LATHAM, Pearl (18y; r-Cincinnati) to John Walsh (22y; r-Cincinnati) MD-2 Mar in Newport

LAUER, Elizabeth (26y; r-Mentor) to John M Brossart (28y; r-College Hill Oh) MD-13 Apr in Kohler Ky.

LEAR, Lizzie (22y; r-Newport) to Rudolph Feldman (27y; r-Newport) MD-9 Jan in Newport

LEAF, Villa (22y; r-Morrow Oh) to Herbert Vawter (27y; r-Brookville Ind) MD-3 Aug in Newport

LEE, Kathryn (23y; r-Columbus Oh) to Wm Fisher (24y; r-Columbus Oh) MD-26 May in Newport

LEE, Laura M (24y; r-Dayton Oh) to E J Hochwalt (24y; r-Dayton Oh) MD-17 Apr in Newport

LEGG, Alice (21y; r-Cincinnati) to Oscar A Frank (22y; r-Cincinnati) MD-23 July in Newport

LEININGER, Bertha (23y; r-Newport) to Richard Rudolph (28y; r-Newport) MD-27 Aug in Newport

LEIS, Clara (30y; r-Dayton Oh) to F C Burgess (40y; r-Dayton Oh) MD-19 Feb in Newport

LEMPER, Edna A (21y; r-Cincinnati) to Louis G Mueller (26y; r-Cincinnati) MD-4 May in Newport

LEOPOLD, Louisa (20y; r-Alexandria) to Gus Crawford (21y; r-Newport) MD-5 Jan in Newport

LIABLE, Clara (20y; r-Newport) to Otto Huber (23y; r-Newport) MD-17 June in Newport

LIMES, Ethel (27y; r-Cincinnati) to James W Walters (28y; r-Cincinnati) MD-18 Apr in Newport

LINHART, Helena (24y; r-Cincinnati) to Edward Hodtum (30y; r-Newport) MD-3 July in Newport

LINK, Anna (26y; r-Home City Oh) to Louis C Kistner (31y; r-Cincinnati) MD-3 July in Covington

LIPSCOMB, Olive (17y; r-Newport) to James Sayers (21y; r-Newport) MD-23 Feb in Newport

LISNER, Elizabeth Ann (39y) to Thomas H Taylor (42y) MD-14 Sep

LONG, Blanche (21y; r-Carthage Oh) to Elmer Tarbach (21y; r-Cincinnati) MD-4 Mar in Newport

LONG, Kathryn L (26y; r-Newport) to Arthur W Klein (26y; r-Newport) MD-6 Apr in Newport

LONG, Laura (21y; r-Cincinnati) to Fred Groppe (21y; r-Cincinnati) MD-20 July in Newport

LONKST, Laura (35y; r-Dayton Oh) to George Brooks (28y; r-Dayton Oh) MD-27 May in Newport

LOSEY, Minnie B (18y; r-Ft Thomas) to Villie B Furnish (27y; r-Ft Thomas) MD-18 Apr in Newport

LOVETT, Ivy (21y; r-Cincinnati) to M E Denman (35y; r-Cincinnati) MD-6 June in Newport

LOWREY, Mary (21y; r-Xenia Oh) to Clarence Glass (21y; r-Xenia Oh) MD-12 Feb in Newport

LOWRY, Esther (21y; r-Morrow Oh) to Woodie Warwick (21y; r-Lebanon Oh) MD-29 Apr in Newport

LUDWIG, Anna (28y; r-Dayton Ky) to H M Schwierjohann (31y; r-Dayton Ky) MD-14 May in Dayton Ky.

LUDWIG, Lettie (26y; r-Newport) to Carroll Dugan (24y; r-Cincinnati) MD-5 June in Newport

LUMAN, Mary (26y; r-Mansfield Oh) to August Ebert (26y; r-Mansfield Oh) MD-16 Aug in Covington

LUTZ, Mabel (20y; r-Bremen Oh) to Henry Brehm (22y; r-Lancaster Ky) MD-1 July in Newport

LYALL, Velma (25y; r-Cincinnati) to Dr. Joseph B Cochran (37y; r-Cincinnati) MD-10 Jan in Newport

LYMAN, Hattie (17y; r-Newport) to Chas C Nesselrode (23y; r-Newport) MD-17 Apr in Newport

LYON, Harriet E (26y; r-Dayton Ky) to Clarence Hayward (31y; r-Dayton Ky) MD-10 July in Dayton Ky.

MAHONEY, Flora E (39y; r-Newport) to John S Geisler (43y; r-Newport) MD-28 June in Newport

MALONE, Ethel S (21y; r-Cincinnati) to Chas F McKinney (25y; r-Cincinnati) MD-18 Jan in Covington

MANNING, Alvina M to Wm W Kite MD-11 Feb in Covington

MANROD, Carrie (19y; r-Hamilton Oh) to Charles Delker (35y; r-Hamilton Oh) MD-4 Mar in Newport

MARSH, Emma (25y; r-Newport) to Grover Alford (22y; r-Newport) MD-29 Jan in Newport

MARTIN, Lina (22y; r-Covington) to Clayton Ector (27y; r-Covington) MD-25 Jan in Newport

MARTIN, Margaret (26y; r-Cincinnati) to Harry F Haders (26y; r-Cincinnati) MD-1 Apr in Newport

MARTIN, Ora to Catharine Haupner MD-2 Aug

MARTINE, Reata (21y; r-Columbus Oh) to Joseph Lounier (21y; r-Columbus Oh) MD-6 Apr in Newport

MASON, Jessie (21y; r-Marion Oh) to Claude S Werts (21y; r-Marion Oh) MD-16 July in Newport

MAYER, Louise M (24y; r-Cincinnati) to John J Hagen (25y; r-Cincinnati) MD-4 Apr in Newport

MAYHER, Emma (18y; r-Newport) to Henry Bane (21y; r-Newport) MD-21 Aug in Newport

McBRIDE, Luella (21y; r-Newark Oh) to Charles Carter (21y; r-Fulton Co Oh) MD-28 Feb in Newport

