Newport Bonds and Marriages 1879

Grooms List



Transcribed and submitted 4 Nov 2007 by Tami Sherrill

LDS Film #0532353
BD-bond date
JPPC-Justice of the Peace
MD-marriage date


ABEL, Henry (29y of Newport, b-Baden) to Katie KRAUSE (25y of Newport, b-Cincinnati, Ohio) BD-24 Jan, bm G. W. Bowers MD-26 Jan, min-R. Koestlin, of the Ev. Prst. St. Johnís Church, w-H. Lemment, J. Soleibel, Anna Abel, Laura Krause, pg 373

ADER, Charles (20y of Cold Spring, b Cincinnati) to Clara AGEL (18y of Cold Spring, b Cincinnati) BD-25 Nov  bm Jacob Beller BD-27 Nov; min-J Merschmann of the St. Joseph Church, w-Louiz Munz, Katie Sylvester, pg 111

AGNEW, J B to Susie J BLEAKS BD-16 April, bm Julius Schweizen. NOTE: Marriage bond only. No license or marriage certificate was filled in.

ALLEN, William W (26y of Newport, b-Cincinnati) to Carrie KOBLEMAN (21y of Newport, b Cincinnati) BD-19 July, bm Julius Schweizer MD-20 July;  min-M J. W. Ambrose, of the M. E. Church, w-C. M. Galagher, Addie Tucker

ANDERSON, Oliver B. (26y of Evansville, Ind.) to Susan Belle OSTLER (23y of Newport) BD-19 Nov., bm Wm. Ostler MD-19 Nov; min-W. W. Tucker of the Baptist Church, w H. Yay of Alexandria and Fred Luguire of Newport, pg 104

ANDERSON, Wm. C (of Newport) to Amanda E. WILLIAMS (of Newport) BD-5 Nov  bm W. H. Wallingford MD-5 Nov; min-Wm. Pettis of the Prst. Epis. Church, w James Taylor, Julia Taylor, pg 97

APPLEGATE, Lewis L. (20y of Newport, b New Brunswick, NJ) to Addie J. EDWARDS (19y of Covington, b Covington) BD-8 Oct  bm (left blank) MD-8 Oct; min-Eben Muse of the Presbyterian Church, w Su T. Clark, Mollie Dear, pg 76; NOTE: license and certificate were left unsigned by clerk

ARMSTRONG, Harry D. to Ella C. WIRTHLIN BD-30 Aug., bm H. C. Cachard MD-30 Aug; min-Jas. McNameny of the Catholic Church, w John Schelhauer, Frances Werthlin, pg 33

ARNOLD, Brent (of Cincinnati) to Elizabeth "Lizzie" JONES (of Newport) BD-16 April, bm Thomas L. Jones MD-17 April; min-Rev. Pettis, Prst. Eps. Church, w W.H. Semple, J. McDaniel

ASHER, Harry L. (of Ohio, b Ohio) to Eva CROSBY (of Ohio) BD-27 Dec 1878 MD-27 Dec. 1878, JPCC J. P. Balkin: NOTE: this marriage bond was found filed in with the early Jan 1879 bonds.

BANSHUF, Louis (40y of Dayton, b-WŁrttemberg) to Elizabeth LANG (22y of Cincinnati, b-Cincinnati) BD-18 Aug., bm Peter Klein MD- 19 Aug; min-Chas. E. Clausen of the Ev. St. Paulís, w Peter Klein, Elizabeth Lang; NOTE: there is a Louis and Lizzie Banshof shown in the 1880 census for Dayton, Campbell Co.

BARTLE, John (39y of Campbell Co. b-Campbell Co.) to Martha B STUBBS (29y of Campbell Co. b-Campbell Co.) BD-7 Oct., bm Chas Fitzgerald  MD-8 Oct; min-Henry W. Bailey of the M. E. Church, w William Jones, Eliza Stubbs

BEGLEY, Daniel to Lucy MARLIS BD-10 Oct., bm James H. Shawn, pg 79l  NOTE: bond only, no license or certificate filled in

BENNETT, B. T. and Annie MILLER BD-11 June, bm Chas. M. Galagher, pg 450  NOTE: bond only, no license or certificate filled out

BERKEMYER, Henry (24y of Dayton, Ky. b-Newport) to Anna GRIMME (21y of Dayton, Ky. b Dayton-Ky) BD-26 Nov., bm Joseph Grimme  MD-27 Nov  min-Wm. Cassander, w George Berkemeier Jr., Lizzie Grimme, pg 117  NOTE: clerk spelled groomís name as Berkemeir, but groom signed his name as Berkemyer

BETSCH, George (21y of Dayton, b Newport) to Laura WELSCH (18y of Schippenbert, b-Schippenbert Pens) BD-30 Aug  bm Wm. Welch, MD-20 Oct; M-Rev B. Hildebrand of St. Francis Church, w Edward Niemeyer, Maggie Betsch

BLESCH, Robert (26y of Newport) to Louisa TROUTMAN (23y of Newport) BD-17 April  bm Valentine Smith, MD-17 April; min-Chas A Clausen, Ger. E. St. Pauls, w Henry Hausenumkel, Mary Kaufmann

BEECHER (BUCHER?), William (29y) to Carry CASSADY (of Newport) BD-15 May, bm James Joshua MD-16 May; min- M. Rise, w Martha Cassady, A. Cassady

BLANT, John (23y of Newport, b-Newport) to Bertha MEALMAN (22y of Livingston, Ky. b-Newport) BD-11 Aug., bm Henry Maurer, MD-11 Aug; min-Reinhold Koeslin of the Ev. Prot. St. Johnís Church, w Henry Maurer, Sophia Blant  NOTE: Berthaís name is also spelled MEHLMANN. In 1880, there is a John and Bertha Blant in Newport. In 1870 there is a John Bland age 13, son of Elizabeth age 45, in Newport. Possibly a double wedding with Henry MAURER and Sophia BLANT.

BLISS, H. (23y of Cincinnati b Ohio) to HAYMAN, Bettie W. (19y of Newport b Kentucky) BD-16 Dec., bm Ed Hayman, MD-17 Dec;  min-Thos, Skinner of the Presbyterian Church, pg 128

BOSEKE, William (21y of Bracken Co. Ky. b Ky) to Mena BECKMANN (19y of Bracken Co. Ky. b Germany) BD-26 Nov., bm H. Beckmann, MD-26 Nov., JPCC-T. R. Bodkin, w John Hallman, C. M. Galagher, pg 118

BOWER, George (29y of Dayton, b Cincinnati, Ohio) to Eunice B. LEVY (24y of Dayton, b near Manchester, Ohio) BD-14 June, bm Julius Schweizer, MD-14 June;  min-C. L. Saunders of M. E. Church, w W. Beau, G. Kesler, pg 452

BRADFORD, Luther (35y of Pendleton Co. KY) to Belle MORELAND (26y of Pendleton Co. KY. b Ohio) BD-24 Feb., bm Charles Moreland, MD-27 Feb;  min-W. W. Tucker of the Ordained Baptist, w C. H. Marland, D. E. E. Order

CAPPOLA, Hyacinth (25y of Covington, b Italy), to Cass Frances CHRISTEN (23y of Covington, b Covington) BD-7 April  bm-Walter Cleary, MD-7 April; minLM Lambert, Cathedral Church, w John Bridgeman, Rachel Patton

CASSIDY, Edwin R. (of Newport) to Mary J. BYRUS  BD-27 Oct bm George W. Byrus, MD-27 Oct; M-Rev W. Fuller of the Baptist Church, w Geo W. Byrus, Edwin B. Cassidy, pg 88

CLANCY, John M. to Gertie PRATT BD-3 June, bm Frank Fairbanks, note on top- sworn as to age of lady 18 years by J. M. Clancy, Frank Fairbanks swears to "satisfachion of the parents." NOTE: bond only, no license or certificate filled out

CLARK, Columbus L. (29y of Dayton, Ky. b Cincinnati, Ohio) to Georgiana STEWART (27y of Dayton, Ky. b Harrison Co. Ky) BD- 9 Oct., bm Augustus Clark, MD-9 Oct;  min-E. L. Sanders Meth. Episcopal Church, w John Ramsey, G. H. Fennelly

COLEMAN, John and Mahala SNIDER BD-6 Feb., bm Thos. Cottingham. Note on lower certificate portion: Married by W. F. Fuller, Magistrate. 6 Feb. No further info given

COLLIER, Joseph (25y of Oldham Co. KY. b Oldham Co. KY) to Laura TALIAFERRO (25y of Newport, b Newport) BD-7 May, bm T. F. Taliaferro, MD-8 May; min-T. F. Taliaferro of the Methodist Ch., w W. R. Taliaferro Jr., W. W. Southgate

COLLINS, John (22 of Cincinnati, b Cincinnati, Ohio) to Maggie HALEY, Maggie (18 of Newport, b England) BD-3 June, note on bond: Sworn Wm. Edmondson as to age of (ink blot) today who testified that she was 18 years of age and that he has raised her and is willing for the marriage to take place; att. Thos Jones Clk, bm C. M. Galagher; MD-3 June, T. P. Makebben -Judge CC, w Matthew Edmondson, C. M. Galagher, additional note: Wm. Edmondson guardian

CONDEN, Henley H. to Rhoda A. VAN DUZEN BD-25 Nov., bm (left blank), pg 110 NOTE: Bond only, no license or certificate filled in

CORBETT, Michael (24y of Grant Co. KY, b Harrison Co. Ohio) to Maggie KENDALL (30y of Grant Co. KY, b Ireland) BD-19 July, bm Michael Rohan, MD-20 July; min-L. M. Lambert of the Cath. Church Covington, Ky., w Michael McGinnis, Mary McGinnis

CORBIN, Wm. F. (25y of Clermont Co. Oh) to Anna IBER (25y of Clermont Co. Oh) BD-1 March, bm John Theiry, MD-2 March, min Samuel E. Eastman of York St. Cong. Church, w John Theiry, Maggie ___

CRAWFORD, James (of Newport) to Jane GOSNEY (of Newport) BD-10 June, bm F. A. Davis, MD-10 June; min-W. W. Tucker of Baptist Church, w Wm. White, John C. Tinker, pg 444; NOTE: Minister name may be Tinker?

CREAMER, John (22y of Newport, b Covington, KY) to Maggie RILEY (21y of Newport, b Newport), BD-20 June, bm John McCaffrey, MD-22 June, JCPP-C. P. Buchanan, w Hugh Riley, ---OíNeal

DAMES, Albert (of Newport) to Mary M. HUSER (of Newport) BD-10 May, bm Henry Huser, MD-13 May, min-R. A. Baumeister of the R. Catholic Church, w H. Huser, Mary Best, Rosa Caugel, F. Bautichi

DAVIDSON, Moses Y. to Katie A. SULLIVAN, BD-22 Feb., bm James W. McRoberts. NOTE: bond only, no certificate or license filled in

DEER, Albert to Christina GASDORF (of Newport), BD-3 July, bm Frank Gasdorf, MD-3 July, min H. ___ of the Catholic Church, w Kate Gillish ?, Ida Gasdorf

DEFREY, Joseph Elias to Essy Ruth MUNNEHOWER, BD-6 Feb., bm Fred Scharmbeck, wit Geo. W. Bowers D. C. NOTE: only the bond money portion was filled out. No license or certificate. No ages given. D. C. may mean District Court.

DEMAIN, John (of Newport) to Margaret CULLEN, BD-7 Jan., bm John Corbett, MD-7 Jan., min A. Ennis of Im. Concp. Church, w John Corbett, Wm. (or M.) Corbett

DONAHUE, Patrick to Amelia (Mary) ROSS, BD-5 Feb., bm Robert Stassmaster, MD-5 Feb., min James M. We___ of the Im. Concep. Church, w David Crowley, Ellen Cullen  NOTE: Maryís name is crossed out of the top portion of bond, and Amelia is written in. Middle portion for license uses the name of Amelia. Bottom portion for certificate uses the name of Mary. No ages given. Bond money witness is Ger. W. Bowers, D. C.

DONNALLY, Edward L. (23y of Cincinnati, b Cincinnati) to Evelyn REMMIE (of Newport), BD-5 March, bm Julius Schweizer, MD-5 March, min Samuel W. Duncan of the Baptist Church, w Benjamin Remmie, Charles A. Remmie

DOUGHERTY, John to Fannie MILLER, BD-3 July, bm W. T. Lewis, MD-3 July, min James M. Neersey, Catholic, w Minnie Miller NOTE: Bond lists groom as John Dougherty, marriage certificate lists groom as Charles Doherty. His signature is written as John Dougherty

DOWD, John O. to Alcinda LAAFFE, BD-25 June, bm C. M. Galagher, MD-25 June, min Jas. McNerney of Cath. Church, w Thos. Fox, Mary Fox

DRECKENBROOK, George to Rose LEE BD-8 Dec., bm C C Harris, MD-8 Dec; JPCC-C C Harris, w J P Link, Philip H. Keene, pg 124  NOTE: none of the dates and names are filled in on the certificate portion. There is a note on it saying: "return not all filled in". The witness names and the name of the Justice of the Peace C. C. Harris, are the only names on the certificate. Names of George and Rose are on the license.

DRYER, John (21y of Newport, b Newport) to Katie KOKE (of Newport, b Cincinnati), BD-24 Nov., bm B. Dryer, MD (not filled in), min B. A. Banmeister of the B. Catholic Church, w Jos Dryer, Lizzie Wehmeyer, Jos. Koke, Mary Pohmeyer, John Oberklaus, Katie Kunk, pg 109  NOTE: clerk did not sign, dates for certificate not filled in, witnesses not dated; possibly married at the R. Catholic Church, and not B. Catholic

DUGGEN, John to Mary RYAN, BD-20 Nov., bm John J. Cullinam, pg 107 NOTE: Bond and license only, no marriage certificate filled in

DUNNIGAN, James D. to Zella FLYNN, BD-30 Oct., bm James R. Kelly, MD-30 Oct., min Jas. McNeuves of Imm. Concep. Church, w Ellen Merlan, John Dunnigan, pg 93

EBERT, Dominick (of Newport) to Martha May SCHNEIDER, BD-4 Feb., bm August Ross, MD-25 Feb., min M. H. Thien of the Catholic Church, w Edward Cepes, Cath ___land. NOTE: Marthaís name is also spelled SNYDER. No ages given. Witness names too dark to read. Note on top of page: Consent given by Ann Schneider the mother of Martha May Schneider.