McCANN, Addie (21y; r-Hamilton Oh) to Chester Case (25y; r-Lima Oh) MD-5 Aug in Newport

McCOY, Jessie E (21y; r-Columbus Oh) to Earl H Painter (21y; r-Columbus Oh) MD-21 Aug in Newport

McCLOSKEY, Mildred (21y; r-Hamilton Oh) to Samuel R Reece (21y; r-Hamilton Oh) MD-13 Feb in Newport

McDANIEL, Myrtle (19y; r-Cincinnati) to Edward Lee (21y; r-Cincinnati) MD-3 June in Newport

McDONNAUGHEY, Jennie (21y; r-Hillsboro Oh) to Hugh Cooper (21y; r-Hillsboro Oh) MD-21 Mar in Newport

McDERMOTT, Margaret (27y; r-Cincinnati) to Thos Cottingham (27y; r-Newport) MD-31 Jan in Newport

McGEHEE, Mary E (24y; r-Newport) to C P Phillips (27y; r-Cincinnati) MD-4 June in Newport

McLAUGHLIN, Jennie (36y; r-Cincinnati) to Emerson Chaney (37y; r-Mt Sterling Ky) MD-7 Aug in Newport

McQUEEN, Kathryn (23y; r-Cincinnati) to Herman Keilman (29y; r-Cincinnati) MD-7 Aug in Newport

MECHAN, Katherine N (21y; r-Springfield Oh) to John Swanton (26y; r-Springfield Oh) MD-19 Jan in Covington

MEFFORD, Ethel (21y; r-Cincinnati) to Elva C Armstrong (21y; r-Cincinnati) MD-20 May in Newport

METTENS, Lizzie (23y; r-Newport) to Henry Weber (21y; r-Newport) MD-24 July in Newport

METZ, Eleanor (26y) to Patrick J Carroll (33y) MD-18 June in Newport

MEYER, Christina (22y; r-Cincinnati) to Harry Weiner (24y; r-Cincinnati) MD-28 Jan in Newport

MEYER, Lizzie (21y; r-Cincinnati) to Arthur Laboiteaus (23y; r-Newport) MD-16 May in Newport

MEYER, Louise J (21y; r-Highlands Ky) to Lewis T Ivins (38y; r-Cincinnati) MD-14 Feb in Newport

MEYERS, Katie (21y; r-Cincinnati) to Mahlon Bolser (22y; r-Dayton Ky) MD-22 Jan in Bellevue

MILDENBERGER, Edna E to Hugo G Wachs MD-28 Nov in Covington

MILLER, Fanny (24y; r-Newport) to Chas Worthington (36y; r-Newport) MD-16 Feb in Covington

MILLER, Edith (21y; r-Dayton Oh) to Chas Brightwell (22y; r-Dayton Oh) MD-17 Jan in Covington

MILLER, Emma (24y; r-Newport) to Wm G Obernesser (28y; r-Newport) MD-27 Aug in Clifton Heights

MILLER, Estella (23y; r-Bellevue) to J W Whitehouse (25y; r-Newport) MD-9 Jan in Bellevue

MILLER, Jessie N (30y; r-Ironton Oh) to Herman Osborn (24y; r-Russell Ky) MD-3 July in Newport

MILLER, May (24y; r-Ft Thomas) to J Howard Voige (26y; r-Ft Thomas) MD-21 May in Newport

MILNER, Minnie (24y; r-Boyd Ky) to Alfred Beagle (21y; r-Berry Ky) MD-31 July in Newport

MITCHELL, Clara (21y; r-West Virginia) to Harry K Sheets (24y; r-Covington) MD-25 June in Newport

MITCHELL, Mary E (29y; r-Newport) to Fred C Davis (30y; r-Newport) MD-11 Jan in Newport

MOIGER, Edith (20y; r-Newport) to Harry Wiemer (26y; r-Midway Ky) MD-9 July in Newport

MOON, Maud (18y; r-Portsmouth Oh) to Ray Abbott (21y; r-Raisdon Oh) MD-28 Jan in Newport

MOORE, Elizabeth (26y) to Joseph T Brannan (32y) MD-26 June in Newport

MOORE, Loretta (21y; r- Newport) to Thos Bertman (22y; r-Newport) MD-29 May in Newport

MOORE, Sadie F (22y; r-Dayton Ky) to Everett H Lively (26y; r-Dayton Ky) MD-5 Mar in Dayton Ky.

MOORE, Ursula A (25y; r-Newport) to Oscar Keck (37y; r-Cincinnati) MD-25 July in Newport

MONTGOMERY, Bessie B (21y; r-Marysville Oh) to Albert C Randall (21y; r-Marysville Oh) MD-5 Aug in Newport

MORGAN, Ada (21y; r-Cincinnati) to Jacob Faeth (23y; r-Cincinnati) MD-13 July in Newport

MORGAN, Mary Emma (28y; r-Bellevue) to William Eggers (32y; r-Cincinnati) MD-4 June in Bellevue

MORITZ, Rosa (20y; r-Newport) to Joseph Cherwin (21y; r-Newport) MD-24 July in Newport

MORRIS, Edith R (21y; r-Mansfield Oh) to Albert H White (21y; r-Mansfield Oh) MD-13 July in Dayton  Ky.

MORROW, Lucy (33y; r-Hillsboro Oh) to Robt D McClure (46y; r-Hillsboro Oh) MD-20 May in Newport

MORTON, Mary (colored) (58y; r-Newport) to David Wakefield (colored) (59y; r-Cincinnati) MD-15 Aug in Newport

MUEHLENKAMP, Anna (27y; r-Newport) to John Kalfrat (34y; r-Newport) MD-19 Aug in Newport

MULLIKIN, Gertrude (28y; r-Maysville Ky) to Frank D Cady (32y; r-Maysville Ky) MD-7 Jan in Covington

MURPHY, Lizzie (23y; r-Cincinnati) to John Downs (32y; r-Cincinnati) MD-25 Feb in Covington

NEAL, Sally (30y; r-Dayton Oh) to Harry Dilts (35y; r-Bellevue) MD-15 Mar in Dayton Ky.