EDGAR, Oscar (32y of Newport, b Campbell Co.) to Carrie B. PARKER (25y, of Campbell Co. b Alexandria), BD-7 April, bm Thomas Jones, MD-8 April, min Methodist, w NP Degman, Wm. Miller

ENGISER, John to Mary GROSSMAN, BD-16 Aug., bm Fred Techerhteline, MD-2 Sept., min B. A. Banmeister, w Christ and Margar Betsch, Edward Niemeyer, Louisa Schulte, Emil Habel, Pauline Hanselman

EVESLAGE, Charles H. (27y of Newport, b Cincinnati, O) to Kate SCHEVENE (21y of Cincinnati, b Louisville) BD-28 Oct., bm (none listed) MD-29 Oct., min B. A. Banmeister R. Catholic Church, w John B. Schleking, Varg Schevene, Richard and Annie Eveslage, pg 90

FAGIN, James P. (29y of Newport, b Illinois) to Josie DONNELLY (23y of Bellevue, b-Cincinnati, Ohio) BD-4 Dec., bm A. F. Kamping MD-4 Dec., min Eben Muse of the Columbia Street Presbyterian

FITZGERALD, Charles (28y of Newport, b-Newport) to Sarah STUBBS (23y of Campbell Co b-Campbell Co) BD-23 July, bm John Barth MD-23 July, min H. W. Bailey of the M. E. Church, w John Bart, Martha B. Stubbs

FLAIG, Charles (21y of Campbell Co b-Columbia, Ohio), to Annie STICKLING (20y of Campbell Co b-Campbell Co) BD-28 April, bm Christ Stickling MD-1 May, min Carl Berock Ev. St. John Ger., w Fredk. Leistman

FLETCHER, John (25y of Newport, b Cincinnati, Ohio), to Katie FREGLEIN (20y of Newport, b Newport) BD-22 May, bm Michael Connelly, MD-22 May; JPCC-C. P. Buchanan, w Joseph Shaw, E. Gilbertson

FLUTMUS, George (28y of Alexandria, KY. b-Cincinnati, Ohio) to Kate ROLLEY (23y of Newport, b-Newport) BD-29 May, bm C. M. Galagher, MD-10 June, min G. M. Lawbel of the Catholic Church, w Wm McCarthy, Mollie Cannon

FORTUNE, Pat to Bessie BREEN, BD-30 July, bm Walter Redmond, w Walter Redmond, Wm. Redman NOTE: written on bottom portion is this note: "Return Ė not all filled in". Witnesses were filled in, but no date of marriage and no minister named

FRITZ, Charles (28y of Dayton, KY b-Germany) to Adelheide "Addie" BRAMSTEIN (21y of Dayton, KY b-Germany) BD-19 April, bm Charles M. Galagher, MD-30 April, min B. Hildebrand, St. Frances, w M. Linberger, R. Bramstein 

GABBS, Charles (of Newport) to Lizzie KRAMER (of Newport) BD-3 July, bm Chas Maunders, MD-3 July, min W. W. Tinker of the Baptist Church, w Charles Maunders, Anna Maunders

GAHR, Charles (23y of Covington, b Hamilton Co. Oh), to Hattie HODGETTS (21y of Kenton Co. KY. b-Newport) BD-27 Oct., bm (none listed) MD-27 Oct., by Judge of Campbell Co. Court T. P. Makibbeu, w J. M. Vastine, T. P. Makibbeu, pg 89

GEIGES, Christian (28y of Germany) to Mary LAWRENCE (26y of Cincinnati) BD-23 April, bm Louis Hock, MD-23 April, min B. A. Baumeister, R. Catholic, w Margaret Lawrence, Bernard Denfair

GERHARD, Philip (of Newport, b Germany) to Veronica GETZ (of Newport, b Germany) BD-21 Aug., bm John Roth, MD-28 Aug., min B. A. Baumeister, w Henry Huser, Fred Goldramp

GLINKLER, Frederick (25y of Newport, b Troy, Ind.) to Katie MERGELE (19y of Newport, b Newport) BD-15 Nov., bm C. M. Galagher, MD-16 Nov., min A. Athmann of the Catholic Church, w Frank Glinkler, Francisca Megerle, pg 102

GRABELL / GROBLE, Martin (of Campbell Co.) to Martha CROPPER (of Campbell Co) BD-7 Nov, bm C. M. Galagher, MD-18 Nov., min J. W. Jolly of the Baptist Church, w Atili Hopkins, D. Poe, pg 103  NOTE: Martinís name is listed as Grabell on the license and Groble on the certificate.

GRAFF, Henry (24y of Hamilton Co. Ohio) to Eva ROSSNER (21y of Hamilton Co Ohio) BD-17 Feb., bm Wm. Scherer, MD-17 Feb., by J. P. Makibbui, Judge of Campbell County Court, w W. B. Bryan

GREULE, Frank J. (21y of Newport, b Cincinnati, Oh) to Gertrude W. KENNEDY (19y of Newport, b-Oxford, Ohio) BD-29 Jan, bm John C. Schroll, MD-29 Jan., min E. H. Brandts of Cath. Church, w Clifford Kennedy, Mrs. Bonnie W. Luritt

HAMMELL, Philip (45y of Newport, b Rhein Bayern) to Suzetta BRIENSTELLER (27y of Newport, b-Switzerland) BD-27 March, bm Chas. M. Galagher, MD-27 March, min Reinhold Koestlin of E. Prst. St. Johnís, w Anna Koestlin, Mary Rieger

HAMMER, John to Margaret STAFFEN, bd 17 Oct., bm Jacob Hammer NOTE: bond only, no license or certificate filled in

HAVICK / HEWICK, Adam G (32y of Campbell Co b-White Oak) to Anna Louise WITTE (21y of Campbell Co b-Cincinnati, Ohio), bd 08 July, BD (left blank), MD-8 July, min Chas. E. Clausen, St. Paulís, w John Otting, Barbara Lichter NOTE: Adamís name is spelled as HAVICK on the bond, and HEWICK on the license and certificate. Additional note: there is an Adam and Anna Helvic in Newport shown in the 1880 census, next to Henry Witte.

HAY, James to Bridget RAGEN, BD-24 Feb., bm John Reagean, MD-24 Feb., min J. McNerphy of Cath. Church, w Samuel Dennigan, Anna Barrett

HAYER, Frederick (28y of Newport) to Laura I. STEWART (21y of Newport b Prussia) BD-30 June, MD-30 June, min Reinhold Koestlin of Ev. Prst. St. Johnís, w Edward Hayer, Louisa Schmelling, Aledr. Heyer

HAYMAN, Ed. J. (25y of Newport, b Newport) to Ella DAVIS (25y of Newport, b-Ohio) BD-22 Oct., bm Julius Schweizer, MD-22 Oct., min Jno. R. Peebles of the M. E. Church, w Ed Air, O. E. Davis, pg 86

HENTZ, Emil (of Newport) to Mary HUNTERMER, BD-10 June, bm J. B. Huntermer, MD-11 June, min H. Their of Rom. Cath. Church, w Chas. Hentz, Catherine Hunterman, pg 445

HEURTSON, Dutton (36y of Newport, b-Ireland) to Mary BLAYLEY (21y of Newport b-Newport) BD-24 June, bm Robt. B. Henry, md 24 June, min Jno. R. Peebles of M. E. Church, w Robert Stevenson, ---Garan

HILLGARDNER, L. P. (22y of Newport, b Newport) to Eva GIRARD (20y of Newport, b-Newport) BD- 27 March, bm Joseph Beck, MD- 27 March, min Chas. E. Clausen of Ger. Ev. Prst. St. Paulís, w C. Hillgartner, J. Girard, L. Girard, Benjamin Beck

HITCH, John G. (23y of Newport, b Rhein-Bayern) to Minnie GETZWELLER (23y of Newport, b-Newport), BD-4 March, bm Andrew Dillon, MD-5 March, min Reinhold Koestlin of Ev. Prst. St. Johnís, w Jacob Hitch, Mary Hitch

HOCH, Frederick (31y of Newport, b Cincinnati) to Mary E. Belford (23y of Newport, b Hannibal, Ohio) BD-3 July, bm (none listed), MD-3 July, min Chas Berach of Ev. St. Johnís, w Peter Schmidt, Lorie Wasser

HOEFINGHOFF, Charles to Minnie BASTSCHER, BD-14 Aug, bm Bernhard Koestlin. NOTE: bond only, no license or certificate filled in. In 1880 Cincinnati, there is a Charles Hoefinghoff age 44, and wife Minnie age 30, and children Harry 9, Ida 7, Adeline 5, Matilda 8 mos

HOFFMAN, C. H. (27y of Newport, b Franklin Co. Indiana) to Elizabeth BARTH (21y of Newport, b Newport) BD-5 May, bm John H. Barth, MD-6 May, min Chas. E. Clausen Ger. Ev. St. Pauls, w John Henry Barth and wife

HOWELL, Henry (24y of Tennessee) to Mary SMITH (21y of Cincinnati, b Cincinnati) BD-29 July, bm Horace Mark, MD-29 July, min Dennis Lyhtfoot of the Baptist Church, w James Murray, Thos. Dixon

HUBIG, Peter (of Cincinnati, b Prussia) to Elizabeth HAUK (of Newport, b-Ohio) BD-20 June, bm Martin Freson, MD-24 June, min B. A. Baumeister of R. Cath. Church, w Susan Hubig, Emma Hauk, George Klein

HURLEY, J. L. (39y of Louisiana, b Alabama) to M. E. NASH (37y of Dayton, b Cincinnati, Ohio) BD-6 Dec; MD-7 Dec., min J. N. Ervin, Presbyterian, w W. W. Guion, pg 123

JENKS, William B. to Annie W. YONTSEY, BD-10 June, bm Thos. Washington, pg 447 NOTE: bond information only, no license or marriage certificate filled in

JOHNSON, Charles Edward (25y of Campbell Co. Ky, b Hamilton Co. Ohio) to Mary F. WARE (18y of Campbell Co. Ky, b Pendleton Co. Ky), BD-28 July, bm C. F. Ware, MD-29 July, min Orson Long of the M. E. South Church, w E. L. Ware, Robt. Ware, Jane Farmer

KELLER, Charles A. (25y of Middletown, Ohio, b Hamilton Co. Ohio) to Louisa M. SEBALD (19y of Middletown, Ohio, b Hamilton Co. Ohio), BD-22 Oct., bm Herman Batham, MD-22 Oct., min Reinhold Koestlin of the Ev. Prst. St. Johnís Church, w Mina Sebald, Mary Keller, pg 84

KELLY, Billy to Kate LEIUNIGER, BD-10 Nov., bm Andrew Lohner, MD-8 Feb 1880, min Jas McNerney of Immac. Concep. Church, w Andy Black, Lizzie Leiuniger, pg 99

KELLY, Robert to Anna BUMS, BD-13 Aug., bm John D. Sullivan. NOTE: bond only, no license of certificate filled in

KEUCHLER, C. H. A. (23y of Bellevue, KY) to Mathilda HAUSMANN (21y of Bellevue, b Newport), BD-10 June, bm Conrad Swining, MD-11 June, min Chas. E. Clausen of Ger. E. St. Paulís, w Adolph Hausman, Alice Hausman, pg 448

KIESEWETTER, Louis (30y of Newport b Franklin Co. Ohio) to Rosetta LEONARD (21 of Newport b Indianapolis, Indiana), BD-15 Dec., bm Frank Edgar, MD-15 Dec., min Sam E. Easterman, of York Street Cngl. Church, w Annie Eastman, pg 127

KNAPP, Augustus (26y of Newport, b Cincinnati) to Emily A. SPRING (22y of Newport, b Cincinnati), BD-18 Aug., bm Robert Spring, MD-18 Aug., min Eber Masse of the Columbia St. Presbyterian Church, w Robert Y. Spring, Isabella Claburn

KOEHLER, Henry (37y of Dayton, born Cassel Hessia) to Catharina "Katie" BUJER (24y of Alexandria, born Cincinnati) BD-24 Dec., bm (none listed) MD-24 Dec., min Chas. Clausen of the Germ. Ev. St. Paulus, w Wm. Binger, Anna Thienemann, pg 132 NOTE: Bride is listed as Bujer, but may be Binger, as there is a witness Binger. Bride is also named as Katie on the license, and Catharina on the certificate.

KUHN, Henry (34y of Newport, b-Germany) to Sophia WEIGER (27y of Cincinnati, b Germany) BD-23 June, bm S. Hillgartner, MD-23 June, min B. A. Baumeister of R. Cath. Church, w Valentine Hilgardner, Caroline Hilgardner, pg 457

LAHNER, John (27y of Johnís Hill, b Johnís Hill) to Margaret KELLER (22y of Cold Springs), BD-14 Aug., bm John Keller, MD-15 Aug., min Wm. Cassander of the Catholic Church, w Geo. Lahner, Mary Keller

LAMMERT, Henry (23y of Cincinnati, O. b Richmond, Ind.) to Louisa KRAUS (21y of Newport, b-Cincinnati), BD-29 Oct., bm Henry Abel, MD-12 Nov., min Reinhold Koestlin of Ev. Pr. St. Johnís, w Henry Wilken, Carrie Kraus, pg 92 NOTE: not signed by county clerk

LANGDON, Frank E. (26y of Hamilton Co. Ohio, b Pleasant Ridge, Oh) to Kate WHITNEY (23y of Dayton, Ky. b Cincinnati Oh) BD-24 March., bm Philip Kaigher, MD-24 March, min C. G. Killman of Dayton Baptist, w C. B. Schoolfriend, Philip Kaigher

LANGEBRAKE, Henry (39y of Newport) to Louisa WEISCHERT (32y of Newport), BD-23 April, bm Chas. M. Galagher, MD-23 April, min Chas. Lurkes of the M. E. Church, w Wm. Shaffer, Avrila Grosscort

LANGLEY, William (of Newport) to Emma ONIONS, Emma (of Covington), BD-3 June, bm Geo. Langley, MD-3 June, min Rev. N. M. Pettis of the Prst. Epis., w Geo. Langley, Eliz. Langley

LINDGREIN, Emil F. (23y of Newport, b Norkoping, Sweden) to Sarah WOODALL (of Newport, b Dady, Worcestershire, England) BD-3 Oct., bm John Loesch, MD-4 Oct., min Jno. R. Peebles of the Meth. Ep. South Church, w T. J. Allen, Geo Marsh, pg 73

LIPSCOMB, George (22y of Campbell Co b-Campbell Co) to Mahaley BAKER (21y of Campbell Co b-Campbell Co) BD-11 June, bm Hiram Straun, MD-11 June; JPCC-C. P. Buchanan, w Hiram Straun, Lizzie Baker. note written on top: sworn George Lipscomb as to age of young lady who stated that she was underage but that her father was willing for the marriage to take place. Att. Thomas Jones, bm, Chas. M. Galagher, pg 449

LOGAN, William (26y of Newport, b-Newport) to Mary GUNNING (21y of Newport, b-Newport) BD-22 Oct., bm James Dunigan, MD-22 Oct., min A. Ennis of the Catholic Immaculate Con. Church, w Sarah O'Niell, John J. Denger, pg 85