NEWMAN, Emma (48y; r-London Oh) to William Geesling (53y; r-London Oh) MD-18 Aug in Newport

NESTER, Alma (24y; r-Dayton Oh) to Pearl Duke (28y; r-Dean Oh) MD-9 Aug in Newport

NETTO, Laura (21y; r-Canton Oh) to Anthony Reikowsky (23y; r-Dayton Ky) MD-15 May in Bellevue

NEWCOMB, Clara (23y; r-Cincinnati) to Scott Wilson (21y; r-Cincinnati) MD-10 Apr in Newport

NIESEN, Barbara (30y; r-Cincinnati) to Andrew Hendry (42y; r-Cincinnati) MD-8 May in Newport

NIGHTINGALE, Alma E (19y; r-Cincinnati) to Howard Lee Record (25y; r-Cincinnati) MD-17 June in Newport

NODEL, Caroline (21y; r-Cincinnati) to Fred L Clevenger (26y; r-Cincinnati) MD-11 July in Newport

NOLL, Carrie (30y; r-Newport) to John Feist (40y; r-Newport) MD-11 May in Newport

NORTON, Belva (20y; r-Newport) to William King (21y; r-Newport) MD-18 May in Newport

NORTON, Fannie (22y; r-Cincinnati) to Harry Wendelken (22y; r-Cincinnati) MD-10 June in Covington

OATES, Florence (26y; r-Springfield Oh) to Ben W Hawley (27y; r-Evanston Ills) MD-5 June in Newport

OCHS, Carrie (21y; r-Covington) to A L Lytle (34y; r-Cincinnati) MD-7 Jan in Newport

O'DAY, Edna Marie (22y; r-Mt Sterling Oh) to Palmer G Hewitt (25y; r-Sedalia Oh) MD-14 Mar in Covington

OLER, Elizabeth (33y; r-Richmond Ind) to J W Murphy (31y; r-Richmond Ind) MD-19 Jan in Newport

OLER, Mary (16y; r-Richmond Ind) to Perry Williams (21y; r-Richmond Ind) MD-29 June in Newport

O'NEIL, Susie (21y; r-Morning View Ky) to H Crowder (27y; r-Grant Co Ky) MD-27 June in Newport

O'NEILL, Sarah (22y; r-Covington) to Bert Tucker (23y; r-Covington) MD-19 June in Newport

ORCUTT, Maude (21y; r-Bellevue) to Harry W Gang (21y; r-Newport) MD-19 July in Dayton Ky.

OSTROPOL, Libbie (21y; r-Newport) to W Botwin (23y; r-Newport) MD-17 May in Newport

PAGE, Pearl E (24y; r-Cincinnati) to Henry H Jansen (27y; r-Cincinnati) MD-8 May in Covington

PAINTER, Ethel (22y; r-Xenia Oh) to Clemens J Conklin (26y; r-Xenia Oh) MD-14 Mar in Newport

PARKER, Edna May (23y; r-Georgetown Ky) to R C James (23y; r-Georgetown Ky) MD-30 June in Newport

PARKER, Eva May (24y; r-Cincinnati) to J F Parker (31y; r-Cincinnati) MD-9 May in Newport

PARKS, Rosa L (21y; r-Waynesville Oh) to Wm H Orndorf (21y; r-Waynesville Oh) MD-25 Feb in Covington

PARNELL, Emma E (21y; r-Newport) to John F Morton (24y; r-Newport) MD-1 May in Newport

PATRICK, Anna C (45y; r-Cincinnati) to James Rogerson (46y; r-Cincinnati) MD-20 Aug in Newport

PATTERSON, Coral M (21y; r-Marion Oh) to Elmer F Leffler (22y; r-Marion Oh) MD-14 Jan in Newport

PATTERSON, Ruth (21y; r-Springfield Oh) to Amos Dewitt (21y; r-Springfield Oh) MD-15 Aug in Covington

PAYNE, Carrie (colored) (21y; r-Georgetown Ky) to Eugene Jackson (colored) (26y; r-Georgetown Ky) MD-2 May in Newport

PENROD, Parma (21y; r-Valbee Ind) to Thos Bell (21y; r-South Manchester Ky) MD-14 July in Newport

PENTECOST, Minnie (21y; Jay Co Oh) to Clifford Williams (21y; Jay Co Oh) MD-12 Mar in Newport

PFAFFENBERGER, Theresa (28y; r-Ashland Ky) to Robert Craig (24; r-Ashland Ky) MD-31 Mar in Newport

PFEIFFER, Elaine (21y; r-Bellevue) to John Quaing (22y; r-Bellevue) MD-7 Aug in Bellevue

PFLUM, Fannie C (27y; r-Newport) to Walter A Wellman (32y; r-Newport) MD-27 Apr in Newport

PHILLIPS, Josephine (2y; r-Bellevue) to Fred Stratemeyer (24y; r-Bellevue) MD-31 Aug in Bellevue

PINNEY, Lora (22y; r-Wheeling W Va) to Samuel Thomer (23y; r-Newport) MD-12 Aug in Newport

PIRMAN, Lillie (37y; r-Cincinnati) to Joseph Dietrich (38y; r-Newport) MD-23 Jan in Newport

PLASSENTHAL, Josephine (30y; r-Chickasaw Oh) to Geo Livingston (30y; r-Newport) MD-18 June in Newport

PLEASANT, Jessie O (18y; r-Covington) to Phil J Cannon (21y; r-Newport) MD-26 June in Newport

POE, Ethel (21y; r-Hamilton Oh) to Willard Turner (24y; r-Hamilton Oh) MD-21 Feb in Newport

POE, Ora (20y) to Charles Carter (23y) MD-17 Mar

POLING, Myrtle (22y; r-Dorman Oh) to John Clawson (30y; r-Ansonia Ky) MD-17 Jan in Newport

POORMAN, Slyvia A (23y; r-Dayton Oh) to James A Wamboldt (30y; r-Irvington Oh) MD-27 July in Newport

PORTER, Ella (20y; r-Cincinnati) to Grover Herkenshine (22y; r-Norwood Oh) MD-30 Apr in Newport

PORTER, Lena (19y; r-Corinth Ky) to Clarence Beach (21y; r-Covington) MD-10 Apr in Newport

POTTS, Mary E (37y) to T E Bartlow (45y) MD-16 Feb in Mentor

PRATHER, Carolyn C (21y; r-Newport) to Jesse D Wiseman (21y; r-Philadelphia Penn) MD-19 Aug in Newport

PRICE, Cynthia A (28y) to Joseph Wilds (30y) MD-14 Apr

PRICKETT, Bertha (26y; r-Claryville) to Geo S Corliss (25y; r-Lebanon Oh) MD-1 June in Alexandria

QUEST, Edna (21y; r-Cincinnati) to Wm Schroedel (27y; r-Cincinnati) MD-14 Aug in Covington

RACHFORD, Nellie E (20y; r-Newport) to Jas A Dameron (20y; r-Newport) MD-10 July in Newport

RAGAN, Sadie (27y; r-Newport) to Gus Fausz (25y; r-Newport) MD-2 Jan in Newport

REDMON, Ruth (35y; r-Cincinnati) to B A Trimpe (35y; r-Cincinnati) MD-22 Mar in Newport

REEDY, Alma (21y; r-Tyner Oh) to Geo Wright (25y; r-Cambridge Oh) MD-29 July in Newport

REICHERS, Lillie (21y; r-Newport) to Wm Yeager (21y; r-Newport) MD-24 June in Newport

REIFSCHNEIDER, Addie (21y; r-Cincinnati) to Frank Ruhl (29y; r-Cincinnati) MD-22 May in Newport

REIK, Emma (31y; r-Newport) to Joseph G Cooper (33y; r-Newport) MD-20 Mar in Newport

REILLEY, Marie (19y; r-Cincinnati) to Howard Smith (21y; r-Cincinnati) MD-15 July in Newport

REINKNOBEL, Edna (19y; r-Indianapolis Ind) to Geo Campbell (22y; r-Indianapolis Ind) MD-1 July in Newport

REIS, Lillian (21y; r-Cincinnati) to Geo Meissner (24y; r-Cincinnati) MD-5 Feb in Newport

REUTER, Elsie (19y; r-Newport) to Louis Burkhart Jr. (22y; r-Newport) MD-17 June in Newport

RHODES, Lamentto (27y; r-Knoxville Tenn) to George Clark (36y; r-Dayton Oh) MD-4 June in Newport

RHODES, Mattie (18y; r-Union City Oh) to Wm O Passmore (19y; r-Union City Oh) MD-21 May in Covington

RICE, Lottie A (21y; r-Springfield Oh) to Fred G Newell (22y; r-Springfield Oh) MD-29 May in Newport

RICHARD, Mabel (16y; r-Cincinnati) to Earl Mann (22y; r-Cincinnati) MD-20 May in Newport

RICHARDSON, Naomi (21y; r-Columbus Oh) to John Miller (21y; r-Columbus Oh) MD-15 June in Newport

RICHIE, Ruth (21y; r-Union Co Oh) to George Self (29y; r-Union Co Oh) MD-25 Mar in Newport

RIEBAN, Emma (25y; r-South Brooklyn Oh) to John Peters (50y; r-Bay Village Oh) MD-10 July in Newport

RIES, Martha F (17y; r-Cincinnati) to Edward M Leek (22y; r-Highlands) MD-15 July in Ft Thomas

RILEA, Cora J (26y; r-Blanchester Oh) to T E Campbell (21y; r-Cincinnati) MD-20 Apr in Newport

RILEY, Caroline (17y; r-Ft Thomas) to Fernando Skagg (25y; r-Dan Ky) MD-5 Aug in Newport

RILEY, Iola (20y; r-Dayton Ky) to Wm C Linfoot (28y; r-Marietta Oh) MD-2 Jan in Dayton Ky.

RINEHART, Daisy (21y; Mt Vernon Oh) to Emmett E Farmer (21y; r-Mt Vernon Oh) MD-12 Aug in Newport

RISCH, Carrie (25y; r-Claryville) to William Kane (25y; r-Grants Lick) MD-14 Aug in Newport

RISCH, Rose (34y; r-Newport) to Conrad W Voll (36y; r-Newport) MD-20 Aug in Newport

RISER, Grace A (21y; r-Shelby Co Ind) to W Allison McCain (22y; r-Shelby Co Ind) MD-6 July in Covington

RITTER, Margaret (21y; r-Cincinnati) to Michael Dooley (23y; r-Cincinnati) MD-3 Aug in Newport

ROBBINS, Bessie (18y; r-Cincinnati) to Clifford Brandon (22y; r-Cincinnati) MD-16 Feb in Newport

ROBERGE, Margaret (22y; r-Marionette Wis) to James M Wright (26y; r-Indianapolis Ind) MD-20 Feb in Newport

ROBINSON, Hattie (24y; r-Cincinnati) to George Thaubald (21y; r-Newport) MD-27 Mar in Newport

ROGERS, Ida B (34y) to Albert Ryan (49y) MD-26 June in Bellevue

ROQUET, Mary T (26y; r-Georgetown Oh) to Albert G Dorne (29y; r-Newport) MD-25 June in Newport

ROSEBOON, Ella M (21y; r-Bellevue) to Walter G Story (48y; r-Bellevue) MD-19 June in Bellevue

ROSENSWIEG, Rosa (20y; r-Newport) to Max Camine (20y; r-Cincinnati) MD-21 May in Newport

ROSS, Edith (21y; r-Newport) to Wm Kabler (27y; r-Cincinnati) MD-23 Apr in Newport

ROTH, Emma (22y; r-Newport) to Edward Peper (28y; r-Newport) MD-20 Mar in Newport

ROTHENBRECHER, Elizabeth (22y; r-Dayton Ky) to Louis Huber (26y; r-Dayton Ky) MD-5 Aug in Dayton Ky.