LOTTS, John (24y of Campbell Co. b-Newport) to Mina ZEIGLER (19y b-Campbell Co) note of consent: "You will hearby instut a leiston to my daughter clerk of the county court to Miss Mina Ziegler" clerk Chas. Galagher BD-8 May, w for consent - John and George Lottes, MD-8 May, min Reinhold Koestler of the E. Prst. St. Johnís, w John Schwarz, Margaritha Wahl

LUDWIG, F. W. to Lizzie GORMAN, BD-14 Jan 1879, bm Henry Weber NOTE: bond only, no license or certificate filled in

MARSCH, Henry (28y of Newport, b Bavaria) to Mary Olivia BARBER (25y of Newport, b Cincinnati) BD-20 May, bm A. Green, MD-21 May, min Reinhold Koestlin of Ev. Prst. St. Johnís, w Joseph Barber, Hattie D David

MARTIN, John I. (26y of Newport, born Newport) to Minnie STAHL (22y of Newport, born Cincinnati, Ohio) BD-22 Dec., bm J. P. Gould, MD-24 Dec., min Jon. Peebles, M. E. Church, w J. P. Gould, Geo. O. Cummings, pg 131

MAULE, John G. (29y of Cincinnati, b Ross Co. Oh) to Mary E, HORSEFALL (22y of Newport, b-Newport) BD-1 July, bm J. Horsefall, MD-1 July, min Jno. Peebles of M. E. Church, w J. Horsefall, Wm H. Horsefall

MAURER, Henry (23y of Newport, b New York) to Sophia BLANT (21y of Newport) BD-11 Aug., bm John Blant, MD-11 Aug., min Reinhold Koestlin of the Ev. Prost. St. Johnís Church, w John Blant, Bertha Blant nee Mehlman.  NOTE: Possibly a double wedding with John Blant and Bertha Mehlmann.

McCARTHY, Timothy F. to Helen FALLON, BD-12 Feb., bm John M. Fallon, MD-13 Feb., min J. McNerney, of Imac. Concep Church, w G. B. Fallen, Mary McCarthy

McGRATH, Martin (23y of Cold Spring) to Elizabeth KLINGLER (21y of Cold Spring) BD-28 Jan., bm Christ Weber, MD-30 Jan., min B. A. Baumeister of the R. Catholic Church, w James McGrath, Eppamenia Klingler

McHENRY, Chas. F. to Lillie B. MOTT, BD-30 Dec., bm C. J. Helm, pg 135 NOTE: Bond only, no license or cert. filled in

McLEAN, Milton S. (44y of Mason Co. KY, b Mason Co. KY) to Maria E. KENNON (37y of Campbell Co. b-Campbell Co) BD-4 June, bm Thos. Hogan, MD-5 June, min S. M. Jefferom of the Christian Church, w Cr. E. Dameron, P. D. Frazer

McLAUGHLIN, John M. to Elvie QUINLIN, BD-7 June, bm Wm. Maloney, MD-9 June, min A. Ennis of the Ger. Catholic Church, w Wm. Maloney, Mary Lanley, pg 443 NOTE: name on bond is listed as Elvie Quilinsen; on license as Elvia Quinlin; on certificate as Maria Quinlin.

McMANUS, Thomas (of Cincinnati, Ohio) to Annie CARNEY ( of Newport) BD-17 Feb., bm John McManus, MD-20 Feb., min W. W. Pettis of Prst. Epis., w John Keeler, A. Flannelly

McMEUSE, James (24y of Campbell Co. b Virginia) to Sarah R. JONES (22y of Campbell Co b-Covington), BD-4 Dec., bm C. M. Galagher, MD-4 Dec., JPCC-C. P. Buchanan, w Willis R. Irwin, C. M. Galagher, pg 121

MENTZ, Charles (28y of Cincinnati, b Saxony) to Bertha BUCHER (30y of Newport, b Baden), BD-25 July, bm Henry Risch, MD-26 July, min R. Koestlein of the Ev. Prot. St. Johnís Church, w Henry Risch, Mary Appel

MEYER, Leo (38y of Dayton, b Baden) to Seuie KUEVEN (31y of Dayton, b Covington), BD-14 May, bm Geo. Trusdell, MD-21 May, min B. Hildebrandt of St. Xavier Church, w Frank Fritten, Lena Wagener

MILLER, David (58y widower, of Dayton, KY) to Regina HENNISS (53y widow, of Dayton), BD-10 Jan., bm Chas. Galagher, MD-11 Jan., min Chas. Clausen of the Ger. Ev. St. Paulís Church, w John Hellrich and wife

MILLER, John T. (25y of Dayton, b Maysville, KY) to Mathilda F. BRANDT (20y of Dayton, b Louisville) BD-10 June, bm Chas. M. Galagher, MD-10 June, min Chas. E. Clausen Ger. Ev. St. Paulís, w Lucy G. Miller, Lizzie Brand, pg 446

MILLER, John to Katie JEIPHER, BD-9 Dec, bm Peter Knorr, Thos Jones Clk., pg 126 NOTE: bond only, no license or certificate filled in.

MILLER, John (24y of Alexandria) to Josephine BLEDENHEISER (21y of Campbell Co. b Newport) BD-12 March, bm Chas M. Gallagher, MD-18 May, min August Lams of Lutheran Church, w M. Fritschler, Carrie Bleidenheiser

MILLER, William J to Euncie AYERS, BD-15 July. NOTE: bond only, no license or certificate filled in.

MOELLER, John (26y of Dayton, Ky. b Cincinnati) to Mary BERENDSEN (26y of Dayton, b Holland) BD-26 Nov., bm (left blank), MD-27 Nov., min Wm. Cassander of the Catholic Church, w Theodor Berendsen, Lucy Moeller, pg 112

MOORE, Isaac L. (44y of Newport, b Louisville, KY), to Elizabeth ROBERTS (30y of Newport, b Cincinnati, Ohio) BD-12 April, bm Chas. Spinks, MD-13 April, min R J L Matthews, Presbyterian Church, NOTE: no witness listed

MORRISSE, Edmund (24y of Newport) to Fannie E. FORD (of Newport) BD-3 Feb., bm Henry J. McDonnell, MD-4 Feb., min Charles Burker of the M. E. Church, w Emma Ford, Carrie Burker

MORTON, Charles (29y of Bellevue, Ky. b Tenn.) to Mary SEIGEL (28y of Newport, b-Paris, Ky) BD-29 July, bm Richard Wilson, MD-29 July, min D. Lightfoot of the Baptist Church, w B. Lampskin, Wm. Moore

MURPHY, Thomas (26y of Highlands, b East Canada) to Nettie HUTCHINSON (24y of Highlands, b-Campbell Co) BD-14 Jan 1879, bm Chas Stubbs, MD-15 Jan., min A. C. Petitt of the Baptist Church, w Neal Hutchinson, Dewitt Clinton

MURRAY, John (27y of Cincinnati, born Cincinnati) to Mary NEWELL (21y of Newport, b Newport) BD-3 Jan., bm Matthew Newell, MD-8 Jan., min A. Ennis of Im. Concp. Church, w John M. Stallon, Katie Newell

MURRAY, Joseph (26y of Mansfield, Ohio, b Ashland, Ohio) to Annie MURRAY (21y of Dayton, Ky. b Ripley Co. Indiana), BD-8 Oct., bm J. E. Murray, MD-9 Oct., min E. L. Sanders of the M. E. Church, w Jas. Murray, Ebzr. Rhigeness, pg 77

MURRAY, Michael to Elizabeth LAMPE, BD-26 July, bm Fred Bauer.NOTE: bond only, no license or certificate filled in. Michaelís signature is written as P. Mikel MURRAY.