ROUSH, Anna (21y; r-Winchester Oh) to Louis Inskeep (21y; r-Russellville Oh) MD-6 June in Newport

ROUSH, Florence (21y; r-Winchester Oh) to Ray Inskeep (21y; r-Russellville Oh) MD-6 June in Newport

ROWLAND, Emma (25y; r-Cleveland Oh) to Wm Medaris (35y; r-Cleveland Oh) MD-10 May in Covington

RUBLEY, Laura (41y; r-Cincinnati) to Frank Rubley (42y; r-Cincinnati) MD-11 Mar in Newport

RUNCK, Amelia (36y; r-Delhi Oh) to Curt Gelbke (37y; r-Newport) MD-15 Jan in Newport

RUSSELL, Alice (24y; r-Connersville Ind) to Clem Lewis (21y; r-Harrison Oh) MD-29 June in Newport

RYAN, Kate (40y; r-Newport) to George Michel (46y; r-Newport) MD-11 June in Newport

SACKSTEDER, Frances (22y; r-Kohler Ky) to Geo Sprauer (28y; r-Dayton Oh) MD-25 June in Kohler

SAMPSON, Leta E (21y; r-Hope Ind) to Arthur C Kelner (21y; r-Hope Ind) MD-22 July in Covington

SANBORN, Charlotte L (44y; r-Cincinnati) to John W Westlake (57y; r-Cincinnati) MD-22 June in Covington

SANDERS, Stella (18y; r-Cincinnati) to Joseph Kahny (20y; r-Cincinnati) MD-28 Jan in Newport

SANFORD, Gertrude (18y; r-Columbus Oh) to D E Lathouse (21y; r-Columbus Oh) MD-19 May in Newport

SAVAGE, Anna (colored) (29y; r-Covington) to Sim Johnston (colored) (30y; r-Covington) MD-3 June in Newport

SCHAEFER, Theresa (37y; r-Cincinnati) to Peter Grogan (36y; r-Cincinnati) MD-14 May in Newport

SCHARRINGHAUSEN, Deborah to Geo W Ruwe MD-28 Aug in Covington

SCHERRER, Barbara (25y; r-Newport) to Ernest Newhouse (25y; r-Newport) MD-9 Apr in Newport

SCHIEFER, Valley J (18y) to Joseph E Fox (23y) MD-7 Feb

SCHMIDT, Lillie (22y; r-Cincinnati) to John Schneider (21y; r-Cincinnati) MD-20 May in Covington

SCHNEIDER, Minnie (30y; r-Cincinnati) to Wm T Firnkoess (40y; r-Cincinnati) MD-30 Aug in Newport

SCHNERR, Maggie (23y) to Edward Baker (27y) MD-26 June

SCHOEDINGER, Lulu (30y; r-Fairmount Oh) to Claude G Storey (36y; r-Bridgetown Oh) MD-31 July in Newport

SCHORR, Sallie (21y; r-Carthage Oh) to Edward Oberle (23y; r-Carthage Oh) MD-8 Mar in Newport

SCHRICK, Eva (31y; r-Cincinnati) to James Morris (33y; r-Cincinnati) MD-16 Apr in Newport

SCHRIVER, Carrie (22y; r-Ft Thomas) to Frederick E Hall (24y; r-Newport) MD-7 June in Ft Thomas

SCHROEDER, Emma (22y; r-Dayton Ky) to Eddie Turner (22y; r-Dayton Ky) MD-6 May in Newport

SCHULTE, Elizabeth (19y; r-Cincinnati) to Geo Mannix (21y; r-Cincinnati) MD-28 Jan in Newport

SCHULTZ, Viola (21y; r-Lake View Oh) to H C Miller (21y; r-Bellefontaine Oh) MD-31 Mar in Covington

SCHUMAN, Martha L (30y; r-Bellevue) to H W Pfannkuchen (34y; r-Cincinnati) MD-17 June in Bellevue

SCHWING, Lillian (23y) to William Burgjohan Md-9 Apr

SCOLLON, Sarah L (28y; r-Cincinnati) to R L Lipp (36y; r-Cincinnati) MD-13 June in Newport

SCOTT, Myrtle R (21y) to Norvil T Foster (20y) MD-6 Feb

SEARP, Margaret E to Chas S Arnold MD-16 Oct in Covington

SECHRIST, Elizabeth (21y; r-Crittenden Ky) to E L Webster (23y; r-Crittenden) MD-3 Apr in Newport

SEIBERT, Regina (22y; r-Hawthorne Ky) to F P Neltner (27; r-Cold Springs) MD-15 Jan in Alexandria

SEITHER, Clara (21y; r-Newport) to George Klein (22y; r-Newport) MD-22 May in Newport

SEYMOUR, Dora (21y; r-Circleville Oh) to Wm H Clifton (23y; r-Circleville Oh) MD-20 June in Newport

SHAFER, Emma (23y; r-Newport) to C C Mitchell (33y; r-Newport) MD-16 Feb in Newport

SHAFFER, Iva (21y) to Edward Elsten (24y) MD-5 Feb

SHANK, Laura E (21y; r-Blanchester Oh) to Charles R Adams (22y; r-Blanchester Oh) MD-21 Jan in Covington

SHANKS, Stella to Thos H Watson MD-12 Feb in Covington

SHARPE, Verna (21y; r-New Vienna Oh) to Earl Stanforth (21y; r-Martinsville Oh) MD-3 June in Newport

SHARPLESS, Agnes (21y; r-Indianapolis Ind) to Claude Woods (21y; r-Indianapolis Ind) MD-1 Aug in Newport

SHEBEK, Mrs. Marie to Chas Mouget MD-30 May in Covington

SHEEHAN, Della (25y; r-Covington) to John Miller (33y; r-Newport) MD-5 June in Newport

SHEPHARD, Maggie (21y) to Horace Hughes (28y) MD-26 June in Newport

SHILLING, Rhoda E (19y; r-Columbus Oh) to Chester L Seely (19y; r-Columbus Oh) MD-10 Jan in Newport

SHORT, Elizabeth (38y; r-Muncie Ind) to J D Phipps (45y; r-Muncie Ind) MD-19 Mar in Newport

SHOTWELL, Alice (colored) (20y; r-Cincinnati) to Henry Curtis (colored) (25y; r-Cincinnati) MD-22 July in Newport

SHULTE, Mary (22y; r-Bellevue) to Charles Wimmers (22y; r-Cincinnati) MD-3 Aug in Newport

SIEMON, Anna M (26y; r-Melbourne Ky) to Bernard Kohls (28y; r-Covington) MD-24 June in Camp Springs

SINGLETON, Juliet (22y) to George H Schryver (28y) MD-2 Sep in Ft Thomas

SLONAKER, Annie M (38y; r-Chicago Ills) to Miles B Hilly (39y; r-Chicago Ills) MD-8 June in Newport

SMITH, Bessie (21y; r-Dayton Oh) to Fred Anderson (21y; r-Dayton Oh) MD-18 July in Newport

SMITH, Edna May (20y; r-Newport) to Lew Kates Bohan (22y; r-Cincinnati) MD-21 Feb in Newport

SMITH, Fannie (21y; r-Middletown Oh) to William Miller (21y; r-Middletown Oh) MD-5 Aug in Covington

SMITH, Florence (21y; r-Cincinnati) to Fred W Demler (22y; r-Dayton Ky) MD-20 Feb in Bellevue

SMITH, Grace (21y; r-Cincinnati) to Albert Harden (22y; r-Cincinnati) MD-2 Apr in Newport

SMITH, Julia to Wm A Kloak MD-22 Apr in Covington

SMITH, May (21y; r-Dayton Oh) to Harry Dunning (25y; r-Dayton Oh) MD-22 June in Newport

SMITH, Mary (38y; r-Bellevue) to C Frommel (33y; r-Bellevue) MD-15 June in Bellevue

SMITH, Mary (23y; r-Holloway Oh) to John W Kendle (43y; r-Cincinnati) MD-30 July in Newport

SMITH, Nellie (21y; r-Cincinnati) to John A Stansbury (21y; r-Cincinnati) MD-17 Aug in Newport

SMITH, Rose (25y; r-Newport) to Emmett D Kirgan (27y; r-Cincinnati) MD-26 Mar in Newport

SMITH, Sarah C (32y; r-McHenry Ky) to Thomas Smith (22y; r-McHenry Ky) MD-29 Aug in Covington

SODDERS, Ellen (22y; r-Forest Oh) to Clarence Kelso (23y; r-Forest Oh) MD-7 Mar in Covington

SOMERS, Marcella (21y; r-Eaton Oh) to Carl Siders (21y; r-Eaton Oh) MD-3 July in Newport

SPECTOR, Jennie (22y; r-Newport) to Morris Cohen (27y; r-Cincinnati) MD-4 Apr in Newport

SPENCE, Virgie (21y; r-Adelphia Oh) to James Richard (23y; r-Kingston Oh) MD-16 May in Covington

SPILKER, Kate (21y; r-Cincinnati) to Joseph C Dury (22y; r-Cincinnati) MD-20 May in Newport

SPILMAN, Sallie B (25y; r-Gallatin Co Ky) to W T Whitson (45y; r-Gallatin Co Ky) MD-12 Jan in Newport

SPITZELBERGER, Stella (20y; r-Newport) to Clarence Vice (26y; r-Newport) MD-20 July in Newport

SPOHR, Nan (23y; r-Hamilton Oh) to Harry E Van Ness (25y; r-Hamilton Oh) MD-27 Apr in Covington

SPRAGUE, Helen (21y; r-Columbus Oh) to Walter P O'Neil (22y; r-Columbus Oh) MD-11 July in Newport

SPRAU, Louisa (31y; r-Southgate) to Chas Griesenbroker (34y; r-Newport) MD-11 July in Newport

SPREUIT, Minnie (30y; r-Cincinnati) to Ludwig Schmidt (27y; r-Cincinnati) MD-4 May in Newport

SPROUL, Cecilia (21y; r-Newport) to Henry Stolz (26y; r-Newport) MD-29 Jan in Newport

STAHL, Alice (19y; r-Newport) to Joseph F Maxey (26y; r-Covington) MD-13 Apr in Ft Thomas

STAHL, Mary (21y; r-Bellevue) to Harry Grischy (23y; r-Bellevue) MD-14 Aug in Bellevue

STEELE, Hattie (34y; r-Cincinnati) to Chas A Patterson (26y; r-St Louis Mo) MD-3 Jan in Newport

STEFFEN, Margaret (24y; r-Cold Spring) to Dr. Lawrence M Spitzelberger (27y; r-Dayton Ky) MD-4 Feb in Cold Spring

STEGNER, Mamie A (20y; r-Highlands) to Harry W Ross (27y; r-Maricopa Ariz) MD-21 Aug in Highlands

STEGNER, Sophia (26y; r-Cincinnati) to Wm Heuer (21y; r-Cincinnati) MD-17 Apr in Newport

STEIER, Christina (22y; r-Newport) to Joseph Velton (26y; r-Newport) MD-24 June in Newport

STENZEL, Lottie (21y; r-Bellevue) to Richard Egan (21y; r-Bellevue) MD-14 Jan in Bellevue

STETSON, Mabelle G (24y) to Jay H Dowling (40y) MD-16 Dec in Newport

STEVENS, Ora (22y; r-Schoolfield Ky) to William Bates (21y; r-Schoolfield) MD-5 Apr in Schoolfield

STEWART, Rosella (20y; r-Cincinnati) to Geo Devine (21y; r-Evansville Ind) MD-19 June in Newport

STIEFEL, Emma (21y; r-Newport) to George Gausing (24y; r-Newport) MD-20 May in Newport

STILISON, Annie (37y; r-Portland Ind) to C W Bryan (38y; r-Jay Co Ind) MD-29 Jan in Newport

STOKES, Mabel (21y; r-Urbana Oh) to Carl Grimes (22y; r-Urbana Oh) MD-3 Apr in Newport