NILES, S. O. O. (62y of Goshen, Ohio, b Ontario Co. NY) to Elizabeth DAVIS (52y of Dayton, Ky. b Cincinnati, Ohio) BD-20 Nov., bm C. M. Galagher, MD-20 Nov., min E. L. Saunders of the M. E. Church, w Mr. W. A. Harlin, Mrs. S. N. Stamper, pg 105

OLIVER, John (21y of Covington, Ky. b-Covington, Ky) to Louisa PEFLINGS (16y b-Newport) BD-26 July, bm Chas. Ryan, MD-26 July, by W. H. Tibbs Justice of the Peace Kenton Co. Ky, w Chas. Ryan, Isabella Clark

OTTO, John Henry Augustus (46y of Cincinnati, b Prussia) to Johanna WYNEMANN (23y of Cincinnati, b-Cincinnati) BD-11 Aug., bm John Blant, MD-11 Aug., min Reinhold Koestlin of the St. Johnís Church, w Charles Krell, Lizzie Pfister  NOTE: John Blant was also married on Aug. 11, and he was also the bm for Henry MAURER.

PAHLS, Jos. H. (24y of Cincinnati, born Cincinnati) to Amelia SIEFERT (22 of Newport, born Newport) BD-30 Dec., bm John Schroll, BD-30 Dec., min A. M. Toebbe of the Catholic Church. W Edward Amman, Nellie Amman, pg 134

PARKER, William C. (22y of Campbell Co) to Nannie DOGGETT (16 of Campbell Co. b Browne Co. Ohio) BD-4 June, bm C. P. Degman, MD-5 June, min Geo. Froh. of Meth Church, w Buia Baker, M. Baker

PHERIMANN, William (of Newport) to Ella RICH (of Newport) BD-28 June, bm John Mare, MD-7 July, min Rev. W. W. Tucker of Bapt. Church, w John Tucker, Mary Wood

PHILY, Casper (29y of Bellevue, b France) to Caroline BARRO (24y of Bellevue, Ky. b Newport) BD-2 July, bm Nicholas Barror, MD-3 July, min W. Wecker, Cath. Church, w Henry Phillippe, Len Philippi, Anna Barro

PIERMANN, Jacob (23y of Campbell Co. b Kenton Co. KY) to Barbara KOERZDORFER (22y of Campbell Co. b Campbell Co) BD-30 Jan., bm John Kirquer, MD-6 Feb., min Carl Bersch of Prot. St. Johnís, w Peter Smith

QUIGLEY, William to Margaret McNERHANAEY, consent given by father, att. Thos. Jones, BD-24 April, bm Francis McNerhaney,  MD-25 April, min Rev. James McNerhaney, Ch. Of the Im. Con., w Emma McNerhaney, James McNerhaney

RAISON, Charles, L. Jr. (29y of Cincinnati, b Greenup, KY) to Georgiania WRIGHTON (21y, of Newport, b-Caleb Springs) BD-16 April, bm Thomas Wrighton, MD-17 April, min Hines of M. E. Church, w John E. Jones, W. B. Baker

REMISCH, Joseph (47y of Cincinnati, b Germany) to Mary SCHAEFFER (45y of Cincinnati, b Germany) BD-17 July, bm Mike Brodmann, MD-17 July; JPCC-Henry Waterhouse, w M. Brodmann, Austin Hoff

REMKE, Herman (of Cincinnati) to Maria or Catharina REULMAN / REULMAIM, (of Newport, b-Cincinnati) BD-19 Aug., bm Peter Henry, MD-20 Aug., min B. A. Banmeister of the R. Catholic Church, w John Goebels, Henry Goebels, Eliza Remke, Laura Meyer NOTE: Mariaís name is Maria Reulman on the bond, and Catharina Reulmaim on the certificate.

RHEINBOLDT, Charles (30y of Cincinnati, Ohio b Baden, Germany) to Sophia RHEINBOLDT (19y of Cincinnati, b-Cincinnati) BD-Jan 31., bm Rudolph Rheinboldt, MD-12 Feb., jpcc C. P. Buchanan, w Theodore Hey, Ernst Rammlayer, pg 377

RIGHTMIRE, C. L. (24y of Springfield, Ohio) to Delia MOORE (18y of Springfield, Ohio) BD-5 July, bm (left blank) MD-5 July, by L. P. Makibbeu Judge of Campbell County, w ___Irwin, Wm. Guin Jr.

ROACH, John C. (of Cincinnati) to Clara LANSDALE (of Newport) BD-24 Oct., bm Chas Lansdale, MD-26 Oct., min Geo W. Kelly of the M. E. Church, w Ellenora Kelly, Francis C. Kelly, pg 87

ROSS, William (29y of Covington, b Scotland) to Annie E. THOMAS (27y of Covington, b-Covington) BD-6 March, bm J. R. Hugle, MD-6 March, min J. Matthews of Presbyterian, w Fannie Thomas, Mrs. Sue Matthews, pg 395

ROUX, W. S. (23y of Cincinnati) to Katie SCHMIT (23y of Cincinnati) BD-15 April, bm Julius Schweizen, MD-20 April, min M. E. Church, w C.A. Gavan, Emma Gavan (? Garain)

SAHUGER, Joseph (25y of Campbell Co. b-Kenton Co. KY) to Sallie S. ARMSTRONG (23y of Campbell Co. b-Cincinnati, Ohio) BD-6 March, bm John H. Hilze, MD-6 March, min T. C. Ralston of M. E. Church South, w G. Armstrong, Martha Armstrong

SAUER, Valentine (of Newport) to Mary MINER, BD-11 Nov., bm Chas. Miner, MD-12 Nov., min H. Thein of Catholic Church, w J. Sauer, Jakob Dillan, pg 100

SCHELL, Wm. H. (21y of Newport, b Newport) to Ella JONES (19y of Newport, b Newport) BD-29 Oct., bm John C. Schell, MD-29 Oct., min W. W. Tucker of Baptist Church, w S. F. Schell, Edward Beall, pg 91

SCHOUT, George (24y of Newport, b Ohio) to Lena THIENMEYER (22y of Newport, b Newport) BD-22 March, bm Henry Thiemeyer, MD-23 March, min C. E. Clausen, w Henry Thiemeyer, Christian Beck

SCHRADER, John C. (25y of Newport), to Tillie KUSTMER (20y of Newport b Cincinnati, Ohio) BD-30 April, bm J. J. Hitch, MD-30 April, min R. Koestlein of the Ev. Prst. St. John, w Chas. Lansdale, Helena Kustmer

SCHNEIDER, August H. (24y of Campbell Co. b Campbell Co.) to Pauline BRATH (18y of Campbell Co. b-Campbell Co.) BD-22 July, bm Julius Schweizer, MD-22 July, min Reinhold Koestlen of Ev. Prst. St. Johnís, w Fred Barth, Andreas Waiter, Frederick Greiboltz

SCHNEIDER, Bud (30y of Newport, b-Cincinnati, Ohio) to Kate HOOPS (30y of Newport, b-Newport) BD-21 Oct., bm L. Schneider,  MD-22 Oct., min Chas E. Claussen of the Ger. Ev. St. Paulís Church, w Ferdinand Filuer, Emma Wolff, pg 82

SCHUHOLZ, Andreas to Emma Catherine PFIRMAN, BD-2 Dec, bm Bernhard Kostelin, pg 119. NOTE: bond only, no license or certificate filled in.

SCHULTE, Henry (27y of Newport, b Newport) to Annie HESSKAMP (20y of Covington) BD-7 Oct., bm (left blank) MD-8 Oct., min B. A. Banmeister of the R. Catholic Church, w Joseph Schulte, Joanna Cremering, John Hesskamp, Mary Renke, John Cremering, Christian Schulte, Henry Renke, Lizzie Imbus

SHARP, Wallace M. (22 of Newport b Cincinnati) to Lula MILES (24y of Bellevue b Pleasureville, Henry Co. KY) BD-7 Dec., bm C. M. Galagher, MD-25 Dec., min W. H. Felix of the Baptist Church of Covington, KY., w Abram M. Orvall, Chas. Linville, pg 129

SHIFFORD, Joseph F. to Catherine DAUN, BD-4 Nov., bm C. M. Galagher , pg 95 NOTE: bond only, no license or certificate filled in

SLOAN, George J. (23y of Cincinnati, born Cincinnati) to Sallie L. HARVEY (20y of Newport, born Newport) BD-31 Dec., bm, Thos. H. Harvey, MD-31 Dec., min W. J. Fowe of the Christian Church, w Edward Harvey, Chas. A. Smith, pg 136

SOUTHGATE, Harry H. (28 of Highlands, Campbell Co. b-Highlands) to Katie M. CARRICK (19 of Highlands, b Cincinnati, Ohio) BD-4 June, bm Harry Buchanan Jr. MD-4 June, min E. L. Southgate of the M. South Church, w A. S. Benny, John Tar---, James Long, T. B. Youtsey

SPERRY, August (of Newport) to Lucy MARSHALL, BD-3 July, bm (none given) MD-3 July, min R. J., Matthews of the Presbyterian Church, w Mrs. Susie Matthews

SPRAUL, August (30y of Germany, b-Baden) to Catharine WHITTROCK (20y of Cincinnati) BD-4 Jan., bm John Overbeck, MD-9 Jan., min A. Athmann of the St. Stephens Church, w H. Overbeck, F. Destel, H. Thebes

STAMPER, S. N. (30y of Dayton, KY. b Covington) to Hattie DAVIS (18y of Dayton b Louisville) BD-26 June, bm Wm. Hason, MD-26 June, min E. S. Sanders of M. E. Church, w Hugh Moore, R. M. Sanders

STANBACK, Benedict J. (23y of Newport, b Europe) to Lena BEYERS (24y of Newport, b-Newport) BD-3 Feb., bm Nicholas Kaupt,  MD-not given, min L. N. Lambert of the Cathedral Church, w L. Stanback, Josephine Adams NOTE: Certificate may not have been filed in Campbell Co. No date is filled in for filing. No date is filled in for marriage. Handwritten on bottom, above filing date area is: Covington, Kenton Co. KY.  bondsman surname could be Raupt, Kaypt, Kanft, or Ranpt, Haupt?

STANDLEY, Andrew F. (20y of Newport, b-Pond Creek) to Mary Ann HILDERBRAND (20y of Campbell Co. b-Campbell Co.) BD-9 Dec., bm James Standley, MD-10 Dec., min H. W. Bailey of the Methodist Episcopal Church, w R. R. Sullivan, Mollie Stanley, pg 125 NOTE: surname was spelled Hildebrandt on the certificate portion, and Hilderbrand on the license and the bond portions.

STENSEL, Henry (22y of Dayton ) to Annie DILLMAN (21y of Dayton) MD-16 June 1879, bm C. M. Galagher, MD-18 June, min B. Hildebrand, St. Bon. Church, w J. Dillman, Rosa Stensil NOTE: Henryís name was spelled Stensel on the bond, Stensil on the license, and Stenzel on the certificate

STEWART, C. W. (24y of Ohio, b Ohio) to Sarah CRAIG (27y of Pittsburgh, b-Pitt. Pa) BD-31 July, bm Alfred Fields, MD-31 July, min Dennis Lightfoot of the Baptist Church, w Ben Ramsey, Robt. Jeferson

STICHLING, Henry (23y of Campbell Co. b Campbell Co.) to Nellie HERBST (21y of Campbell Co b-Campbell Co) BD-28 Aug., bm Julius Schweizer, MD-September (day not filled in), min Carl Bersch of the Ev. Prst. St. Johnís Church, w Frederick Leitzner, Frank Schmidt

STROHM, Harry L (26y of Dayton, Ohio, b near Dayton, Ohio) to Rosanna BUSCH (21y of Dayton, Ohio, b Dayton, Ohio) BD-5 June, bm C. M. Galagher, MD-5 June, min R. J. L. Matthews of the Presbyterian Church, w Lusus F. Matthews, L. George Matthews, pg 442

SUTTON, Thomas L. (of Cincinnati) to Laura THOMAS (of Newport) BD-12 Nov., bm C. W. McGee, MD-12 Nov (no information filled in for who performed marriage), w C. W. McGee, Geo W. Sutton, pg 101

SWOPE, Frederick to Mary WEBER, BD-22 Nov  bm Fred Swope Sr. pg 108  NOTE: Bond only, no license or certificate filled in

TABKE, Henry (22y of Newport) to Rosa DEIMEL (19 of Newport) BD-17 June, bm S. Cromer, MD-18 June, min B. A. Banmeister of the R. Cath. Church, w Daniel Habcl, Cath. Richter, Maria Tabke, Lizzie Risenburg, Lizzie Tabke, pg 454

TAPPIN, J. A. to Mildred BIGGAR, BD-12 Feb, bm Robert Townsend  NOTE: Bond only, no license or certificate filled in.

THOMPSON, Frederick (36y of Newport, b-Cincinnati) to Magdalena "Lena" MEYERS (25y of Newport, b-Nurnberg, Bavaria, Germany) BD-6 Nov., bm Julius Schweitzer, MD-6 Nov., min Chas. E. Clausen of the Germ. Ev. St. Paulus, w Martin Meyer, Emma Meyer, pg 98 NOTE: Brideís name is listed as Lena on bond and license, and Magdalena on certificate.

THORNTON, Thomas G. (23y of Newport, b Newport) to Mollie M. PEARCE (20y and nine months and two weeks, of Newport, b Clermont Co. Ohio) BD-14 March, bm Chas M. Galagher, MD-14 March, min John R. Peeples of the M. E. Church, w Gafferson Buckner, Anna Hughs

THIERY, John (24y of Dayton, KY. b Dayton, KY) to Mary Lena SCHMIDT (25y of Dayton, KY b Dayton, KY) BD-7 May, bm Julius Schweizer, MD-14 May, min Rev B. Hildebrand of St. Francis, w Bernhard Thiery, Mari Lauterman

TIPPENHAUER, Peter (about 19y of Newport) to Minnie TEUTSCHMAN (about 17, of Newport) BD-16 March, bm C. M. Galagher, min B. A. Baumeister of R. Cath., w August Rudolph, Kate Teutschman

TRAINER, James (of Newport) to Mary A. PARKER  BD-5 June 1879, bm Edward Parker, MD-5 June, min A. Ennis of the Cath. Church, w James Parker, Carrie Parker, pg 441

TRIMBORN, John (of Newport) to Ida EMERSON (of Newport) BD-2 Dec 1879 bm C. C. Harris, MD-3 Dec; JPCC-C. C. Harris, wit Chas Gahr, Hattie Gahr, pg 120

TSEHECHTELIN, Ferdinand to Bertha LOHR, BD-25 July. NOTE: bond only, no license or certificate filled in.