STONE, M Ethel (21y; r-Dayton Oh) to Harold J Linkert (22y; r-Dayton Oh) MD-4 Feb in Newport

STRICKRATH, Agnes (30y; r-Cincinnati) to Frank W Schlesinger (30y; r-Cincinnati) MD-23 Jan in Newport

STRIEF, Ursula (21y; r-Newport) to Clemens Busse (24y; r-Cincinnati) MD-30 Apr in Newport

STURM, Theresa A (22y; r-Bellevue) to Wm L Gall (28y; r-Cincinnati) MD-4 June in Bellevue

SULLIVAN, Ella Nora (17y) to Albert P Risch (20y) MD-11 Jan in Newport

TATE, Martha (21y; r-Erlanger Ky) to Verna Perkins (22y; r-Erlanger Ky) MD-20 Apr in Newport

TEEHAN, Elizabeth (22y; r-Dayton Ky) to L W Clabaugh (24y; r-Robinsonville Ills) MD-20 July in Dayton Ky.

TETLOW, Gertrude (26y; r-Dayton Oh) to Clarence Hinkel (24y; r-Springfield Oh) MD-17 Aug in Covington

THOMAS, Josephine (21y; r-New Weston Oh) to John Anthony (21y; r-Burkettsville Oh) MD-2 Jan in Newport

THOMPSON, Anna L (29y; r-Newtonville Oh) to John M Heaton (42y; r-Cincinnati) MD-6 Mar in Newport

THOMPSON, Ida May 919y; r-Newport) to Walter Fitters (21y; r-Newport) MD-26 Aug in Newport

THOMPSON, Nellie (22y; r-Red Bank Oh) to J G Tucker (22y; r-Cincinnati) MD-11 Apr in Covington

THORNTON, Cora (19y) to Jacob F Seiten (32y) MD-17 July in Kohler Ky.

THORNTON, Mildred (26y; r-Covington) to Harry M Barnes (28y; r-Huntington W Va) MD-25 Apr in Newport

THORNTON, Sarah V (23y; r-Newport) to Harry B Ashbaugh (22y; r-Dayton Ky) MD-30 Aug in Newport

TILTON, Ada (26y; r-Lenoxburg Ky) to J W McLain (35y; r-Bloomington Tenn) MD-13 Feb in Newport

TISCHNER, Carrie (21y) to George Scharold (30y) MD-5 Feb

TOBY, Florence (21y; r-Dayton Oh) to Homer Plummer (921y; r-Dayton Oh) MD-10 June in Newport

TOBY, Mary (21y; r-Cincinnati) to Victor Lieberman (21y; r-Cincinnati) MD-9 Apr in Newport

TOMER, Sadie B (21y; r-Newport) to Ward Kettenacker (26y; r-Newport) MD-29 June in Newport

TRAPPE, Stella (25y; r-Newport) to John Kekens (37y; r-Newport) MD-25 Apr in Newport

TRAUT, Mary (20y; r-Cold Springs Ky) to John Brausch (27y; r-Cold Springs) MD-15 May in Cold Springs

TROSCH, Elizabeth (36y; r-Marysville Oh) to Hugh Moore (37y; r-Marysville Oh) MD-17 Aug in Newport

TROTT, Lizzie (22y; r-Cumberland Oh) to Clarence Doan (21y; r-Cumberland Oh) MD-27 Aug in Newport

TRULOCK, Laura E (24y; r-Cincinnati) to Joseph V Coldarone (24y; r-Cincinnati) MD-23 July in Newport

TUCKER, Addie (23y; r-Hamilton Oh) to R O Dallas (27y; r-Hamilton Oh) MD-19 June in Newport

TUTTLE, Mary (19y; r-Cincinnati) to Henry Hitzman (19y; r-Cincinnati) MD-25 May in Newport

UHRIG, Grace M (17y) to Joseph Poston (21y) MD-6 Feb

URTON, Amanda (21y; r-Morrow Oh) to Wm Ray Buergermeier (23y; r-Ft Ancient Oh) MD-20 Aug in Newport

VENABLE, Jennie (32y; r-Newport) to Will W Matthews (36y; r-Bellevue) MD-14 Aug in Newport

VENEMAN, Clara (32y; r-Hamilton Oh) to William Arnold (29y; r-Hamilton Oh) MD-6 Aug in Newport

VETTER, Minnie (28y; r-Newport) to Frank Schiffmann (30y; r-Cincinnati) MD-27 Mar in Newport

VONDERHAAR, Josephine (22y; r-Bellevue) to Edward Lehn (27y; r-Dayton Ky) MD-29 Apr in Bellevue

VOTEL, Mary (23y; r-Bellevue) to Jos Leising (26y; r-Newport) MD-2 July in Bellevue

VOWELL, Lillian (28y; r-Columbus Oh) to Geo Bangert (32y; r-Columbus Oh) MD-1 July in Newport

WALKER, Loretta M (18y; r-Newport) to Stephen J Young (21y; r-Newport) MD-10 July in Newport

WALTER, Mayme (27y; r-Indianapolis Ind) to Geo Kugelman (27y; r-Indianapolis Ind) MD-19 Aug in Newport

WARD, Kathryn (20y; r-Newport) to Jesse W Lambert (20y; r-Newport) MD-26 June in Newport

WARD, Naomi (23y; r-Newport) to Chas J Gotthardt (23y; r-Newport) MD-19 June in Newport

WARD, Nannie M (18y; r-Newport) to N L Keyes (23y; r-Newport) MD-31 Aug in Newport

WARNER, Mollie (32y; r-Dayton Oh) to W R Mumma (31y; r-Dayton Oh) MD-1 May in Newport

WARRICK, Ada (21y; r-Miamisburg Oh) to Arthur Yeazel (21y; r-Miamisburg Oh) MD-18 Feb in Covington

WATERWORTH, Elsie (21y; r-Newport) to Edward H Speckman (20y; r-Newport) MD-5 Aug in Newport

WEBSTER, Amanda (28y; r-Dayton Ky) to Geo M Decamp (29y; r-Dayton Ky) MD-17 Apr in Dayton Ky.