TUCKS, Barney (34y of Johnís Hill, b Bavaria) to Mary REIBEL (28y of Johnís Hill, b Johnís Hill) BD-31 July, bm John Reibel, MD-19 August, min Wm. Cassander of St. Johnís Catholic Church, w G. W. Schmitt, Susanna Seibert

ULRICH, Jacob (28y of Newport, b Phil. Pa) to Margaretha "Maggie" METZ (22y of Newport, b Penn) BD-21 Feb., bm John Ulrich,  MD-25 Feb., min Reinhold Koestlin of the Ev. Prot. St. Johnís, w Paul Maurer, Catherine? Ulrich

VIETH, Francis (Frank) (of Newport) to Augusta HEHMANN (of Newport) BD-21 July, bm Henry Hehmann, MD-21 July, min H. Thien of Cath. Church, w Geo. Hehmann, Bernadine Hehmann NOTE: Name of Frank was listed on the bond, and Francis on the certificate.  In 1880 Newport, there is a Bernadine Ellman.

VOLK, Louis (of Dayton) to Mary POOS (of Dayton) BD-28 May, bm August Drost, MD-28 May, min B. A. Baumeister of R. Catholic, w Frank Volk, Annie Poos. NOTE: not signed by clerk

WALSH, Thomas J (25y of Newport) to Mallie NEWMAN (22y of Louisville) BD-29 May, bm C. M. Galagher, MD-29 May, min A. Ennis Cath. G. Con., w Peter Reason, Julia A. Ward.  NOTE: Name on bond is Mallie Newman, on license is Millie Neuman, and on certificate is Mattie Newman.

WASSER, Martin (22y of John Hill, b Campbell Co.) to Lizzie MILLER (19y of John Hill, b Campbell Co) BD-17 April, bm Henry Muikenheiler, MD-17 April; JOCC-J. Makher;  w G. Mason, H. Muikenheiler

WATERS, Henry G. (of Newport) to Lillie CUMMINGS (of Newport) BD-21 Oct., bm John J. Hay, MD-21 Oct., min Wm. M. Peebles of the Meth. Episcopal Church, w Chas Stiles, Jessie Waters, pg 81

WEBER, Frederick (25y of Newport, b Newport) to Frederica MYERS (19y of Newport, b-Germany) BD-18 Aug., bm Henry Weber,  MD-18 Aug., min R. Koestlin of Ev. Prot. St. Johnís Church, w Anna Koestlin, Lizzie Richmuller

WENTWORTH, Charles W. (23y of Cincinnati, b Cincinnati) to Jennie B. HARE (22y of Cincinnati, b Covington, Ky) BD-24 July, bm Chas. Graninger, MD-24 July; JPCC-C. C. Harris, w C. A. Graninger, Anna Hare

WEUERT, Stephen (26y of Campbell Co) to May McCOY (23y of Campbell Co. b Pennsylvania) BD-12 April, bm Matthew Zier, MD-17 April, min Edward Sanders Methodist E. Church, w Matthew Zier, Mrs. Settha Steelham

WHITE, Joseph F. (24y of Newport, b Newport) to Nettie WINALESS (23y of Newport, b-New Jersey) BD-20 Nov  bm C. M. Galagher, MD-20 Nov., min (left blank), w C. M. Galagher, Laura Winaless, pg 106

WHEELER, William to Alice HOLMES, BD-16 April, bm Julius Schweizen, MD-16 April, min A. Ennis, Catholic Church, w CW McCoy, R. Gould, Lillie Holmes

WIDMEYER, John H. (20y of Cincinnati, b Williamsburg, Ohio) to Dora RIERSTED (17y of Newport, b Illinois) BD-26 July, bm W. N. Bowman, MD-27 July, min M. J. W. Ambrose of the M. E. Church, w J. M. Fornyer, Lucy Fisher  NOTE: Doraís name is also spelled as RURSTAD. Note on top of page: Newport, July 26, 1879, This writing is to certify that I am willing for the marriage to take place between ___ (this is left blank) and my daughter, she being only ___(this is left blank) years of age. Witnesses: John H. Widmeyer, W. N. Bowman.

WIEDMER, John to Margaret WINTERHALTER, BD-5 May, bm Wm. Linnman, MD-6 May, min (no name given) of the Corpus Christi Church, w Andrew Evans, Magdalena Hanfer

WILLIAMS, H. J. (24y of Newport, b Cleveland, O) to Elizabeth WEBER (19y of Newport, b Newport) BD-4 Nov., bm Adam Weber, MD-4 Nov., min Chas E. Clausen of the Ger. Ev. Prot. St. Paul Church, w J. Velke, C. Malory, L. Richard, M. Wagner, pg 94

WINSTEL, Frank P. (36y of Campbell Co. b-Germany) to Victoria JENKINS (19y of Campbell Co. b-Grant Co.) BD-4 Nov   bm John Winstel, MD-4 Nov., min J. Wammerir of the Ev. Prvt. Mattham Church, w John Winstell, pg 96

WINTERBURN, Harry A. to Grace MELBOURNE, BD-11 June, MD-11 June, min Rev. Wm. Pettis of Prst. Episc. Church, w Mrs. Wm. Pettis, Mgt. Emma Girhard, pg 451

WINTERMAN, Henry G. (35y of Milton, KY) to Bertha Maria SCHMIDT (29y of Dayton, KY, b Germany) BD-18 April, bm Julius Schweitzer, MD-22 April 1879, min Rev. Hildebrand of St. Frances, w Joseph Winterman, Minnie Reker

WINZIG, Anthony (of Cincinnati) to Emma MARSH (of Newport) BD-21 Oct, bm Russell Shinkell, MD-21 Oct., min Wm. M. Pettis of the Prot. Epis. Church, w Theodor Webber, Mary E. March, pg 83

WITTE, John Henry (28y of Newport, born Cincinnati) to Laura STEVER (24 of Dayton, born Cold Spring) BD-27 Dec., bm Geo. Stever, MD-30 Dec., min Chas. Clausen of the Germ. Ev. St. Paulus Church, w C. Witte, G. Gubsen, G. Berkley, Jos. Stiver, Belle Stiver, Emma Stiver, pg 133 NOTE: Bride last name is spelled as STEVER, and STENER, and witnesses are STIVER

WOLFF, Ed G. to Laura B. WOLFF, BD-26 Nov  bm Louis Constans, pg 113 NOTE: Bond only, no license or certificate filled in

WRIGHT, A. A. (of Campbell Co) to Hessie GOSNEY (of Campbell Co) BD-19 Dec  bm H. C. Timberlake, MD-24 Dec., min J. Jolly of the Baptist Church, w S. G. Degame, L. R. Wright

ZEMSWEISTER, Wm. G. (21y of Cincinnati, b-Cincinnati) to Louisa KEIM (21y of Newport, b-Newport) BD-26 Nov  bm George Keim, MD-27 Nov., min Chas Clausen of the Ev. Prst. St. Pauls, w C. Kieper, W. Smith, John Zurek, A. Keim, S. Zemweister, B Mosheuhut, pg 114

ZIER, Mathias (30y of Dayton, Ky. b-Cincinnati) to Eva WERNER (25y of Dayton, Ky. b-Germany) BD-26 Nov  bm John Goesler, MD-27 Nov., min Wm. Cassander of the Catholic Church, w Jas Werner, Mary Woernest, pg 116

ZIMMERMAN, G. A. to Cami BOEHME, BD-26 Nov  bm Louis Banck, pg 115 NOTE: Bond only, no license or certificate filled in


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