WEBSTER, Irene (18y; r-Harrisburg Ky) to Garry Nix (22y; r-Newport) MD-5 June in Covington

WEBSTER, Ise Dora to George Stewart MD-24 Nov in Covington

WEGERT, Cora (23y; r-Cincinnati) to Albert Stengel (34y; r-Cincinnati) MD-3 May in Newport

WEIR, Isabel (22y; r-Lancaster Oh) to Joseph K Falls (26y; r-Newcastle Pa) MD-28 Apr in Newport

WELCH, Susie (colored) (28y; r-Newport) to James Smith (colored) (37y; r-Newport) MD-24 June in Newport

WELLS, Eva (r-Cincinnati) to Edward Chapdu (35y; r-Cincinnati) MD-1 Jan in Newport

WELLS, Rose (25y; r-Bellevue) to Frank Wimmers (27y; r-Cincinnati) MD-13 Apr in Bellevue

WELSHBILLIG, Theresa (24y; r-Dayton Ky) to Harry Lowe (25y; r-Dayton Ky) MD-16 Feb in Dayton Ky.

WEST, Millie (20y; r-Newport) to Geo Williams (20y; r-Newport) MD-20 July in Newport

WEST, Minnie (21y; r-Brooksville Ind) to Edward Goss (26y; r-Cedar Grove Ind) MD-1 June in Ft Thomas

WEST, May (21y; r-Jacksonville Fla) to Haskell B Warren (22y; r-New York NY) MD-12 Apr in Newport

WHALEY, Fannie (21y; r-Versailles Oh) to Frank Gamel (25y; r-Cincinnati) MD-9 Jan in Newport

WHITE, Ellen (19y) to Albert Walls (23y) MD-12 Aug in Bellevue

WILDS, Lottie (colored) (21y; r-Newport) to Charles Harris (colored) (23y; r-Newport) MD-8 Jan in Newport

WIEBE, Anna (29y; r-Newport) to John Thomas (29y; r-Newport) MD-23 July in Newport

WILKOFSKY, Esther to David Wasbutsky MD-10 Mar in Newport

WILLIAMS, Maudette (30y; r-Burlington Ky) to Len Ware (35y; r-Rockdale Ind) MD-3 June in Dayton Ky.

WILLIAMS, Mollie (21y; r-Ludlow Ky) to Edward Van Natter (21y; r-Ludlow Ky) MD-13 May in Newport

WILLIAMS, Sarah (colored) (22y; r-Newport) to Geo Mills (colored) (47y; r-Newport) MD-1 Aug in Newport

WILLIS, Mary M (21y; r-Newport) to R M Deal (26y; r-Newport) MD-1 Jun in Newport

WILLOUGHBY, Marie (25y; r-Covington) to P J Wires (24y; r-Cincinnati) MD-5 June in Covington

WILSON, Alice (28y; r-Southgate) to John Joerg (26y; r-Newport) MD-5 June in Newport

WILSON, Hazel M (22y; r-Spencerville Oh) to Marion F McCormick (27y; r-Ohio Co Oh) MD-14 July in Newport

WILSON, Josephine M (35y; r-Versailles Oh) to G A Dershem (31y; r-Gettysburg Oh) MD-9 Jan in Newport

WILSON, Wano (21y; r-Bowersville Oh) to Ray Lucas (22y; r-Bowersville Oh) MD-20 Feb in Newport

WISECUP, Maggie (21y) to J F Smart (21y) MD-11 Feb

WISOR, Dora (19y; r-Somerset Ky) to Harry O Taffe (25y; r-Covington) MD-12 June in Newport

WOOD, Edna (20y; r-Newport) to Odlin Schneider (21y; r-Newport) MD-13 Aug in Newport

WOODS, Mary (19y; r-Newport) to Dominick Anderson (19y; r-Newport) MD-1 Mar in Newport

WYMAN, Myrtle E (22y; r-Lancaster Oh) to C E Benninger (31y; r-Frankfort Ky) MD-2 Jan in Covington

YANA, Catherina (25y; r-Carthage Ky) to Geo W Treiber (32y; r-Versailles Oh) MD-26 Feb in Carthage

YATES, Grace (21y; r-Newport) to Paul Zacary (23y; r-Newport) MD-31 Aug in Newport

YOUNG, Barbara E (26y; r-Newport) to John J Davis (27y; r-Newport) MD-6 Mar in Newport

YOUNG, Louise M (27y; r-Newport) to Frank W Corbly (24y; r-Mt Washington Oh) MD-4 Mar in Newport

YOUNG, Magdalena (25y; r-Newport) to Clarence A Ruehl (25y; r-Newport) MD-10 June in Newport

YOUNG, Mayme (22y; r-Newport) to Henry Lewis (22y; r-Newport) MD-3 Aug in Newport

YOUNGMAN, Nettie Irene (18y) to Lawrence Thomas (21y) MD-11 Feb

YUNG, Emma (22y; r-Newport) to Robert Geier Jr. (27y; r-Newport) MD-26 June in Newport

YUNGBLUTH, Edna (20y; r-Newport) to Albert A Kuhlmann (24y; r-Cincinnati) MD-29 Apr in Newport

ZEILMAN, Pearl (18y; r-Cincinnati) to Joseph H Wolf (22y; r-Cincinnati) MD-8 May in Newport

ZIMMER, Bertha (22y; r-Cincinnati) to John Sigfried (25y; r-Cincinnati) MD-7 July in Newport

ZIMMERMAN, Anna (22y; r-Cincinnati) to Edward Hermann (25y; r-Cincinnati) MD18 May in Newport

ZUEFLA, Laura Mrs. (43y; r-Cincinnati) to Charles Fredward? Groves (40y; r-Hamilton Oh) MD-1 Apr in Newport

ZWIESLER, Genevieve (22y; r-Dayton Oh) to Samuel Wick (25y; r-Dayton Oh) MD-3 Aug in Newport


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